List of United States university campuses by undergraduate enrollment

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The eight largest university campuses in the United States

This list of largest United States universities by undergraduate enrollment includes only individual four-year campuses, not four-year universities. Universities can have multiple campuses with a single administration.

What this list includes:

  • A single Individual campus with a single physical location of a four-year public university within the United States
  • Enrollment is the sum of the headcount of undergraduate students
  • Enrollment is counted by the 21st-day headcount, as provided to the United States Department of Education under the Common Data Set program.
  • Campuses that have small secondary physical locations that are not reported separately (for extended education, outreach, etc.) are indicated with a footnote.

What this list does not include:

For other lists that measure university enrollment, see the see also section below.

2014–15 enrollment[edit]

Eight largest public university campuses by enrollment during the 2014–15 academic year
Ranking University Location Enrollment Reference(s)
1 University of Central Florida [note 1] Orlando, Florida 52,539 [1]
2 Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio 44,741 [2]
3 Texas A&M University College Station, Texas 44,681 [3]
4 Pennsylvania State University University Park, Pennsylvania 40,541 [4]
5 University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 39,979 [5]
6 Florida International University Miami, Florida 39,045 [6]
7 Arizona State University [note 2] Tempe, Arizona 38,735 [7]
8 Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan 37,988 [8]

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  1. ^ Official main campus enrollment count includes students enrolled in several regional campuses.
  2. ^ ASU consists of four campuses located in the same metro area; this count is for the Tempe, Arizona campus only.


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