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List of University of New Mexico alumni of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


List of University of New Mexico alumni
Alumnus Class Notes
1966 Composer/lyricist, UNICEF Anthem, Recording Artist; Paul Re Peace Foundation: Lifetime Achievement Award;
Ackerson-Kiely, PaigePaige Ackerson-Kiely Poet[citation needed]
Adair, JohnJohn Adair Ph.D. 1948 Pioneer of Navajo and Zuni cultural studies; in 1948, the university's first doctoral candidate in anthropology[1][2]
Anaya, JamesJames Anaya 1980 United Nations Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Human Rights[3]
Anaya, RudolfoRudolfo Anaya 1963, MA 1968, 1972 American author. Best known for his 1972 novel Bless Me, Ultima
Andronicos, ChristopherChristopher Andronicos 1995 Geologist[4]
Apodaca, JerryJerry Apodaca 1953 Former Governor of New Mexico[5]
Baker (runner), JohnJohn Baker (runner) 1966 WAC Cross-Country and Mile Championship[6]
Baserra, RudyRudy Baserra 1974 Senior Vice President of Latin Affairs at The Coca Cola Company[7]
Baskett, HankHank Baskett 2006 Former NFL wide receiver[8]
Beljan, CharlieCharlie Beljan PGA Tour winner[citation needed]
Berntsen, GaryGary Berntsen Former CIA Senior Operations Officer
Bigelow, Robert W.Robert W. Bigelow Attorney; television commentator[9][10]
Bird, SarahSarah Bird 1973 Novelist, screenwriter, and journalist[11]
Bishop, DavidDavid Bishop Middle-distance runner[12]
Bonner, BillBill Bonner Economist and author
Brown, KenKen Brown Former NFL player[13]
Blackwell, Charles W.Charles W. Blackwell 1972 First Ambassador of the Chickasaw Nation to the United States (1995–2013)[14]
Bloom, PaulPaul Bloom Former lawyer working as a special counsel for the United States Department of Energy[15]
Booth, TonyTony Booth Country musician[16]
Braun, TimothyTimothy Braun Author[17]
Bryan, KirkKirk Bryan Geologist[18]
Bryant, Gregory R.Gregory R. Bryant Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy[19]
Cajete, GregoryGregory Cajete One of the founders of integrating Native American Studies with science disciplines[20]
Calvani, TerryTerry Calvani 1970 Commissioner of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission[21]
Campos, Santiago E.Santiago E. Campos United States Federal Judge
Chavez, Edward L.Edward L. Chavez JD 1981 Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court[22]
Chávez, MartinMartin Chávez 1975 Former Mayor of Albuquerque[23]
Colon, BrianBrian Colon Former Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico[24]
Cooper, MichaelMichael Cooper 1978 Former NBA player[25]
Davis, JustinJustin Davis Soccer player[26]
Degenevieve, BarbaraBarbara Degenevieve 1980 Photographer[27]
Denish, DianeDiane Denish 1971 Former Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico[28]
Dimond, DianeDiane Dimond Journalist, author, TV anchor[citation needed]
Dixon, SamSam Dixon Basketball coach[29]
Dodson, JohnJohn Dodson Mixed martial artist competing for the Ultimate Fighting Championship[30]
Domenici, PetePete Domenici 1954 Former U.S. Senator representing New Mexico[31]
Dongarra, JackJack Dongarra Mathematician; computer scientist; Distinguished Professor, University of Tennessee[32]
Ellis, James G.James G. Ellis 1968 Dean of USC Marshall School of Business[33]
Fitzgerald, LeeLee Fitzgerald Professor of Zoology and Faculty Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles at Texas A&M University[34]
Frederick, AndyAndy Frederick Former NFL offensive tackle[35]
Gea-Banacloche, JulioJulio Gea-Banacloche 1985 Quantum physics expert[36]
Giddens, J.R.J.R. Giddens 2008 NBA player[37]
Gordon, LennoxLennox Gordon NFL player
Gould, JaniceJanice Gould Koyangk'auwi Maidu writer and scholar[38]
Granger, DannyDanny Granger NBA player[39]
Graves, KellyKelly Graves Head women's basketball coach at University of Oregon.[40]
Guerrero, EddieEddie Guerrero WWE wrestler
Haskins, JamesJames Haskins MA 1963 Award-winning children's author[41]
Haq, BashirulBashirul Haq Prominent architect and educator[citation needed]
Herrera, Daniel RayDaniel Ray Herrera Major League Baseball player[42]
Herrera, Judith C.Judith C. Herrera 1976 United States federal judge[43]
Herron, TimTim Herron Professional golfer on the PGA Tour[44]
Hnida, KatieKatie Hnida 2004 First woman to score in a Division I college football game and college football bowl game.[45]
Holden, EuanEuan Holden Professional association football player[46]
Hollingsworth, ShawnShawn Hollingsworth Former NFL player[47]
Holm, HollyHolly Holm attended Professional mixed martial arts fighter, former UFC bantamweight champion[48]
Hufstedler, ShirleyShirley Hufstedler 1945 First United States Secretary of Education[49]
Iglesias, DavidDavid Iglesias JD 1984 Former United States Attorney for the District of New Mexico and controversially dismissed[50]
Ivers, Donald L.Donald L. Ivers Former judge of the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans' Claims[51]
Johnson, BrianBrian Johnson Football player[52]
Johnson, GaryGary Johnson 1975 Former Governor of New Mexico; 2012 and 2016 presidential candidate[53]
Johnson, GeorgeGeorge Johnson 1975 Science author[54]
Jones, Brian JayBrian Jay Jones 1989 Award-winning biographer of Washington Irving, Jim Henson and George Lucas; past president of Biographers International Organization[55]
King, BruceBruce King Former three-term Governor of New Mexico[56]
King, GaryGary King JD 1984 Attorney General of New Mexico[57]
Lapovsky-Kennedy, ElizabethElizabeth Lapovsky-Kennedy One of the founding feminists of the field of women's studies[58]
Koo, PeterPeter Koo Member of the New York City Council[59]
Lassen, EmilEmil Lassen Major General Air National Guard[60]
Lewis, EdwardEdward Lewis 1964 Chairman and CEO of Essence Communications Inc.[61]
Longley, LucLuc Longley 1991 Former NBA player and the first Australian to play in the NBA[62]
Lopez, L. LuisL. Luis Lopez Poet[63]
Loredo, JoeyJoey Loredo Artist
Mabry, Thomas J.Thomas J. Mabry Former Governor of New Mexico; Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court[64]
Maestas, JosephJoseph Maestas Mayor of Española, New Mexico[65]
Marshall, PennyPenny Marshall attended Actress and director[66]
Marquez, MiguelMiguel Marquez ABC News correspondent[67]
Mathis, TerranceTerrance Mathis 1990 Former NFL player[citation needed]
McConkie, Jr., Oscar W.Oscar W. McConkie, Jr. 1946 Utah politician and LDS church leader[68]
McSorley, CiscoCisco McSorley 1974, JD 1979 New Mexico politician[69]
Miller (artist), MelissaMelissa Miller (artist) 1974 Painter[70]
Miller, sjsj Miller Professor, social justice activist[71]
Morrison, John H.John H. Morrison Lawyer; former President of the Association of American Rhodes Scholars[72]
Nyland, William L.William L. Nyland 1968 U.S. Marine Corps four-star general; former Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps[73]
Ostlund, LoriLori Ostlund Short story writer[74]
Mike Palter 1966 MA Composer/Lyricist; Paul Re Peace Foundation: Lifetime Achievement Award, Recording Artist;
Pacheco, JordanJordan Pacheco Major League Baseball infielder for the Colorado Rockies.[citation needed]
Perkins, DonDon Perkins Former NFL All-Pro running back[75]
Predock, AntoineAntoine Predock attended Architect[76]
Price, V.B.V.B. Price 1962 Journalist, poet, author, scholar and New Mexico historian[77]
Ptacek, KathrynKathryn Ptacek 1974 Author and editor[78]
Rhodes, Michael D.Michael D. Rhodes Egyptologist[79]
Rubenstein, Meridel Meridel Rubenstein MA 1974, MFA 1977 Photographer and installation artist
Sandoval, DevonDevon Sandoval Soccer player for Real Salt Lake[80]
Scarber, SamSam Scarber 1970 Former NFL and CFL player[81]
Schiff, StevenSteven Schiff JD 1972 Former U.S. congressman representing New Mexico[82]
Schodorf, JeanJean Schodorf Member of the Kansas Senate[83]
Silver, CaswellCaswell Silver 1940 Geologist and CEO of Sundance Oil Company, endowed Caswell Silver Foundation at UNM
Silver, LeonLeon Silver 1948 Professor of Geology, California Institute of Technology; member of National Academy of Sciences; winner of NASA Scientific Achievement Medal; trained Apollo astronauts in field geology for their lunar mission
Strickland, ScottScott Strickland Major League Baseball player[84]
Sullivan, JohnJohn Sullivan Football player
Taylor, Thomas C.Thomas C. Taylor New Mexico politician[85]
Thompson, Jerry D.Jerry D. Thompson Historian of the American Southwest[86]
Toulouse Oliver, MaggieMaggie Toulouse Oliver B.A., M.A. Secretary of State of New Mexico[87]
Townsend, Kathleen KennedyKathleen Kennedy Townsend JD 1978 Former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland; the eldest of Robert F. Kennedy's children[88]
Udall, TomTom Udall JD 1977 U.S. congressman and senator representing New Mexico[89]
Urlacher, BrianBrian Urlacher 2000 Former NFL Defensive Player of the Year[90]
Vigil, Carol JeanCarol Jean Vigil First Native American woman to be state district judge in the U.S.[91]
Wallace, RodneyRodney Wallace 1970 Former NFL player and Super Bowl champion[92]
Wertheim, JohnJohn Wertheim JD 1995 Former member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic National Committee[93]
Willard, CodyCody Willard 1996 Fox Business Network anchor[94]
Wilson, RayRay Wilson Chicago Bears linebacker[90]


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