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Vice President of Argentina
Vicepresidente de la Nación Argentina
Gabriela Michetti 2012.jpg
Gabriela Michetti

since December 10, 2015
Term length Four years, renewable once
Inaugural holder Salvador María del Carril
Formation Argentine Constitution of 1853
Website Secretaría de Comunicación Pública. Vicepresidencia.
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The office of Vice President of Argentina is the second highest political position in Argentina, and first in the line of succession to the Presidency of Argentina. The office was established with the enactment of the Argentine Constitution of 1853.

The Vice President assumes presidential duties in a caretaker in case of absence or temporary incapacity of the head of state, and may succeed to the Presidency in case of resignation, permanent incapacity, or death of the President. The longest Vice Presidential tenure as caretaker in Argentine history took place between 1865 and 1868, while President Bartolomé Mitre was preoccupied with the Paraguayan War. Seven Argentine Vice Presidents have succeeded to the Presidency: Juan Esteban Pedernera (1861); Carlos Pellegrini (1890); José Evaristo Uriburu (1895); José Figueroa Alcorta (1906); Victorino de la Plaza (1914); Ramón Castillo (1942); and Isabel Perón (1974).

The Argentine Constitution does not provide for the replacement of a Vice President should their tenure be ended for any reason, and their office was thus made vacant on seventeen occasions since 1861 (see list).

The 1994 amendments gave the Vice President the additional title of President of the Senate; this made the role a more legislative than executive one, with the power to vote in the case of a tie in the Senate. It also modified the Vice President's term -as well as the President's- from one unrenewable six-year term to two four-year terms renewable upon reelection of the joint ticket.

A list of the Vice Presidents follows, including de facto Vice Presidents during military regimes and vacant periods. The current Vice President of Argentina is Gabriela Michetti.

List of Vice Presidents[edit]

Portrait Term Vice-President President(s) Notes
SalvadorMariaDelCarril.JPG March 5, 1854 to
March 5, 1860
Salvador María del Carril Justo José de Urquiza  
JEPedernera.jpg March 5, 1860 to
November 5, 1861
Juan Esteban Pedernera Santiago Derqui Succession to interim Presidency
  November 5, 1861 to
October 12, 1862
Vacant Juan Esteban Pedernera and Bartolomé Mitre  
Marcos Paz.jpg October 12, 1862 to
January 2, 1868
Marcos Paz Bartolomé Mitre Died in office
  January 2, 1868 to
October 12, 1868
Vacant Bartolomé Mitre  
Adolfo Alsina 02.JPG October 12, 1868 to
October 12, 1874
Adolfo Alsina Domingo Sarmiento  
Mariano Acosta.jpg October 12, 1874 to
October 12, 1880
Mariano Acosta Nicolás Avellaneda  
Francisco B Madero.JPG October 12, 1880 to
October 12, 1886
Francisco Bernabé Madero Julio A. Roca  
Retrato de Carlos Pellegrini.jpg October 12, 1886 to
August 6, 1890
Carlos Pellegrini Miguel Juárez Celman Succession to Presidency
  August 6, 1890 to
October 2, 1892
Vacant Carlos Pellegrini  
JEUriburu.jpg October 12, 1892 to
January 23, 1895
José Evaristo de Uriburu Luis Sáenz Peña Succession to Presidency
  January 23, 1895 to
October 12, 1898
Vacant José Evaristo Uriburu  
Quirno-costa.jpg October 12, 1898 to
October 12, 1904
Norberto Quirno Costa Julio A. Roca  
Alcorta.jpg October 12, 1904 to
March 12, 1906
José Figueroa Alcorta Manuel Quintana Succession to Presidency
  March 12, 1906 to
October 12, 1910
Vacant José Figueroa Alcorta  
Vdelaplaza.jpg October 12, 1910 to
August 9, 1914
Victorino de la Plaza Roque Sáenz Peña Succession to Presidency
  August 9, 1914 to
October 12, 1916
Vacant Victorino de la Plaza  
P luna.jpg October 12, 1916 to
June 25, 1919
Pelagio B. Luna Hipólito Yrigoyen Died in office
  June 25, 1919 to
October 12, 1922
Vacant Hipólito Yrigoyen  
Elpidio González.JPG October 12, 1922 to
October 12, 1928
Elpidio González Marcelo T. de Alvear  
Dr Enrique Martinez.JPG October 12, 1928 to
September 6, 1930
Enrique Martínez Hipólito Yrigoyen Coup d'état
Enrique santamarina.jpg September 6, 1930 to
October 20, 1930
Enrique Santamarina José Félix Uriburu De facto; resigned
  October 20, 1930 to
February 20, 1932
Vacant José Félix Uriburu  
Julio A. Roca hijo.JPG February 20, 1932 to
February 20, 1938
Julio A. P. Roca Agustín P. Justo  
Ramoncastillo.jpg February 20, 1938 to
June 27, 1942
Ramón S. Castillo Roberto M. Ortiz Succession to Presidency
  June 27, 1942 to
June 7, 1943
Vacant Ramón Castillo and Arturo Rawson  
Sabá H Sueyro.jpg June 7, 1943 to
October 15, 1943
Sabá Héctor Sueyro Pedro Pablo Ramírez De facto; died in office
Farrel.jpg October 15, 1943 to
February 24, 1944
Edelmiro Farrell Pedro Pablo Ramírez De facto; succession to Presidency
  February 24, 1944 to
July 8, 1944
Vacant Edelmiro Farrell  
Peron tomando un café.jpg July 8, 1944 to
October 10, 1945
Juan Domingo Perón Edelmiro Farrell De facto; removed from office
Tte. Gral. Juan Pistarini.jpg October 10, 1945 to
June 4, 1946
Juan Pistarini Edelmiro Farrell De facto; replaced after elections
Juan Hortensio Quijano.jpg June 4, 1946 to
April 3, 1952
Juan Hortensio Quijano Juan Domingo Perón Died in office
  April 3, 1952 to
May 7, 1954
Vacant Juan Domingo Perón  
Almirante Alberto Teisaire.jpg May 7, 1954 to
September 23, 1955
Alberto Teisaire Juan Domingo Perón Coup d'état
Isaac Rojas.jpg September 23, 1955 to
May 1, 1958
Isaac Rojas Eduardo Lonardi and Pedro E. Aramburu De facto; replaced after elections
Alejandro Gómez -1958.jpg May 1, 1958 to
November 19, 1958
Alejandro Gómez Arturo Frondizi Resigned
  November 19, 1958 to
October 12, 1963
Vacant Arturo Frondizi and José María Guido  
Carlos Perette.jpg October 12, 1963 to
June 28, 1966
Carlos Perette Arturo Illia Coup d'état
  June 28, 1966 to
May 25, 1973
Vacant Military Juntas: Juan Carlos Onganía, Roberto Levingston, and Alejandro Lanusse  
Solano Lima.jpg May 25, 1973 to
July 13, 1973
Vicente Solano Lima Héctor Cámpora Resigned
  July 13, 1973 to
October 12, 1973
Vacant Raúl Lastiri  
Isabelita ícono.jpg October 12, 1973 to
July 1, 1974
Isabel Perón Juan Domingo Perón Succession to Presidency
  July 1, 1974 to
December 10, 1983
Vacant Isabel Perón; Military Juntas: Jorge Videla, Roberto Viola, Leopoldo Galtieri, and Reynaldo Bignone  
Victor Martinez.jpg December 10, 1983 to
July 8, 1989
Víctor Martínez Raúl Alfonsín Resigned
Eduardo Duhalde 1974.jpg July 8, 1989 to
December 10, 1991
Eduardo Duhalde Carlos Menem Elected Governor of Buenos Aires Province
  December 10, 1991 to
July 8, 1995
Vacant Carlos Menem  
Carlos Ruckauf.png July 8, 1995 to
December 10, 1999
Carlos Ruckauf Carlos Menem  
Carlos Álvarez.jpg December 10, 1999 to
October 6, 2000
Carlos Chacho Álvarez Fernando de la Rúa Resigned
  October 6, 2000 to
May 25, 2003
Vacant Fernando de la Rúa, Adolfo Rodríguez Saá, and Eduardo Duhalde  
Daniel Scioli en la UNLP.jpg May 25, 2003 to
December 10, 2007
Daniel Scioli Néstor Kirchner  
Julio Cobos.jpg December 10, 2007 to
December 10, 2011
Julio Cobos Cristina Fernández de Kirchner  
Amado Boudou, 2009-07-08, en Casa Rosada (Buenos Aires).jpg December 10, 2011 to
December 10, 2015
Amado Boudou Cristina Fernández de Kirchner  
Gabriela Michetti 2012.jpg December 10, 2015 –
Gabriela Michetti Mauricio Macri  

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