List of United States Virgin Islands highways

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United States Virgin Islands Highways
Highway 10 markerHighway 104 marker
Sample highway markers for USVI Highways
System information
Maintained by USVI Department of Public Works
Highway names
USVI: Highway X (Hwy X)

Below is a list of highways in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI). US Virgin Islands code places responsibility for highways in the territory to the USVI Department of Public Works.

In the USVI, highways which begin with the numbers 1-2 are located on the island of St. John, 3-4 are located on St. Thomas, and 5-8 are located on St. Croix.

Unlike elsewhere in the U.S., traffic in the USVI drives on the left.[1]

Highways on St. John[edit]

Highways on St. Thomas[edit]

Highways on St. Croix[edit]

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