List of Vickers Wellington operators

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The List of Vickers Wellington operators include the nation and service branch:



Royal Australian Air Force


Royal Canadian Air Force


Czechoslovakian Air Force in exile in Great Britain

 Free France[edit]

Free French Air Force


A captured Vickers Wellington Mk.IC (RAF serial L7842) in service with the German Luftwaffe, probably at the test center at Rechlin, circa 1941. L7842 was delivered in mid-1940. It was lost on 6 February 1941 while in service with No. 311 Squadron, RAF, while on a mission to Boulogne (France).


Hellenic Air Force[3]

 New Zealand[edit]

RNZAF received 30 Wellington Is pre war, the first 18 of which were training with the RAF, when in August 1939 they were loaned, together with aircrew, to the UK, forming the unit which later became No. 75 Squadron RNZAF.

Royal New Zealand Air Force


RAF Coastal Command aircraft Vickers Wellington of one of Polish Squadrons
Polish Air Forces in exile in Great Britain


Portuguese Air Force
  • One Vickers Wellington was interned in Portugal during World War II.

 South Africa[edit]

South African Air Force

 United Kingdom[edit]

Royal Air Force
Fleet Air Arm

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