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Academic unit key
Symbol U of S Academic college[1]

BA, M.A., MMath, Arts and Science College
B.Comm, M.Comm, MPAcc, DBA PhD College of Commerce
M.Ba College of Commerce
B.Ed., M.Ed. Master of Continuing Education MCEd College of Education
BFA, MFA Arts and Science College
LL.B, J.D., LL.M. College of Law
BMus, BMus(MusEd), MMus Arts and Science College
BSc, M.Sc. Arts and Science College
BE, M.Eng. College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology BSc(Kin) College of Kinesiology
Bachelor of Science in Medicine BSc(Med), MD College of Medicine
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition BSc(Nutr) Arts and Science College
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy BSP Arts and Science College
Bachelor of Science in Physical Education BSPE College of Physical Education (now Kinesiology)
Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy BSc(PT) College of Medicine
BSc, M.Sc. Agriculture and Bioresources College
BSN, MN Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan
DMD College of Dentristry
Master of Veterinary Science MVetSc, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine DVM Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Between 1907 and 2007 there have been over 132,200 alumni of the University of Saskatchewan. The alumni feature those who have successfully graduated from a degree, certificate and/or diploma program at the University of Saskatchewan.[2]


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Honorary degree recipients[edit]


Law, government, and public policy[edit]


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