List of University of Massachusetts Lowell residence halls

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The University of Massachusetts Lowell housing system is made up of nine residence halls, two apartments, and a hotel/dormitory.

Residence Halls[edit]

East Campus[edit]

East Campus has the largest number of students living on it. Five of the twelve residence halls are located on it.

  • Bourgeois Hall-Built in 1967, the building is a freshman dormitory.[1]
  • Donahue Hall-Built in 1989, the building is made up of suites.[2]
  • Fox Hall-The largest dorm at the school, the 18 story tall tower is a mixture of different grades. The building is also the tallest tower in Lowell.[3]
  • Leitch Hall-Built in 1967, the building is a freshman dormitory.[4]
  • University Suites-An all-suites building that opened in the fall of 2013.

North Campus[edit]

North Campus encompasses one of the original residence halls of the Lowell Technological Institute. Both buildings were symmetrical to each other before the deconstruction of Smith Hall and connect to Lydon Library. These buildings include:

  • Eames Hall-Built in the 1930s, currently houses Commonwealth Honors students. [5]

South Campus[edit]

South Campus includes the original residence halls of Lowell State College and new construction. The buildings include:

  • Concordia Hall-Built in 1966, the building was originally constructed for music students.[6]
  • Sheehy Hall-Built in 1989, connected to Concordia by a hallway. The dorm is made up of suites that fit four people each.[7]
  • Riverview Suites-This all-suites complex that opened in the fall of 2013.

East Meadow Lane Apartments[edit]

The university owns two apartments on East Meadow Lane. These buildings were built in 1971. This housing complex is separate from the rest of campus and a shuttle or car is needed to travel between the other campuses.[8]

UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center[edit]

Formerly the DoubleTree Hotel, the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference was bought in 2009 by the university. The building includes a restaurant open to the public, function halls, year-round hotel rooms and residence hall space. It is located in downtown Lowell and is the site of many university and community events.

Former buildings[edit]

Before the school bought the DoubleTree, the university temporarily housed students during the 2008-2009 academic year in the Radisson Hotel in nearby Nashua, New Hampshire.