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The Virginia state forest system includes 24 state-managed forests covering a total of 68,626 acres (107.2 sq mi; 277.7 km2).[1] They are managed by the Virginia Department of Forestry.

The system was created to manage and maintain forests for wildlife, timber production, recreation, water quality, and aesthetics. The system receives no taxpayer funds, and is self-supported by the sale of forest products.[2]

Most Virginia state forests are accessible to the public. Activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, hunting, and fishing are permitted in some state forests; permissible uses vary between individual state forests. Some activities require the purchase of a "State Forest Use Permit" for individuals ages 16 or older.[3][4]

State forests in the Commonwealth of Virginia[edit]

The following table lists Virginia's 24 state forests, as of 2016.[1]

Name City, county, or counties Size Notes
Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest Appomattox and Buckingham 19,808 acres (80.16 km2)
Big Woods State Forest Sussex 2,220 acres (9.0 km2)
Bourassa State Forest Bedford 288 acres (1.17 km2)
Browne State Forest Essex 128 acres (0.52 km2)
Channels State Forest Washington and Russell 4,836 acres (19.57 km2)
Chesterfield State Forest Chesterfield 440 acres (1.8 km2)
Chilton Woods State Forest Lancaster 397 acres (1.61 km2)
Conway-Robinson Memorial State Forest Prince William 444 acres (1.80 km2)
Crawfords State Forest New Kent County 258 acres (1.04 km2)
Cumberland State Forest Cumberland 16,222 acres (65.65 km2)
Devil's Backbone State Forest Shenandoah 517 acres (2.09 km2) Public access not permitted.[5]
Dragon Run State Forest King and Queen 9,563 acres (38.70 km2)
Hawks State Forest Carroll 121 acres (0.49 km2)
Lesesne State Forest Nelson 422 acres (1.71 km2)
Matthews State Forest Grayson 566 acres (2.29 km2)
Moore's Creek State Forest Rockbridge 2,353 acres (9.52 km2)
Niday Place State Forest Craig 254 acres (1.03 km2)
Old Flat State Forest Grayson 320 acres (1.3 km2)
Paul State Forest Rockingham 173 acres (0.70 km2)
Prince Edward-Gallion State Forest Prince Edward 6,461 acres (26.15 km2)
Sandy Point State Forest King William 2,043 acres (8.27 km2)
South Quay State Forest Suffolk 266 acres (1.08 km2)
Whitney State Forest Fauquier 148 acres (0.60 km2)
Zoar State Forest King William 378 acres (1.53 km2)

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