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The following is a partial list of University of Toronto faculty, including current, former, emeritus, and deceased faculty, and administrators at University of Toronto.

To avoid redundancy, alumni who hold or have held faculty positions in the University of Toronto are placed on the list of alumni, and do not appear on this list of faculty.

Natural sciences and mathematics[edit]


Medicine and dentistry[edit]

Physics, chemistry and astronomy[edit]

Biology and ecology[edit]

Engineering and computer science[edit]

Earth science[edit]

Social sciences[edit]

Anthropology and geography[edit]

Sociology and psychology[edit]

Economics, management and political science[edit]


Philosophy and classics[edit]

Literature and linguistics[edit]



Religious studies[edit]

  • Donald Coggan (professor of theology, 1937–44) – 101st Archbishop of Canterbury, 1974–80
  • Gregory Baum (professor of theology and sociology, 1959–86) – Roman Catholic theologian, Religion and Alienation, Officer of the Order of Canada
  • Bernard Lonergan (professor of theology, 1965–75) – Jesuit priest, economist, Insight: A Study of Human Understanding
  • Mary Jo Leddy (professor of theology, Regis College) – writer, theologian, social activist, founder of Catholic New Times
  • Willard G. Oxtoby (professor of comparative religion, 1971–99) – founding director of the graduate centre for religious studies; author, World Religions: Western Traditions, World Religions: Eastern Traditions
  • Julia Ching (professor of religion and philosophy, 1978–2001) – expert on the neo-Confucian philosophy of China
  • Arti Dhand (professor of religion) – specialist in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana Hindu epics, Hindu ethics, gender issues in Hinduism, and religion and sexuality[6]

Fine arts, music, drama and architecture[edit]


Business and public policy[edit]


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