List of Vice-Chancellors and Wardens of the Durham University

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Archdeacon Charles Thorp, the first Warden of Durham

The Vice-Chancellor & Warden is the chief executive of Durham University. He or she also holds the position of "Warden of the Durham Colleges" and is appointed by Council. Reporting to the Vice-Chancellor and Warden are a Deputy Vice-Chancellor and a number of Pro-Vice-Chancellors, and a Deputy Warden. Responsibility for the Colleges and non-academic student affairs generally is delegated to the Deputy Warden; responsibility for other areas of the University's activity is divided between the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the Pro-Vice-Chancellors. The previous Vice-Chancellor and Warden, Sir Kenneth Calman, retired in April 2007, and was succeeded by Professor Chris Higgins.

From 1908 to 1937, the Warden of the Durham Colleges was appointed for a period of two years, and the post of Vice-Chancellor alternated between Durham and Newcastle. From 1937, though a permanent Warden was appointed, the post of Vice-Chancellor continued to alternate until the establishment in 1963 of the independent University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

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