List of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! episodes (1999)

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This is a list of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! guests for 1999. Data is taken from the Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Archives. Job titles reflect the position of individuals at the time of the appearance.


Date Guest
January 9 Laura Lorson, All Things Considered Swing Editor
Sara Sarasohn, NPR Associate Producer
Rob Robinson, NPR Senior Librarian
January 16 Frank Tavares, the voice of NPR's funding credits
January 23 Ann Taylor, NPR newscaster
January 30 Martin Goldsmith, Host of ..Performance Today


Date Guest
February 6 Edward Lifson, Foreign Correspondent based in Berlin
February 13 Bob Edwards, Morning Edition host
February 20 Daniel Zwerdling, Weekend All Things Considered host
February 27 Peter Kenyon, NPR Senate correspondent


Date Guest
March 6 Korva Coleman, NPR Newscaster
March 13 Lynn Neary, religion correspondent
March 20 Jeffrey Dvorkin, Vice President of NPR News and Information
March 27 Joe Palca or Claudia Perry, The Newark Star-Ledger (unclear)


Date Guest
April 3 John Burnett, NPR Southwest correspondent
April 10 John Ydstie, NPR Economics reporter
April 17 Brian Naylor, Congressional correspondent


Date Guest
May 1 Bill Littlefield, Only A Game Host
May 8 Sean Collins, All Things Considered senior producer
May 15 John Neilsen, NPR Environment correspondent
May 22 Tom and Ray Magliozzi, Hosts of NPR's Car Talk
May 29 Jean Cochran, NPR newscaster


Date Guest
June 5 Ira Glass, Host of This American Life
June 12 Jack Speer, NPR Business correspondent
June 19 Jim Zarroli, NPR Business correspondent
June 26 Leo Del Aguila, NPR Los Angeles Bureau Engineer


Date Guest
July 3 Robert Siegel, host of All Things Considered
July 10 Wade Goodwyn, NPR Southwest reporter
July 17 David Welna, NPR Chicago Bureau Correspondent
July 24 Corey Flintoff, NPR newscaster
July 31 Alex Chadwick, NPR correspondent


Date Guest
August 7 Manoli Wetherell, NPR New York Bureau Chief Engineer
August 14 Vertamae Grosvenor, NPR food and culture contributor
August 21 Jim Nayder, Host of The Annoying Music Show
August 28 Rick Karr, Host of Anthem and Cultural Desk Reporter


Date Guest
September 4 David Baron, NPR Science reporter
September 11 Snigda Prakash, NPR National Desk reporter
September 18 Bill Radke, Host of NPR and KUOW's Rewind
September 25 Scott Simon, Weekend Edition Saturday host


Date Guest
October 2 Don Gonyea, NPR Detroit reporter
October 9 Adam Hochberg, NPR reporter
October 16 Mara Liasson, White House correspondent
October 23 Melinda Penkava, Host of Talk of the Nation
October 30 Ken Nordine, Host of Word Jazz


Date Guest
November 6 Mike Shuster, NPR correspondent
November 13 Rachel Basofin
Erica Reid
Hershal Shevade, all from NPR Listener Services
November 20 Ina Jaffe, NPR Los Angeles correspondent


Date Guest
December 4 Sylvia Poggioli, NPR Senior European correspondent
December 11 Studs Terkel, author of The Spectator
December 18 Linda Wertheimer, All Things Considered host
December 25 Liane Hansen, Weekend Edition Sunday host (repeat)