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The list of University of Toledo people includes notable alumni and faculty of the University of Toledo. The University of Toledo is a public university in Toledo, Ohio.



Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
David Applebaum 1978 Physician and rabbi
Carolyn Cannon-Alfred Pharmacologist [1]
Bob Dempsey NASA Flight Director
Fred Espenak Astrophysicist known for work relating to eclipse predictions
William H. Gerstenmaier 1981 Masters in Mechanical Engineering; Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations for NASA since 2005

Technology and innovation[edit]

Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Fredric J. Baur Inventor of the Pringles can[2]
Richard Schreder 1938 Aircraft developer

Law and politics[edit]

Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Mike Bell 1978 Former Mayor of Toledo
Daniel Bogden 1981 (J.D.) United States Attorney for the District of Nevada
Shamila N. Chaudhary 1999 United States Government adviser and expert on Pakistan[3]
Teresa Fedor 1983 Member of Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate
Jack Ford Former mayor of Toledo
Stewart Greenleaf 1966 (J.D.) Member of the Pennsylvania State Senate since 1979
Patricia Kabbah Former First Lady of Sierra Leone
Alan George Lance 1973 (J.D.) Federal judge, Idaho Attorney General (1995–2003), and the National Commander of The American Legion (1999–2000) [4]
Judith Ann Lanzinger Member of the Ohio Supreme Court
Bob Latta 1981 (J.D.) Member of the United States House of Representatives since 2007
John W. Snow Former United States Secretary of the Treasury (2003–2006)
Ketil Solvik-Olsen Norwegian Minister of Transport and Communications
Matt Szollosi Member of Ohio House of Representatives
Gene Zmuda 1984 (J.D.) Municipal Court Judge and politician[5]


Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Eric M. Miller 2005 Founder and CEO of Eric Miller Animation Studios
John Neff One of Barron's magazine's "10 most influential investors of the 20th century"

Journalism and news[edit]

Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Cliff Kincaid c. 1976 Investigative journalist with Accuracy in Media and American Survival, Inc. [6]
Christi Paul CNN Headline News anchor [7]
Michael Sallah Washington Post investigative reporter; winner of 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting
G. Gordon Strong Newspaper publisher


Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Gary Clayton Anderson American historian, specialist in American Indian studies, professor at the University of Oklahoma[8]
Mark Berger Professor at University of Kentucky
William Marshall Grange Hixson Lied Professor of Theatre and Film at University of Nebraska[9]
James T. Harris III 1980 graduate and President of Widener University[10]
Gerald Jakubowski Provost of California Maritime Academy; former President of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Jim Rex South Carolina Superintendent of Education
Louis Shores Librarian

Literature, art, and architecture[edit]

Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Richard DeVore 1955 Artist
Mari Evans Author and dramatist
Charlos Gary Cartoonist and comic strip artist
Mildred D. Taylor 1965 Award-winning author
William Yosses White House Executive Pastry Chef


Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Margaret Carson Long-time publicist for Leonard Bernstein and Benny Goodman[11]
Jon Hendricks Jazz lyricist and singer

Film and television[edit]

Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Bill Cunningham 1975 (J.D.) Radio host, talk show host, The Bill Cunningham Show
Philip Baker Hall Actor, Boogie Nights and You Kill Me
Jeff Johnson 1996 Social commentator for BET
Shirley Mitchell Radio, film, and television actress
Danny Thomas Nightclub comedian; television and film actor and producer; founder of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Chris Zylka Actor, The Secret Circle and The Amazing Spider-Man[12]



Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Tom Amstutz 1976 College football player and former UT men's football coach[13]
John Brisker Forward/guard for Pittsburgh Pipers, Pittsburgh Condors and Seattle SuperSonics (1969-1975)
Chuck Ealey 1971 University of Toledo's starting quarterback for 35 straight wins from 1969–1971
Jerry Evans Retired tight end for the Denver Broncos[14]
T. J. Fatinikun Defensive end
Carl Ford Retired NFL wide receiver for Green Bay Packers[15]
Todd France 2001 Former NFL kicker[16]
Bruce Gradkowski 2005 Quarterback for Pittsburgh Steelers [17]
John Greco 2007 Offensive guard for Cleveland Browns[18]
Kelly Herndon Former starting cornerback for Seattle Seahawks (2007)[19]
Curtis Johnson 1969 Defensive back for the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins "no-name defense"[20]
Nick Kaczur 2004 Starting tackle for New England Patriots (2008)[21]
Brett Kern 2008 Punter for Tennessee Titans[22]
Jason Lamar NFL and CFL player
Mel Long 1971 NCAA Hall of Fame
Greg Mancz Center
Andy McCollum 1992 NFL center for the Detroit Lions, formerly with the New Orleans Saints and St. Louis Rams
Lance Moore 2004 Wide receiver for New Orleans Saints, winners of Super Bowl XLIV
Jalen Parmele 2007 Running back for Baltimore Ravens
Dave Ridgway Placekicker in the Canadian Football League
Chuck Sample Fullback for the Green Bay Packers
Chester Taylor 2001 Former running back for the Chicago Bears[23]
Emlen Tunnell Pro Football Hall of Fame
Brent Williams Retired NFL defensive end
Dan Williams 1992 Retired defensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos


Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Phil Martin Former NBA guard
Steve Mix Former NBA All-Star, only men's player to have jersey retired (2/17/07), played 13 years in NBA
George Patterson NBA player


Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Stan Joplin College basketball player, UT men's basketball coach from 1996 to 2008
Mitch Maier Outfielder for the Kansas City Royals
Denny Stark MLB pitcher

Track and field[edit]

Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Sy Mah Long-distance runner; held a Guinness World Record for the most lifetime marathons[24][25]


Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Vic Braden Tennis instructor; former professional player; author; researcher; licensed psychologist


Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Greg Wojciechowski NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion in 1971

Winter sports[edit]

Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
Brock Kreitzburg Bobsledder


College of Engineering[edit]

Heads of university[edit]

University Presidents Years as President
1 Jerome Raymond (1909-1910)
2 Charles A. Cockayne (1910-1914)
3 A. Monroe Stowe (1914-1925)
4 John W. Dowd (1925-1926)
5 Earnest A. Smith (1927)
6 Henry J. Doermann (1928-1932)
7 Philip C. Nash (1933-1947)
8 Wilbur W. White (1947-1950)
9 Asa S. Knowles (1951-1958)
10 William S. Carlson (1958-1972)
11 Glen R. Driscoll (1972-1985)
12 James Douglas McComas (1985-1988)
13 Frank E. Horton (1989-1998)
14 Vik J. Kapoor (1999-2000)
15 Daniel M. Johnson (2001-2006)
16 Lloyd Jacobs, M.D. (2006-2014)
-- Nagi Naganathan, Ph.D. (Interim, 2014-2015)
17 Sharon L. Gaber Ph.D. (2015–present)

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