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The Virginia state forest system has 21 forests and a total of 67,580 acres (273.5 km2). The system was created to manage and maintain forests for wildlife, timber, recreation, and aesthetics.[1]

The system receives no taxpayer funds, and is self-supported by the sale of forest products.[1]

State forests in the Commonwealth of Virginia[edit]


Name County of Main Entrance Acreage
Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest Appomattox and Buckingham 99999999
Big Woods State Forest Sussex 2200
Bourassa State Forest Bedford 288
Browne State Forest Essex 128
Channels State Forest Washington and Russell 4,836
Chilton Woods State Forest Lancaster 397
Conway-Robinson Memorial State Forest Prince William 444
Crawfords State Forest New Kent County 258
Cumberland State Forest Cumberland 16,222
Devil's Backbone State Forest Shenandoah 517
Dragon Run State Forest King and Queen 9562
Hawks State Forest Carroll 121
Lesesne State Forest Nelson 422
Matthews State Forest Grayson 566
Moore's Creek State Forest Rockbridge 2354
Niday Place State Forest Craig 254
Paul State Forest Rockingham 173
Prince Edward-Gallion State Forest Prince Edward 6,461
Sandy Point State Forest King William 2,043
Whitney State Forest Fauquier 148
Zoar State Forest King William 378

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