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The University of Queensland has had numerous notable alumni and faculty.

Notable alumni[edit]







Public Service[edit]


  • Natalie Cook, Olympic Gold Medallist, Beach Volleyball
  • John Eales, former Australian rugby union captain
  • Thomas Lawton, former Australian rugby union captain, Waratah Rugby Player, Oxford Blue
  • Mark Loane, former Australian rugby union captain
  • Michael Lynagh, former Australian rugby union captain
  • Greg Martin, former Australian rugby union player and rugby commentator
  • Lloyd McDermott, first Aboriginal person to represent Australia in Rugby Union, and the nation's first indigenous barrister.
  • John Roe, former Queensland rugby union captain
  • Nathan Sharpe, former Australian rugby union captain
  • Lev Susany, Australian powerlifter and Commonwealth record holder
  • David Theile, Olympic medallist in swimming
  • Clem Windsor, former Australian rugby union player

Vice Regal[edit]

Those listed here could also be listed elsewhere, notably Politics and Public Service.


Notable past and present staff[edit]



Vice Chancellors[edit]

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