List of Vellalars

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Regions with significant populations
Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Puducherry, Kerala
Tamil (Mother Tongue), Malayalam
Related ethnic groups
Dravidian people, Tamil people

Vellalars are Tamil people who use titles such as Gounder in Kongu Nadu, Mudaliar in Thondai Nadu and Pillai in Chozha Nadu and Pandya Nadu.

Poets and Ministers[edit]

Freedom fighters and leaders[edit]



Armed and civil services[edit]

  • S. Muthiah Mudaliar, Minister in the Composite Madras Government, 1928-1930 as a member of the Indian Justice Party. He was the author of the Communal Government Order in Madras Presidency in 1928.


  • Arumuka Navalar, born as Kandar Arumugam Pillai, a Hindu reformer[6]
  • Swami Chidbhavananda, established many educational institutions in Tamil Nadu for the upbringing and welfare of the socially deprived.
  • Swami Satchidananda, renowned spiritual guru for many Hollywood actors and Rajinikanth and also established Light of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS), a spiritual conclave of all religions.


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