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List of student nations at Uppsala University in Sweden. The tradition of nations at the university is practically as old as the university itself.

The list is always sorted in accordance with a time-honoured order based on the age of the diocese of the area that the nation was named after.

Active nations[edit]

Foundation year
Stockholms nation c. 1649 Prof. Mats Kumlien Stocken
Built by the nation in 1848.
Uplands nation 1642 Prof. Jacob Höglund
Bought by the nation in 1825. Parts from 1770.
Gästrike-Hälsinge nation c. 1646 Prof. Torkel Jansson GH
Built by the nation in 1880.
Östgöta nation 1646 Prof. Ulf Pettersson ÖG
Built by the nation in 1885.
Västgöta nation 1639 Prof. Lars-Gunnar Larsson VG
Bought by the nation in 1825. Medieval basement.
Södermanlands-Nerikes nation 1595 Prof. Lennart Persson Snerikes
Built by the nation in 1897.
Västmanlands-Dala nation 1639 Prof. Johan Sundström V-Dala
Built by the nation in 1965.
Smålands nation 1663 Prof. Mattias Dahlberg
Built by the nation in 1957.
Göteborgs nation 1667 Prof. Per Hansson
Built by the nation in 1960.
Kalmar nation 1663 Prof. Anders Ahlén
Built by the nation in 1988.
Värmlands nation 1660 Prof. Lars Burman
Built by the nation in 1930.
Norrlands nation 1646 Prof. Cecilia Pahlberg
Built by the nation in 1889.
Gotlands nation c. 1663 Prof. Lars Magnusson
Built by the nation in 1957.

Other nations[edit]

  • Finska nationen i Uppsala. Student society for Finnish students founded in 1998, using the same name as the historic Finnish nation.

Former nations[edit]

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