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This is a partial list of notable faculty and alumni of Vassar College.

Notable alumni[edit]

Selected Vassar alumni
Chemist, first woman to graduate from MIT, Ellen Henrietta Swallow, picture from Class of 1870
United States Navy Rear Admiral Grace M. Hopper, class of 1928, inventor of the first compiler for a computer programming language
Acclaimed poet, Elizabeth Bishop, class of 1934
Academy Award-winning actress, Meryl Streep, class of 1971
Actress, Lisa Kudrow, class of 1985


Activists and philanthropists[edit]

Adventurers and athletes[edit]

  • Alice Huyler Ramsey, class of 1907 – first woman to cross the continent driving a car
  • Ethan Zohn, class of 1996 – Survivor: Africa winner and philanthropist

Artists and architects[edit]


Drama, film, and television[edit]




Politics and law[edit]

Science and medicine[edit]


Attended, but did not graduate[edit]


As a famous and historically important college, Vassar has attracted much attention in fictional works. A partial list of cultural references to Vassar can be found here: Vassar College in popular culture.


Anthropology Department[edit]

Art Department[edit]

Dance Department[edit]

Drama Department[edit]

English Department[edit]

History Department[edit]

Mathematics Department[edit]

Music Department[edit]

Philosophy Department[edit]

Physics and Astronomy Department[edit]

Political Science Department[edit]

Psychology Department[edit]

Other departments[edit]


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