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This list includes actors and actresses of Vietnamese descent or nationality that have appeared in a full-length feature film or a television series broadcast on a national network. Although it includes some actors that have performed in films produced in Vietnam, it is not a comprehensive list of all Vietnamese actors who have performed in Vietnamese movies.

Notable Actors[edit]

Name Notable Appearances
Kieu Chinh The Joy Luck Club
James Duval Totally Fucked Up, The Doom Generation, Nowhere, Donnie Darko, May, Independence Day, Go
Do Thi Hai Yen The Quiet American
Trà Giang 17th Parallel, Days and Nights (1973)[1]
Thuy Thu Le Casualties of War
Tony Le-Nguyen Romper Stomper
Giang Le-Huy (Swing, 2007) (Peaches, 2003) (Spank, 1998)
Linh Nga Nguyen (Xuoi nguoc duong tran, 2002) (Manh hơn cong ly, 2006) (Quynh, 2006)
Kathleen Luong First Morning
Veronica Ngo Saigon Love Story, The Rebel
Dustin Nguyen V.I.P. (TV series), 21 Jump Street, Saigon Eclipse
France Nuyen South Pacific, Diamond Head, The Joy Luck Club
Maggie Q Live Free or Die Hard, Balls of Fury, Mission: Impossible III, Naked Weapon
Jonathan Ke Quan (Data from Goonies, Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Thuy Trang Trini Kwan from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Cung Le Dragon Eyes
Tran Nu Yen Khe The Scent of Green Papaya
Maria Tran Fist of the Dragon, Tracer/ Truy Sat, Hit Girls, Love Child: Season 3 (TV series)


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