List of United States federal courthouses in Louisiana

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Following is a list of current and former courthouses of the United States federal court system located in Louisiana. Each entry indicates the name of the building along with an image, if available, its location and the jurisdiction it covers,[1] the dates during which it was used for each such jurisdiction, and, if applicable the person for whom it was named, and the date of renaming. Dates of use will not necessarily correspond with the dates of construction or demolition of a building, as pre-existing structures may be adapted or court use, and former court buildings may later be put to other uses. Also, the official name of the building may be changed at some point after its use as a federal court building has been initiated.


Courthouse City Image Street address Jurisdiction[1] Dates of use Named for
U.S. Post Office & Court House Alexandria LA-Alexandria 1896 1 Ref.jpg ? W.D.La. 1896–1933
Razed in 1933
U.S. Post Office & Court House Alexandria Exterior. U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, Alexandria, Louisiana LCCN2015645915.tif 515 Murray Street W.D.La. 1933–present n/a
U.S. Post Office & Court House Baton Rouge Former post office in downtown Baton Rouge.jpg 355 North Boulevard E.D.La. 1897–1933
Now the City Club of Baton Rouge.
U.S. Post Office & Court House Baton Rouge U.S. Post Office and Court House, 1933, Baton Rouge (East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana).jpg 707 Florida Street E.D.La.
1933–present n/a
Russell B. Long Federal Building and Courthouse Baton Rouge TransparentPlaceholder.png 777 Florida Street M.D.La. 1993–present Russell B. Long
U.S. Post Office & Court House Lake Charles TransparentPlaceholder.png 501 Broad Street W.D.La. 1912–c. 1960
Now privately owned.
U.S. Post Office & Federal Bldg Lake Charles TransparentPlaceholder.png 921 Moss Street ? 1960–1994
Still in use as a post office.
Edwin F. Hunter, Jr. U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building Lake Charles TransparentPlaceholder.png 611 Broad Street W.D.La. ?–present District Court judge Edwin F. Hunter, Jr.
Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Lafayette TransparentPlaceholder.png 705 Jefferson Street W.D.La. 1958–? n/a
John M. Shaw U.S. Courthouse Lafayette Sculpture "Urns of Justice" at exterior entrance plinith of the John M. Shaw U.S. Courthouse, Lafayette, Louisiana LCCN2010720399.tif 800 Lafayette Street W.D.La. ?–present John Malach Shaw
U.S. Court House & Post Office Monroe TransparentPlaceholder.png ? W.D.La. 1892–1933
Razed in 1965.
U.S. Post Office & Court House Monroe Post Office Monroe LA.jpg 201 Jackson Street W.D.La. 1934–present n/a
U.S. Custom House New Orleans Canal St NOLA CBD Sept 2009 Custom House 2.JPG 423 Canal Street E.D.La.
5th Cir.
Now part of the Audubon Nature Institute.
John Minor Wisdom U.S. Courthouse New Orleans 053107-5thCircuit.jpg 600 Camp Street E.D.La.
5th Cir.
Court of Appeals judge John Minor Wisdom (1994)
Hale Boggs Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse New Orleans Hale Boggs Federal Building-Courthouse, New Orleans, Louisiana LCCN2014630191.tif 500 Poydras Street E.D.La. 1962–present Hale Boggs
U.S. Court House & Post Office Opelousas OpelFedCourtWM.JPG 162 South Court Street W.D.La. 1891–1967
Now privately owned.
U.S. Post Office & Court House Shreveport TransparentPlaceholder.png ? W.D.La. 1887–1910
Razed in 1910.
U.S. Post Office & Court House Shreveport Shreveport September 2015 039 (Shreve Memorial Library).jpg 424 Texas Street W.D.La. 1912–1974
Now a branch of the Shreve Memorial Library.
Joe D. Waggoner Federal Building Shreveport TransparentPlaceholder.png 500 Fannin Street W.D.La. 1974–1994 Joe Waggonner
Tom Stagg Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Shreveport U.S. Courthouse, Shreveport, LA IMG 1333.JPG 300 Fannin Street W.D.La. 1993–present Tom Stagg[2]


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)
†† NRHP-listed and also designated as a National Historic Landmark


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