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This is a list of notable people affiliated with the University of San Francisco.


Arts and entertainment[edit]



Science and Academics[edit]

  • Dr. John D. Arras, Porterfield Professor of Biomedical Ethics, University of Virginia
  • Michael A. Rice, biologist at University of Rhode Island, and RI State Representative

Government and Politics[edit]

Law and Justice[edit]



University presidents[edit]

Bust of Anthony Maraschi, S.J in front of Gleeson Library
  1. Anthony Maraschi, S. J. (1855–1862)
  2. Nicholas Congiato, S. J. (1862–1865)
  3. Burchard Villiger, S. J. (1865–1866)
  4. Nicolas Congiato, S. J. (1866–1869)
  5. Joseph Bayma, S. J. (1869–1873)
  6. Aloysius Masnata, S. J. (1873–1876)
  7. John Pinasco, S. J. (1876–1880)
  8. Robert E. Kenna, S. J. (1880–1883)
  9. Joseph C. Sasia, S. J. (1883–1887)
  10. Henry Imoda, S. J. (1887–1893)
  11. Edward P. Allen, S. J. (1893–1896)
  12. John P. Frieden, S. J. (1896–1908)
  13. Joseph C. Sasia, S. J. (1908–1911)
  14. Albert F. Trivelli, S. J. (1911–1915)
  15. Patrick J. Foote, S. J. (1915–1919)
  16. Pius L. Moore, S. J. (1919–1925)
  17. Edward J. Whelan, S. J. (1925–1932)
  18. William I. Lonergan, S. J. (1932–1934)
  19. Harold E. Ring, S. J. (1934–1938)
  20. William J. Dunne, S. J. (1938–1954)
  21. John F. X. Connolly, S. J. (1954–1963)
  22. Charles W. Dullea, S. J. (1963–1969)
  23. Albert R. Jonsen, S. J. (1969–1972)
  24. William C. McInnes, S. J. (1973–1977)
  25. John Lo Schiavo, S. J. (1977–1991)
  26. John P. Schlegel, S. J. (1991–2000)
  27. Stephen A. Privett, S. J. (2000-2014)
  28. Paul J. Fitzgerald, S.J. (2014-)

Honorary degrees[edit]

Recipients of USF honorary degrees include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • September 2003Dalai Lama, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, was awarded an Honorary Doctoral Degree from USF on September 5, 2003 for his lifelong work in promoting peace and compassion, and helping to bring about a more humane world.[9]
  • April 2005 - Kim Dae-jung, the former president of South Korea and 2000 Nobel Peace Prize winner who helped lead his country's movement toward democratic rule [11]
  • May 2006 - Richard Blum, founder and chairman of the Himalayan Foundation [13]
  • December 2007- the Reverend Glenda Hope, founder of Network Ministries. Hope embodies cultural service that respects the individual dignity of every person, most notably the poor, the homeless, prostitutes, and those living with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood.[15]
  • December 2007- Sayadaw U Kovida on behalf of the Buddhist monks of Burma. The monks were honored for their courage in rising up in peaceful protest against their country's oppressive military regime. Their actions reflect the university's mission to educate leaders who will fashion a more humane and just world.[15]
  • December 2007 - Gerald McKevitt, S.J., a Santa Clara University history professor and university historian. McKevitt is renowned for his knowledge of Jesuit history in California and the West, and received an honorary degree for his dedication to teaching, scholarship, and service to the university community.[15]
  • September 2008 - Greg Mortenson, co-author of Three Cups of Tea and executive director of the Central Asia Institute[16]

Other recipients of honorary degrees include Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi, journalist Helen Thomas, and the late South African activist Stephen Biko.


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