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This is a list of notable people affiliated with the University of Texas at Arlington. Since its inception, the university has produced over 200,000 alumni with approximately 130,000 living in the North Texas region.

Notable UTA alumni[edit]

Arts and culture[edit]

Acting and drama[edit]







Government and military[edit]



Notable faculty and staff[edit]

  • Ishfaq Ahmad - Professor of computer science and engineering, IEEE Fellow, and notable researcher in high-performance computing and video coding
  • Dale A. Anderson - Professor of aerospace engineering; former Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Dereje Agonafer - Mechanical Engineering Professor; first home grown member of National Academy of Engineering
  • Michael P. Buckley - Director of the Property Repositioning Program[41]
  • Mo-Shing Chen - Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering; Founder and Director of the Energy Systems Research Center, 1968-2003.
  • Ramez Elmasri - Associate Chair, Computer Science and Engineering Department; holds patent for the Time Index Access Structure for Temporal Databases Having Concurrent Multiple Versions, US Patent 5,440,730 with G. Wuu Bellcore, 1995
  • George Fix - American mathematician who collaborated on several seminal papers and books in the field of finite element method
  • José Ángel Gutiérrez - political science professor, lawyer, and founding member and past president of the La Raza Unida Party.
  • Susan Hekman - political science professor and director of the graduate humanities program
  • Catheleen Jordan - Professor of social work
  • Charles T. McDowell - Professor Emeritus and former director of the Center for Post-Soviet and Eastern European Studies
  • Nils O Myklestad - Professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering; an authority on mechanical vibration
  • David R Nygren - Presidential Distinguished Professor. Experimental particle physicist and member of the National Academy of Sciences. Inventor of the Time Projection Chamber and recipient of the 2018 Marie Curie award of the IEEE.
  • Stanley Palmer - Professor of history; scholar of British history; member of the UT Arlington Academy of Distinguished Teachers (1996)
  • Vasant K. Prabhu - electrical engineering professor; IEEE Life Fellow; inventor of communication system designs
  • K. R. Rao - electrical engineering professor; IEEE Fellow; inventor of discrete cosine transform
  • Allan Saxe - political science professor, author, philanthropist, and award winner for various achievements


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