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The following people spent time at the University of London as either teaching staff or students.

BBK Birkbeck
CSSD Central School of Speech and Drama
CUL City University London
GCUL Goldsmiths, University of London
HEY Heythrop College
ICL Imperial College London
ICS Institute of Computer Science
KCL King's College London
LI Lister Institute for Preventive Medicine
LBS London Business School
LSE London School of Economics
QMUL Queen Mary University of London
RAM Royal Academy of Music
RHUL Royal Holloway, University of London
SGUL St George's, University of London
SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies
UCL University College London
ULIP University of London International Programmes

Nobel Laureates[edit]

There are a total of 74 Nobel Laureates who were either students or staff members at the University of London. Their respective college or colleges is shown in the parenthesis. The following table shows the number of Nobel Laureates from each college:

University College London 29
London School of Economics 18
Imperial College London 14
King's College London 12
University of London International Programmes 7
Queen Mary University of London 7
Birkbeck, University of London 4
Lister Institute for Preventive Medicine 3
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 2
Central School of Speech and Drama 1
School of Oriental and African Studies 1

Politicians and Heads of State[edit]


Presidents and Prime Ministers[edit]

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Other Prominent Royalty[edit]

Clergy and Religious Figures[edit]

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Nobel Prize for Literature[edit]

Scientists and Mathematicians[edit]

Biologists and Botanists[edit]


Computer Scientists[edit]

Engineers and Inventors[edit]

Geologists, Environmental Scientists and Physical Geographers[edit]


  • Anne O'Garra (UCL)
  • Noreen Murray – molecular geneticist who helped develop a vaccine against Hepatitis B (KCL)
  • Max Theiler – 1951 Nobel laureate who developed a vaccine against yellow fever (KCL)


Psychologists, Sociologists and Anthropologists[edit]



Physicists and Astronomers[edit]

The arts[edit]

Novelists, Poets and Playwrights[edit]

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