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This is a list of University of Adelaide people including notable alumni and staff associated with the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Chancellors and vice-chancellors[edit]



Appointed Chancellor
1874 Hanson, Sir RichardSir Richard Hanson
1876 Short, AugustusAugustus Short
1883 Way, Sir SamuelSir Samuel Way
1916 Murray, Sir GeorgeSir George Murray
1942 Mitchell, Sir WilliamSir William Mitchell[1]
1948 Napier, Sir MellisSir Mellis Napier
1961 Ligertwood, Sir GeorgeSir George Ligertwood
1966 Wills, Sir KennethSir Kenneth Wills[2]
1968 Bray, John JeffersonJohn Jefferson Bray
1983 Mitchell, Dame RomaDame Roma Mitchell
1991 Scammell, William FauldingWilliam Faulding Scammell
1998 Webb, Bruce PhillipBruce Phillip Webb
2000 de Crespigny, Robert ChampionRobert Champion de Crespigny
2004 von Doussa, JohnJohn von Doussa
2010 Hill, RobertRobert Hill
2014 Scarce, Rear Admiral KevinRear Admiral Kevin Scarce


Appointed Vice-Chancellor
1874 Short, AugustusAugustus Short
1876 Way, Sir SamuelSir Samuel Way
1883 Fletcher, WilliamWilliam Fletcher
1887 Farr, GeorgeGeorge Farr
1893 Hartley, John AndersonJohn Anderson Hartley
1896 Barlow, WilliamWilliam Barlow
1915 Murray, Sir GeorgeSir George Murray
1916 Mitchell, Sir WilliamSir William Mitchell[1]
1942 Parsons, Sir HerbertSir Herbert Parsons
1945 Stewart, JohnJohn Stewart
1948 Rowe, AlbertAlbert Rowe
1958 Basten, Sir HenrySir Henry Basten
1967 Badger, Sir GeoffreySir Geoffrey Badger
1977 Stranks, DonDon Stranks
1987 Marjoribanks, KevinKevin Marjoribanks
1994 Brown, GavinGavin Brown
1997 O'Kane, MaryMary O'Kane
2001 Blake, CliffordClifford Blake
2002 McWha, James James McWha
2012 Bebbington, WarrenWarren Bebbington

Notable alumni[edit]

Nobel laureates[edit]




National leaders[edit]

South Australian premiers[edit]

  • Lynn Arnold — Premier of South Australia 1992–1993
  • John Bannon — Premier of South Australia 1982–1992
  • Henry Barwell — Premier of South Australia 1920–1924
  • Dean Brown — Premier of South Australia 1993–1996
  • Don Dunstan — Premier of South Australia 1967–1968, and 1970–1979
  • Rob Kerin — Premier of South Australia 2001–2002
  • David Tonkin — Premier of South Australia 1979–1982
  • Jay Weatherill — Premier of South Australia 2011–present

South Australian governors[edit]



Judiciary and the law[edit]

  • John Basten - Justice of the New South Wales Court of Appeal
  • Richard Blackburn - former Chief Justice of the Australian Capital Territory
  • Catherine Branson - former President of the Australian Human Rights Commission and Justice of the Federal Court of Australia
  • John Bray - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia, poet and classicist
  • James Crawford - legal academic; Judge of the International Court of Justice (2014)
  • Bill Denny - Attorney-General of South Australia
  • John Doyle - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia
  • John Finnis - legal scholar and philosopher
  • Regina Graycar - Emeritus Professor of Law School, University of Sydney
  • Hermann Homburg - Attorney-General of South Australia
  • Elliott Johnston - Communist activist and Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia
  • Len King - South Australian Attorney-General; Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia
  • Robert Lawson - Attorney-General of South Australia
  • Chris Kourakis - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia
  • Bruce Lander - South Australia's first Independent Commissioner Against Corruption
  • George Ligertwood - Judge of the Supreme Court of South Australia
  • Brian Martin - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory
  • Robin Millhouse - lawyer, politician, Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia; Chief Justice of Kiribati and Nauru
  • Roma Mitchell - lawyer, first female Queen's Counsel in Australia (1962); Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia; first female superior court judge in the British Commonwealth (1965)
  • George Murray - Chief Justice of South Australia
  • Mellis Napier - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia
  • Rosemary Owens - Dean of Law at the University of Adelaide Law School
  • Herbert Parsons - Former judge of the Supreme Court of South Australia and former Attorney-General of South Australia
  • Geoffrey Reed - Judge in the Supreme Court of South Australia; the first Director-General of ASIO
  • Len Roberts-Smith - Former Justice of the Supreme Court of Western Australia
  • Paul Rofe - Former South Australian Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Colin Rowe - Attorney-General of South Australia
  • Reginald Rudall - Attorney-General of South Australia
  • Chris Sumner - Attorney-General of South Australia
  • Margaret White - first female judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland


  • Frances Adamson - Australian Ambassador to the People's Republic of China (2011-)
  • Walter Crocker - diplomat and writer
  • Maurice de Rohan - South Australian Agent General in London (1998-2006)
  • Tim George - Australian Ambassador to Mexico (2012-); High Commissioner to Pakistan (2009-2012), Special Coordinator for the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (2006-2009), Ambassador to Israel (2003-2006); Ambassador to Spain (2000-2003)
  • Sim Cheok Lim - Singapore's Ambassador (Non-Resident) to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan[16]


Science and mathematics[edit]



Performing and visual arts[edit]

Media and journalism[edit]


Notable staff[edit]

Nobel laureates[edit]



Natural sciences[edit]






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