List of United States official election results by state

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Each state of the United States has an official website with election results, both for the current election and for historical elections; they are listed here. Many counties also have their own official election results pages, which are not listed here.

It is rare for a state to have a complete run of historical election records online; many of the official documents are only available in paper format, especially for years prior to 1990. Previous studies of election results data have noted that official records at the county level have been routinely archived, forgotten, or discarded.[1]

Official results may be in PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML, Election Markup Language, or plain text formats, and may be scans of the original paper documents. Not everything here is easily machine readable for further processing. There are a number of sources for this data where the original source documents have been keyed in and checked and turned into machine readable databases.[2]

A second table below illustrates with some examples of formats.

State Office Election URL Results
United States Federal Election Commission 1982–2010[3]
Alabama Secretary of State of Alabama Live - 2000–2012 1992–2012 1976–2000[4]
Alaska Alaska Division of Elections 1960–2012
Arizona Arizona Secretary of State 1974–2012
Arkansas Secretary of State of Arkansas 1976–2012
California California Secretary of State 1990–2012 1995–2011 1849–2012[5]
Colorado Secretary of State of Colorado 1996–2012
Connecticut Secretary of the State of Connecticut 2008–2012 1998–2007 1922–2012 (PDF)
Delaware Delaware Commissioner of Elections 1970–2012 1940–1952 (PDF) [6]
District of Columbia District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics 1992–2012[7]
Florida Florida Division of Elections 1978–2012
Georgia Georgia Secretary of State 1988–2012
Hawaii State of Hawaii Office of Elections 1992–2012
Idaho Idaho Secretary of State 1990–2012
Illinois Illinois State Board of Elections 1998–2012
Indiana Secretary of State of Indiana 2001–2012
Iowa Iowa Secretary of State 1996–2012 1936–1990
Kansas Kansas Secretary of State 1980–2012
Kentucky Kentucky State Board of Elections 1973–2012
Louisiana Louisiana Secretary of State 1982–2012
Maine Secretary of State of Maine 1990–2012
Maryland Maryland State Board of Elections 1986–2012
Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 2000–2012
Michigan Michigan Secretary of State 1996–2012 1836–1904 [8]
Minnesota Minnesota Secretary of State 1998–2012 1857–2011 (PDF)
Mississippi Mississippi Secretary of State 2003–2010 2011–2012
Missouri Missouri Secretary of State 2002–2012
Montana Montana Secretary of State 1992–2012
Nebraska Nebraska Secretary of State 2000–2012
New Hampshire New Hampshire Secretary of State 1998–2012
New Jersey New Jersey Secretary of State 1989–2012 1924–2012 (PDF)
New Mexico New Mexico Secretary of State 1994–2012
New York New York State Board of Elections 1994–2012
North Carolina North Carolina State Board of Elections 1992–2012 1948–1968
North Dakota North Dakota Secretary of State 1889–2012 (yes 1889)
Ohio Ohio Secretary of State 1940–2012
Oklahoma Oklahoma State Election Board 2004–2012
Oregon Oregon State Elections Division 1988 - present
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of State 2000–2012
Rhode Island Rhode Island Secretary of State 1976–2010
South Carolina South Carolina State Election Commission 1996–2012
South Dakota South Dakota Secretary of State 1889–2012
Tennessee Tennessee Secretary of State 1998–2012
Texas Texas Secretary of State 1992–2012
Utah Utah Lieutenant Governor Live 2012 1960–2012
Vermont Vermont Secretary of State Live 2012 1974–2012
Virginia Virginia State Board of Elections 1984–2012
Washington Washington Secretary of State 1900–2012
West Virginia West Virginia Secretary of State 1950–2012
Wisconsin Wisconsin Secretary of State 2010–2012 2000–2009
Wyoming Wyoming Secretary of State 1996–2012

Data formats[edit]

This table shows the variety of formats encountered when looking at election data. It aims, at the minimum, to show the easiest to process and the hardest to process examples from an election in each state.

State Election Data URL Comments
Alabama 1992 General Election results, County level [1] Excel
2010 Certified General Election Results, complete with write-in appendix [2] PDF; parts scanned with hand written corrections
Alaska 1960 General Election [3] PDF, scanned from typewritten manuscript
2008 General Election [4] HTML, "GEMS Election Results" format [5]
Arizona 1974 General Election Canvass [6] PDF, scanned from nth generation copy, italic font
2010 General Election, unofficial results [7] Web-based reporting system from Clarity; detail reports in XML, TXT, Excel
Arkansas 1976 Election Results [8] PDF, scanned, some pages upside down
2006 Election Results Publication [9] Excel
California 1990 Statement of the Vote [10] PDF, scanned, fonts uneven/broken
2010 Statement of the Vote [11] PDF from digital original
2012 election results for news media Election Markup Language format [9]
Colorado 2010 Abstract of Votes Cast [12] PDF from digital original
Utah 2010 General Election [13] Excel


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