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Norman Smiley (right) was the first WCW Hardcore Champion.

The WCW Hardcore Championship was a professional wrestling Hardcore Championship contested for in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). During late 1999, WCW promoted various hardcore matches, bouts where there were no disqualifications or countouts, that mainly involved Norman Smiley and Brian Knobs. The developing rivalry between the two wrestlers led WCW to announce the creation of the WCW Hardcore Championship in November 1999.[1] In January 2001, the champion Meng signed a contract with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) after his WCW contract expired.[2] The WCW Hardcore Championship was vacated; a few months later, WCW was purchased by the WWF, and while the WWF used WCW's World Heavyweight, United States, Cruiserweight, and Tag Team Championships in the subsequent Invasion storyline, the WCW Hardcore Championship was not re-introduced.[3]

Title reigns were determined by professional wrestling hardcore match types with wrestlers involved in pre-existing scripts feuds, plots and storylines or were awarded the title due to scripted circumstances. Wrestlers were portrayed as either villains or fan favorites as they followed a series of tension-building events, which culminated in a hardcore wrestling type match or series of matches for the championship.[4] The inaugural champion was Norman Smiley, who defeated Brian Knobs at Mayhem. Before the promotion's purchase, the title was vacant, though, Meng was the final wrestler to hold the championship. The title was won in Canadian municipalities and in American states. Smiley held the title the longest at 51 days, and at less than one day, Carl Oullete has the shortest title reign. Brian Knobs has won the title on three occasions, the most in the championship's history; this also ties with the number of times the title was vacated. Overall, there were 18 reigns.

Title history[edit]

No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days
 1 Norman Smiley November 21, 1999 Mayhem Toronto, ON  1 51 Smiley defeated Brian Knobs in the finals of a tournament to become the inaugural champion. [5]
 2 Brian Knobs January 12, 2000 Thunder Erie, PA  1 27 This title change aired on tape delay.
 3 Bam Bam Bigelow February 7, 2000 Nitro Tulsa, OK  1 13
 4 Brian Knobs February 20, 2000 SuperBrawl San Francisco, CA  2 8 [6]
 5 Evan Karagias, Gregory Helms and Shannon Moore February 28, 2000 Nitro Minneapolis, MN  1 20 Helms, Karagias, and Moore, known as the 3 Count stable, defeated Brian Knobs simultaneously in a match, and as a result, WCW allowed the Freebird Rule in which all three wrestlers were able to defend the championship.
 6 Brian Knobs March 19, 2000 Uncensored Miami, FL  3 22 [7]
Vacated April 10, 2000 Nitro Denver, CO WCW Presidents Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff vacated every WCW championship during WCW's reboot.
 7 Terry Funk April 16, 2000 Spring Stampede Chicago, IL  1 36 Funk defeated Norman Smiley to win the vacant championship.
 8 Shane Douglas May 22, 2000 Nitro Grand Rapids, MI  1 1
9 Terry Funk May 23, 2000 Thunder Saginaw, MI  2 13
10 Eric Bischoff June 5, 2000 Nitro Atlanta, GA  1 1
11 Big Vito and Johnny the Bull June 6, 2000 Thunder Knoxville, TN  1 13 WCW President Eric Bischoff awarded Vito and Johnny the championship, and he announced that the Freebird Rule was in effect for this title reign, allowing both wrestlers to defend the title. This title reign aired on tape delay.
12 Big Vito June 19, 2000 Nitro Billings, MT  2 35 Vito defeated Johnny the Bull to be named the sole champion.
13  Lance Storm July 24, 2000 Nitro Cleveland, OH  1 21 Storm renames championship "Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title" shortly after winning it.
14 Carl Ouellet August 14, 2000 Nitro Kelowna, BC  1 <1 Lance Storm awarded Ouellet the championship.
15 Norman Smiley August 14, 2000 Nitro Kelowna, BC  2 42
Vacated September 27, 2000 Thunder Wilkes-Barre, PA The championship was vacated by WCW Commissioner Mike Sanders and a tournament announced to begin that night. The episode aired on tape delay.
16 Reno October 2, 2000 Nitro San Francisco, CA  1 37 Sgt. AWOL originally defeated Reno to win the vacant championship in a tournament final. However, Mike Sanders reversed the decision and awarded Reno the title.
17   Crowbar November 8, 2000 Thunder Chicago, IL  1 39 This title change aired on tape delay.
18 Terry Funk December 17, 2000 Starrcade Washington, D.C.  3 28 [8]
19 Meng January 14, 2001 Sin Indianapolis, IN  1 7 This was a triple threat hardcore match, also involving Crowbar. [9]
Deactivated January 21, 2001 Meng left WCW for WWF a week after winning the title to compete as Haku in the 2001 Royal Rumble and the championship was abandoned.

List of combined reigns[edit]

Rank Wrestler No. of reigns Combined days
1 Norman Smiley 2 93
2 Terry Funk 3 78
3 Brian Knobs 3 57
4 Big Vito 2 48
5 Reno 1 35
6 Crowbar 1 31
7 Lance Storm 1 21
8 Evan Karagias 1 20
Shane Helms 1 20
Shannon Moore 1 20
11 Bam Bam Bigelow 1 13
Johnny the Bull 1 13
13 Meng 1 7
14 Eric Bischoff 1 1
Shane Douglas 1 1
16 Carl Ouellet 1 <1


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