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A list of notable alumni of the University of Idaho[1] and a list of its presidents.



  • Ali Abdelghany - prominent Egyptian academic and marine biologist. Ph.D. '86.
  • Lawrence H. Chamberlain - Dean of Columbia University in 1950. V.P. of Columbia in 1962. Class of '30.
  • Donald Kirk David - Dean of Harvard Business School 1942–1955.



  • Anthony Curcio - Former Vandal football player and real estate investor. Responsible for masterminding one of the most elaborate armored car heists in history.[10][11]



  • Michael Kirk, documentary filmmaker and partial creator of Frontline. Class of '71
  • Otis Livingston, sportscaster for WCBS-TV in New York[15]
  • David Neiwert, a Seattle-based investigative journalist and blogger (Orcinus), and a contributing writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center. He is the author of Of Orcas and Men: What Killer Whales Can Teach Us (2015). Class of 1984.
  • Fenton Samual Roskelley, created the Rhine Valley News (a newspaper for GIs stationed in Germany after the war) in Heidelberg, Germany in 1945, while serving as a Master Sergeant with the 776th AA Automatic Weapons battalion. He was the first Outdoor Editor for the Spokane Daily Chronicle and Spokesman-Review and worked for these publications for 65 years. He also edited the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club's booklet, "Flies of the Northwest". (1917-2013) Journalism, Class of '40.

Literature and the arts[edit]


  • Steven Amstrup M.S. '75 - polar bear researcher and conservationist
  • Roger Batzel - see entry under Government
  • Malcolm Renfrew - Polymer chemist, inventor, and professor emeritus. Contributor to the development of Teflon. Class of '32, M.S. '34[17][18]
  • Bob Twiggs - Rocket scientist and inventor of the CubeSat technology. Class of '61.







Presidents of the University of Idaho[edit]

The following individuals have held the office of
President of the University of Idaho.

James H. Forney, (Acting) 1891–1892
Franklin B. Gault 1892–1898
Joseph P. Blanton 1898–1900
James Alexander MacLean 1900–1913
Melvin A. Brannon 1914–1917
Ernest H. Lindley 1917–1920
Alfred H. Upham 1920–1928
Frederick J. Kelly 1928–1930
Mervin G. Neale 1930–1937
Harrison C. Dale 1937–1946
Jesse E. Buchanan 1946–1954
Donald R. Theophilus 1954–1965
Ernest W. Hartung 1965–1977
Richard D. Gibb 1977–1989
Elisabeth A. Zinser 1989–1995
Thomas O. Bell, (Acting) 1995–1996
Robert A. Hoover 1996–2003
Gary G. Michael, (Interim) 2003–2004
Timothy P. White 2004–2008
Steven Daley-Laursen, (Interim) 2008–2009
M. Duane Nellis 2009–2013
Donald L. Burnett Jr., (Interim) 2013–2014
Chuck Staben 2014–present


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