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Each year, the jury of the Venice Film Festival is chaired by an internationally recognized personality of cinema.

From 1935 to 1939, senator and entrepreneur Giuseppe Volpi, founder of the Festival, held the office of President of the Jury. Volpi, together with journalist Mario Gromo holds the record of acting as Jury President for 5 times.

Essayist and filmmaker Luigi Chiarini has been President of the Jury 3 times, while director Bernardo Bertolucci has been President of the Jury 2 times.

The first foreign President of the Jury was Scottish documentarian John Grierson. The first woman who held the office of President of the Jury was screenwriter Suso Cecchi d'Amico.

In 1992, two people held the office of President of the Jury together: actor Dennis Hopper and director Jiří Menzel.

From 1940 to 1942 the Festivals are considered as not disputed, while from 1943 to 1945 the Festival wasn't organized due to World War II. From 1969 to 1972 and in 1979 the Festival was not competitive, while from 1973 to 1978 the Festival was not organized.

Main competition jury presidents[edit]

Giuseppe Volpi, President of the Jury from 1935 to 1939
Luigi Chiarini, President of the Jury in 1948, 1959 and 1962
Suso Cecchi d'Amico, the first woman President of the Jury in 1980
Bernardo Bertolucci, President of the Jury in 1983 and 2013
Writer Jorge Semprún, President of the Jury in 1995
Alexandre Desplat, the first composer President of the Jury in 2014
Guillermo del Toro, President of the Jury in 2018
Year President Profession Nationality
1935 Giuseppe Volpi Producer Italy
1936 Giuseppe Volpi Producer Italy
1937 Giuseppe Volpi Producer Italy
1938 Giuseppe Volpi Producer Italy
1939 Giuseppe Volpi Producer Italy
1947 Vinicio Marinucci Journalist, Filmmaker Italy
1948 Luigi Chiarini Journalist, Filmmaker Italy
1949 Mario Gromo Journalist Italy
1950 Mario Gromo Journalist Italy
1951 Mario Gromo Journalist Italy
1952 Mario Gromo Journalist Italy
1953 Eugenio Montale Poet Italy
1954 Ignazio Silone Poet Italy
1955 Mario Gromo Journalist Italy
1956 John Grierson Documentarian Scotland
1957 René Clair Director, Screenwriter France
1958 Jean Grémillon Director, Screenwriter France
1959 Luigi Chiarini Journalist, Filmmaker Italy
1960 Marcel Achard Screenwriter France
1961 Filippo Sacchi Journalist Italy
1962 Luigi Chiarini Journalist, Filmmaker Italy
1963 Arturo Lanocita Journalist Italy
1964 Mario Soldati Director, Screenwriter Italy
1965 Carlo Bo Poet Italy
1966 Giorgio Bassani Poet Italy
1967 Alberto Moravia Poet Italy
1968 Guido Piovene Journalist Italy
1980 Suso Cecchi d'Amico Screenwriter Italy
1981 Italo Calvino Poet Italy
1982 Marcel Carné Director, Screenwriter France
1983 Bernardo Bertolucci Director, Screenwriter Italy
1984 Michelangelo Antonioni Director, Screenwriter Italy
1985 Krzysztof Zanussi Director, Screenwriter Poland
1986 Alain Robbe-Grillet Director, Screenwriter France
1987 Irene Papas Actress Greece
1988 Sergio Leone Director, Screenwriter Italy
1989 Andrei Smirnov Actor Soviet Union
1990 Gore Vidal Poet, Screenwriter United States
1991 Gian Luigi Rondi Journalist Italy
1992 Dennis Hopper
Jiří Menzel
Actor, Director
Director, Screenwriter
United States
1993 Peter Weir Director, Screenwriter Australia
1994 David Lynch Director, Screenwriter United States
1995 Jorge Semprún Poet Spain
1996 Roman Polanski Director, Screenwriter Poland
1997 Jane Campion Director, Screenwriter New Zealand
1998 Ettore Scola Director, Screenwriter Italy
1999 Emir Kusturica Director, Screenwriter Serbia
2000 Miloš Forman Director Czech Republic
2001 Nanni Moretti Actor, Director, Screenwriter Italy
2002 Gong Li Actress China
2003 Mario Monicelli Director, Screenwriter Italy
2004 John Boorman Director, Screenwriter England
2005 Dante Ferretti Production Designer Italy
2006 Catherine Deneuve Actress France
2007 Zhang Yimou Director, Screenwriter China
2008 Wim Wenders Director, Screenwriter Germany
2009 Ang Lee Director Taiwan
2010 Quentin Tarantino Director, Screenwriter United States
2011 Darren Aronofsky Director United States
2012 Michael Mann Director, Screenwriter United States
2013 Bernardo Bertolucci Director, Screenwriter Italy
2014 Alexandre Desplat Composer France
2015 Alfonso Cuarón Director, Screenwriter Mexico
2016 Sam Mendes Director England
2017 Annette Bening Actress United States
2018 Guillermo del Toro Director, Screenwriter Mexico
2019 Lucrecia Martel Director, Screenwriter Argentina

Multiple time presidents[edit]

Times President
5 Giuseppe Volpi (1935–1939)
Mario Gromo (1949–1952, 1955)
3 Luigi Chiarini (1948, 1959, 1962)
2 Bernardo Bertolucci (1983, 2013)

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