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This is a partial list of notable faculty and alumni of Vassar College.

Notable alumni[edit]

Selected Vassar Alumni
Chemist, first woman to graduate from MIT, Ellen Henrietta Swallow, Picture from Class of 1870
Academy Award-winning actress, Meryl Streep, class of 1971
Actress, Lisa Kudrow, class of 1985


Activists and philanthropists[edit]

Adventurers and Athletes[edit]

Artists and architects[edit]

  • Elizabeth Bauer Mock, class of 1932 - Influential advocate for modern architecture in the United States
  • Linda Nochlin, class of 1951 - Pioneer in the field of feminist art theory
  • Nancy Graves, class of 1961 - First woman to solo at the Whitney Museum of American Art
  • Adam Kalkin, class of 1984 - Designer of the Kalkin House
  • Michael Portnoy, class of 1993 - Multimedia artist, choreographer, musician, actor and curator. He calls himself a "Director of Behavior."
  • Mary Ping, class of 2000 - New York based fashion designer
  • Clancy Philbrick, class of 2008 - Contemporary artist whose work includes painting, photography, sculpture, street art, and literature.
  • Alexa Meade, class of 2009 - Uses the human body as a canvas


Drama, film, and television[edit]



  • Elizabeth Bristol Greenleaf, class of 1917 - Collector of folk songs
  • Jane O'Leary, class of 1968 - musician and composer
  • Patricia Ann Neely, class of 1975 - early-bowed strings specialist, viola da gamba, vielle, violone, with Sequentia, Smithsonian Chamber Players, Washington Bach Consort, Rheinischen Kantorei Köln.
  • Karen Petersen, class of 1976 - one of the first women recording engineers and record producers,[6] Chappell Music Executive
  • Jamie Broumas, class of 1981, Jazz singer, vocal instructor and arts administrator
  • Drew Zingg, class of 1981 - Guitarist for Steely Dan
  • Joseph Bertolozzi, class of 1981 - Composer and musician with works ranging from full symphony orchestra to solo gongs
  • Dominique Eade, class of 1981 - Jazz singer and composer
  • Amy Powers, class of 1982 - Emmy-nominated lyricist, songwriter and producer
  • Alan Licht, class of 1990 - Guitarist, composer, writer and, journalist
  • Erika Amato, class of 1991 - Singer (Velvet Chain)
  • Linda Lister, class of 1991 - Soprano, soloist, professor at the University of Evansville
  • Howard Fishman, class of 1992 - singer, guitarist, bandleader and composer
  • Rachael Yamagata, class of 1996 - singer-songwriter
  • Jamie Christopherson, class of 1997 - musician known for scoring movies and video games
  • Amanda Forsythe, class of 1998 - Award winning soprano; particularly admired for her interpretations of baroque music and the works of Rossini.
  • Sam Endicott, class of 1999 - singer (The Bravery) and John Conway, keyboardist in The Bravery
  • Brian Grosz, class of 1999 - Alt-folk musician, member of Skabba the Hut
  • Hayley Taylor, class of 1999 - singer-songwriter and actress whose songs have been featured on many popular television shows, including How I Met Your Mother, Royal Pains, and Pretty Little Liars.
  • The Hazzards, ukulele-based band, best known for their cult hit single, "Gay Boyfriend"
  • Victoria Legrand, class of 2003 - singer (Beach House)
  • Genghis Tron, classes of 2005 and 2006 - band composed of Vassar graduates
  • Jake Friedman, class of 2007 - Member of Glitter Pals, co-founder and owner of Lovepump United
  • MS MR, class of 2010 - Pop duo composed of Max Hershenow and Lizzy Plapinger

Politics and Law[edit]

Science and medicine[edit]


Attended, but did not graduate[edit]


As a famous and historically important college, Vassar has attracted much attention in fictional works. A partial list of cultural references to Vassar can be found here: Vassar College in Fiction


English Department[edit]

Music Department[edit]

Philosophy Department[edit]

Theater Department[edit]

Other departments[edit]


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