List of Vanity Fair (British magazine) caricatures (1885–89)

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The following is from a list of caricatures published 1885–89 by the British magazine Vanity Fair (1868–1914).

Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1885-01-03 His Grace The Duke of Wellington the Iron Duke's Grandson Ape S 457 3rd Duke of Wellington.png
1885-01-10 The Rt Rev AW Thorold DD Rochester Spy M 0322 Anthony Wilson Thorold Bishop of Rochester Vanity Fair 10 January 1885.jpg
1885-01-17 Col JP Mahon MP Mhagthamma Spy S 458 James Patrick Mahon, Vanity Fair, 1885-01-17.jpg
1885-01-24 Sir S Wilson a squatter Spy M 0323 Samuel Wilson Vanity Fair 24 January 1885.jpg
1885-01-31 Mr WS Blunt a prophet Ape M 0324 Wilfrid Scawen Blunt Vanity Fair 31 January 1885.jpg
1885-02-07 Sir George Chetwynd Bt racing Spy M 0325 George Chetwynd, Vanity Fair, 1885-02-07.jpg
1885-02-14 Sir William Rose KCB the Clerk to Parliaments Spy M 0326 William Rose Vanity Fair 14 February 1885.jpg
1885-02-21 Mr CH Wilson MP Hull Ape S 459 Charles Henry Wilson, Vanity Fair, 1885-02-21.jpg
1885-02-28 Sir TE Colebrooke Bt MP Lanarkshire Spy S 460 Thomas Edward Colebrooke, Vanity Fair, 1885-02-28.jpg
1885-03-07 The Hon Sir JF Stephen KCSI The Criminal Code Spy J 14 James Fitzjames Stephen Vanity Fair 7 March 1885.jpg
1885-03-14 Mr John Delacour John Spy M 0327 Spy Delacouur.jpg
1885-03-21 Sig L Arditi Il Bacio Ape M 0328 Luigi Arditi, Vanity Fair, 1885-03-21.jpg
1885-03-28 The Hon Sir JW Chitty The Umpire Spy J 15 Chitty JW Vanity Fair 1885-03-28.jpg
1885-04-04 Mr J Roberts Jr The champion Roberts Spy M 0329 John Roberts, Jr. Vanity Fair 1885-04-04.jpg
1885-04-11 Mr Robert W Edis FSA Architecture militant Ape M 0330 Robert W. Eddis Vanity Fair 1885-04-11.jpg
1885-04-18 Mr Edward Brydges-Willyams MP Cornwall Spy S 461 Edward Brydges Willyams Vanity Fair 1885-04-18.jpg
1885-04-25 The Rt Hon WE Baxter MP Montrose Spy S 462 William Edward Baxter Vanity Fair 1885-04-25.jpg
1885-05-02 Mr Thomas Hay Sweet Escott the Fortnightly Review Ape M 0331 Thomas Hay Sweet Escott Vanity Fair 1885-05-02.jpg
1885-05-09 Sir JE Eardley-Wilmot Bt MP South Warwickshire Spy S 463 John Eardley-Wilmot Vanity Fair 1885-05-09.jpg
1885-05-16 Hassan Fehmy Pasha The Turkish Alliance Spy S 464 Hassan Fehmy Pasha, Vanity Fair, 1885-05-16.jpg
1885-05-23 Mr Justin McCarthy MP Irish history Spy S 465 Justin McCarthy Vanity Fair 1885-05-23.jpg
1885-05-30 Maj The Hon Augustus George Frederick Jocelyn The Father of the Rag Ape M 0332 Augustus GF Jocelyn, Vanity Fair, 1885-05-30.jpg
1885-06-06 The Ven Benjamin Harrison MA the Revised Version of the Bible Spy M 0333 Benjamin Harrison Vanity Fair 6 June 1885.jpg
1885-06-13 Sir ER Sullivan Bt Common-sense in politics Ape M 0334 Edward Robert Sullivan Vanity Fair 1885-06-13.jpg
1885-06-20 The Rev Edmond Warre DD The head Spy M 0335 Warre E Vanity Fair 1885-06-20.jpg
1885-06-27 Sir FG Milner Bt MP York Ape M 0336 Frederick Milner Vanity Fair 1885-06-27.jpg
1885-07-04 The Rt Hon E Gibson PC QC LLD Dublin University Spy S 466 Edward Gibson, Vanity Fair, 1885-07-04.jpg
1885-07-11 The Earl of Limerick a Freemason Ape S 467 3rd Earl of Limerick.png
1885-07-18 The Rt Rev Charles John Ellicott DD Revision Spy S 468; Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol Charles Ellicott Vanity Fair 18 July 1885.jpg
1885-07-25 Lord Calthorpe Fred Spy S 469 The Lord Calthorpe Vanity Fair 1885-07-25.jpg
1885-08-01 Mr SC Allsopp MP Burton Beer Spy S 470 Samuel Charles Allsopp, Vanity Fair, 1885-08-01.jpg
1885-08-08 Maj-Gen Sir Peter Stark LumsdenGCB CSI Afghan frontier Spy M 0337 Peter Stark Lumsden Vanity Fair 8 August 1885.jpg
1885-08-15 Mr Edward Birkbeck MP the fisherman's friend Ape S 471 Edward Birkbeck Vanity Fair 15 August 1885.jpg
1885-08-22 Mr Corney Grain Corney Grain Spy M 0338 Corney-grain.jpg
1885-08-29 Mr Opfer of Blowitz The Times Ape M 0339; smaller picture of him with back to viewer in bottom corner Henri Blowitz Vanity Fair 1885-08-29.jpg
1885-09-05 Mr William James Richmond Cotton the City Spy S 472 William James Richmond Cotton Vanity Fair 5 September 1885.jpg
1885-09-12 Tom Cannon Tom Cannon Spy M 0340 Tom Cannon, Vanity Fair, 1885-09-12.jpg
1885-09-19 M Paul Lessar The Affghan frontier Ape M 0341 Paul Lessar Vanity Fair 19 September 1885.jpg
1885-09-26 Mr A Akers-Douglas MP The Kent Gang Ape S 473 Akers-Douglas.JPG
1885-10-03 Mr WH Houldsworth MP Manchester Ape S 474 William Henry Houldsworth, Vanity Fair, 1885-10-03.jpg
1885-10-10 Mr Richard John Lloyd Price of Rhiwlas pointers Spy M 0342 Richard John Lloyd Price of Rhiwlas, Vanity Fair, 1885-10-10.jpg
1885-10-17 Mr JP Edwards MP The Echo Ape S 475 John Passmore Edwards Vanity Fair 1885-10-17.jpg
1885-10-24 Capt RF Burton The Arabian Nights Ape M 0343 Richard Francis Burton Vanity Fair 1885-10-24.jpg
1885-10-31 Mr CT Ritchie MP Sugar Bounties Ape S 476 Charles Thomson Ritchie.png
1885-11-07 Sir Robert Bateson-Harvey Bt MP Bucks Spy S 477 Robert Bateson Harvey Vanity Fair 1885-11-07.jpg
1885-11-14 Sig P Tosti For ever and for ever Ape M 0344 Francesco Paolo Tosti, Vanity Fair, 1885-11-14.jpg
1885-11-21 Mr Tom Nickalls Tom PAT M 0345 Tom Nickalls Vanity Fair 1885-11-21.jpg
1885-11-28 The Rt Hon The Earl of Harrowby the Sugar of Toryism Ape S 478 The Earl of Harrowby Vanity Fair 1885-11-28.jpg
1885-11-30 The Paddock at Newmarket Newmarket 1885 Lib WS; the Prince of Wales and other racegoers with jockey Fred Archer; double print Newmarket Vanity Fair 30 November 1885.jpg
1885-12-05 Baron de Staal The Russian Ambassador Ape S 479 Baron de Staal Vanity Fair 5 December 1885.jpg
1885-12-12 Mr Samuel Pope QC Jumbo Spy M 0346 Samuel Pope Vanity Fair 12 December 1885.JPG
1885-12-19 Sir GCA Arthur Bt The Mite Spy M 0347 Sir George Arthur, 3rd Baronet Vanity Fair 1885-12-19.jpg
1885-12-26 The Rt Rev George Howard Wilkinson DD Truro Spy S 480 George Howard Wilkinson Vanity Fair 26 December 1885.jpg
1886-01-02 The Rev Canon R Duckworth DD A Court parson Ape M 0348 Robinson Duckworth.png
1886-01-09 Col ER King-Harman MP The King Spy S 481 Edward Robert King-Harman Vanity Fair 9 January 1886.jpg
1886-01-16 Earl Cairns the Woolsack Spy S 482 Earl Cairns Vanity Fair 16 January 1886.jpg
1886-01-23 Mr Frederic Harrison MA An Apostle of Positivism Ape M 0349 Frederic Harrison Vanity Fair 23 January 1886.jpg
1886-01-30 The Very Rev RW Church MA St Paul's Lib M 0350 Richard William Church, Vanity Fair, 1886-01-30.jpg
1886-02-06 Maj-Gen Sir Charles Warren KCMG Bechuanaland Ape M 0351 Charles Warren, Vanity Fair, 1886-02-06.jpg
1886-02-13 The Hon Harry Tyrwhitt-Wilson near the Rose Spy M 0352 Harry Tyrwhitt-Wilson, Vanity Fair, 1886-02-13.jpg
1886-02-20 Sir James Taylor Ingham MA Kt Bow Street Spy M 0353 James Taylor Ingham, Vanity Fair, 1886-02-20.jpg
1886-02-27 Gen Lord Mark Ralph George Kerr GCB CSI Lord Mark Spy M 0354 Mark Ralph George Kerr, Vanity Fair, 1886-02-27.jpg
1886-03-06 Count Nigra Italy Ape S 483 Costantino Nigra, Vanity Fair, 1886-03-06.jpg
1886-03-13 Mr Henry Bodkin Poland for the Crown Spy M 0355 Harry Bodkin Poland Vanity Fair 13 March 1886.JPG
1886-03-20 Lt-Col Lord Charles John Innes-Ker Charley Spy M 0356; son of the Duke of Roxburghe Charles John Innes-Ker, Vanity Fair, 1886-03-20.jpg
1886-03-27 HE The Rt Hon Sir E Thornton GCB CSI safe Ambassador Ape S 484 Edward Thornton Vanity Fair 27 March 1886.jpg
1886-04-03 Mr TM Healy MP Tim Spy S 485 TM Healy Vanity Fair 3 April 1886.jpg
1886-04-10 Sir JH Kennaway Bt MP Devonshire Spy S 486 John Kennaway Vanity Fair 1886-04-10.jpg
1886-04-17 Mr HC Gardner MP amateur theatricals Spy S 487 Herbert Gardner, Vanity Fair, 1886-04-07.jpg
1886-04-24 Mr Lionel Louis Cohen MP the Stock Exchange Lib S 488 Lionel Louis Cohen Vanity Fair 24 April 1886.jpg
1886-05-01 The Rt Hon JB Balfour PC MP the Lord Advocate Spy S 489 John Balfour Vanity Fair 1 May 1886.jpg
1886-05-08 Mr Edmund Tattersall Tattersall's Lib M 0357 Edmund Tattersall, Vanity Fair, 1886-05-08.jpg
1886-05-15 Franz Liszt the Abbé Spy M 0358 Liszt-vanity-fair.jpg
1886-05-22 Charles Wood Charlie Wood Lib M 0359 Charles Wood Vanity Fair 22 May 1886.jpg
1886-05-29 Lt-Col John Palmer Brabazon Bwab Ape M 0360 John Palmer Brabazon, Vanity Fair, 1886-05-29.jpg
1886-06-05 Sir HH Vivian Bt MP Swansea Spy S 490 Henry Hussey Vivian, Vanity Fair, 1886-06-05.jpg
1886-06-12 James Selby Old Times Ape M 0361 James Selby, Vanity Fair, 1886-06-12.jpg
1886-06-19 Mr O Wendell Holmes the Autocrat of the Breakfast Table Spy M 0362 Holmes cartoon by Spy.jpg
1886-06-26 Mr Joseph Arch MP the agricultural labourer Spy S 491 Joseph Arch Vanity Fair 26 June 1886.jpg
1886-07-03 Mr WGR Craven Billy Lib M 0363 William GR Craven, Vanity Fair, 1886-07-03.jpg
1886-07-10 The Rt Hon The Earl of Lonsdale Horses Spy S 492 Hugh Cecil Lowther, Vanity Fair, 1886-07-10.jpg
1886-07-17 Lt-Col W Hood Walrond MP Whip Lib S 493 William Hood Walrond, Vanity Fair, 1886-07-17.jpg
1886-07-24 The Rt Hon Lord Hastings Melton Lib S 494 George Astley Vanity Fair 24 July 1886.jpg
1886-07-31 The Earl of Zetland a gentleman Spy S 495 1st Marquess of Zetland.png
1886-08-07 Maj-Gen The Duke of Grafton KG CB Charles II Spy S 496 7th Duke of Grafton.png
1886-08-14 Mr George Granville Leveson-Gower MP My dear George Spy M 0364 George Granville Leveson-Gower, Vanity Fair, 1886-08-14.jpg
1886-08-21 Lord AW Hill PC MP Orangeman Spy S 497 Arthur William Hill, Vanity Fair, 1886-08-21.jpg
1886-08-28 Mr Andrew Fountayne-Wilson-Montagu The Squire Spy M 0365 Andrew Fountayne-Wilson-Montagu, Vanity Fair, 1886-08-28.jpg
1886-09-04 Mr Robert Peck Robert Lib M 0366 Robert Peck Vanity Fair 4 September 1886.jpg
1886-09-11 Mr CB Stuart-Wortley MP Sheffield Spy S 498 Charles Stuart-Wortley, Vanity Fair, 1886-09-11.jpg
1886-09-18 The Lord Ellenborough Law Spy S 499 Charles Edmund Towry-Law, Vanity Fair, 1886-09-18.jpg
1886-09-25 Sir John Simon Kt MP The Serjeant Spy S 500 Sir John Simon Vanity Fair 25 September 1886.jpg
1886-10-02 Lord E Cavendish MP a good fellow Spy S 501 Edward Cavendish, Vanity Fair, 1886-10-02.jpg
1886-10-09 Sir AK Rollit Kt LLD MP municipal corporations Spy S 502 Albert Kaye Rollit, Vanity Fair, 1886-10-09.jpg
1886-10-16 Mr WH Long MP Wiltshire Spy S 503 Walter Hume Long, Vanity Fair, 1886-10-16.jpg
1886-10-23 Sir Walter Barttelot Bt MP CB one of those Spy S 504 Walter Barttelot, Vanity Fair, 1886-10-23.jpg
1886-10-30 Mr John Perkins MA LLD Downing Hay M 0366 John Perkins, Vanity Fair, 1886-10-30.jpg
1886-11-06 Mr Samuel Montagu MP Whitechapel Lib S 505 1st Baron Swaythling.png
1886-11-13 The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor Of London The Lord Mayor Ape M 0367 Reginald Hanson, Vanity Fair, 1886-11-13.jpg
1886-11-20 Mr Edmund Sturge A Quaker Spy M 0368 Edmund Sturge, Vanity Fair, 1886-11-20.jpg
1886-11-27 Lord Egerton of Tatton Tatton Ape S 506 Wilbraham Egerton, Vanity Fair, 1886-11-27.jpg
1886-11-30 The Lobby of The House of Commons The Lobby of The House of Commons Lib WS; Chamberlain, Parnell, Gladstone, Spencer-Churchill, Hartington and other members; double print The Lobby of the House of Commons, 1886 by Liborio Prosperi ('Lib').jpg
1886-12-04 Mr Matthew Dawson Matt Lib M 0369 Matthew Dawson, Vanity Fair, 1886-12-04.jpg
1886-12-11 The Hon S Herbert MP Croydon Ape S 507 Sidney Herbert Vanity Fair 11 December 1886.jpg
1886-12-18 Col Francis Charles Hughes-Hallett MP Rochester Ape S 508 Francis Charles Hughes-Hallett, Vanity Fair, 1886-12-18.jpg
1886-12-25 Mr J O'Connor Power the brains of Obstruction Spy M 0371 John O'Connor Power Vanity Fair 25 December 1886.jpg
1887-01-01 Lord Truro Universal Knowledge Ape S 509 Charles Wilde, Vanity Fair, 1887-01-01.jpg
1887-01-08 M L Pasteur Hydrophobia T M 0372 Louis Pasteur Vanity Fair 8 January 1887.jpg
1887-01-15 Gen Sir DM Stewart Bt GCB GCSI CIE LLD Ahmed Khel Ape M 0373 Donald Martin Stewart, Vanity Fair, 1887-01-15.jpg
1887-01-22 The Earl of Ellesmere Bridgewater House Ape S 510 Earl of Ellesmere Vanity Fair 22 January 1887.jpg
1887-01-29 The Rt Hon Sir HT Holland MP the Colonies Ape S 511 Henry Holland Vanity Fair 29 January 1887.jpg
1887-02-05 Lt-Gen Sir SJ Browne KCB KCSI VC Sir Sam Ape M 0374 Sam Browne Vanity Fair 1887-02-05.jpg
1887-02-12 Sir Charles Parker Butt divorce Ape J 16 Charles Parker Butt, Vanity Fair, 1887-02-12.jpg
1887-02-19 The Viscount Ebrington MP The Devon and Somerset Ape S 512; Master of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds Viscount Ebrington Vanity Fair 19 February 1887.png
1887-02-26 Col EJ Saunderson MP Irish loyalty Ape S 513 Edward James Saunderson, Vanity Fair, 1887-02-26.jpg
1887-03-05 Lord Coleridge The Lord Chief Justice Ape J 17 John Coleridge Vanity Fair 5 March 1887.jpg
1887-03-12 Gen G Boulanger La Revanche T S 514 Georges Ernest Boulanger, Vanity Fair, 1887-03-12.jpg
1887-03-19 Col Francis Duncan RA MP CB LLD DCL MA Finsbury Ape S 515 Francis Duncan, Vanity Fair, 1887-03-19.jpg
1887-03-26 Capt JCR Colomb MP The Rule of the Road at Sea Ape S 516 John Charles Ready Colomb, Vanity Fair, 1887-03-26.jpg
1887-04-02 Lt-Gen Sir EB Hamley KCB KCMG MP English Strategy Ape S 517 Edward Bruce Hamley Vanity Fair 1887-04-02.jpg
1887-04-09 The Rev JL Lyne Father Ignatius Ape M 0375 Joseph Leycester Lyne.png
1887-04-16 Lord Burghley MP North Northamptonshire Ape S 518 Brownlow Henry George Cecil, Vanity Fair, 1887-04-16.jpg
1887-04-23 Sir Julian Goldsmid Bt MP St Pancras Ape S 519 Julian Goldsmid, Vanity Fair, 1887-04-23.jpg
1887-04-30 Mr Justice WV Field Stay, please Spy J 18 William Field Vanity Fair 30 April 1887.jpg
1887-05-07 Mr John Dillon MP the Plan of Campaign Ape S 520 John Dillon, Vanity Fair, 1887-05-07.jpg
1887-05-14 Sir JP Corry Bt MP a temperate Ulster man Ape S 521 James Corry Vanity Fair 14 May 1887.jpg
1887-05-21 Mr H Rider Haggard She Spy M 0376 Henry Rider Haggard Vanity Fair 1887-05-21.jpg
1887-05-28 Mr George Pitt-Lewis QC MP Barnstaple Spy S 522 George Pitt-Lewis, Vanity Fair, 1887-05-28.jpg
1887-06-04 Sir HM Meysey-Thompson Bt Coaching Ape M 0377 Henry Meysey-Thompson, Vanity Fair, 1887-06-04.jpg
1887-06-11 Col John Hargreaves MFH Mr Hargreaves Spy M 0378 John Hargreaves Vanity Fair 1887-06-11.jpg
1887-06-18 Gen Sir Frederick Charles Arthur Stephenson GCB dear old Ben Spy M 0379 General Stephenson Vanity Fair 18 June 1887.JPG
1887-06-25 J Watts Johnny Watts Lib M 0380 John Watts Vanity Fair 25 June 1887.jpg
1887-07-02 The Rt Hon AW Peel PC MP The Speaker Spy S 523 Arthur Peel Vanity Fair 2 July 1887.JPG
1887-07-09 Sir Henry Barkly KCB GCMG The Cape of Good Hope Spy M 0381 Henry Barkly Vanity Fair 9 July 1887.jpg
1887-07-16 The Rev James Leigh Joynes MA Jimmy Spy M 0382; lower Master at Eton James Leigh Joynes, Vanity Fair, 1887-07-16.jpg
1887-07-23 Mr Henry Ernest Schlesinger Benzon The Jubilee Plunger Spy M 0383 Henry Ernest Schlesinger Benzon Vanity Fair 23 July 1887.jpg
1887-07-30 The Rt Hon EW Benson The Primate Spy S 524 Edward Benson Vanity Fair 1887-07-30.jpeg
1887-08-06 Mr CI Elton QC MP Court Roll Spy S 525 Charles Isaac Elton, Vanity Fair, 1887-08-06.jpg
1887-08-13 Mr HJB Manners Lord Salisbury's Manners Ape M 0384 Henry John Brinsley Manners, Vanity Fair, 1887-08-13.jpg
1887-08-20 Mr Frank Lockwood QC MP York Spy S 526 Frank Lockwood, Vanity Fair, 1887-08-20.jpg
1887-08-27 The Mahraj Sir Pertab Sing KCSI Jodhpore Spy M 0385 Pratap Singh Vanity Fair 27 August 1887.jpg
1887-09-03 George Barrett George Barrett Lib M 0386 George Barrett Vanity Fair 3 September 1887.jpg
1887-09-10 The Rt Hon Henry Matthews QC MP The Home Secretary Spy S 527 Henry Matthews, Vanity Fair, 1887-09-10.jpg
1887-09-17 Mr JH Heaton MP International Penny Postage Spy S 528 John Henniker Heaton, Vanity Fair, 1887-09-17.jpg
1887-09-24 The Rt Hon A Balfour PC LLD MP the Irish Secretary Spy S 529 Arthur James Balfour, Vanity Fair, 1887-09-24.jpg
1887-10-01 Sir JW Pease Bt MP Peace Spy S 530 Joseph Pease Vanity Fair 1 October 1887.jpg
1887-10-08 The Hon Sir WR Grove galvanic electricity Spy J 19 William Robert Grove, Vanity Fair, 1887-10-08.jpg
1887-10-15 Sir Morrell Mackenzie Kt Disease of the Throat Ape M 0387 Morell Mackenzie Vanity Fair 15 October 1887.jpg
1887-10-22 Mr T Sutherland MP P and O Ape S 531 Thomas Sutherland, Vanity Fair, 1887-10-22.jpg
1887-10-29 The Hon Sir Ford North gentle manners Spy M 0388 Sir Ford North Vanity Fair 29 October 1887.jpg
1887-11-05 The Rt Hon WE Gladstone MP The Grand Old Man Spy S 532 William Ewart Gladstone Vanity Fair 5 November 1887.jpg
1887-11-12 The Rt Hon WH Smith MP First Lord of the Treasury Spy S 533 William Henry Smith Vanity Fair 12 November 1887.jpg
1887-11-19 Maj Lord HAG Somerset Podge Spy M 0388 Major Lord Henry Arthur George Somerset (1851-1926), - Vanity fair nov 19 1887.jpg
1887-11-26 Alderman Rt Hon Polydore de Keyser the Lord Mayor Spy M 0389 Polydore de Keyser, Vanity Fair, 1887-11-26.jpg
1887-12-03 Capt James Octavius Machell Jem Spy M 0390 James Octavius Machell, Vanity Fair, 1887-12-03.jpg
1887-12-06 Newmarket Tattersall's, 1887 Lib WS; double print Newmarket, Vanity Fair, 1887-12-06.jpg
1887-12-10 J Osborne Johnny Lib M 0391 John Osborne Vanity Fair 10 December 1887.jpg
1887-12-17 The Rt Hon Edward Heneage PC MP Grimsby Spy S 534 Edward Heneage Vanity Fair 17 December 1887.JPG
1887-12-24 The Earl of Durham Coals Spy S 535 Earl of Durham Vanity Fair 24 December 1887.jpg
1887-12-31 The Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire Dover Lib S 535 Henry Charles Howard, Vanity Fair, 1887-12-31.jpg
1888-01-07 The Hon Sir Edward Ebenezer Kay costs disallowed Spy J 20 Edward Ebenezer Kay 1888-01-07.jpg
1888-01-14 Lord Alexander Victor Paget Dandy Spy M 0392 Alexander Victor Paget, Vanity Fair, 1888-01-14.jpg
1888-01-21 Mr G Grossmith The Pinafore Spy M 0393 Grossmithvf.jpg
1888-01-28 The Rev Ernest John Heriz Smith MA Pembroke Hay M 0394 Ernest John Heriz Smith, Vanity Fair, 1888-01-28.jpg
1888-02-04 The Hon Sir Arthur Charles the new Judge Spy M 0395 Arthur Charles, Vanity Fair, 1888-02-04.jpg
1888-02-11 HE The Greek Minister M John Gennadius (el) Greece Spy M 0396 Johannes Gennadius, Vanity Fair, 1888-02-11.jpg
1888-02-18 Mr Charles Hall QC MP Charley Spy S 536 Charles Hall Vanity Fair 18 February 1888.jpg
1888-02-25 Mr TP O'Connor MA MP Tay Pay Spy S 537 Thomas Power O'Connor, Vanity Fair, 1888-02-25.jpg
1888-03-03 Mr Reginald Walkeline Chandos-Pole Shandy Spy M 0397 Reginald Walkeline Chandos-Pole, Vanity Fair, 1888-03-03.jpg
1888-03-10 Daniel Godfrey Dan Godfrey Spy M 0398 Daniel Godfrey Vanity Fair 10 March 1888.JPG
1888-03-17 The Rt Rev Harvey Goodwin DD Carlisle Spy M 0399 Harvey Goodwin Vanity Fair 17 March 1888.jpg
1888-03-24 Mr Thomas Wallace Russell MP loyal and patriotic Spy S 538 Thomas Wallace Russell Vanity Fair 24 March 1888.jpg
1888-03-31 Mr Edward Hare Pickersgill MP Bethnal Green Spy S 539 Edward Hare Pickersgill, Vanity Fair, 1888-03-31.jpg
1888-04-07 The Marquis of Ailesbury the Marquis Lib S 540 Marquess of Ailesbury Vanity Fair 7 April 1888.jpg
1888-04-14 The Earl Cathcart He has devoted his life to husbandry and has nine children Spy S 541 Alan Frederick Cathcart, Vanity Fair, 1888-04-14.jpg
1888-04-21 The Rt Hon Sir James Hannen Kt the great unmarrier Spy J 21 James Hannen, Vanity Fair, 1888-04-21.jpg
1888-04-28 Mr John Francis Holcombe Read Father Time Lib M 0400 John Francis Holcombe Read, Vanity Fair, 1888-04-28.jpg
1888-05-05 The Viscount Combermere Horses Spy S 542 Wellington Henry Stapleton-Cotton, Vanity Fair, 1888-05-05.JPG
1888-05-12 Sir Edward Bates Bt MP Plymouth Spy S 543 Edward Bates, Vanity Fair, 1888-05-12.jpg
1888-05-19 The Rt Hon Lord Justice Henry Cotton guileless Spy J 22 Henry Cotton, Vanity Fair, 1888-05-19.jpg
1888-05-26 Mr James Brand telephones Lib M 0401 James Brand, Vanity Fair, 1888-05-26.jpg
1888-06-02 Mr JH Blackburne Chess Ape M 0402 Joseph Henry Blackburne Vanity Fair 2 June 1888.JPG
1888-06-09 The Lord Rothschild Natty Lib S 544 Nathan Mayer Rothschild, Vanity Fair, 1888-06-09.jpg
1888-06-16 M Charles Floquet Vive la Pologne Ape M 0403 Charles Floquet Vanity Fair 16 June 1888.jpg
1888-06-23 Rt Hon JHA Macdonald CB QC MP JP DL The Lord Advocate Spy S 544 John Macdonald Vanity Fair 1888-06-23.jpg
1888-06-30 Mr Walter Gilbey cart horses Spy M 0404 Walter Gilbey, Vanity Fair, 1888-06-30.jpg
1888-07-07 Mr Francis Charles Philips As in a Looking Glass Ape M 0405 Francis Charles Philips Vanity Fair 7 July 1888.jpg
1888-07-14 The Earl of Pembroke And Montgomery The Earl and the Doctor Ape S 546 George Herbert Vanity Fair 14 July 1888.jpg
1888-07-21 The Rt Hon The Marquis of Hartington MP The Right Hon the Marquis of Hartington MP Spy S 547 Marquess of Hartington Vanity Fair 21 July 1888.JPG
1888-07-28 Mr WW Read WW Lib M 0406 Libero Prosperi00.jpg
1888-08-04 Mr Charles Kearns Deane Tanner BA MD FRCSI MP the blister Spy S 548 Charles Kearns Deane Tanner, Vanity Fair, 1888-08-04.jpg
1888-08-11 Col Cuthbert Larking Cuthbert Ape M 0407 Cuthbert Larking Vanity Fair 1888-08-11.jpg
1888-08-18 Gen Viscount Templetown GCB MP Upty Ape M 0408 George Upton Vanity Fair 18 August 1888.JPG
1888-08-25 Mr RB Cunninghame-Graham MP Trafalgar Square Spy S 549 Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham Vanity Fair 25 August 1888.jpg
1888-09-01 Mr William Bromley-Davenport MP Macclesfield Spy S 550 William Bromley-Davenport, Vanity Fair, 1888-09-01.jpg
1888-09-08 Mr James Payn The Heir of the Ages Ape M 0409 James Payn Vanity Fair 8 September 1888.jpg
1888-09-15 Lord Revelstoke Barings Lib S 551 Lord Revelstoke Vanity Fair 15 September 1888.jpg
1888-09-22 The Rev HR Haweis MA The Parson, The Play and the Ballet Ape M 0410 Hugh Reginald Haweis.png
1888-09-29 The Very Rev GG Bradley The Dean of Westminster Spy M 0411 George Granville Bradley, Vanity Fair, 1888-09-29.jpg
1888-10-06 Mr George Alexander Baird Mr Abington Lib M 0412 George Alexander Baird Vanity Fair 6 October 1888.jpg
1888-10-13 Prince Albert Victor KG KP LLD Eddie Hay P 09 Prince Albert Victor, Vanity Fair, 1888-10-13.jpg
1888-10-20 The Rt Hon Earl of Bessborough Fred Spy S 552 6th Earl of Bessborough.png
1888-10-27 The Hon Sir JCFS Day 2nd Commissioner Spy J 23 John Charles FS Day, Vanity Fair, 1888-10-27.jpg
1888-11-03 The Hon Sir Al Smith 3rd Commissioner Spy J 24 Archibald Levin Smith Vanity Fair 3 November 1888.jpg
1888-11-10 Lord Rodney a pupil Lib M 0413 George Rodney, Vanity Fair, 1888-11-10.jpg
1888-11-17 Sir SB Crossley MP Lowestoft Spy S 553 Savile Brinton Crossley, Vanity Fair, 1888-11-17.jpg
1888-11-24 Mr Oscar Browning OB Hay M 0414 Oscar browning.jpg
1888-12-01 Mr Jesse Collings MP 3 acres and a cow Spy S 554 Collings in Vanity Fair.jpg
1888-12-08 Group of jockeys and their horses The Winning Post Lib WS; John Osborne, Tom Cannon, John Watts, Fred Webb, Fred Barrett, George Barrett, William Robinson and Fred Rickaby; double print The Winning Post, Vanity Fair, 1888-12-08.jpg
1888-12-15 Mr RB Finlay QC MD MP hard head Ape S 555 Robert Bannatyne Finlay, Vanity Fair, 1888-12-15.jpg
1888-12-22 Sir William Bartlett Dalby MB MA FRCS the ear Ape M 0415 William Bartlett Dalby Vanity Fair 22 December 1888.jpg
1888-12-29 The Hon George Thomas Kenyon JP MP Denbigh Boroughs Spy S 556 George Thomas Kenyon, Vanity Fair, 1888-12-29.jpg
1889-01-05 The Rt Hon Lord RH Spencer-Churchill PC LLD MP In a new character Lib S 557 Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill, Vanity Fair, 1889-01-05.jpg
1889-01-12 The Viscount Dangan Viscount Dangan Spy S 558 Viscount Dangan Vanity Fair 12 January 1889.jpg
1889-01-19 The Rev Edmund Henry Morgan MA Red Morgan Hay M 0416 Edmund Henry Morgan 19 January 1889.JPG
1889-01-26 The Rev Henry Arthur Morgan DD Black Morgan Hay M 0417 Henry Arthur Morgan Vanity Fair 26 January 1889.jpg
1889-02-02 The Rt Hon Lord Grimthorpe QC LLD Bells Spy S 559 Lord Grimthorpe Vanity Fair 2 February 1889.jpg
1889-02-09 Mr WC Quilter JP MP in Society and a Member of Parliament Lib S 560 William Cuthbert Quilter Vanity Fair 1889-02-09.jpg
1889-02-16 Sir William Tindal Robertson Kt MD FRCP MRCS JP MP Brighton Spy S 561 William Tindal Robertson Vanity Fair 16 February 1889.jpg
1889-02-23 The Marquis of Carmarthen MP Dolly Hay S 562 George Osborne 10th Duke of Leeds.jpg
1889-03-02 Sir George Russell DL MP Wokingham Spy S 563 George Russell Vanity Fair 2 March 1889.jpg
1889-03-09 Richard Pigott Richard Pigott Spy M 0418 Richard Pigott Vanity Fair 9 March 1889.jpg
1889-03-16 The Rt Hon James Whitehead JP DL Bonnie Westmoreland Hay M 0419; Lord Mayor of London Sir James Whitehead.JPG
1889-03-23 Mr JT Mackenzie of Kintail the Universal Benefactor Lib M 0420 Mackenzie of Kintail Vanity Fair 23 March 1889.jpg
1889-03-30 The Marquis of Drogheda KP PC JP DL Punchestown Hay S 564 Henry Moore, 3rd Marquess of Drogheda Vanity Fair 30 March 1889.jpg
1889-04-06 Mr J Bright John Bright Ape S 565; reprint of 1869-02-13 John Bright, Vanity Fair, 1889-04-06.jpg
1889-04-13 Col George E. Gouraud Little Menlo Ape M 0421 George E Gouraud Vanity Fair 13 April 1889.jpg
1889-04-20 The Hon George Higginson Allsopp MP Beer Lib S 566 George Higginson Allsopp, Vanity Fair, 1871-07-22.jpg
1889-04-27 Sig C Pellegrini Ape AHM M 0422 Carlo pellegrini.jpg
1889-05-04 Mr John Patrick Murphy QC for the Times Spy M 0423 John Patrick Murphy Vanity Fair 4 May 1889.JPG
1889-05-11 M AG Eiffel Gustave Eiffel GUTH M 0424 Gustave Eiffel, Vanity Fair, 1889-05-11.jpg
1889-05-18 The Rev Henry Montagu Butler DD the Master of Trinity Hay M 0425 Henry Montagu Butler by Hay.jpg
1889-05-25 Sen PMM Sarasate Sarasate Ape M 0426 Pablo de Sarasate Vanity Fair 1889-05-25.jpg
1889-06-01 Fred Barrett Fred Barrett Lib M 0427 Fred Barrett Vanity Fair 1889-06-01.jpg
1889-06-08 Harry Marks Financial News AHM M 0428 Harry Marks Vanity Fair 8 June 1889.jpg
1889-06-15 Baron FJ de Rothschild MP Ferdy Hay S 567 Ferdinand James von Rothschild, Vanity Fair, 1889-06-15.jpg
1889-06-22 the Rt Hon Lord Sandhurst A Soldier's Son Spy S 568 Lord Sandhurst Vanity Fair 1889-06-22.jpg
1889-06-29 Mr H Philipson Oxford Cricket Spy M 0429 Hylton Philipson Vanity Fair 29 June 1889.jpg
1889-07-06 HSH Prince Demtrey Soltykoff Prince Soltykoff Spy M 0430 Prince Demtrey Soltykoff Vanity Fair 6 July 1889.jpg
1889-07-13 Mr TG Bowles Tommy Spy M 0431 Thomas Gibson Bowles, Vanity Fair, 1889-07-13.jpg
1889-07-20 Mr Guy Nickalls Wingfield Sculls Spy M 0432 Nickalls G Vanity Fair 1889-07-20.jpg
1889-07-27 The Earl of Fife A Princess's Husband Spy M 0433 Earl of Fife Vanity Fair 27 July 1889.jpg
1889-08-03 Adm Sir JE Commerell GCB VC Admiral Sir John Edmund Commerell, VC Spy M 0434 John Edmund Commerell Vanity Fair 3 August 1889.jpg
1889-08-10 Fred Webb Fred Webb Lib M 0435 Fred Webb Vanity Fair 10 August 1889.jpg
1889-08-17 The Rt Hon Lord Hothfield Lord Hothfield Spy M 0436 Lord Hothfield Vanity Fair 17 August 1889.jpg
1889-08-24 Maj EH Egerton Official Handicapper to the Jockey Club Lib M 0437 E.H. Egerton, Vanity Fair, 1889-08-24.jpg
1889-08-31 Mr James Coates Mr James Coates Spy M 0438 James Coates, Vanity Fair, 1889-08-31.jpg
1889-09-07 Henry Searle Professional Champion Sculler of the World Spy M 0439 Henry Ernest Searle, Vanity Fair, 1889-09-07.jpg
1889-09-14 Mr John Corlett The Pink 'Un Lib M 0440 John Corlett by Lib in Vanity Fair, 1889.jpg
1889-09-21 M MF Sadi Carnot President of the French Republic PAL S 569 Marie François Sadi Carnot Vanity Fair 21 September 1889.JPG
1889-09-28 Mr AHG Harris Drury Lane Spy M 0441 Augustus Harris Vanity Fair 28 September 1889.jpg
1889-10-05 Mr Harry Leslie Blundell McCalmont Mr HLB McCalmont Spy M 0442 Harry LB McCalmont, Vanity Fair, 1889-10-05.jpg
1889-10-12 Mr J Porter Mr John Porter Lib M 0443 John Porter, Vanity Fair, 1889-10-12.jpg
1889-10-19 Maj-Gen Sir FW Grenfell KCB Major Gen Sir Francis Grenfell KCB Spy M 0444 Sir Francis Grenfell Vanity Fair 19 October 1889.jpg
1889-10-26 The Hon CM Depew LLD President of the New York Central Road Spy M 0445 Chauncey Depew Vanity Fair 1889-10-26.jpg
1889-11-02 Capt John Thomas North The Nitrate King Spy M 0446 John Thomas North Vanity Fair 2 November 1889.JPG
1889-11-09 Sir Henry Aaron Isaacs A New Lord Mayor Spy M 0447 Henry Aaron Isaacs Vanity Fair 9 November 1889.jpg
1889-11-16 Mr PT Barnum Barnum Spy M 0448 P. T. Barnum Vanity Fair 16 November 1889.JPG
1889-11-23 Mr LM Ward Spy PAL M 0449 Leslie Ward Vanity Fair 23 November 1889.jpg
1889-11-30 Mr Henry Manisty Mr Justice Manisty QUIZ M 0450 Henry Manisty Vanity Fair 1889-11-30.jpg
1889-12-07 M de Blowitz 'The Times' in Paris GUTH M 0451 Blowitz Vanity Fair.jpg
1889-12-14 Mr Alexander Meyrick Broadley He defended Arabi Spy M 0452 Alexander Meyrick Broadley Vanity Fair 1889-12-14.jpg
1889-12-21 Lord Justice Barry MP Lord Justice Barry Lib M 0453 Charles Robert Barry, Vanity Fair, 1889-12-21.jpg
1889-12-28 Mr Arthur Cecil Mr Arthur Cecil Spy M 0454 ArthurCecilSpy.jpg

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