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This is a list of people from the University of Oxford in academic disciplines. Many were students at one (or more) of the colleges of the University, and others held fellowships at a college.

This list forms part of a series of lists of people associated with the University of Oxford; for other lists, please see the main article List of University of Oxford people.


  • Richard Albert (Lady Margaret) Boston College Law School
  • William Reynell Anson (Balliol and All Souls) Warden of All Souls 1881–1913, Member of Parliament 1899–1905
  • Charles Arnold-Baker (formerly Wolfgang Charles Werner von Blumenthal) (Magdalen)
  • Andrew Ashworth (Worcester and All Souls)
  • Kenneth Beaumont Chairman International Civil Aviation Organisation 1946–57 (President Legal Committee 1954–57)
  • John Behan (Hertford and University) Warden Trinity College, Melbourne 1918–46
  • Francis Bennion (Balliol) Parliamentary Counsel 1953-65 and 1973–75, Lecturer University of Oxford 1984-2002
  • Peter Birks (Trinity, Brasenose, and All Souls) Hon QC 1995, President Society of Legal Scholars 2002–03
  • William Blackstone (Pembroke, All Souls, and New Inn Hall) MP & QC 1761, first Vinerian Professor at Oxford
  • Paul-André Crépeau Director Institute of Comparative Law McGill University 1974–84
  • Giuseppina d'Agostino (St. Peter's) intellectual property law, professor at Osgoode Hall Law School
  • Ruth Deech, Baroness Deech (St Anne's) Chair HFEA 1994–2002, Gov BBC 2002–06, Independent Adjudicator for Higher Educn 2004–
  • A. V. Dicey (Balliol) Professor of Law at Oxford and the LSE
  • Ronald Dworkin (Magdalen and University) Professor of Jurisprudence at Yale, Oxford, & UCL
  • John Eekelaar (Pembroke) expert in family law, Reader in Law University of Oxford 1991–
  • Malcolm Evans (Regent's Park) Prof Public International Law Bristol 99–, Hd of Law 03–05, Dean of Soc Sciences & Law 05–
  • Noah Feldman Professor of Law New York University School of Law
  • John Finnis (University) Professor of Law at the Universities of Oxford and Notre Dame
  • Mark Freedland (St John's) expert in employment law
  • John Gardner (New College, All Souls, Brasenose, and University) Professor of Jurisprudence University of Oxford
  • Leslie Green (Nuffield, Lincoln, Balliol) Prof of the Philosophy of Law Oxford, Prof of Law Osgoode Hall Law Sch, York Univ, Canada
  • H. L. A. Hart (New College, University, and Brasenose) Author of The Concept of Law (1961)
  • Sir William Searle Holdsworth (St John's)
  • Tony Honoré (New College, The Queen's and All Souls) Regius Prof Civil Law Oxford 1971–88, Hon QC, Bencher of Lincoln's Inn
  • Elena Kagan (Worcester) Dean Harvard Law Sch & Chas Hamilton Houston Prof of Law Harvard Univ 2003 (Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 2010-–
  • Allan Leal (Rhodes Scholarship) former Dean of Osgoode Hall Law School
  • Neil MacCormick (Balliol) Regius Prof of Public Law & the Law of Nature & Nations Edinburgh 1972–2008, MEP 1999–2004
  • Michael Mandel (B.C.L.)
  • Basil Markesinis (St Antony's, Lady Margaret Hall, and Brasenose) professor at Queen Mary, UCL, Oxford, and Texas (Austin)
  • Peter North (Jesus) [1]
  • Fidelis Oditah (Magdalen and Merton) QC, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, gubernatorial candidate Delta State 2007
  • Joseph Raz (Nuffield and Balliol) sometime Professor of the Philosophy of Law University of Oxford
  • Arthur Richard Andrew Scace Director of Canadian Opera Company
  • Richard Searby Lecturer Univ of Melbourne 1961–72, QC 1971, Chancellor Deakin Univ 1997–2005
  • Travers Twiss (University) professor at Oxford and King's Coll London, author constitution of Congo Free State (1884)
  • Theodore Tylor (Balliol) Fellow and tutor in Jurisprudence, international chess player, worked for blind people

Theology and the study of religions[edit]


Classicists, Byzantinists and archaeologists[edit]

Modern languages[edit]




Anthropology and ethnography[edit]


Politics, political philosophy, and international relations[edit]

Asian studies[edit]

Mathematicians and statisticians[edit]


Naturalists, botanists, and zoologists[edit]


Psychologists, psychiatrists, and physiologists of the brain[edit]


Physicists and astronomers[edit]

Astronomers Royal[edit]

Other physicists and astronomers[edit]

Computers, electronics, and robotics[edit]

Engineering and agriculture[edit]





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