List of United States federal courthouses in Alaska

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Following is a list of current and former courthouses of the United States federal court system located in Alaska. Each entry indicates the name of the building along with an image, if available, its location and the jurisdiction it covers,[1] the dates during which it was used for each such jurisdiction, and, if applicable the person for whom it was named, and the date of renaming. Dates of use will not necessarily correspond with the dates of construction or demolition of a building, as pre-existing structures may be adapted for court use, and former court buildings may later be put to other uses. Also, the official name of the building may be changed at some point after its use as a federal court building has been initiated.


List of United States federal courthouses in Alaska is located in Alaska
Current courthouse locations
Courthouse City Image Street address Jurisdiction[1] Dates of use Named for
U.S. Federal Building and Courthouse Anchorage Anchorage Fed Building.JPG 605 West Fourth Avenue D. Alaska 1940–present[2] n/a
Anchorage Federal Building/U.S. Courthouse Anchorage Anchorage Federal Building.jpg 222 West Seventh Avenue D. Alaska ca. 1979-present n/a
U.S. Federal Building & Courthouse Fairbanks AK-Fairbanks 1933 1 Ref.jpg 250 Cushman Street D. Alaska 1958-1977[3][4] n/a
U.S. Federal Building & Courthouse Fairbanks Fairbanks Federal Building 01.jpg 101 Twelfth Avenue D. Alaska 1977–present n/a
Federal and Territorial Building Juneau 120 Fourth Street D. Alaska 1931-ca. 1960 n/a
U.S. Federal Building Juneau AK-Juneau 1966 Ref.jpg 709 West Ninth Street D. Alaska 1966–present n/a
U.S. Federal Building Ketchikan AK-Ketchikan 1938 Ref.jpg 648 Mission Street D. Alaska 1938–present n/a
U.S. Post Office & Court House Nome AK-Nome 1938 Ref.jpg ? D. Alaska 1938-1958[4] n/a
Post Office Building Nome Nome Federal Building.jpg 113 Front Street D. Alaska ?-present n/a


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)
†† NRHP-listed and also designated as a National Historic Landmark


  1. ^ a b For the usage of court abbreviations, see List of United States district and territorial courts.
  2. ^ Most court functions moved to the newly built federal building on West Seventh Avenue ca. 1979. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court have occupied the building's courtrooms since that time.
  3. ^ Per the Federal Judicial Center website (see External Links). Federal courts had been located on that block of downtown Fairbanks since at least the 1920s. The building referenced in this entry was constructed as a federal building and completed in 1934.
  4. ^ a b Now privately owned

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