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The list of University of Akron people includes notable alumni and faculty of the University of Akron. Class year usually indicate the year of a graduation unless an entry is denoted by an asterisk (*). In this case, the student did not graduate from the university, and the class year indicates the last known year a former student attended. In the case of alumni with multiple graduation years, the earliest graduation year is shown.



Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Andy Alleman NFL guard (New Orleans Saints)
Chris Bassitt Baseball player [1]
Chase Blackburn NFL linebacker (New York Giants)
E. J. Burt AFL linebacker (Chicago Rush)
Matt Cherry NFL free agent wide receiver
China Krys Darrington First sponsored female Freestyle BMX rider
Eddie Elias Professional Bowlers Association founder
Charlie Frye NFL quarterback (Seattle Seahawks)
Victor Green NFL defensive back (New York Jets)
Domenik Hixon NFL wide receiver (New York Giants)
Jessica Eye attended professional female mixed martial artist, fighting for the Women's UFC bantamweight division [2]
Shawn Lemon CFL and AFL player
Roy Mlakar 1972 NHL team president and CEO (Ottawa Senators)
Dominique Moceanu Olympic gymnast
Fritz Nagy BBA player (Indianapolis Jets)
Jake Schifino NFL free agent wide receiver
Dwight Smith NFL free agent strong safety
Jason Taylor 1996 NFL defensive end (Miami Dolphins)
Jim Tressel College football head coach (Ohio State University)
Bill Turner NBA player (San Francisco Warriors)
Siniša Ubiparipović Major League Soccer player
Mike Birkbeck Major League Baseball pitcher (Milwaukee Brewers and New York Mets)
Mark Malaska Major League Baseball pitcher (Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Boston Red Sox)

Politics and government[edit]

Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
John R. Adams 1983 District court judge
James E. Akins Diplomat
Alice M. Batchelder Circuit judge
Samuel H. Bell 1952 District court judge
Ray C. Bliss 1935 Former chair of the Republican National Committee
Deborah L. Cook Circuit judge
Phil Davison Minerva Councilman
Peter C. Economus 1970 District court judge
James S. Gwin 1979 District court judge
Kermit L. Hall Legal history scholar
Don Plusquellic Mayor of Akron, Ohio
Thomas C. Sawyer Mayor of Akron; Congressman
Betty Sutton Congresswoman
Mary Taylor Ohio State Auditor
Kim Zurz Politician
Michael Morell Director of the Central Intelligence Agency


Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Aaron Archer Toy designer for Hasbro
Dan Auerbach Guitarist and vocalist (The Black Keys)
David S. Brown Historian and professor at Elizabethtown College
Yvette Nicole Brown Television and film actress
Michael Buckley NY Times Bestselling author of The Sisters Grimm series
Patrick Carney Drummer (The Black Keys)
John E. Leland 1986 Director, University of Dayton Research Institute. [3]
Matt Moneymaker 1996 actor Finding Bigfoot [4]
Dan Moldea Journalist
Charles J. Pilliod, Jr. CEO of Goodyear
Nikola Resanovic Composer
Mark Scatterday Conductor
Joshua I. Smith Businessman
Irving C. Tomlinson 1880 Prominent Christian Scientist, secretary to Mary Baker Eddy [5]
George Wallace Comedian

Faculty and staff[edit]

Athletic coaches[edit]

Name Department Notability Reference
Alex Adams Head coach (1976)
Jim Aiken Head coach
George Babcock Head coach
Paul Baldacci Head coach
Russell Beichly Head coach
Paul Bixler Head coach
Red Blair Head coach
Dwight Bradley Head coach
J. D. Brookhart Head coach
Kenneth Cochrane Head coach
James W. Coleman Head coach
Frank Cook Head coach
Coleman Crawford Head coach (1990–1995)
Ken Cunningham Head coach
Keith Dambrot Head coach (2004–present)
Jim Dennison Head coach
Otis Douglas Head coach
Thomas Dowler Head coach
Walter East Head coach
Archie Eves Head coach
Gerry Faust Head coach
Forest Firestone Head coach
Frank Haggerty Head coach
John Heisman Head coach
Dan Hipsher Head coach
William Houghton Head coach
Bob Huggins Head coach
Pat Knight Assistant coach (2000–2001) [6]
Gordon K. Larson Head coach
Tony Laterza Head coach
Jack Lengyel Assistant coach (1959)
Joe McMullen Head coach
Lee Owens Head coach
Rev. Alfred W. Place Head coach
Bob Rupert Head coach
Fred Sefton Head coach
Wyatt Webb Head coach
Clarence Weed Head coach
Earl Williams First head coach
Harry Wilson Head coach

Faculty and administrators[edit]

Name Department Notability Reference
Paul Alfred Biefeld Professor (former)
Meredith Gardner Professor (former)
John C. Green
Ralph P. Hummel Professor (former), author of The Bureaucratic Experience [7]
Parke Kolbe University president (former) [8]
Luis M. Proenza University president (present)
Mack Rhoades Director (2005–present)
John F. Seiberling Politician
Jim Tressel University vice president (former)


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