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This is a list of characters from the Warriors Orochi series; a crossover of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors universes.

Playable character table[edit]

Characters are listed in alphabetical order.

Characters only in Warriors Orochi series[edit]

Warriors Orochi[edit]

  • Orochi (遠呂智), the Serpent King and the mythological beast of Yamato. Before he is the demon as he is now, Orochi is actually Yinglong, a powerful mystic who rebelled against the Shangdi long before the series starts, who was fooled by Mae Tamamo into believing that the Emperor his sacred artifact, Shinkyō to control demons. When he broke the sacred mirror, its evil power transformed him to Orochi, who would then be imprisoned in the mystic world prison by the Mystics after he committed various crimes in the mortal world. However, he is freed by the fox spirit Da Ji, who is interested in his power and feeling sympathy. Wanting to put an end to his sufferings by attracting powerful challengers, he places the heroes of the Three Kingdoms period of China and Warring States period of Japan into a new dimension, as he then led his demonic army to attack the heroes, immediately subduing them. He also defeats the group of Mystics who originally imprisoned him as he is proven to be unbeatable. However, the alliance of the heroes from the two eras is able to kill him at the end of the first game. Though he is revived in the second game, the heroes defeat him again. After his permanent death, his raw power manifests in the dimensional world as the Hydra, while his soul is born as Shuten Dōji. He wields a giant scythe as his weapon.
  • Da Ji (妲己 Daki), the villainous concubine of King Zhou of Shang from Fengshen Yanyi. She is a fox demon who is responsible for freeing Orochi from his prison in the mystics world as well as aiding him in his actions. She is also very loyal to Orochi and punishes people who underestimate him. After Orochi is killed, Da Ji flees as her actions had led her becoming a criminal in both humanity and mystic's eyes. Helped by several allies, she resurrects Orochi from the dead, but her lord is killed once again by the warriors. Afterwards, Da Ji goes throughout the world to demolish humanity, eventually supporting the Demon Army when the bewitched serpent, Hydra appears in the world. While humanity is spared through the intervention of other mystics, Da Ji manages to escape her ways through various tricks, although she is unable to evade the robotic Nezha, an aide of Susano'o sent to capture her. She is saved by the coalition, who unwittingly forces her to join as they have her friend, Himiko in their side. To stop the Hydra's terror, Da Ji plans to revive Orochi a second time, although her plans are thwarted by Susano'o. Nevertheless, Da Ji willingly helps the coalition to defeat Hydra, as her views of them have changed with the time she has spent with them. After the Hydra has been defeated for good, Da Ji and her allies break out of the Coalition and find Mae Tamamo in the form of a rock. Believing that she has a connection with Orochi, Da Ji assists her in capturing warriors and creating doppelgangers of them. She has two floating balls (described variously as marbles of chaos, orbs of atrophy, spheres of decay, and orbs of ruin) as her weapons.

Warriors Orochi 2[edit]

  • Taigong Wang (太公望 Taikō Bō), also known as Jiang Ziya, was a legendary military strategist and the most famous Prime Minister from the Zhou Dynasty of China. He is a young mystic who tried to recapture Orochi after he broke out from his prison thanks to Da Ji's doings, although he failed. After Orochi is defeated by humanity, he descends to capture Da Ji, being the only one who is able to outmatch her tricks. Helping the Shu Army, the warriors are eventually able to kill the resurrected Orochi, with Taigong Wang returning to the mystic world. Following the appearance of Hydra, Taigong Wang descends again to help humanity, devising a plan to repel Hydra by building sacred weapons called Yashio'ori. He is portrayed as a handsome young man, but has a rather cocky and egotistic personality. His weapon is a magic fishing rod.
  • Kiyomori Taira[1] (平清盛) was a military general from the Heian Period of Japan. As part of the resurrection of Orochi in the second game, Da Ji resurrects Kiyomori after his death at the hands of Yoshitsune Minamoto. Kiyomori subsequently allies himself with Orochi and works on Orochi's resurrection, using Himiko as the catalyst. He is then killed by the allied forces in order to buy time for Orochi's complete revival. In the third game, he is resurrected by Susano'o in an attempt to prevent the dimensional world from destruction and continues to fight in Orochi's forces, brainwashing several heroes to fight their allies. He uses a set of gigantic prayer beads as a weapon.
  • Yoshitsune Minamoto[1] (源義経) was another military general from the Heian Period, opposing Kiyomori. He joined Wu in an attempt to defeat Kiyomori, who is resurrected by Da Ji. He can fight Lu Bu to a stalemate unscathed, which surprises Wu. Joining the Wu Army, Yoshitsune helps them fight and eventually kill the resurrected Orochi. He leaves the army to traverse the world, although he rejoins the coalition to help them battle against the Hydra. He wields a lightsaber-like gauntlet that is attached to his arm and can fire energy projectiles with it. He is a rather typical samurai.
  • Sun Wukong (孫悟空 Son Gokū), also known as the "Monkey King", is the main character from Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature (which includes Romance of the Three Kingdoms). In order to be released from confinement by Kiyomori, Sun Wukong fights for the Orochi army. He is still following Kiyomori as of the third game, although he also tries to keep his friend, the monk Sanzang, who has been trying to find him, away from the conflict. He is a playful monkey and is also quite arrogant. As in every incarnation of him, he utilizes his famous Ruyi Jingu Bang as his weapon.
  • Himiko (卑弥呼) was the ancient Japanese shaman queen known for her relationship with the Wei Kingdom of China. She is recruited by Da Ji sometime after Orochi's death, and since then they have a sister-like relationship with each other. Himiko is used as a catalyst for Kiyomori to resurrect Orochi and she continues to follow the Demon Army afterwards. In the third game, Da Ji is hunted by the coalition and Himiko tries to let herself get captured instead, although she is let go by Kai out of respect. However, Da Ji is later hunted by the even more dangerous Nezha. Himiko requests help from the coalition and together they rescue Da Ji, with her being forced to join the coalition as Himiko is unaware that she is technically a hostage to ensure Da Ji's loyalty. She utilizes a set of energy-firing Dogu dolls.
  • Orochi X (真・遠吕智 Shin Orochi) is the revived form of Orochi. Having been revived by Kiyomori Taira and Da Ji, this new form of Orochi is more powerful and evil than before. He is quickly defeated and killed by the warriors at the end of the second game. While he technically does not appear in the third game, after the eight Orochi clones spawned from the Hydra's remains are defeated, they unify to produce a single Orochi X clone. He utilizes the same scythe as his first form, but has a more powerful moveset.

Musou Orochi Z[edit]

  • Benkei (弁慶) was a warrior monk of the Heian period, most famously known for his loyalty to Minamoto no Yoshitsune, and his collection of weapons. He wields a giant glove (which conceals a cannon, flamethrower, a wooden block connected to a chain and a jet) as his weapon.
  • Sanzang (三藏法師 Sanzō Hoshi) is the central character of the classic Chinese epic Journey to the West, where Sun Wukong also originated from. However, in a break of traditional portrayals, Sanzang in Warriors Orochi Z is portrayed as a female. In the series, Sanzang mainly appears to find her companion, Sun Wukong, who has been serving the Demon Army so Kiyomori may be able to set him free. Her weapons are her sleeves, a la House of Flying Daggers.
  • Dodomeki and Gyuki, two Orochi army generals that were only playable in the VS and Survival mode of Warriors Orochi 2, have been made into fully fledged characters that can be used throughout the entire game, complete with updated and improved movesets.

Warriors Orochi 3[edit]

  • Kaguya (かぐや) is the main character of the Japanese folktale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. After the eight-headed serpent Hydra had caused mass destruction in the dimensional world, Kaguya descends to help the three remaining heroes to save the warriors who died in the original timeline using her time travel ability. Throughout the game, she begins to develop a sense of friendship, a feat she has never achieved before due to her time in the mystic world. She wields sakaki branches and magic mirrors.
  • Shuten Dōji (酒呑童子) is better known as the king of Oni. Born without knowing anything about himself other than his name, he travels to the dimensional realm to learn more about himself. While at first he sides with the Orochi forces, he is eventually captured by the coalition and agrees to join them. Eventually, he is revealed to be a container of Orochi's soul born at the same time when the Hydra appears in the dimensional world. Wanting to serve a purpose in his life, Shuten Dōji accepts being used to power up the mystical weapon, Yashio'ori, which can be used to destroy the Hydra. He wields a giant gourd as his weapon.
  • Nezha (哪吒 Nata) is a heavenly general who fought The Monkey King, Sun Wukong in the Chinese epic Journey to the West. After he was killed during the long war, Susano'o resurrected him as a cyborg. He obediently follows Susano'o by hunting Da Ji, although his strategies and tactics borders on terrorism against humanity. It is revealed in the game's prequel chapter that he was actually killed by Orochi. His weapons are the Four Elephant Rings.
    • The younger/human incarnation of Nezha first appeared in Ultimate update, stated to be born between the human realm and the mystic realm. He manages to live among the mystics through his combat capabilities. He appears in the game's prequel chapter, where he is killed by Orochi. Unlike his cyborg form, this version wields the Fire Tip Lance.
  • Susano'o (素戔嗚) is the legendary hero renowned for slaying Yamata no Orochi. He is the leader of the Mystics and their goal is similar to the coalition's: to hunt Da Ji and stop the Hydra from destroying the dimensional world. However, he is hostile to the coalition and considers them inferior. In the end, the coalition is able to prove their might against Susano'o, thus he finally agrees to let them confront Orochi by themselves. He wields the sword Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi.
  • Seimei Abe (安倍清明) was a member of the aristocratic Abe clan, a clan which has ties to the Japanese imperial throne. After unwillingly being transported to the dimensional world, Seimei tries to hide from the warriors by trying to prevent anyone from entering his residence, although he later relents and joins the Coalition with the hope that he may be able to return to his home. His weapons are a wooden folding fan and a white fox spirit.
  • Shennong (神農 Shinnō) is one of the Three Sovereigns who is renowned for having taught China to not only practice agriculture, but also the use of herbal drugs. He was content to stay in the mystic realm until he notices humanity's struggle in the dimensional realm. He decides to descend with the other mystics to provide help for humanity. He wields Zhebian (Red Whip).
  • Mae Tamamo (玉藻前) is a legendary kitsune who is said to be the most beautiful and intelligent woman in Japan. After the Hydra had been defeated, she appears in the dimensional world in a rock form, eventually being found by the Demon Army. Armed with a scroll and the sacred mirror, Shinkyō, she enjoys toying with the warriors before she allies herself with Orochi and Da Ji, while simultaneously hides her own personal agenda. Using the sacred mirror, she absorbs several warriors there, causing the Three Sovereigns to try and use the mirror on Tamamo herself. However, this only causes Tamamo to revert to her true self, the Kyūbi no Kitsune. Even after being transformed, she is still defeated by the Coalition, who then seals her inside the Shinkyō. She wields an enchanted scroll.
  • Yinglong (応龍 Ōryū) is a powerful mystic entrusted with exterminating demons in the mystic realm. He has a habit of ignoring others' reasoning when making decisions, although he does care for his subordinates' assessments. He is later revealed to be Orochi's self before he is the demon he is now. Long before the series starts, Yinglong had rebelled against Heavenly Emperor after being fooled by Mae Tamamo into believing that he had controlled demons. He broke the Emperor's sacred mirror, Shinkyō, causing him to be corrupted and becoming Orochi. Since then, he seeks death so he may end his sufferings. He wields Twin Dragon Sword.
  • Kyūbi no Kitsune (九尾の狐) is the mythical nine-tailed fox who is portrayed as either a mischievous or malevolent entity. She is actually the true form of Mae Tamamo, who reverts to her when the Shinkyō is used against her. She uses her nine tails and robes as weapons.
  • Hundun (渾沌 Konton) is one of the Four Fiends and considered the source of primordial chaos in Chinese mythology. He loathes the prospect of peace and relishes chaos, seeking to destroy anyone who brings order to the dimensional realm. Hundun does not appear in the main story and only makes his appearance as the final boss of Unlimited Mode. Wields four hatchets.
  • Hydra (妖蛇 Yōja, lit. Mystic Snake) is the physical manifestation of Orochi's raw power by way of the "world's will" and taking the form of a giant eight-headed serpent dubbed Hydra. It was born after Orochi was defeated in the second game. It had been causing disasters and deaths in the dimensional realm. It is also near-invincible, as the only way to kill it is to use the mystical weapon Yashio'ori with which it can be used to slay each of its head, after which it will reform to eight Orochi clones and a single Orochi X form. Contrary to popular belief, the Hydra is a manifestation of Orochi's power and not Orochi himself. The Hydra's form resembles Orochi's original portrayal, the eight-headed serpent Yamata no Orochi.
  • The Heavenly Emperor (天帝 Tentei) is the supreme monarch of the mystic realm who only appears as an NPC that the player must protect in one stage. He possessed a mirror capable of sealing beings within, which he used to seal demons. However, Yinglong was tricked by Tamamo into believing that the Emperor had an unjust cause and rebelled against him, eventually managing to break the mirror, which released the evil presence into Yinglong, transforming him into Orochi. Orochi subsequently killed the Emperor and Nezha before escaping to the human realm. In the corrected timeline, Yinglong still transforms into Orochi, but the coalition is able to save the Emperor, who in turn lends them his restored mirror so they can seal Tamamo.

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