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List of University of New Mexico alumni of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


List of University of New Mexico alumni
Alumnus Class Notes
Abbey, EdwardEdward Abbey Writer[citation needed]
Ackerson-Kiely, PaigePaige Ackerson-Kiely Poet[citation needed]
Adair, JohnJohn Adair Pioneer of Navajo and Zuni cultural studies. In 1948, the university's first doctoral candidate in anthropology.[1][2]
Anaya, JamesJames Anaya United Nations Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Human Rights.[3]
Andronicos, ChristopherChristopher Andronicos Geologist.[4]
Apodaca, JerryJerry Apodaca Former Governor of New Mexico.[5]
Baker (runner), JohnJohn Baker (runner) WAC Cross-Country and Mile Championship[6]
Baskett, HankHank Baskett Former NFL wide receiver.[7]
Beljan, CharlieCharlie Beljan PGA Tour winner[citation needed]
Berntsen, GaryGary Berntsen Former CIA Senior Operations Officer.[8]
Bigelow, Robert W.Robert W. Bigelow Attorney/Television Commentator.[9][10]
Bird, SarahSarah Bird Novelist, screenwriter, and journalist.[11]
Bishop, DavidDavid Bishop Middle-distance runner.[12]
Brown, KenKen Brown Former NFL player.[13]
Blackwell, Charles W.Charles W. Blackwell 1972 First Ambassador of the Chickasaw Nation to the United States (1995–2013)[14]
Bloom, PaulPaul Bloom Former lawyer working as a special counsel for the United States Department of Energy.[15]
Booth, TonyTony Booth Country musician.[16]
Braun, TimothyTimothy Braun Author.[17]
Bryan, KirkKirk Bryan Geologist.[18]
Bryant, Gregory R.Gregory R. Bryant Rear Admiral U.S. Navy.[19]
Calvani, TerryTerry Calvani Commissioner of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.[20]
Cajete, GregoryGregory Cajete One of the founders of integrating Native American Studies with science disciplines.[21]
Chavez, Edward L.Edward L. Chavez Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court.[22]
Chávez, MartinMartin Chávez Former Mayor of Albuquerque.[23]
Colon, BrianBrian Colon Former Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.[24]
Cooper, MichaelMichael Cooper Former NBA player.[25]
Davis, JustinJustin Davis Soccer player.[26]
Degenevieve, BarbaraBarbara Degenevieve Photographer.[27]
Denish, DianeDiane Denish Former Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico.[28]
Dimond, DianeDiane Dimond Journalist, author, TV anchor[citation needed]
Dixon, SamSam Dixon Basketball coach.[29]
Dodson, JohnJohn Dodson current mixed martial artist competing for the Ultimate Fighting Championship[30]
Dongarra, JackJack Dongarra Mathematician and Computer Scientist, Distinguished Professor, University of Tennessee[31]
Ellis, James G.James G. Ellis Dean of USC Marshall School of Business[32]
Fitzgerald, LeeLee Fitzgerald Professor of Zoology and Faculty Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles at Texas A&M University.[33]
Frederick, AndyAndy Frederick Former NFL Offensive tackle.[34]
Gea-Banacloche, JulioJulio Gea-Banacloche Quantum physics expert.[35]
Giddens, J.R.J.R. Giddens NBA Player.[36]
Gordon, LennoxLennox Gordon NFL player
Gould, JaniceJanice Gould Koyangk'auwi Maidu writer and scholar.[37]
Granger, DannyDanny Granger NBA player.[38]
Graves, KellyKelly Graves Current head women's basketball coach at Gonzaga University.[39]
Guerrero, EddieEddie Guerrero WWE wrestler.
Haskins, JamesJames Haskins Award-winning children's author.[40]
Haq, BashirulBashirul Haq Prominent architect and educator[citation needed]
Herrera, Daniel RayDaniel Ray Herrera Major League Baseball player.[41]
Herrera, Judith C.Judith C. Herrera United States federal judge.[42]
Herron, TimTim Herron Professional golfer on the PGA Tour[43]
Holden, EuanEuan Holden Professional association football player.[44]
Hollingsworth, ShawnShawn Hollingsworth Former NFL player.[45]
Holm, HollyHolly Holm attended Professional female mixed martial arts fighter, competing in the Women's UFC bantamweight division[46]
Hufstedler, ShirleyShirley Hufstedler First United States Secretary of Education.[47]
Iglesias, DavidDavid Iglesias Former United States Attorney for the District of New Mexico and controversially dismissed.[48]
Ivers, Donald L.Donald L. Ivers Former judge of the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.[49]
Johnson, BrianBrian Johnson American football player.[50]
Johnson, GaryGary Johnson Former Governor of New Mexico and 2012 presidential candidate.[51]
Johnson, GeorgeGeorge Johnson Science author.[52]
Jones, Brian JayBrian Jay Jones New York Times bestselling biographer of Washington Irving and Jim Henson.[53]
King, BruceBruce King Former three-term Governor of New Mexico.[54]
King, GaryGary King Attorney General of New Mexico.[55]
Lapovsky-Kennedy, ElizabethElizabeth Lapovsky-Kennedy One of the founding feminists of the field of Women's Studies.[56]
Koo, PeterPeter Koo Member of the New York City Council.[57]
Lassen, EmilEmil Lassen Major General Air National Guard.[58]
Longley, LucLuc Longley Former NBA player and the first Australian to play in the NBA.[59]
Lopez, L. LuisL. Luis Lopez American poet.[60]
Mabry, Thomas J.Thomas J. Mabry Former Governor of New Mexico and Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court.[61]
Maestas, JosephJoseph Maestas Mayor of Española, New Mexico.[62]
Marshall, PennyPenny Marshall Actress and director.[63]
Marquez, MiguelMiguel Marquez ABC News correspondent.[64]
Mathis, TerranceTerrance Mathis Former NFL player.[citation needed]
McConkie, Jr., Oscar W.Oscar W. McConkie, Jr. Utah politician and LDS church leader.[65]
McSorley, CiscoCisco McSorley New Mexico politician.[66]
Miller (artist), MelissaMelissa Miller (artist) 1974 Painter.[67]
Morrison, John H.John H. Morrison Lawyer and former President of the Association of American Rhodes Scholars.[68]
Nyland, William L.William L. Nyland U.S. Marine Corps four-star general and former Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps.[69]
Ostlund, LoriLori Ostlund American short story writer.[70]
Pacheco, JordanJordan Pacheco Major League Baseball infielder for the Colorado Rockies.[citation needed]
Payne, WilliamWilliam Payne New Mexico state senator.[71]
Perkins, DonDon Perkins Former NFL All-Pro running back.[72]
Predock, AntoineAntoine Predock Architect.[73]
Price, V.B.V.B. Price Journalist, poet, author, scholar and New Mexico historian.[74]
Ptacek, KathrynKathryn Ptacek American author and editor.[75]
Rhodes, Michael D.Michael D. Rhodes Egyptologist.[76]
Rubenstein, Meridel Meridel Rubenstein MA 1974, MFA 1977 American photographer and installation artist
Sandoval, DevonDevon Sandoval Soccer player for Real Salt Lake.[77]
Schiff, StevenSteven Schiff Former U.S. congressman representing New Mexico.[78]
Schodorf, JeanJean Schodorf Member of the Kansas Senate.[79]
Silver, CaswellCaswell Silver Geologist and CEO of Sundance Oil Company, endowed Caswell Silver Foundation at UNM.
Silver, LeonLeon Silver Professor of Geology, California Institute of Technology, member National Academy of Sciences, winner of NASA Scientific Achievement Medal, trained Apollo astronauts in field geology for their lunar mission
Strickland, ScottScott Strickland Major League Baseball player.[80]
Sullivan, JohnJohn Sullivan Football player
Taylor, Thomas C.Thomas C. Taylor New Mexico politician.[81]
Thompson, Jerry D.Jerry D. Thompson Historian of the American Southwest[82]
Townsend, Kathleen KennedyKathleen Kennedy Townsend Former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and the eldest of Robert F. Kennedy's children.[83]
Udall, TomTom Udall U.S. congressman and senator representing New Mexico.[84]
Urlacher, BrianBrian Urlacher Former NFL Player[85]
Vigil, Carol JeanCarol Jean Vigil First Native American woman to be state district judge in the U.S.[86]
Wertheim, JohnJohn Wertheim Former member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic National Committee.[87]
Willard, CodyCody Willard Fox Business Network anchor.[88]
Wilson, RayRay Wilson Chicago Bears linebacker.[89]


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