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Following is a list of current and former courthouses of the United States federal court system located in Texas. Each entry indicates the name of the building along with an image, if available, its location and the jurisdiction it covers,[1] the dates during which it was used for each such jurisdiction, and, if applicable the person for whom it was named, and the date of renaming. Dates of use will not necessarily correspond with the dates of construction or demolition of a building, as pre-existing structures may be adapted or court use, and former court buildings may later be put to other uses. Also, the official name of the building may be changed at some point after its use as a federal court building has been initiated.


Courthouse City Image Street address Jurisdiction[1] Dates of use Named for
U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Abilene TX-Abilene 1903 1 Ref.jpg ? N.D. Tex. 1903–1935
Razed in 1935.
Federal Building, U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Abilene Federal Building in Color.JPG 341 Pine Street N.D. Tex. 1936–present n/a
U.S. Courthouse Alpine TransparentPlaceholder.png 2450 State Highway 118 W.D. Tex. ?–present n/a
U.S. Post Office & Courthouse Amarillo TX-Amarillo 1916 Ref.jpg 620 South Taylor Street N.D. Tex. 1916–1938
Now FirstCapital Bank of Texas.
J. Marvin Jones Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Amarillo AmarilloPostOffice (1 of 1).jpg 205 Southeast Fifth Avenue N.D. Tex. 1938–present U.S. Court of Claims judge John Marvin Jones (1980)
Court House & Post Office Austin OHenryHall.JPG 601 Colorado Street W.D. Tex. 1881–1936
Now offices of the Texas State University System
U.S. Courthouse Austin Austin us courthouse 2011.jpg 200 West 8th Street W.D. Tex. 1936–2012 n/a
Homer Thornberry Judicial Building Austin TransparentPlaceholder.png 903 San Jacinto Boulevard W.D. Tex. ?–present
Completed in 1965.
Homer Thornberry
U.S. Courthouse Austin Federal Courthouse, Austin, TX IMG 6339.JPG 501 West 5th Street W.D. Tex. 2012–present n/a
U.S. Post Office & Court House Beaumont TransparentPlaceholder.png ? E.D. Tex. 1902–1933
Razed in 1933.
Jack Brooks Federal Building Beaumont Fedbuildingcrop.JPG 300 Willow Street E.D. Tex. 1933–present U.S. Rep. Jack Brooks (1978)
U.S. Court House, Custom House, & Post Office Brownsville TX-Brownsville 1892 1 Ref.jpg ? W.D. Tex.
S.D. Tex.
Building razed.
U.S. Court House, Custom House, & Post Office Brownsville TX-Brownsville 1931 Ref.jpg 1001 East Elizabeth Street S.D. Tex. 1931–1999
Now Brownsville City Hall as well as a Post Office
Reynaldo G. Garza-Filemon B. Vela U.S. Courthouse Brownsville TransparentPlaceholder.png 600 East Harrison Street S.D. Tex. 1999–present Judges Reynaldo Garza and Filemon Vela, Sr.
1915 Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse Corpus Christi 1915 Federal Courthouse Corpus Christi Texas.jpg 521 Starr Street ? ?–2001
Originally Customs House[2]
Now a law firm
Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse Corpus Christi US District Court, Corpus Christi - TX.JPG 1133 North Shoreline Boulevard S.D. Tex. 2001–present
Built for newly created Corpus Christi Division.
U.S. Courthouse and Post Office Dallas Post Office, Dallas, Texas. (27469795122).jpg ? N.D. Tex. 1888–1930
Razed in 1939.
U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Dallas Dallas - Post Office and Court House 01.jpg 400 North Ervay Street N.D. Tex. 1930–1971
Still in use as a Post Office.
Santa Fe Office Building Dallas Santafeold.jpg 1114 Commerce Street N.D. Tex. 1945–1971
Built in 1926; Now serves as annex to Earle Cabell Federal Building.
Earle Cabell Federal Bldg & Courthouse Dallas Earl Cabell Federal Building, cropped.jpg 1100 Commerce Street N.D. Tex. 1971–present Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell
U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Del Rio Val Verde County Judicial Center, Del Rio, TX DSCN0905.JPG 100 East Broadway W.D. Tex. 1914–?
Now owned by the county.
Federal Building Del Rio Federal Building, Del Rio, TX DSCN0903.JPG 111 East Broadway W.D. Tex. ?–present n/a
U.S. Customs House, Post Office, & Court House El Paso TransparentPlaceholder.png ? W.D. Tex. 1892–1936
Razed in 1936.
U.S. Courthouse El Paso US Courthouse El Paso exterior.JPG 511 East San Antonio Avenue W.D. Tex. 1936–present n/a
Albert Armendariz, Sr. U.S. Courthouse El Paso EP Federal Courthouse.jpg 525 Magoffin Avenue W.D. Tex. 2009–present n/a
U.S. Post Office Fort Worth TransparentPlaceholder.png 914 Jenning Drive N.D. Tex.
5th Cir.
Demolished in 1963.
Eldon B. Mahon United States Courthouse Fort Worth USCourthouse1 (1 of 1).jpg 501 West Tenth Street N.D. Tex.
5th Cir.
1934–present District Court judge Eldon Brooks Mahon (2003)
U.S. Customs House and Courthouse Galveston 1861 Galveston Customs and Courthouse.jpg 1918 Postoffice Street E.D. Tex.
S.D. Tex.
Now leased by GSA to the Galveston Historical Foundation.
U.S. Post Office, Court House & Customs Building Galveston Galveston Texas Federal Building 1891.jpg 601 25th Street E.D. Tex.
S.D. Tex.
Razed in 1935 to make way for current Federal Court building.[3]
U.S. Post Office, Custom House and Courthouse Galveston Galveston Federal Building 2009.jpg 601 25th Street S.D. Tex. 1937–present n/a
U.S. Post Office Houston Post Office, Houston, Texas.jpg ? S.D. Tex. 1891–1911
Building razed.
U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Houston Exterior, U.S. Custom House, Houston, Texas LCCN2010719048.tif 701 San Jacinto Street S.D. Tex. 1911–1962
Still in use by various federal agencies.
Bob Casey U.S. Courthouse Houston CaseyFederalCourthouseHoustonTX.JPG 515 Rusk Street S.D. Tex. 1961–present U.S. Rep. Robert R. Casey
U.S. Court House & Post Office Jefferson Post Office Museum- Jefferson, Texas.jpg 223 West Austin E.D. Tex. 1890–1961
Now the Jefferson Historical Society Museum.
U.S. Post Office, Courthouse and Custom House Laredo Laredo Post Office and Courthouse, Laredo, Texas.jpg 1300 Matamoros Street S.D. Tex. 1907–2004
Still in use as a Post Office.
U.S. Courthouse Laredo U.S. District Courthouse in Laredo IMG 1751.JPG 1300 Victoria Street S.D. Tex. 2004–present n/a
Lubbock Post Office and Federal Building Lubbock Lubbock Texas Old Federal Courthouse.jpg 800 Broadway Avenue N.D. Tex. 1932–1968
Now privately owned
George H. Mahon Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Lubbock George Mahon Federal Building in Lubbock, TX IMG 0202.JPG 1205 Texas Avenue N.D. Tex. 1971–present U.S. Rep. George H. Mahon
Ward R. Burke U.S. Courthouse Lufkin Ward R. Burke Federal Courthouse, Lufkin, TX.jpg 104 North Third Street E.D. Tex. 1980–present
Completed in 1936.
Lufkin attorney Ward R. Burke (1987)
Sam B. Hall, Jr. Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Marshall U.S. Courthouse (Sam Hall) in Marshall, TX IMG 2333.JPG 100 East Houston Street E.D. Tex. 1915–present U.S. Rep. & District Court judge Sam B. Hall
George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush United States Courthouse and George Mahon Federal Building Midland TransparentPlaceholder.png 200 East Wall Street W.D. Tex. ?–present President George H.W. Bush (2013)
President George W. Bush (2013)
U.S. Rep. George H. Mahon[4]
U.S. Court House & Post Office Paris TX-Paris 1895 1 Ref.jpg ? E.D. Tex. 1902–1916
Destroyed by fire in 1916.
U.S. Post Office & Court House Paris Paris July 2015 36 (Lamar County Courthouse Annex).jpg 231 Lamar Avenue E.D. Tex. 1925–2002
Building now owned by Lamar County.
U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Pecos TransparentPlaceholder.png 106 West 4th Street W.D. Tex. 1936–1995
Still in use as a post office.
Lucius D. Bunton III U.S. Courthouse Pecos TransparentPlaceholder.png 410 South Cedar Street W.D. Tex. 1995–present Lucius Desha Bunton III (2016)[5]
United States Courthouse Plano CollinCountyCourthouse-5078.jpg 7940 Preston Road E.D. Tex. 2008–present n/a
O.C. Fisher Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse San Angelo TX-SanAngelo 1911 1 Ref.jpg 33 East Twohig Avenue N.D. Tex. 1911–present U.S. Rep. O. C. Fisher (1980)
U.S. Court House & Post Office San Antonio US Post Office, San Antonio, Texas.jpg ? W.D. Tex. 1890–1935
Razed in 1935.
Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse San Antonio San Antonio, TX — Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse.jpg 615 East Houston Street W.D. Tex. 1936–present District Court judge Hipolito Frank Garcia (2004)
John H. Wood, Jr. U.S. Courthouse San Antonio TransparentPlaceholder.png 655 East César Chávez Boulevard W.D. Tex. ?–present
Completed in 1968
John H. Wood Jr.
Paul Brown Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Sherman Shermancourthouse1.jpg 101 East Pecan Street E.D. Tex. 1907–present Paul Neeley Brown (2014)[6]
U.S. Courthouse and Post Office Texarkana AR-Texarkana RSA 1888-s.jpg ? E.D. Tex.[7] 1892–1911
Razed in 1930.
U.S. Court House Texarkana Texarkana April 2016 004 (Regional Arts Center).jpg 321 West 4th Street E.D. Tex. 1911–1933
Now the Texarkana Regional Arts Center.
U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Texarkana State Line Avenue.jpg 500 North State Line Avenue E.D. Tex.[8] 1933–present n/a
U.S. Court House & Post Office Tyler TransparentPlaceholder.png ? E.D. Tex. 1889–1933
Razed in 1933.
William M. Steger Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Tyler TylerCourtHouse1.JPG 211 West Ferguson Street E.D. Tex. 1934–present District Court judge William Steger (2006)
U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Victoria Old Federal Building in Victoria Texas.jpg 210 East Constitution S.D. Tex. 1913–1960
Now privately owned.
Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Building Victoria TransparentPlaceholder.png 312 South Main S.D. Tex. 1960–present Martin Luther King, Jr. (since c. 1993)
U.S. Court House & Post Office Waco TransparentPlaceholder.png ? N.D. Tex.
W.D. Tex.
Sold in 1939.
U.S. Post Office & Courthouse Waco TransparentPlaceholder.png 800 Franklin Avenue W.D. Tex. 1937–present n/a
Graham B. Purcell, Jr., Post Office and Federal Building Wichita Falls Wichita Falls October 2015 74 (United States Post Office and Courthouse).jpg 1000 Lamar Street N.D. Tex. 1933–present Graham B. Purcell Jr. (1993)


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)
†† NRHP-listed and also designated as a National Historic Landmark


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