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Seal of the University of Santo Tomas

The following is a list of buildings at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Sampaloc, Manila.

The University sits on an almost perfect square of 21.5 hectares. The University transferred to its present campus in 1927 when the Dominicans deemed the Intramuros campus inadequate for the University's growing population. The first structures in the campus were the imposing Main Building, the Santisimo Rosario Parish, and the UST Gym. The Main Building and Central Seminary were declared National Cultural Treasures by the National Museum of the Philippines on January 25, 2010.

University facilities[edit]

Building Image Constructed Style Architect Notes Ref.

Academic facilities[edit]

Albertus Magnus Building Facade of Albertus Magnus Building 1969 Manuel Francisco Named after the Dominican Albertus Magnus, the building houses the College of Education, the Conservatory of Music, and the Education High School. [1]
UST Carpark and Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy Building 2004 Form follows function Pedro Recio and Carmelo Casas Located in front of the UST Hospital, a four-level structure wherein the first three levels consist of a multi-level carpark with operating commercial spaces in the first two levels. The UST-AMV College of Accountancy occupies the fourth level of the building. [2]
Beato Angelico Building 1991
Postmodern Yolanda Reyes The eight-storey structure named after Fra Angelico houses the College of Architecture, and the College of Fine Arts and Design. It also houses The UST Publishing House which took the place of the UST Press and the UST Printing Office. [3][4][5]
Benavides Building UST Highschool Building 1978 Engracio L. Mariano The building was built after the original edifice was burned down on 1975. Currently, the UST High School occupies the building. [6]
Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building 2014 Abelardo Tolentino, Jr. Named after the then-Master of the Order of Preachers, Buenaventura García de Paredes. The twelve-storey building is built on the site of the original UST Gymnasium. It houses the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. [7]
Main Building UST Main Building from the field 1927 Renaissance Revival Roque Ruaño The Main Building of the University of Santo Tomas declared a national treasure by the Philippine government, houses the Administration offices, the Faculty of Civil Law, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the College of Science and the Institute of Religion. [8]
Roque Ruaño Building Facade of Roque Ruano Building 1950 International Style Fernando Ocampo and Julio Victor Rocha It is a five-storey, E-shaped building named after the alumnus who designed the UST Main Building, Rev. Fr. Roque Ruaño, O.P.. It houses the Faculty of Engineering. [9]
St. Martin de Porres Building Facade of St. Martin de Porres Building 1952 Bauhaus Manuel Francisco and Julio Victor Rocha Named after Martin de Porres, the building is the home of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, College of Nursing, and College of Rehabilitation Sciences. The UST Medicine Auditorium, the largest auditorium in UST, is also located in this structure. [10]
St. Raymund de Peñafort Building St. Raymund de Peñafort Building 1955 Named after St. Raymund de Peñafort, the patron saints of lawyers, the building houses both the Faculty of Arts and Letters and the College of Commerce and Business Administration.

Administrative buildings[edit]

Main Building UST Main Building from the field 1927 Renaissance Revival Roque Ruaño The Main Building, an academic facility, also functions as the university's administrative center. It is also the home of the Museum of Arts and Sciences. [8]
UST Tan Yan Kee Student Center 2006 Elegant yet passive Adrian Chua The 28.5m x 30m four-storey building houses the university-wide student organizations such as The Varsitarian, the Central Student Council, the Office for Admission, and the Office for Student Affairs. [11][12]


Miguel de Benavides Library 1989 Mauro Simpliciano It an exclusive building for the library was finally inaugurated in 1990 when the UST Central Library Building was inaugurated. The six-storey library, named after the founder of the University Miguel de Benavides, is one of the biggest in Asia. [13]

Research centers[edit]

Thomas Aquinas Research Complex 2002 Postmodern Yolanda Reyes The massive edifice named after the patron saint of the University is a semi-centralized system for the productive exchange of ideas among researchers in the fields of arts, humanities, science, technology, social sciences, and education. It also houses the UST Graduate School. [5]

Athletic facilities[edit]

Quadricentennial Pavilion 2011 Recio and Casas Architects The four-storey pavilion with an arena, retractable chairs, and bleachers has a seating capacity of 5,792. It will serve as the new UST gymnasium that will house the varsity players of the University and the UST Growling Tigers.It will also serve as a multipurpose center where graduations, university-wide activities, exhibits, national and international conferences will be held. It was inaugurated in early 2012. [14]

Religious buildings[edit]

Central Seminary Building Facade of Central Seminary Building 1933 Art Deco Fernando Ocampo This building houses the UST Chapel (which is also the Santisimo Rosario Parish Church) the UST Central Seminary, and the UST Ecclesiastical Faculties. The Parish was canonically inaugurated on April 26, 1942 by Michael O'Doherty, the Archbishop of Manila during that time. [15]

Medical facilities[edit]

UST Benavides Cancer Institute 2006 Postmodern Yolanda Reyes The four-story edifice, in commemoration of Miguel de Benavides' 400th death anniversary, is the first one-stop cancer therapy center in the Philippines which was inaugurated on August 21, 2006. [5][16][17]
UST Health Service Facade of Health Services building at UST 1946 Art Deco The UST Health Service serves as the University clinic. It provides primary health care to students, employees, and administrators. [18]
UST Hospital UST Hospital facade 1941 The UST Hospital was formally opened its charity unit on February 15, 1945, in a building which stood at the rear of the Main Building. The building house classrooms for the medical school and became the site of the first charity hospital. [10]
UST Hospital-Clinical Division 1965 On March 7, 1946, the charity hospital was opened together with UST Hospital, occupying the first floor. The whole charity ward was transferred and eventually renamed the USTH-Clinical Division when it was completed in 1965 and formally inaugurated on March 6, 1966. [10]

Proposed facilities[edit]

Building Image Year of
Style Architect Notes Ref.
UST Hospital (Extension building) 2011 John Joseph Fernandez The UST Hospital is now preparing for the construction of its extension building facing A.H. Lacson Street. The structure will be built starting early 2012 after the demolition of the Medical Arts Building. [19]

Demolished buildings[edit]

Building Image Constructed Destroyed Style Notes Ref.
Quonset Hut[citation needed] 1948 1964 American Craftsman Dubbed as the "concert hut", the structure houses the Conservatory of Music and was located between the UST Hospital and Roque Ruaño Building. It was demolished in 1964 to give way to the construction of Albertus Magnus Building. [20]
UST High School Building ca. 1950 1975 The UST High School (USTHS) Building got burned down in 1975. On 1976, classes in high school were transferred to the UST Central Seminary. The new USTHS building was inaugurated in the same year and is now known as the Benavides Building. [21]
UST Printing Press Building 1953 1990 The structure was located in the corner of Padre Noval Street and España Boulevard. It was demolished in 1990 to give way to a new school building, now known as the Beato Angelico Building. The press was renamed UST Publishing House and is currently accommodating the new building.
Gymnasium Front gate of UST Gymnasium 1933 2011 Bauhaus Designed by Archt. Fernando Ocampo, the UST Gymnasium was once the largest gym in the country. It housed the Institute of Physical Education and Athletics as well as the University's swimming pool and PE annex. It was demolished to give way to the proposed Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building with façade and swimming pool retained. [22][23][24]


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