List of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! episodes (2000)

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This is a list of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! guests for 2000. Data is taken from the Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Archives. Job titles reflect the position of individuals at the time of the appearance.


Date Guest
January 1 Murray Horwitz, NPR Vice President of Cultural Programming
January 8 Bob Mondello, All Things Considered Film Critic
January 15 Jennifer Ludden, NPR Mid-east Correspondent
January 22 Debbie Elliott, NPR Southern Reporter
January 29 Howard Berkes, NPR Salt Lake City Correspondent


Date Guest
February 5 David Kestenbaum, NPR Science Desk Reporter
February 12 Stefan Fatsis, Wall Street Journal reporter and All Things Considered Commentator
February 19 T.R. Reid, Washington Post London Bureau Chief
February 26 Mary Ann Akers, NPR National Desk


Date Guest
March 4 Juan Williams, Host, Talk of the Nation
March 11 Andy Bowers, Los Angeles Reporter
March 18 David Brancaccio, Host, PRI's Marketplace
March 25 Bob Boilen, director of All Things Considered


Date Guest
April 1 Madeleine Brand, Acting NPR London Correspondent
April 8 Ron Rappaport, Chicago Sun Times sports writer and Weekend Edition Saturday commentator
April 15 Kee Malesky and Alphonse Vinh, NPR Reference Librarians
April 22 Steve Inskeep, NPR Pentagon Correspondent
April 29 Sara Paretsky, Mystery author


Date Guest
May 6 Bob Edwards, Morning Edition host
May 13 Melissa Block, NPR New York Correspondent
May 20 Ira Glass, host of This American Life
May 27 Nina Totenberg, NPR Legal correspondent


Date Guest
June 3 Ira Flatow, Host, Talk of the Nation Science Friday
June 10 Julie McCarthy, NPR London Correspondent
June 17 Lisa Simeone, Host, 'Soundprint and Performance Today'
June 24 Diane Rehm, Host, The Diane Rehm Show


Date Guest
July 1 John Mcchesney, NPR Technology Correspondent
July 8 Liane Hansen, Host, Weekend Edition Sunday
July 15 Linda Wertheimer, Host, All Things Considered
July 22 Scott Simon, Host, Weekend Edition Saturday
July 29 Rick Karr, NPR Cultural Reporter from New York


Date Guest
August 7 Guy Raz, of NPR
August 14 Tom Goldman, of NPR
August 21 John Nielsen, NPR Environmental Correspondent
August 28 Maria Hinojosa, CNN Correspondent and Host of Latino USA


Date Guest
September 2 Martha Plimpton, actress
September 9 Nancy Cartwright, actress, the voice of Bart Simpson
September 16 John Hamilton, NPR Health Care Reporter
September 23 Senator John McCain, (R-Arizona)
September 30 Brooke Gladstone, On The Media host


Date Guest
October 7 John Ydstie, NPR Economic Correspondent
October 14 Rear Admiral Lewis Crenshaw, of the 6th Carrier Group.
October 21 Jim Nayder, Host of The Annoying Music Show
October 28 Margot Adler, New York Correspondent


Date Guest
November 4 Gene Sperling, Chief White House Economic Advisor
November 11 Armistead Maupin, Author, The Night Listener and Tales of the City
November 18 Kevin "KAL" Kallagher, cartoonist for the Baltimore Sun and The Economist magazine
November 25 Murray Horwitz, Vice President of Cultural Programming at NPR


Date Guest
December 2 Michael Feldman, Host, PRI's Wha'd Ya Know?
December 9 Jane and Michael Stern, authors of Road Food
December 16 John Feinstein, Morning Edition commentator
December 23 T.R. Reid, Washington Post London Bureau Chief
December 30 Robert Siegel, Host, All Things Considered