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The list of University of Central Oklahoma alumni includes notable alumni, non-matriculating students, and former faculty of the University of Central Oklahoma.

Notable alumni[edit]

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Actor Jim Beaver



Science and technology[edit]

  • Dr. Dwight E. Adams, former Director of the FBI Laboratory; member of the FBI’s research team that developed the DNA techniques first used in 1988; recipient of 2003 Presidential Rank Award as Distinguished Executive, the highest award given in the Federal Government; Director of the University of Central Oklahoma Forensic Science Institute[5]
  • Milt Heflin, first Chief Flight Director; former General Director, NASA, Johnson Space Center[6][7][8][9]

Politics and government[edit]

Michael D. Brown

Notable faculty[edit]

  • James Bidlack, Professor of Biology, President of Metabolism Foundation; Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Genome Registry[14]


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