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List of Violetta characters

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This is a list of characters appearing in the Disney Channel series Violetta. The characters listed are almost all fictional, except for stars who appear as themselves.[1]


Martina Stoessel was chosen by casting.[2][3] The actor Diego Ramos was instead cast as Violetta's father by a proposal, following an audition in Europe, and was confirmed.[4] The actress Lodovica Comello, who plays Francesca, was attending school in Milan and the director said that some people would come to provinare some students. She then decided to participate.[5] The actor Ruggero Pasquarelli was also chosen by a proposal.[6]

For the second season. It was confirmed that most of the cast of the first season, except for the actors Simone Lijoi, Rodrigo Velilla, Artur Logunov[7] and the lead actor Pablo Espinosa.[8][9] It was also announced the inclusion of new characters played by Diego Domínguez who will play the new rival of León, Diego,[10] and then actors like Valeria Baroni, Xabiani Ponce De León, Paloma Sirvén, Gerardo Velázquez,[11] Carla Pandolfi[12] and Valentina Frione, who personify respectively Lara, Marco, Emma, DJ, Esmeralda and Jackie. For an appearance as herself participates Bridgit Mendler in episode 11 where she sings her single Hurricane[13][14] In addition, there were also casting for fans of the series in Milan, Naples and Rome to appear in some videos on Disney Channel Italy[15]

From the third season French actor Damien Lauretta and Mexican actress Macarena Miguel will be part of the series.[16]

Main characters

Germán Castillo

Played by Diego Ramos, he is Violetta's overprotective dad, but also a brilliant engineer who owns an international building company, commissioned with large-scale public and private building projects. He is intelligent and strict. Since his wife's death, he has been overprotective of his daughter but, behind his inflexibility there lies a big heart.

Season 1

At the beginning of the series, Germán is an honest, loyal, good person, but he is also very protective of his daughter Violetta, since her mother died in an airplane accident while on a music tour. Germán has a new girlfriend named Jade, who he considers to be a good influence for his daughter. However, when Angie, Violetta's new governess, arrives, he feels confused and even though he doesn't want to admit it, he ends up falling in love with her.[17] He then decides to break up with Jade for Angie and telling her that he loves her, but Angie does not feel ready because Angie is actually Germán's deceased wife's sister and Violetta's aunt. Jade and Germán then get back together again and decide to have an engagement party, which Violetta runs away from to do the show. Germán then starts to become even more overprotective as he is scared of losing Violetta. He hears Violetta singing "Breathless" at a charity program, and he thinks that he hears María's voice, and wants to get away from Buenos Aires. In episode 78 of season 1, Germán is supposed to get married to Jade, but he stops the wedding because he is thinking of Angie. Right after the wedding, he wants to get away from Buenos Aires and all the lies. He wants to move to Qatar, but when he hears Violetta singing, he changes his mind and takes Violetta to star in the show.

Violetta Castillo

Played by Martina Stoessel, Violetta is a bright girl, full of life, but also solitary and overprotected by her father. Although she still doesn't know it, she has a unique voice, legacy from her mother. From her father she inherited a love of books and a superior intelligence. Violetta is spontaneous and sincere, and she speaks her mind. She is just trying to find her place in the world.

Season 1

When she returns to Buenos Aires, at the beginning of the series, Violetta is a shy girl, who has never experienced having friends, going to school, falling in love or her passion for music. At the end of the first episode, Violetta is walking in the rain and she slips, but Tomas catches her just in time. They immediately fall in love with each other. She starts taking private piano lessons at 'Studio 21', a very prestigious music school. There, she will discover a new world that will lead her towards her own destiny and the story of her past. At first, Violetta's friends think she is timid, but soon they will discover her real personality. She also has a secret crush on Tomas. She tries to not let people know because her friend is in love with him, and she doesn't want to seem like a bad friend. Her friend then tells her its ok to date Tomas but the first date didn't go as planned. Violetta decides to stop talking to Tomas for while and then decides to go on another date. Violetta was disappointed when Tomas told her to forget about him as he was moving back to Spain. Leon then took advantage and kissed Violetta which change her mind, she started dating Leon. Leon broke up with Violetta as he was shown video of Violetta dancing with Tomas in disguise to show that Tomas was a bad person. They then got back together until U Mix uploaded a video of Tomas and Violetta talking. She was asked by both of them who she wanted to be with and she said none of you. At the end finally she told the truth or rather her dad found out where she studied. She also tried to get Germán and Angie together they both kiss each other, she saw that they both like each other but was too scared to admit it. Germán decided to take her away from all her mother's memories and friends but then shock stroke. Violetta found out that her dad lied to her, as she found her aunt called Angie and her grandmother called Angélica she decides to keep it a secret. Jade heard about this and decided to reveal that Angie was her aunt so that Jade could marry Germán and she won. Violetta called Angie to talk to her dad about stopping the wedding. Angie told Germán that she loved him, when going through the marriage he started to think of Angie and stopped it. Her dad wanted to leave because everyone lied to him so he wanted to move Qatar which Violetta didn't want, as she had friends. Her dad finally learned that it is not just his life but also his daughter's life. Germán soon changed his mind and took her to do the last part of the show. When taking to Tomas, he told her that he was leaving for Spain and said goodbye with a kiss at the end.

Season 2 In the second season, the holidays are over and Violetta and other students of the Studio have become popular thanks to You-Mix. Because of the departure of Tomas, Violetta realizes she is in love with Leon and they start re-dating. It also meets Diego, a pretentious boy. When Leon and separate, Violetta approaches Diego and she ends up having feelings for him. Soon after, she became the star of You-Mix in part because his father has money problems. Because of that, we learn that she has problems to have a voice extinction at the end of the first part. In episode 40, she began dating Diego. Her voice return back and the doctor said she needs to take it more steadier paste on her voice! Violetta loves Diego, but she is in love with Leon. Diego is not in love with Violetta, he has a plan with Ludmila to destroy Violetta. When Violetta finds out that Diego isn't in love with her, she and Leon will be together.

Season 3 Violetta and her friends come back out Europe to continue the last year in Studio On Beat. Her love with Leon is strong, but there are some misunderstandings. When Violetta and Leon broke-up, Violetta is spying on Leon as Roxy. Leon will be in love with Roxy. When he knows that Violetta is Roxy, he is mad on her. And when she discovered that Diego and Francesca are a couple, she broke her friendship with Francesca. Violetta is broken. When Violetta read a letter of Francesca, she will be best friends with her. And when Leon kiss with Violetta, decide they to be "friends". In the last episode of Violetta,they will kiss and promise each other that they will be forever a couple.

Tomas Heredia

Played by Pablo Espinosa. He is unassuming, slightly clumsy, confident and, sometimes, a bit aloof. He plays the guitar and sings, and his songs mirror his personality. He attends 'Studio 21' with a grant from professor Beto, who hires him as an assistant. He was born in Spain but moved to Buenos Aires with his mother to take care of his grandma.

Tomas falls in love with Violetta in spite of Germán, who tries to keep his daughter away from all suitors. Leon is his main rival for her love. But when Violetta and Leon fall in love, he gets jealous and keeps asking for a second chance, not taking no for an answer and that gets in the way of Violetta's and Leon's relationship. That shows a cruel and maybe slightly aggressive side of him. He can't accept the fact that Leon and Violetta are in love with each other. [17]

Leon Vargas

Played by Jorge Blanco, Leon is handsome, conceited and full of himself in season 1, but he has a good heart. However, when he is with Ludmila, he might seem mean. His love for Violetta changes him and he becomes a good person. Unlike Tomas, he comes from a wealthy family and never had to work for a living. Leon attends 'Studio 21' and has a big artistic potential.

Season 1

At the beginning he wants to win Violetta's heart to get back at Tomas because Ludmila, his girlfriend, is attracted to him. He is one of the best piano player in the studio. However, he will fall in love with Violetta against his will. Although he usually hangs out with the 'cool' crowd from Studio, Leon is an honest guy. Leon has a good heart and he will give anything just to be the guy of Violetta's dream so after falling for her, he helps her to not be afraid on the stage and also kisses her, what started their relationship in episode 34 but he breaks up with her because she still loves Tomas. He is also allergic to strawberries. [17]

Season 2

In season 2, he has a new hobby, Motocross with his friend named Lara, he is bit mad with Violetta at first because she said in episode 80 "I don't want to be with anyone" but their even bigger problem is the new guy Diego who is causing Leon to think Violetta likes him, it becomes worse when Diego's arrival at Studio On Beat, succeeds in separating them, by kissing Violetta against her will and Leon will not believe it when she tells him that it was not her who kissed Diego. He starts dating Lara. More towards episode 60 the relationship is more normal, but Lara goes to an event sing along. She sings with Violetta and her friends and by herself, who are versing Leon and the boys. Near the end he realizes that he is still in love with Violetta and wants to be with her. He discovered that Diego and Ludmilla had a plan against the girl he loves and tell Francesca but later, Violetta overhears them, and find out. She was very sad when she was supposed to sing I Love You but Leon came to the rescue and sang it with her. In Episode 80 he finally gets back together with Violetta .

Ludmila Ferro

Played by Mercedes Lambre. She comes from a good family. She is the cool and glamorous girl from 'Studio 21' and, therefore, the perfect girlfriend for Leon. She is quite a diva, but she is also a lying, manipulative and arrogant character. She is obsessed with her image and always wants to be the center of attention, specially at 'Studio 21'. She always gets what she wants because she is a spoiled girl and a very cruel person.

Season 1

A girl of good family. Casual and chic personality of Studio 21. She is a true diva, but a lying, manipulative, arrogant, by saying she is the "star of the studio" and a "supernova" She is obsessed with her appearance, and she always wants to be the center of attention, especially in the Studio. Although very different from Tomás, she is in love with him in Season 1. But Tomás ignores this as he is in love with Violetta, and that makes Ludmila jealous. She sees Violetta as an enemy. She nevertheless has a friend, Naty.

Season 2

In season 2, she hires an old childhood friend, Diego, whose mission is to destroy Violetta. Despite herself, late on in season 2 she falls genuinely in love with a boy named Federico. At the end of this season, Ludmila changes and improves her behavior. Thus, Ludmila done all that Federico is proud of her and their ongoing relationship as she become more nice due to Federico. Like every villain, she has got a follower: Naty.[17] In Season 2 she starts to fall for Federico therefore she starts to become nicer.

Francesca Caviglia

Played by Lodovica Comello. She is clever, altruistic and a great friend. She knows that her family has to struggle so she can attend 'Studio 21'. She was born in Italy, like her brother Luca, who runs the family business, the 'Restó Bar'.

Season 1

Intelligent, altruistic, and very jealous. Francesca is a great friend. She is aware that her family is fighting for her to attend classes at Studio 21. She was born in Italy, like her brother, Luca, who heads the family business Resto the Bar. In Season 1, she is in love with Tomas and wants to start dating him .It is first a little jealous because Tomas loves Violetta. But the two girls end up becoming great friends. Francesca also attended the Studio 21, where she made friends with Camila and Maxi.

She starts dating Tomas however then breaks up with him as she thinks he still in love with Violetta.

Season 2

In season 2, she will come out with Marco, a newcomer to Studio One Beat . Living a great story with him until the former Marco, Ana, still in love, arrives and tries to separate them. Francesca will return to Italy in episode 51 but eventually stayed there, because her father understood that in Buenos Aires, she has her friends, the studio and his life. Throughout this season, her best friend is Violetta.

Camila Torres

Played by Candelaria Molfese.

Season 1

She is funny and outgoing, Camila has a great sense of justice. She fights for her beliefs and is willing to do anything to defend her friends in addition to being manic and wanting to run everything. Her best friend is Maxi. Early in the series, Camila cannot find her style and tries several styles one after the other, day after day, until she finds it. She dreams of success as a singer. Camila is very gifted but is aware that it has not enough artistic maturity to become a real star. Later, she falls in love with Broduey together with Francesca, when he arrives at Studio 21, but finally win his heart when Francesca realizes she is not in love with him.

Season 2

In season 2, she seeks to make Broduey jealous who lied against him on his return from Brazil with DJ, the new assistant Roberto Then she and Maxi try to get together, but they realize that they not. It will also couple with Seba, drummer of "Rock Bones". They will separate due to the distance. Shortly after he returns and Camila will end their relationship, to return to Broduey.

Maximiliano "Maxi" Ponte

Played by Facundo Gambandé. He is the best dancer at 'Studio 21' and his favourite style is Street Dance. He is funny, creative, witty and dreamy, and he has no doubt that music is his future. He plays the keyboard, the synthesizer and creates bass sounds on the computer and one day hopes to record his own album.

Season 1

His best friend is Camila, they share musical tastes and their common hatred for Ludmila, Leon and the 'cool' crowd. He falls in love very easily but he is not very lucky with girls, so he often gets into trouble trying to make the girl he fancies fall in love with him. He is the best dancer of the Studio 21, and his favorite style is the street dance. He is funny, creative, clever, dreamy, and he is convinced he has a future in music. He plays keyboard, synthesizer, bass sounds created on his computer and hope one day to record an album. Camila is her best friend and they share their musical tastes and their hatred of Ludmila. It is a rapper, he falls in love easily but has no luck with girls, so it accumulates trouble when he tries to make love with a girl he likes. He eventually fall in love with Nata. Season 2

In season 2, it will be the couple "Naxi" that will have the more kisses, despite their many breaks orchestrated by Ludmila, he will not forget as long as they love more than anything.

Natalia "Naty" Vidal

Played by Alba Rico. Ludmila's left hand woman although sometimes she is more like her pet. She lives for fashion and looks down on the other students. Deep down, she is a very insecure girl who thinks that the only way to success is to belong to the 'cool' crowd.

Season 1

The right arm to Ludmila or as Ludmila says "her personal assistant" even if sometimes it looks rather as if she is Ludmila's "doggie". She is passionate about fashion and despises the other students. At the bottom of herself, she lacks assurance and thinks that the only way to succeed is to be part of the 'popular crowd.' She dances and sings well, but Ludmila does not let her reveal her talent. Yet she stays with Ludmila because she believes in their friendship. In episode 54, she starts to rebel against Ludmila to defend her sister, after she becomes friends with other students and falls in love with Maxi. Her best friend is Ludmila

Season 2

In season 2 she became friends with Violetta, Francesca and Camila, she will do the same in a group of music with them, which will not please Ludmila that will trigger an accident and hurt, which is the prevent to participate in the group. She will be replaced by Sebas, the batiste Bones Rock boyfriend Camila. Late in the season it will come out with Maxi and embrace. Her best friend is Ludmila during the first part of the season but after her best friends are Violetta, Francesca and Camila.

Andres Calixto

Played by Nicolás Garnier. Leon's supporter and best friend. He is a bit unassuming, but he is assertive in everything he does.[17]

Season 1

The best friend and first fan of Leon. He is clumsy and forgetful, but he gives himself fully into everything he does. Sometimes things have to be repeated to him, but he is full of confidence. Andrés has very good heart, and it is filled with music. He is very romantic and falls in love easily. Andres is very kind-hearted and has music in his heart.

Season 2

In season 2, he falls in love with two girls, one is the mayor's daughter, Emma, who after their return attempt to harm the Studio One Beat and the other winner of a contest U-Mix, native Libi Israel. He will prefer the second which unfortunately will leave Buenos Aires to return to Israel.

Luca Caviglia

Played by Simone Lijoi. Francesca's brother and manager of the 'Restó Bar', a bar next to 'Studio 21' where the guys usually hang out. His strong personality combined with being almost 7 feet tall makes everyone think that Luca has a bad-temper but, in time, they will realize that he has a good heart.

Luca is very ambitious and he knows that he can take advantage of the talent of the guys from 'Studio 21' to attract customers. He converts his restaurant into a 'Restó Band' to present live shows and, if possible, sing his own songs because, apart from running the family business, Luca would also like to become an artist, like his sister.


Played by Samuel Nascimento.

Season 1

Young man from Brazil. First of Francesca and Camilla first run after him when he arrived, but he will be in love with Violetta as Violetta finally by Ludmila. With Camila it out. Soon after they will break because Broduey has lied about the fact that he would have to move back to Brazil.

Season 2

He will try to recover but it will not work; it is really bad. It will be sad to see her happy with Sebas. At the end of Season 2, Camila and Broduey try to get back together several times, until they get there.

Napoleon "Napo"

Played by Rodrigo Velilla. As his name suggest, Napo has a 'Napoleonic' personality. He is a good friend and is always looking to be accepted.

From the beginning he wants to hang out with his cousin Ludmila and be one of the 'cool' crowd but, with time, he will drift apart from them and become one of the good guys.

He takes the access exam with Violetta and passes thanks to his talent for singing and dancing.


Played by Artur Logunov. Intelligent and a bit wild, he seems to live in a world of his own! He is a fantastic Popping and Hip Hop dancer.

His appearance and his accent reveal that he is foreign, but he never really says where he comes from. He speaks several languages and, when he gets upset or nervous because he fancies a girl, he starts speaking Russian or Ukrainian. He has a proverb or piece of advice from his country for every occasion, and he is always ready to help his friends. Although he never mentions it, Braco has a secret crush on Violetta and was very upset when he heard she had gone missing when in fact she was locked in the janitors cupboard.

Angeles "Angie" Carrara

Played by Clara Alonso. Lively, fun, charismatic, fond of music and art... Angie is a free spirit who shines wherever she goes. She is the sister of Hermans deceased wife Maria, but Violetta does not know that Angie is her aunt. After her mother's death, Angie made several attempts to get in touch with her niece. So, when Violetta returns to Buenos Aires, Angie pretends to be the new governess so that she can be near her.

Season 1

Dynamic, pleasant, charismatic and passionate about music and art, Angie is a free spirit that illuminates everything that surrounds it. She is the sister of the deceased wife Herman but Violetta does not know that Angie is her aunt even though it has tried unsuccessfully to contact her at her mother's death. So when Violetta returns to Buenos Aires, Angie poses as the new teacher to be near her. Angie also teaches singing at Studio 21 and guides Violetta on the way to her vocation at Studio 21 without informing Herman. Angie will defend her niece against all odds, but will never admit that she is attracted by Herman. She starts dating Pablo but it will not last. She will kiss twice Herman but it does not feel ready for a new relationship. She is lost as Violetta, with the boys: she must choose between Herman or Pablo.

Season 2

It will however be jealous of the new bride of Herman, Esmeralda, and the relationship that the woman has with Violetta. In episode 65 of season 2, Angie decides to go to France, after she discovers that the man she loved and the man she was trying to forget was the same person. It is a position of composer Antonio offers Angie and accept it with the support of Violetta. Although his departure makes everyone sad Herman,Pablo,Violetta and all students of the studio.

Angie also teaches singing and will guide Violetta through her vocational path at 'Studio 21', behind Herman's back. Angie will defend her niece against anyone, but she will never admit to being attracted to Herman. There is a rumor that she and Herman will get married. She is heartboken when Pablo falls for jackie another girl in Violetta 2. Violetta sang a song Angie had written and when a career heard about her song they invited her to be a song–writer Angie was about to say no to it because she wanted to stay close to Violetta, but Violetta pushed her to say yes so she accepted the invite and did not appear season 2 episode 67 onwards as she moves to France with her new career so her new career causes her to be absent 13 episodes then she returns the next season on episode 1. She appears 227 out of 240 episodes.

Olga Patricia Peña

Played by Mirta Wons. Castillos' house keeper. She is creative, fun, talkative, spontaneous, a gossiper and she is outgoing. She has a crush on Ramallo, but Ramallo just sees her as a friend. Olga loves Violetta as if she is her mother, is a good friend of Herman, and she is a loving and caring house keeper for those who aren't using Germán for the money, the food or the big house.

Lisandro Ramallo

Played by Alfredo Allende (Season 1 − present) Germán's personal assistant and best friend. Or just Ramallo, is a friend and advisor to Herman. He knows almost all its secrets. Olga is in love with him, but he also does not show it. The phrase he used in almost every episode is "personal space" and said almost all the time in Olga. He and Olga did not like the Lafontaine family. It will be very afraid of the new companion Olga, Oscar Cardozo, but later it is he who will frighten Cardozo. In season 3, Olga and Ramallo will love despite many jealousies Olga. She will try to make her understand that she wants her marriage proposal Ramallo. He became friends with the new housekeeper of Castillo Noélia, triggering jealousy of Olga. It will be jealous of Roberto comes out with Olga but he will hand the latter includes that they always feel feelings. It will form a group with Olga and Roberto: "Personal Space".

Jade LaFontaine

Played by Florencia Benítez. Germán's girlfriend. She is a very superficial woman, obsessed with her image. She is seductive, jealous, fussy, selfish and manipulative. She is very cheeky and that makes her funny, so she is really a charming villain. The real villain in the shadows is her brother Matías.

Season 1

Herman's girlfriend Jade is a superficial woman, obsessed with her appearance. She is seductive, jealous, full of frills, selfish and manipulative. She is also very sassy, making it funny and is actually a charming antagonist. In reality, the real villain hidden in the shadows is her brother Matías. Jade comes from a very wealthy family. She was born rich and never worked. Thus, they decide that the only way to maintain their standard of living is for her to marry Herman, and that is why she is constantly manipulating people. Jade hates Violetta because she steals Herman attention. She also hates Angie, his direct rival for Herman's heart.

Season 2

In the second season, she will hire a young woman named Esmeralda to separate Herman and Angie and later break his heart. However, obsessed with Herman and guided by her jealousy, she tries to denounce Herman many times , but his brother is always there to hold her. However, she denounces and falls back in love with Herman, she talks to his brother and tell him she would become rich. We learn that Jade can sing opera. In the last episode of season 2, the police arrests his brother Matías and he escapes from the police car, but he still put in prison afterwards.

Matías "Maty" LaFontaine

Played by Joaquín Berthold. Jade's brother. He was under house arrest and the Violetta found out.

Season 1

Jade brother, he is smarter than her. Matias eat all the time, is a thief and a crook. In season one, he lives in his car in the first place. Then it is under house arrest in Castillo in secret. Since he lives without anyone noticing, only Jade is aware of this threat and the cum out because she does not understand why he can not leave the house. He disguises himself as the ghost of Maria, the wife of deceased German and mother of Violetta that Jade is more kind to him, but it will be with anyone but him.

Season 2

Jade and Matias hired an actress to steal money from Herman and break his heart so that he falls into Jade's arms. Matias prevent many times Jade to reveal their plan to German. but he and his sister will take to finish. It will fall in love with the inspector Marcela Parodi. At the end of season 2, he will be arrested by police in the company of his sister Jade.

Gregorio Casal

Played by Rodrigo Pedreira. Studio 21's narcissistic choreography teacher. Gregorio then becomes the director of the studio. He is stubborn, forever gumpy and absolutely hates Tomas so he sends Andre to sneak around Tomas to find an excuse to kick Tomas out of the studio. In the second season, He tells Diego that he is his father

Roberto "Beto" Benvenuto

Played by Pablo Sultani. Studio 21's absent minded, clumsy teacher of musical composition. However, he is loved by all the students, and is especially close with Tomás as he works for him, and he often guides Tomás through his love life. He is a just, kind and funny character and often sides with Angie and Pablo against Gregorio. He is known as Beto.

Pablo Galindo

Played by Ezequiel Rodríguez. Studio 21's current temporary director. Due to the failure of the show he directed, his resignation as director of Studio 21 was accepted and then got offered a job at the Resto Band. However he does return as he is favoured by all the students.

Antonio Fernández Vallejo

Played by Alberto Fernández de Rosa. He is the owner of Studio 21 and a close friend of Violetta's grandmother. In his absence, Pablo was appointed as the acting director. He was sad that Pablo resigned after the show failed and then appointed Gregorio as the director.

Supporting characters

  • Federico "Fede (to everyone), Fefe (to Jade)” (Ruggero Pasquarelli) he comes from Italy and is hosted in Violetta's house, because he is son of a friend of Herman.He wins the You-Mix Compition and leaves for three months.In the second season, he falls in love with Ludmilla.
  • Helena "Lena" (Lucía Gil) is Natalia's sister. She also writes a musical blog which was much admired by Gregorio. He then asks her to and Lena attends Studio 21 for a short while.
  • Angelica (Nilda Raggi) Violetta's maternal grandmother.
  • Rafael "Rafa" Palmer (Germán Tripel) is a global superstar who graduated at Studio 21. He falls for Angie, which makes Pablo jealous.
  • Laura (Nicole Luis) Andres' sister. She is innocent and angelic but not so intelligent. Maxi falls for her but Laura splits up with him.
  • Marotti (Diego Álcala) is the YouMix's executive producer, the website which airs the reality of Studio 21.
  • Andrea (Nikole Castillo) is a student at Studio 21, and plays the cello. She is madly in love with Maxi and does everything possible to win him over. She dates Andre to make Maxi jealous.
  • Maria Saramego (only mentioned) Violetta's mother and Herman's late wife. She was a famous singer who graduated from Studio 21. She died in a tragic accident when Violetta was 5 years old.
  • Agustina (Iara Muñoz) Tomás' cousin. She is very cute, tender and somewhat smug. She supports Tomás so he can be with Violetta.
  • Maestro Zambrano (Pedro Maurizi) is a prodigy with a great musical talent, he is in love with Agustina.
  • Psicólogo (Martín Pavlovsky) is the psychologist who Antonio recommended to Gregorio to overcome his anger issues.
  • Dr. Lombardo (Mariano Musimeci) is the officer in charge of the custody of Matías and legal matters.
  • Sr. Améndola (Francisco Benvenuti) is the art director who Pablo hired for the show of the Studio 21.
  • Gustavo (Thiago Batistuta) is a student at Studio 21. Naty is in love with him, but he only uses her to get closer to Ludmila.
  • Charly (Jesús Villegas) is the producer in charge of pet food, he deceived Ludmila to sign the contract and be the image of "Un chancho feliz".
  • Mara (Sumi Justo) is the new cook at the Restó Bar. Maxi falls for her, but then learns that she is his cousin.
  • Valeria (Yasmim Manaia) is Broduey's cousin.
  • Oscar Cardozo is Emma's bodyguard and Olga's boyfriend.
  • Jessica (Dariani Belle) and the girl's college of violetta.
  • Ambar (Agustina Cabo) is Esmeralda's daughter. She is manipulative, capricious and flippant. She owns a tablet, where she records what others do and extorts them to her advantage.

Real-life characters

Real-life celebrities portrayed by themselves

  • College 11 and Rock Bones were the first celebrities to guest star as themselves. They appeared in episode 34, season 1, where the guys of Studio 21 were collecting money to pay for a place to do the show. Rock Bones later became recurring characters throughout the show, with Sebas being Camila's love interest during season 2. College 11 made another appearance in season 2, where they participate in a YouMix contest.
  • Bridgit Mendler is the second celebrity to guest star as herself. She appeared as a cameo performing "Hurricane" with the guys of the Studio.
  • R5 (band) are the third celebrities to guest star as themselves. They appeared in episode 70, season 3, where they sang "Heart Made Up On You". Ross Lynch made an appearance by himself on the episode before.

English voice cast

English localization voice cast
Character Voice actor[18] Vocals[19]
Agus Cindy O'Conner
Andres Michael Chapman Shane Henry
Angie Wendee Lee
Antonio Joey Lotsko
Beto Buba Kachow
Camila Cindy O'Conner Colleen Villard
Francesca Johanna Luis Jessica Rau
Gregorio Keith Silverstein
Herman Geoffrey Chalmers
Jade Erin Fitzgerald
Leon Sam Regal
Luca Grant George
Ludmila Joie Marlowe Kate Higgins
Matias Spike Spencer
Maxi Bryce Papenbrook Shane Henry (singing)
Bryce Papenbrook (rapping)
Nata Christine Marie Cabanos
Olga Jane Carroll
Pablo Fred McDougal
Ramalio Dave Mallow
Tomas Lucien Dodge Johnny Yong Bosch
Violetta Cristina Valenzeula Maggie McClure

English localization supporting voice cast
Character Voice actor[18] Vocals[19]
Napoleon Johnny Yong Bosch Lucien Dodge
Rafa Palmer Mike Davis
Laura Cherami Leigh
Andrea Cindy Robinson
Doctor Steve Kramer
Gustavo Ben Diskin
Mara Cherami Leigh
Broadway Chris Jai Alex
Braco Ben Caron


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