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This is a list of UNIVAC products. It ends in 1986, the year that Sperry Corporation merged with Burroughs Corporation to form Unisys as a result of a very hostile takeover bid [1] launched by Burrough's CEO W. Michael Blumenthal[2][circular reference].

The Remington Rand years (1950 to 1955)[edit]

Calculating devices[edit]

Computer systems[edit]



Display and print[edit]

Offline tape handling units[edit]

The Sperry Rand years (1955 to 1978)[edit]

Calculating devices[edit]

Computer systems[edit]

Embedded systems[edit]

Word machines[edit]

Variable word length machines[edit]

Byte machines[edit]

These machines implemented a variant of the IBM System/360 architecture



Display and print[edit]


  • UNIVAC BP - Buffer Processor; used as communications front-end to 418 and 490
  • UNIVAC CTMC - Communications Terminal Module Controller
  • UNIVAC GCS - General Communications System


Operating systems and system software[edit]

Utilities, languages, and development aids[edit]

This is too small a list.

Program Code Notes
CALL Macro Processor CALL
Conversational TimeSharing CTS
Univac Text Editor ED
Full-Screen Editor FSED
Interactive Processing Facility IPF
Logically Integrated FORTRAN Translator LIFT
Symbolic Stream Generator SSG
Table of Contents Editor TOCED Edits table pf contents, privileged users can read the master file directory and interface with the print system.[11]
Transaction Interface Package TIP
Client Server Development UTS-400 COBOL
MAPPER (Software) MAPPER 4GL [12]
Programming Language for UNISYS Systems PLUS
Master File Directory MFD
SX1100 SX1100 UNIX on Exec8, OS1100 and OS2200
CS1100 CS1100 Communications Simulator
Traffic Control Language TCL


The Sperry Corporation years (1978 to 1986)[edit]

  • UNIVAC 90/25
  • UNIVAC 90/30
  • UNIVAC 90/40
  • UNIVAC 90/60
  • UNIVAC 90/70
  • UNIVAC 90/80


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