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Australian Football League players come from diverse backgrounds, with 15 per cent of all players either born overseas or have a parent born overseas.[1] A total of 121 players from a multicultural background (at least one parent born overseas) are among the 817 AFL listed players in 2013. Richmond Football Club has the most multicultural players with 30% and Carlton Football Club has the least with almost 5%.[2] Of those 121 multicultural players, more than half have one parent from Anglophone countries, mainly the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand.[3] Notable players born in countries other than Australia include: Alex Jesaulenko (Austria), Alex Ruscuklic (Germany), Mal Michael (Papua New Guinea), Wayne Schwass (New Zealand), Jim Stynes and Tadhg Kennelly (Ireland), Heritier Lumumba (Brazil) and Peter Bell (South Korea).

Albania Albania[edit]

Barbados Barbados[edit]

Brazil Brazil[edit]

Canada Canada[edit]

Chile Chile[edit]

China China[edit]

Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo, Democratic Republic of[edit]

Cook Islands Cook Islands[edit]

Croatia Croatia[edit]

Cyprus Cyprus[edit]

Czech Republic Czech Republic[edit]

Denmark Denmark[edit]

East Timor East Timor[edit]

  • Lin Jong (Taiwanese mother, Timorese-Chinese father)[5]

Egypt Egypt[edit]

Estonia Estonia[edit]

Fiji Fiji[edit]

Germany Germany[edit]

Greece Greece[edit]

see: Greek Team of the Century[36]

Hungary Hungary[edit]

India India[edit]

Republic of Ireland Ireland[edit]

Israel Israel[edit]

Italy Italy[edit]

Kenya Kenya[edit]

Latvia Latvia[edit]

Lebanon Lebanon[edit]

Lithuania Lithuania[edit]

Republic of Macedonia Macedonia[edit]

Malaysia Malaysia[edit]

Malta Malta[edit]

Morocco Morocco[edit]

Burma Myanmar[edit]

Netherlands Netherlands[edit]

New Zealand New Zealand[edit]

Nigeria Nigeria[edit]

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea[edit]

Philippines Philippines[edit]

Poland Poland[edit]

Russia Russia[edit]

Samoa Samoa[edit]

Seychelles Seychelles[edit]

Serbia Serbia[edit]

Slovenia Slovenia[edit]

South Africa South Africa[edit]

South Korea South Korea[edit]

Spain Spain[edit]

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka[edit]

Sudan Sudan[edit]

Sweden Sweden[edit]

Switzerland Switzerland[edit]

Taiwan Taiwan[edit]

  • Lin Jong (Taiwanese mother, Timorese-Chinese father)[5]

Thailand Thailand[edit]

Tonga Tonga[edit]

Turkey Turkey[edit]

Tuvalu Tuvalu[edit]

Ukraine Ukraine[edit]

United Kingdom United Kingdom[edit]

England England[edit]

Scotland Scotland[edit]

Wales Wales[edit]

United States United States of America[edit]

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe[edit]

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