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This is a list of characters appearing in the Disney Channel series Violetta. The characters listed are almost all fictional, except for celebrity guests who appear as themselves.[1]


Martina Stoessel was cast in the show at the age of 14, and had to change schools to accommodate the show's shooting schedule.[2] The actor Diego Ramos was cast as Violetta's father following an audition in Europe.[3] The actress Lodovica Comello, who plays Francesca, was attending school in Milan when she decided to participate.[4]

In the second season, the show brought back most of its cast, with the exception of Simone Lijoi, Rodrigo Velilla, Artur Logunov[5] and lead actor Pablo Espinosa.[6][7] For the second season, Diego Domínguez was brought on to play León's new romantic rival, Diego.[8] In addition, the show held casting sessions for fans of the series in Milan, Naples and Rome for videos that appeared on Disney Channel Italy[9]

In its third season, the show added French actor Damien Lauretta and Mexican actress Macarena Miguel to the cast.[10]

Main characters[edit]

Violetta Castillo[edit]

Violetta (Martina Stoessel) is a bright girl, full of life, but also solitary and overprotected by her father. She has a unique singing voice, which is a legacy from her mother. Like her father, Violetta loves books and possesses a superior intelligence.

Season 1

When she returns to Buenos Aires at the beginning of the series, Violetta is a shy girl, who has never experienced having friends, going to school, falling in love or pursuing her passion for music. Violetta starts taking private piano lessons at "Studio 21," a prestigious music school. At first, Violetta's friends think she is timid, but soon they discover her real personality.

Violetta has a secret crush on Tomas, but tries to not let people know because her friend is in love with him.[clarification needed] Violetta's friend eventually tells Violetta she can date Tomas, but the subsequent date does not end up going well. Violetta stops talking to Tomas for a while, before deciding to go on another date with him. Tomas tells Violetta to forget about him because he is moving back to Spain.[clarification needed] After learning this, Violetta kisses Leon. The two start dating. Leon breaks up with Violetta after seeing a video of Violetta dancing with Tomas in disguise. Eventually Tomas and Leon ask Violetta who she wants to be with. Violetta says she would not like to be with either of them.

Violetta also tries to get Germán and Angie together romantically.[clarification needed] When the two of them kiss, Violetta sees that they care for each other but are too scared to admit it. Violetta eventually learns that Angie is her aunt. When Jade hears about the family relationship, she uses the information to clear the way to marry Germán.[clarification needed] Violetta calls Angie and asks her to talk to Germán about calling off the wedding. Angie tells Germán that she loves him. Germán ultimately calls off the wedding. Because he feels that everyone lied to him, Germán wants to move to Qatar. Violetta does not want to move away from her friends. Germán realizes that his decisions affect not only his own life, but his daughter's life as well. Germán changes his mind about moving to Qatar and takes Violetta to perform in a show. Afterward, Tomas speaks to Violetta. He tells her that he is leaving for Spain and says goodbye with a kiss.

Season 2

In the second season, the holidays are over and Violetta and other students of the Studio have become popular thanks to You-Mix. Following Tomas's departure, Violetta realizes she is in love with Leon and they start dating again. Violetta meets Diego, a pretentious boy. When Violetta and Leon separate, she develops feelings for Diego.

Soon after, Violetta becomes the star of You-Mix. Violetta develops a vocal problem, which is eventually resolved.

Violetta and Diego begin dating during Episode 40 of the season. Violetta loves Diego, but she is in love with Leon. Diego is not in love with Violetta, and is scheming with Ludmila to destroy her. When Violetta finds out that Diego is not in love with her, she decides to form a relationship with Leon.

Season 3

Violetta and her friends come back from Europe to continue their last year in Studio 21. Violetta's love for Leon is strong, but there are some misunderstandings. When Violetta and Leon broke-up, Violetta spied on Leon in the guise of "Roxy." Leon falls in love with Roxy. When he learns that Violetta is Roxy, he becomes angry with her.

Violetta discovers that Diego and Francesca are a couple, and she breaks off her friendship with Francesca. Violetta reads a letter from Francesca, saying she will be best friends with her. Violetta kisses Leon, but they decide to be "friends". In the last episode of the series, Violetta and Leon kiss and promise each other that they will remain a couple forever.

Germán Castillo[edit]

Germán (Diego Ramos) is Violetta's father. He is a brilliant engineer who owns an international building company that works on large-scale public and private building projects. After his wife dies in an airplane accident during a music tour, Germán becomes overprotective of his daughter.

Germán has a girlfriend named Jade, who he considers to be a good influence for his daughter. However, Germán falls in love with Violetta's new teacher, Angie.[11] He decides to break up with Jade for Angie. Germán tells Angie that he loves her, but Angie does not feel ready to engage in a romantic relationship because she is actually Germán's deceased wife's sister and Violetta's aunt. Jade and Germán reunite and decide to have an engagement party. Violetta runs away from the engagement party, prompting Germán to become even more overprotective for fear of losing her. In episode 78 of season 1, Germán calls off his wedding with Jade, because he is thinking of Angie. Germán wants to move to Qatar, but when he hears Violetta singing, he changes his mind and takes Violetta to star in a show.

Tomas Heredia[edit]

Tomas (Pablo Espinosa) is unassuming and, sometimes, a bit aloof. He plays the guitar and sings. Tomas attends 'Studio 21' with a grant from professor Beto, who hires him as an assistant. He was born in Spain but moved to Buenos Aires with his mother to take care of his grandma.

Tomas falls in love with Violetta in spite of Germán, who tries to keep his daughter away from all suitors. Tomas is shown as having a cruel and aggressive side. When Violetta and Leon fall in love, Tomas becomes jealous and keeps asking for a second chance. Tomas's efforts create problems in the relationship between Violetta and Leon. He can't accept the fact that Leon and Violetta are in love with each other.[11]

Leon Vargas[edit]

Leon (Jorge Blanco) is handsome, conceited and full of himself, but has a good heart. Inspired by his love for Violetta, Leon makes changes to become a better person. Leon comes from a wealthy family and never had to work for a living. Leon attends 'Studio 21' and has a great deal of artistic potential.

Season 1

Leon is one of the best piano players in the studio.[clarification needed] At the beginning of the series, he wants to win Violetta's heart as a means of getting revenge on Tomas, because Leon's girlfriend Ludmila is attracted to him. However, Leon begins to develop genuine romantic feelings for Violetta. After falling in love with Violetta, Leon helps her to conquer her stage fright. Leon kisses Violetta, and the two begin a romantic relationship. However, they break up because Violetta still loves Tomas.

Season 2

In Season 2, Leon has taken up motocross with his friend Lara. Leon becomes upset when he realizes that Violetta may have feelings for the new student, Diego. Leon and Violetta break up after Diego kisses Violetta against her will and Leon refuses to believe Violetta when she says that she did not initiate the kiss. Leon starts dating Lara. After a sing-along event, where Lara and Violetta are both present, Leon realizes that he is still in love with Violetta. In Episode 80, Leon and Violetta reunite.

Ludmila Ferro[edit]

Ludmila (Mercedes Lambre) comes from a good family.[clarification needed] She is popular and glamorous, although she is also portrayed as manipulative and arrogant.[clarification needed] She is obsessed with her image and always wants to be the center of attention, specially at 'Studio 21.' She has a friend and follower, Naty.[11]

Season 1

Ludmila and Leon are dating. Although she is very different from Tomás, Ludmila falls in love with him. However, Tomás ignores Ludmila's affections because he is in love with Violetta, which makes Ludmila jealous. She sees Violetta as an enemy.

Season 2

Ludmila hires an old childhood friend, Diego, whose mission is to destroy Violetta. Late in Season 2, Ludmila falls in love with a boy named Federico. At the end of this season, inspired by her feelings for Frederico, Ludmila changes and improves her behavior.

Francesca Caviglia[edit]

Francesca (Lodovica Comello) is clever, altruistic and a great friend. She knows that her family has to struggle so she can attend 'Studio 21'. She was born in Italy, like her brother Luca, who runs the family business, the 'Restó Bar'.

Season 1

Francesca is aware that her family is fighting for her to attend classes at Studio 21. In Season 1, Francesca is in love with Tomas and wants to date him. She is initially jealous of Violetta, because of Tomas's feelings for her. However, she and Violetta eventually become close friends. While attending Studio 21, Francesca also becomes friends with Camila and Maxi. Violetta starts dating Tomas, however, she breaks up with him because she suspects he is still in love with Violetta.

Season 2

Francesca becomes romantically involved with Marco, a newcomer to the studio. Marco's former lover, Ana, arrives and tries to separate Francesca from him. Francesca returns to Italy in Episode 51, but she is eventually allowed to return to Buenos Aires after her father realizes the value of Francesca's friends in Buenos Aires and of the studio.

Camila Torres[edit]

Camila (Candelaria Molfese) is funny and outgoing, with a strong sense of justice. She fights for her beliefs and is willing to do anything to defend her friends.[clarification needed] Her best friend is Maxi.[clarification needed]

Season 1

Early in the series, Camila cannot find her style and tries several styles one after the other, day after day, until she finds it.[clarification needed] She dreams of success as a singer. Camila is gifted but is aware that she does not have enough artistic maturity to become a real star. Later, she and Francesca both fall in love with Broduey. Camila finally wins Broduey's heart after Francesca realizes she is not in love with him.

Season 2

Camila decides to make Broduey jealous after he lied to her about returning from Brazil with DJ, Roberto's new assistant. Camila unsuccessfully pursues relationships with Maxi and Seba, the drummer of "Rock Bones." Shortly after Broduey returns, Camila reunites with him.

Maximiliano "Maxi" Ponte[edit]

Maxi (Facundo Gambandé) is the best dancer at "Studio 21" and his favorite style is Street Dance.[clarification needed] He is funny, creative, and dreamy. He has no doubt that music is his future. Maxi plays the keyboard and synthesizer, and creates computer-generated bass sounds. He hopes to one day record his own album.

His best friend is Camila, they share musical tastes and a common hatred for Ludmila, Leon and the "cool" crowd. Maxi falls in love easily, but the women he falls in love with often do not feel the same way toward him. He often gets into trouble in the process of trying to make someone fall in love with him. He is the best dancer at Studio 21, and his favorite style is the street dance. He eventually falls in love with Naty. In Season 2, Maxi and Naty date, with the couple name of "Naxi." They occasionally take breaks, due to Ludmila, but end up reconciling.

Natalia "Naty" Vidal[edit]

Naty (Alba Rico) is Ludmila's left-hand woman, although Ludmila treats her poorly. She lives for fashion and looks down on the other students. Deep down, Naty is very insecure and thinks that the only way to succeed is by belonging to the 'cool' crowd.[clarification needed]

Season 1

Ludmila calls Naty her "personal assistant" even thought she often appears to be Ludmila's "doggie." She is passionate about fashion and despises the other students. Naty dances and sings well, but Ludmila does not let her reveal her talent. However, Naty stays with Ludmila because she believes in their friendship. In episode 54, she starts to rebel against Ludmila to defend her sister. Naty friends with other students and falls in love with Maxi.

Season 2

Naty becomes friends with Violetta, Francesca and Camila, and joins a music group with them. Ludmila is displeased by these developments. Following an accident, Naty is hurt and can no longer participate in the group. She is replaced by Sebas. During the season, Naty dates Maxi.

Andrés Calixto[edit]

Andrés (Nicolás Garnier) is Leon's supporter and best friend. He is clumsy and forgetful, but he puts his full effort into everything he does. Andrés is good-hearted, and music is very close to him. He is romantic and falls in love easily. In Season 2, Andrés falls in love with two girls, including the mayor's daughter, Emma. Andrés also has feelings for Libi Israel, who eventually leaves Buenos Aires to return to Israel.

Luca Caviglia[edit]

Luca (Simone Lijoi) is Francesca's brother and manager of the 'Restó Bar', a bar next to 'Studio 21' where the guys usually hang out. Initially, his imposing physical stature and strong personality make everyone think that Luca has a bad-temper. However, in time, they realize that he has a good heart. Luca is very ambitious and he knows that he can take advantage of the talent of the guys from 'Studio 21' to attract customers. He converts his restaurant into a 'Restó Band' to present live shows and, if possible, sing his own songs. Luca would also like to become an artist, like his sister.


Broduey (Samuel Nascimento) is a young man from Brazil. Francesca and Camilla both fall for him after he arrives. But Broduey has feelings for Violetta. He eventually starts a relationship with Camila. However, they break up after Camila learns that Broduey has lied about the fact that he would have to move back to Brazil. Broduey is sad when he sees that Camila is happy with Sebas. At the end of Season 2, Camila and Broduey try to reconcile several times, and are eventually able to do so.

Napoleon "Napo"[edit]

Napoleon (Rodrigo Velilla), as his name suggests, has a 'Napoleonic' personality. In the beginning he wants to hang out with his cousin Ludmila and be part of the 'cool' crowd. With time, he drifts apart from that group. He takes the access exam with Violetta and passes thanks to his talent for singing and dancing.


Braco (Artur Logunov) is intelligent and a bit wild. He is a fantastic Popping and Hip Hop dancer. His appearance and his accent reveal that he is foreign, but he never says where he comes from. Braco speaks several languages and, when he gets upset or nervous, he starts speaking Russian or Ukrainian. He has a proverb or piece of advice from his country for every occasion, and is always ready to help his friends. Although he never mentions it, Braco has a secret crush on Violetta.

Angeles "Angie" Carrara[edit]

Angie (Clara Alonso) is a lively and charismatic character who is fond of music and art. Angie is the sister of Violetta's mother, Maria. However, Violetta is unaware that Angie is her aunt. After Maria's death, Angie made several unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with Violetta. When Violetta returns to Buenos Aires, Angie poses as the new teacher to be near her. Angie also teaches singing at Studio 21 and guides Violetta without informing Germán. Angie is attracted to Germán, who she kisses twice. At the same time, Angie also dates Pablo.

In Season 2, Angie becomes jealous of Germán's new bride, Esmeralda, and of Esmeralda's relationship with Violetta. Angie later moves to France to pursue a new career.

Olga Patricia Peña[edit]

Olga (Mirta Wons) is the Castillos' housekeeper. She is creative, outgoing, and enjoys gossiping. She has a crush on Ramallo, but Ramallo sees her only as a friend. Olga loves Violetta as if she was her own mother and is a close friend to Germán.

Lisandro Ramallo[edit]

Lisandro Ramallo (Alfredo Allende), often called "Ramallo," is Germán's personal assistant and best friend. Olga is in love with him. In nearly every episode, he says the phrase "personal space" to Olga. He is initially afraid of Olga's new romantic companion, Oscar Cardozo. However, in Season 3, Olga and Ramallo fall in love. Olga tries to make Ramallo understand she would like him to propose to her. Olga becomes jealous after Ramallo befriends the new housekeeper, Castillo Noélia. Eventually he and Olga form a group called "Personal Space".

Jade LaFontaine[edit]

Jade (Florencia Benítez) is Germán's girlfriend. She is extremely superficial and obsessed with her image. She is selfish and manipulative. Jade is portrayed as a charming villain, while the real villain is her brother Matías.

Jade comes from a very wealthy family. She was born rich and never worked. Thus, Jade and her brother decide that the only way to maintain their standard of living is for Jade to marry Germán. Jade hates Violetta because she steals Germán's attention. She also hates Angie, her direct rival for Germán's heart.

In the second season, Jade hires a young woman named Esmeralda to separate Germán and Angie. Jade tries to fall out of love with Germán, but is unable to do so. She talks Matías and tells him she would become rich. We learn that Jade can sing opera.[clarification needed] In the last episode of Season 2, the police arrest Matías.[clarification needed]

Matías "Maty" LaFontaine[edit]

Maty (Joaquín Berthold) is Jade's brother. Violetta learns that he is under house arrest.[clarification needed]

At the beginning of Season 1, Maty lives in his car. Then he is secretly under house arrest in Castillo.[clarification needed] Jade becomes aware of his house arrest after questioning why Maty will not leave the house. Matías disguises himself as the ghost of Germán's deceased wife Maria. In Season 2, Jade and Matías hire an actress to steal money from Germán and break his heart so that he will falls back into Jade's arms. On multiple occasions, Matías prevents Jade from revealing their plan to Germán. At the end of Season 2, Matías is arrested by police in the company of his sister Jade.

Gregorio Casal[edit]

Gregorio (Rodrigo Pedreira) is Studio 21's narcissistic choreography teacher. Gregorio eventually becomes the director of the studio.[clarification needed] He absolutely hates Tomas, and sends Andre to sneak around Tomas, looking for an excuse to kick Tomas out of the studio. In the second season, he tells Diego that he is Diego's father.[clarification needed]

Roberto "Beto" Benvenuto[edit]

Beto (Pablo Sultani) is Studio 21's absentminded, clumsy music composition teacher. He is loved by all students, and is especially close with Tomás, who works for him. Beto often guides Tomás through his love life.

Pablo Galindo[edit]

Pablo (Ezequiel Rodríguez) is Studio 21's temporary director. After the show he directed fails, he resigns as director of Studio 21. He then accepts a job at the Resto Band.

Antonio Fernández Méndez[edit]

Antonio (Alberto Fernández de Rosa) is the owner of Studio 21 and a close friend of Violetta's grandmother. In his absence, Pablo was appointed as the acting director. He was sad that Pablo resigned after the show failed. He appoints Gregorio as the director.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Federico (Ruggero Pasquarelli) comes from Italy and is hosted in Violetta's house. He wins the You-Mix Competition and leaves for three months. In the second season, he falls in love with Ludmilla.
  • Helena "Lena" (Lucía Gil) is Natalia's sister. She writes a musical blog that is admired by Gregorio.
  • Angelica (Nilda Raggi) is Violetta's maternal grandmother.
  • Rafael "Rafa" Palmer (Germán Tripel) is a global superstar who graduated from Studio 21. He falls for Angie, which makes Pablo jealous.
  • Laura (Nicole Luis) Andres' sister. She is innocent and angelic, but not very intelligent. Maxi has romantic feelings for her, but she ultimately calls things off with him.
  • Marotti (Diego Álcala) is executive producer for YouMix's, the website which airs the output of Studio 21.
  • Andrea (Nikole Castillo) is a student at Studio 21, and plays the cello. She is madly in love with Maxi and does everything possible to win him over. She dates Andre to make Maxi jealous.
  • Maria Saramego (only mentioned) Violetta's mother and German's late wife. She was a famous singer who graduated from Studio 21. She died in a tragic accident when Violetta was 5 years old.
  • Agustina (Iara Muñoz) Tomás' cousin. She is very cute, tender and somewhat smug. She supports Tomás so he can be with Violetta.
  • Maestro Zambrano (Pedro Maurizi) is a musical prodigy who is in love with Agustina.
  • Psicólogo (Martín Pavlovsky) is the psychologist who helps Gregorio overcome his anger issues.
  • Dr. Lombardo (Mariano Musimeci) is the officer in charge of the custody of Matías and related legal matters.
  • Sr. Améndola (Francisco Benvenuti) is the art director who Pablo hires for Studio 21.
  • Gustavo (Thiago Batistuta) is a student at Studio 21. Naty is in love with him, but he only uses her to get closer to Ludmila.
  • Charly (Jesús Villegas) is the producer in charge of pet food, he deceived Ludmila to sign the contract and be the image of "Un chancho feliz".
  • Mara (Sumi Justo) is the new cook at the Restó Bar. Maxi falls for her, but then learns that she is his cousin.
  • Valeria (Yasmim Manaia) is Broduey's cousin.
  • Oscar Cardozo is Emma's bodyguard and Olga's boyfriend.
  • Ambar (Agustina Cabo) is Esmeralda's daughter. She uses a tablet to record what others do, which she uses to extort them.

Celebrity Guest Appearances[edit]

  • College 11 and Rock Bones were the first celebrities to guest star as themselves. They appeared in Episode 34 of Season 1. Rock Bones became recurring characters throughout the show, with band member Sebas serving as Camila's love interest during the show's second season. College 11 made one repeat appearance, participating in a YouMix contest during Season 2.
  • Bridgit Mendler had a cameo performing "Hurricane" with the guys of Studio 21.
  • R5 guest starred as themselves on the 70th episode of Season 3, singing "Heart Made Up On You." Band member Ross Lynch appeared as himself on the prior episode.

English voice cast[edit]

English localization voice cast
Character Voice actor[12][13] Vocals[14]
Agus Cindy O'Conner
Andres Michael Chapman Shane Henry
Angie Wendee Lee
Antonio Joey Lotsko
Beto Buba Kachow
Camila Cindy O'Conner Colleen Villard
Francesca Johanna Luis Jessica Rau
Gregorio Keith Silverstein
Herman Geoffrey Chalmers
Jade Erin Fitzgerald
Leon Sam Regal, Michael Sinterniklaas Tue Sander Sørensen season 2 and 3
Luca Grant George
Ludmila Joie Marlowe Kate Higgins
Matias Spike Spencer
Maxi Bryce Papenbrook Shane Henry (singing)
Bryce Papenbrook (rapping)
Nata Christine Marie Cabanos
Olga Jane Carroll
Pablo Fred McDougal
Ramalio Dave Mallow
Tomas Lucien Dodge Johnny Yong Bosch
Violetta Cristina Valenzeula Maggie McClure Clara Ruggaard season 2 and 3

English localization supporting voice cast
Character Voice actor[12] Vocals[14]
Napoleon Johnny Yong Bosch Lucien Dodge
Rafa Palmer Mike Davis
Laura Cherami Leigh
Andrea Cindy Robinson
Doctor Dufre Steve Kramer
Gustavo Ben Diskin
Mara Cherami Leigh
Broduey Chris Jai Alex, Marcus Griffith
Braco Ben Caron


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