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A Virtual Boy console with its controller

The Virtual Boy is a 32-bit tabletop video game console developed and designed by Nintendo, first released in Japan on July 21, 1995 and later in North America on August 14 of the same year.[1] The following list contains all of the games released for the Virtual Boy.

Originally unveiled at Nintendo's Shoshinkai Show in Japan on November 15, 1994 and at Winter CES in North America on January 6, 1995,[2][3] it was never intended to be released in its final form but Nintendo pushed the Virtual Boy in its unfinished state to market so that it could focus development resources on the then-upcoming Nintendo 64 and arrived later than other 32-bit systems such as the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, PlayStation and Sega Saturn but at a lower price,[4][5] retailing at US$179.95 but in mid-1996, Blockbuster was selling Virtual Boy units at $50 each.[6][7][2][8]:513

The system was overwhelmingly panned by critics and was deemed as a commercial failure,[9] selling only 770,000 units before being discontinued both in Japan and North America on December 22, 1995 and March 2, 1996 respectively,[10] making it the second lowest-selling console by Nintendo after the 64DD and its marketing campaign was commonly thought of as a failure.[11]

Several additional titles were announced to be released for the Virtual Boy at E3 1996, but ultimately they were never released due to the system’s discontinuation by Nintendo themselves.[2] As were several localizations that were only released in one region.[12] The system was never released in Europe.


Listed here are all 22[a] Virtual Boy games. Eight titles were exclusive to Japan, as three were for North America. A number of games were either announced or already in development before ultimately being canceled including Bound High!, Dragon Hopper, and Faceball.[2][12]

Regions released Region description Released
North America North America and other NTSC territories. 14
Japan Japan, Hong Kong and other NTSC-J territories. 19
Title[13][14] Genre(s) Developer(s) Publisher(s) Release date[13][14]
Japan North America
3D Tetris Puzzle T&E Soft Nintendo Unreleased[b] 22 March 1996
Galactic Pinball Pinball Intelligent Systems Nintendo 21 July 1995 14 August 1995
Golf Sports T&E Soft Nintendo (NA)
T&E Soft (JP)
11 August 1995 1 November 1995
Innsmouth no Yakata First-person shooter Be Top I'Max 13 October 1995 Unreleased[c]
Jack Bros. Action Atlus Atlus 29 September 1995 20 October 1995
Mario Clash Action Nintendo R&D1 Nintendo 28 September 1995 1 October 1995
Mario's Tennis Sports Nintendo R&D1 Nintendo 21 July 1995 14 August 1995
Nester's Funky Bowling Sports Nintendo R&D3, Saffire Corporation Nintendo Unreleased 26 February 1996
Panic Bomber Puzzle Eighting, Hudson Soft Nintendo (NA)
Hudson Soft (JP)
21 July 1995 1 December 1995
Red Alarm Shooter T&E Soft Nintendo (NA)
T&E Soft (JP)
21 July 1995 14 August 1995
SD Gundam Dimension War Turn-based strategy Locomotive Corporation Bandai 22 December 1995 Unreleased
Space Invaders Virtual Collection Shoot 'em up Taito Taito 1 December 1995 Unreleased
Space Squash Sports Tomcat System Coconuts Japan Entertainment 28 September 1995 Unreleased
Teleroboxer Fighting Nintendo R&D1, Nintendo R&D3 Nintendo 21 July 1995 14 August 1995
V-Tetris Puzzle Bullet-Proof Software Bullet-Proof Software 25 August 1995 Unreleased
Vertical Force Shoot 'em up Hudson Soft Nintendo (NA)
Hudson Soft (JP)
12 August 1995 1 December 1995
Virtual Bowling Sports Athena Athena, Nihon Bussan 22 December 1995 Unreleased
Virtual Boy Wario Land Platform Nintendo R&D1 Nintendo 1 December 1995 27 November 1995
Virtual Fishing Fishing Locomotive Corporation Pack-In-Video 6 October 1995 Unreleased[d]
Virtual Lab Puzzle Nacoty J-Wing 8 December 1995 Unreleased
Virtual League Baseball Sports Kemco Kemco 11 August 1995 11 September 1995
Waterworld Action Ocean Software Ocean of America Unreleased 21 December 1995


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