List of University of New South Wales faculty

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This is a list of notable University of New South Wales staff.


Computer scientists[edit]


Legal academics[edit]


Medical doctors[edit]






Vice Chancellors[edit]

UNSW Canberra[edit]

UNSW Canberra is a campus of the UNSW and is located at the Australian Defence Force Academy. Since 1967 the university has been providing tertiary education to officers in the Australian Defence Force through the Royal Military College, Duntroon. In 1986 the Australian Defence Force Academy, a tri-service military training institution, was established. The academy is run jointly by the commandant, who represents the Australian Defence Force side, and the rector, who represents the UNSW.

Deans and rectors[edit]

Dean Term
E. R. Bryan[2] (Acting Dean) 1967
Sir Leslie H. Martin[2] 1967–1970
B. D. Beddie[2] 1971–1972
J. C. Burns[2] 1973–1978
T. G. Chapman[2] (acting dean) 1975, 1978, 1980
Geoff Wilson[2] 1978–1986

Past and present rectors

Rector Term
Geoff Wilson 1984–1991
Harry Heseltine AO[3] 1991–1996
John Richards FTSE 1996–1998
Peter Hall[4] (acting rector) 1998–1999
Robert King 1999–2004
David Lovell (acting rector) 2004
John Baird[5] 2004–2010
Michael Frater 2011–present


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