List of University of Chicago Booth School of Business faculty

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The following is a list of scholars and professors at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Economics and finance[edit]

Strategic management[edit]

  • James O. McKinsey, founder of McKinsey & Company in 1926, pioneered budgeting as a management tool
  • Ronald S. Burt, professor of sociology and strategy, known for his study of brokerage in social networks and the social structure of competitive advantage; author of Brokerage and Closure: An Introduction to Social Capital
  • James E. Schrager, Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, teaches New Venture Strategy. Expert on New Venure Strategy and how it differs from Corporate Strategy.
  • Linda E. Ginzel, Clinical Professor of Managerial Behavior, teaches New Venture Strategy. Child product safety advocate and founder of Kids In Danger.

Private equity[edit]

  • Luigi Zingales, professor of entrepreneurial finance and private equity, and co-author (with Raghuram Rajan) of "Saving Capitalism From The Capitalists"
  • Scott Meadow, clinical professor of entrepreneurship and faculty director of global initiatives
  • Steven Kaplan, the Neubauer Family professor of entrepreneurship and finance

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