List of Worcester Polytechnic Institute fraternities and sororities

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The following is a list of fraternities and sororities at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. As of 2013, there were 14 active fraternities and 5 sororities.


The governing body of all fraternities is the Interfraternity Council. For more information on the please see website:

Alpha Chi Rho[edit]

Delta Sigma Phi chapter
Founded: 1978
Chapter website:

Alpha Tau Omega[edit]

Gamma Sigma chapter
Founded: 1906
Chapter website:

Beta Theta Pi[edit]

WPI colony

Lambda Chi Alpha[edit]

Pi chapter
Founded: 1913
Chapter website:

Phi Gamma Delta[edit]

Pi Iota chapter
Founded: 1891
Chapter website:

Phi Kappa Theta[edit]

Massachusetts Lambda chapter
Founded: 1914
Chapter website:

Phi Sigma Kappa[edit]

Epsilon Deuteron chapter
Founded: 1914
Chapter website:

Sigma Alpha Epsilon[edit]

Massachusetts Delta chapter
Founded: 1894
Chapter website:

Sigma Phi Epsilon[edit]

Massachusetts Beta chapter
Founded: 1938
Chapter website:

Sigma Pi[edit]

Gamma Iota chapter
Founded: 1965
Chapter website:

Tau Kappa Epsilon[edit]

Zeta Mu chapter
Founded: 1959
Chapter website:

Theta Chi[edit]

Epsilon chapter
Founded: 1909
Chapter website:

Zeta Psi[edit]

Pi Tau chapter
Founded: 1976
Chapter website:


The governing body of the sororities is the Panhellenic Council. For more information on the please see website:

Alpha Gamma Delta[edit]

Zeta Zeta chapter
Founded: 1980
Chapter website:

Alpha Phi[edit]

Iota Omicron chapter
Founded: 2011
Chapter website:

Alpha Xi Delta[edit]

Iota Xi chapter
Founded: 2007
Chapter website:

Chi Omega[edit]

Theta Mu chapter
Founded: 2014
Chapter website:

Phi Sigma Sigma[edit]

Gamma Iota chapter
Founded: 1977
Chapter website:

Theta Nu Xi[edit]

Alpha Lambda chapter
Founded: 2010
Chapter website:

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