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Villains and Vigilantes is a Role-playing game in the superhero genre. It was an early rpg, originally published in 1979 and has currently been through two editions. A revision to the second edition, known as version 2.1, has been published by Monkey House Games, though some controversy surrounds this edition.

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First Edition[edit]

Title Authors Date Pages ISBN
Villains & Vigilantes (1st Edition) Jeff Dee, Jack Herman 1979 (softcover) 40
Break In at Three Kilometer Island Rudy Kraft 1981 (softcover) 16
Death Duel with the Destroyers Bill Willingham 1982 (softcover), 2010 (pdf) 21
The Island of Doctor Apocalypse Bill Willingham 1982 (softcover), 2008 (pdf) 22

Second Edition[edit]

Title Authors Date Pages ISBN
Villains & Vigilantes 2nd Edition Jeff Dee & Jack Herman 1982 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 48
Villains & Vigilantes 2nd Edition Box Set Jeff Dee & Jack Herman 1982 48
FORCE Tom Dowd 1982 24
A mysterious organization calling itself FORCE holds America for ransom... Can you track them down and save the eastern seaboard from the insidious effects of Virus S-97? An excitement -filled adventure for four or more superhero characters. 
Crisis at Crusader Citadel Jeff Dee & Jack Herman 1982 (softcover), 2010 (pdf) 20
An introductory scenario for V&V. (Included in the V&V boxed set) 
Opponents Unlimited Stefan Jones 1982 (softcover), 2011 (pdf) 24
A collection of villains, casual encounters and criminal organizations for the V&V game. 
Most Wanted Volume 1 Jack Herman 1983 (softcover), 2010 (pdf) 25
And now for something completely dangerous! From the files of C.H.E.S.S. headquarters comes a cross-section of the criminal elements; the complete data on 30 super-villains, their powers, origins, psychological profiles and tactics. But have a care, the kid gloves are now off! These people mean serious business. 
From the Deeps of Space Stefan Jones 1984 (softcover), 2011 (pdf) 25
People of Earth! Your planet is hereby annexed by the Capellan Hegemony! Resistance to our invasion forces is useless . . . Transgressors will be immediately terminated. Throw down your arms! Your masters have arrived-- From the Deeps of Space!! 
Devil's Domain Troy Christensen 1984 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 24
It began with a tropical storm in the ocean near Bermuda -- a storm which grew to a hurricane, and kept growing! First small fishing boats and then aircraft and entire oil tankers disappeared one by one -- will America be next? A demonic adventure for the V&V game! 
Battle Above the Earth Steve Crow 1984 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 22
The Dawn of DNA Ken Campbell 1984 (softcover), 2011 (pdf) 20
Dawn is rising over the sleepy little town of Malton... the dawn of DNA! It is a morning that will never be forgotten... or will it? The people of Malton seem to be forgetting everything!!! Something has got to be done, but what? That's for you to decide in this super-mystery for the Villains and Vigilantes superhero role-playing game! 
Organized Crimes Ken Cliffe 1985 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 25
Armed robbery..a high speed chase through slick city streets..and a cache of diamonds. The makings of a routine mission-until your heroes cross paths with the Organizer and face the menace of the MIDNIGHT MEN!! (Bring plenty of bandages) 
To Tackle the T.O.T.E.M. Jeff O'Hare 1985 (softcover), 2011 (pdf) 24
Hidden away in the Arizona desert lies the secret base of T.O.T.E.M.*, led by the infamous Purple Mask! Can you defend the Cogan Museam from the attack of his super-powered agents? For unless they are stopped, TOTEM will soon control the world! An incredible adventure for the Villains & Vigilantes game. 
Alone Into the Night Ken Cliffe & Kent Paling 1985 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 28
Here's a trio of solo mini-adventures for the Villains and Vigilantes game system. One hero takes on a triple threat of short scenarios provided for the gamemaster. Mystery and mayhem await the hero in his own fair city to the great white north! From street gangs to robot gangs to gangsters, it's all here in these excitement filled mini-adventures. 
Honor: Enter the Dragon's Claw Ken Cliffe 1985 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 25
Why is someone trying to kill the visiting Japanese business magnate? Is there more to it than meets the eye? And, can the superheroes deal with the skilled assassins involved, the ninja?! 
Pre-Emptive Strike Stephen Dedman 1985 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 24
This adventure contains two parts Pre-Emptive Strike and Finity Quest. They can be run together or independently. Pre-Emptive Strike is set in the late 1970s to late 1980s, when Titan missiles with single warheads are still located in immovable silos. 
Terror by Night Steve Crow 1985 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 20
Step right up vigilantes!! If you thought your day was deadly... brace yourself for Terror by Night! See:

The dead rise... the righteous fall!

Meet new friends!... but say goodbye to the old ones! HAHAHAHAHAHA! 
Assassin Tom Dowd 1985 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 33
Here's a fantastic adventure for the Villains and Vigilantes game system. Who is out to kill a United States Senator? And why? Can the heroes stop the assassination and learn what is really behind Senator Bennett? 
The Pentacle Plot Stefan Jones 1985 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 28
Vine! The alternate Earth! The Medieval World! Your players must journey there to save it from the terrible plot of Mr. Noman's Tarot-Masters, the Pentacle Army and the might of the evil Grell Empire! 
Most Wanted Volume 3 Troy Christensen 1985 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 32
A to W in villainy, 1 to 30 in variety - from around the globe to across the galaxy, C.H.E.S.S. headquarters reports anew thirty super villains to be on the lookout for. It's all here, their powers, origins, personalities, and character traits. You also get a thugs chart, background on three evil organizations, and over 100 full color counters. 
Search for the Sensei Joseph W. Liotta 1986 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 31
Super-Crooks & Criminals Ken Cliffe 1986 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 24
Heroes beware!! Super-crooks & criminals are here! From all over the Earth and dimensions beyond come more evil-doers to threaten the innocent. Read about these fascinating new fiends - their powers and personalities, weapons and weaknesses! 
DNAgents Jack Herman 48
The unique and exciting superhero team translated into role-playing game terms. Complete and detailed character background of the DNAgents, their allies and their foes. Also including data and maps of Matrix Corporation and the major locales from Eclipse Comics. Two complete adventures are also included. 
Dawn of the Devil Troy Christensen 1986 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 24
Strange messages from space have been deciphered as distress signals to warn earth of the mysterious Devil! It's up to your players to save the entire universe from this powerful and menacing evil! It's an exciting new V&V adventure by Troy Christensen! 
The Great Iridium Con Stephen Dedman 1986 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 27
In the mood for a good Sci-Fi-comic convention? The Confederation and Seven Servants to Sargatanas certainly aren't... and they'll spoil everything unless you and your team mates can stop them! Another dynamic Villains and Vigilantes Superhero Role Playing Game (adventure)! 
The Secret in the Swamp Stewart Wieck 1986 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 24
Science and the supernational join forces in this exciting new Villains and Vigilantes adventure! Can your heroes discover who broke into the top secret military chemical warfare facility hidden deep in the Everglades?! Can they overcome the dangers that await them as they attempt to unriddle the secret of the swamp?! Before it's too late! 
For the Greater Good Jeff O'Hare 1987 (softcover), 2004 (pdf) 28
Why does that little girl have a knife in her hand? What's going to happen next? Who is Brother Angel? Who are The Greater Good? How many undercover superheroes better be in the congregation? Find out before somebody gets hurt in the exciting new Villains and Vigilantes adventure that's sure to get a reaction out of everyone! (Even you)