List of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill leaders

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Polk Place looking toward Wilson Library on the UNC campus

Leaders of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill were known as Presidents until the formation of the Consolidated University of North Carolina in 1932. Between 1934 and 1945, the title Dean of Administration was used, which in turn became Chancellor. An asterisk (*) indicates an interim or acting appointment.[1][2]

Presiding Professors[edit]

Rev. David Ker
Name Term
Rev. David Ker 1794-1796
Charles Wilson Harris 1796
Rev. Joseph Caldwell 1796-1797
James Smiley Gillaspie (or Gillespie) 1797-1799
Rev. Joseph Caldwell 1799-1804


Rev. Joseph Caldwell
(1796-1797, 1799-1812, and 1816-1835)
Kemp Plummer Battle
Name Term
Rev. Joseph Caldwell 1804-1812
Robert Hett Chapman 1812-1816
Rev. Joseph Caldwell 1816-1835
Elisha Mitchell * 1835
David Lowry Swain 1835-1868
Rev. Solomon Pool 1869-1872
Rev. Charles Phillips 1875-1876
Kemp Plummer Battle 1876-1891
George Tayloe Winston 1891-1896
Edwin Anderson Alderman 1896-1900
Francis Preston Venable 1900-1914
Edward Kidder Graham 1914-1918
Marvin Hendrix Stacy 1918-1919
Harry Woodburn Chase 1919-1930
Frank Porter Graham 1930-1932

Dean of Administration[edit]

Name Term
Robert Burton House 1934-1945


Name Term
Robert Burton House 1945-1957
William Brantley Aycock 1957-1964
Paul Frederick Sharp 1964-1965
Joseph Carlyle Sitterson 1965-1972
Nelson Ferebee Taylor 1972-1980
Christopher Columbus Fordham 1980-1988
Paul Hardin III 1988-1995
Michael Hooker 1995-1999
William Octavius McCoy * 1999-2000
James Moeser 2000-2008
Herbert Holden Thorp 2008-2013 [3]
Carol L. Folt 2013- 2019[4][5]


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