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The Everyday Happenings Of Weebl and Bob is a series of Flash animations created by Jonti Picking, with assistance from Chris Vick (Skoo).

List of Official Episodes[edit]

# Title Release Date Description
1 pie June 6, 2002 Weebl and Bob discuss their love of pie
2 donkey June 7 Weebl sings about his girlfriend Donkey, and introduces her to Bob as pie
3 hairy June 8 Hairy Lee helps Weebl get pie
4 jazz June 9 Weebl woos the audience with his jazz song about pie
5 angry June 11 Angry Paul in a very angry mood
6 bull June 14 Wee Bull wins another battle against Weebl
7 advert June 20 An ad about pie scented cleaner
8 cleaner June 27 Weebl's cleaner finally arrives, and ends up with a cheeky monkey
9 yarr July 2 Weebl and Bob witness a murder
10 shoes July 10 Weebl fails to impress the ladies
11 tarte July 11 Episode one, only in French
12 art July 21 Weebl and Bob attend a pie funeral
13 wrong July 28 Much to Weebl's dismay, Chris the Ninja Pirate wins Donkey's affections
14 show August 8 "Which Pie is the Best?"
15 riot August 14 The Jams protest, and it's up to the police to stop them
16 gallery August 25 Weebl and Bob enter an art competition
17 heist September 10 Hairy Lee admits stealing the art competition prize
18 Bob's Week in France September 29 Bob goes to France
19 Bob's Week in France pt.2 September 30 Bob and Angry Pierre get drunk
20 Bob's Week in France pt.3 October 1 Kevin steals Bob's kidney
21 Bob's Week in France pt.4 October 2 Bob and Angry Pierre visit the Pie-fel Tower
22 penguins October 26 A cartoon by Bob about penguins
23 Bob's Week in France pt.5 November 19 Bob and Angry Pierre go to the beach
24 Bob's Week in France pt.6 December 3 Bob leaves France on the fateful HMS Pietanic
25 ff7 December 10 Bob's version of Final Fantasy VII
26 Christmas December 23 How Weebl saved Christmas, plus a series of pointless Christmas gifts
27 sorry January 10, 2003 "Walking With Dinosaurs" by Skoo
28 bob's Week in France Part 7 January 31 Sheerluck Weebl and Dr. Bob investigate the sinking ship mystery
29 bag February 13 Weebl makes a film
30 elvis February 25 "Uh-uh-uh!"
31 asshat March 11 Rob Manuel's version of the first episode
32 crusty March 27 "How much is that pie in the window..."
33 trim April 9 Weebl and Bob spend a day at the barber's
34 clowns April 23 Weebl buys a record...and a banana
35 merchandise May 20 Discover the joys of Wobblin' Weebl. Features a parody of Test Card F
36 wee-lo June 3 Weebl and Bob do a bit of J-Lo
37 birthday June 6 "Has it really been a year?"
38 battle June 17 Weebl and Wee Bull engage in a freestyle rap battle
39 cheese July 6 The dangers of cheese
40 hentai July 15 Hello Kitty? Hello Weebl, actually...
41 hats July 29 A tale of flaming heads by Bob
42 quest August 14 Chris the Ninja Pirate tries to return the golden pie
43 poet August 26 An ode to pie by Weebl. Dedicated to Wesley Willis
44 anywhere September 8 Monkey croons about going anywhere...apart from the bathroom
45 blockage September 22 Weebl, Bob and a whale
46 wedding October 6 Chris the Ninja Pirate and Donkey get married
47 TV October 16 Weebl and Bob watch TV
48 cows October 28 Weebl and Bob have a nasty encounter with cows
49 halloween October 30 Halloween, Weebl and Bob style
50 fishing November 10 Weebl and Bob play the insult game
51 egg November 25 Weebl meets the Vibro Egg
52 chat December 12 An interview with Weebl and Bob
53 xmas2 December 23 Weebl does a rendition of White Christmas
54 diet January 8, 2004 A lengthy dose of Christmas dinners take its toll on Bob
55 germs January 20 Bubble Boy worries about germs
56 moon February 2 Weebl sells Bob's house to buy a rocket to the moon
57 jelly February 19 A Bob cartoon about jelly
58 awards March 5 A take-off in the Academy Awards
59 mask March 16 Bob becomes a thief
60 ill March 18 Weebl suffers from the morning after
61 Space Mushrooms April 2 A Mars documentary spoof by Skoo
62 Team Laser Explosion April 16 Weebl and Bob's alter egos try to save Mayor Haggar
63 tle club April 28 Info about "The Team Laser Explosion Secret Fan Club"
64 Birthday Wishes May 17 Weebl and Bob wish a happy birthday to their creator
65 pikea May 28 Weebl and Bob go to Pikea
66 pikea2 June 9 Weebl and Bob learn the Swedish language
67 pikea3 June 25 Weebl and Bob build some pie
68 politics July 13 A take-off on America. Made by Bob, "for Michael Moore!"
69 kungfu August 2 Chris the Ninja Pirate in an action-packed Martial Arts adventure
70 band August 25 The Jams form a band
71 niiiiccce September 13 Jazzman Weebl croons about squirrels and ham bags
72 parallel October 2 Weebl and Bob discover a pie-filled utopia under the stairs
73 history1 (Prehistoric Times) October 28 A look at prehistoric man
74 history2 (Ice Age) October 29 Curling, Weebl and Bob style
75 history3 (Really Really Really Ancient Egypt) November 8 Some riddles weren't meant to be solved
76 history4 (Ancient Greece) November 23 A look at Ancient Greece...and farting in the bath
77 history5 (The Roman Empire) December 12 Weebl as a Roman emperor demanding much from his countrymen
78 captain December 23 Weebl vs. a fly claiming to be The Captain of the Farm
79 history6 (Those Naughty Vikings) January 14, 2005 Weebl and Bob as vikings
80 ouch January 28 Skoo explains why Weebl is unable to make new episodes for a while
81 Team Laser Explosion 3 February 12 TLE needs a new logo, and The Mayor has a problem again
82 get well March 4 "It's still good"
83 anyhoo March 20 Monkey again going anywhere still avoiding the toilet
84 joust April 4 Weebl declares a pointless joust against Chris the Ninja Pirate
85 joust2 April 26 The joust happens...and Bob's car gets "pimped up"
86 doods May 13 A Bob story about escaping a dood-eating lion
87 pieku May 25 Weebl and Bob introduce a new form of poetry: "pieku".
88 hols June 13 "Who the f*** is Apple Dave?"
89 lurgie July 2 Bob has bum eyes and needs the doctor
90 piepod July 21 Weebl and Bob try out for an ad for Apple PiePods
91 date August 8 Weebl arranges a "blind" date for Bob
92 fleabag August 21 Bob's guide to pwning your cats
93 history7 (Medieval Times) September 8 "Is that a pie I see before me?"
94 history8 (Industrial Revolution) September 22 Weebl and Bob are farmers who witness the birth of the Industrial Revolution. The skunk harvest is disrupted by the invention of the train
95 sweet October 7 A wasp tries to get his hands on the duo's sugar
96 record October 25 Weebl's tooting record is broken by Bob's parp
97 gothic November 14 Bob becomes a goth
98 paper December 1 Weebl "takes on" A-ha in this special "lined paper" edition
99 ghosts December 21 Bob gives another of his guides, this time on the subject of ghosts of Christmas past, present and future
100 100 January 10, 2006 Weebl gets some precious pie, but is interrupted with news of Donkey's accident
101 funeral February 3 Weebl, Bob and Chris go to Donkey's funeral. Mr Teeth gives the sermon
102 upgrade February 20 Weebl has a bath: recipe for disaster when Bob's concerned
103 upgrade2 March 2 Witness the terror that is Pissy Werld
104 blog March 20 Bob struggles to get used to his new computer
105 housework April 7 Bob guides us about housework
106 Team Laser Explosion 4 April 21 TLE returns to battle the Apple Squad
107 balance May 4 Bob's new weight causes problems. Guest starring a Stephen Hawking
108 dj May 21 Weebl learns about handling hot pies from DJ Pie Safety
109 hat show June 9 David Hattenbourogh teaches us the significance of hats
110 stains June 24 Weebl is caught with his trousers down, looking at a pie recipe book
111 hot July 14 It's summer and Weebl teaches Bob about being 'unhot'
112 cold July 28 It's still hot, but Weebl has had an idea. Also, the song played at the end is a takeoff of "Fly Me to the Moon".
113 stand-in August 25 Monkey and Hairy Lee are standing-in for the duo this week
114 intervention September 15 Weebl and Bob visit Chris; a game of "reversies" is afoot
115 email October 11 Weebl and Bob read their new email
116 pastry November 9 Another musical number from the duo. This time it's "Pastry Back"
117 hams November 24 A Bob cartoon about vegetarianism
118 history 9 (The Lesser Known But Equally Important Ages Of Man) December 8 A look at the cardboard age - and then much later - the fire age
119 Christmas 4 December 20 "I saw three ships come sailing in..."
120 dan January 11, 2007 Weebl and Bob visit 'Catalan'. Includes the winner from the Weebl and Bob charity auction
121 spa February 3 Monkey's bathroom is turned into a health spa run by Weebl
122 safety February 17 DJ Pie Safety returns to inform about eating pie safely
123 CSI March 15 Justice Shades & Boberto Consuarlez investigate the bakers murder. Parody of CSI: Miami
124 colds April 21 A guide to why people get colds by Bob
125 snails May 20 Weebl purchases some "Mongolian Racing Snails"
126 bird July 11 Weebl and Bob return from their stint in prison
127 factor August 31 Weebl tries out for The X Factor
128 moody September 7 Bob's attempt at a more artistic sort of film
129 cube October 25 Portal meets Weebl and Bob
130 Christmas 5 December 20 Weebl attempts to sing "Jingle Bells"
131 Goo Fiction January 11, 2008 Weebl and Bob spoof Pulp Fiction for Cadbury's Creme Eggs
132 Raiders January 25 Another Creme Egg Spoof, this time on Raiders of the Lost Ark
133 Goolien February 8 The last Egg Creme spoof. It's a parody of Alien
134 biscuit March 30 Bob delivers the truth about biscuits
135 Frankenstein May 12 Weebl & Bob in Frankenstein
136 sellout June 20 Weebl makes a crown of money... and a lot of money
137 destroy August 8 "You destroy every pie you touch..." (Taken down on the 14th Sep by Ladytron)
138 Satire September 12 Weebl and Bob discuss politics
139 conversation October 1 Weebl and Bob learn how to have 'proper' conversations
140 Rally October 14 Weebl and Bob go to the Obama Rally
141 Team Laser Explosion 5 December 7 Team Laser Explosion return, in their greatest adventure yet!
142 Christmas 6 December 17 A Christmas episode from the Weebl's Stuff Advent Calendar
143 Christmas 7 December 19 Weebl sings his version of "Hallelujah"
144 Wizard of Goo February 13, 2009 The new season of Goovies for Cadbury's Creme Eggs, starting with a parody of The Wizard of Oz
145 Goobusters February 25 Goovies parody of Ghostbusters
146 Gooshine March 10 Goovies parody of Sunshine
147 Goo and the City March 24 Goovies parody of Sex and the City
148 Armagooden April 3 Goovies parody of Armageddon
149 Gravy April 24 Weebl loves gravy and encourages checking "Wikipiedia".
150 History 10 (Victorian Era) May 11 Telegraphs are exchanged in the Victorian Era.
151 Twits June 12 Weebl and Bob use Twitter.
152 Note July 12 Weebl takes a message.
153 Peripherals August 15 Weebl, Bob, and Hairy Lee play Rock Band.
154 Restrooms September 17 Bob makes an educational film about public toilets.
155 Changed November 19 Bob thinks Weebl's lust for pie might be fading
156 Den December 12 Weebl and Bob seek investment from Dragon's Den
157 Facts May 6, 2010 Weebl gets the facts from somewhere.
158 L.O.S.T May 21 Weebl has a problem that needs solving.
159 Petition July 29 Weebl visits his mummy in order to solve his lady woes
160 Body September 26 The return of Weebl's Mummy.
161 Christmas 8 December 22 Weebl sings his version of Oh Come All Ye Faithful
162 Eggvatar January 31, 2011 Goovies parody of Avatar
163 Gooture February 11 Goovies parody of Back to the Future
164 Eggacy February 25 Goovies parody of Tron: Legacy
165 Inceggtion March 11 Goovies parody of Inception
166 Bob Pilgrim March 31 Goovies parody of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
167 Blegg Swan April 11 Goovies parody of Black Swan
168 Portals April 26 Weebl and Bob do some more science.
169 Piecraft July 8 Weebl and Bob have a look at Piecraft. The game that Weebl and Bob are talking about.
170 Octopus September 18 Weebl and Bob have a giant monster problem.
171 Sitter November 18 Monkey's little brother needs babysitting, so Weebl applys for the job.
172 Begins February 28, 2012 The start of an epic journey for Weebl and Bob.
173 Romantic March 21 Part two of the ongoing Weebl and Bob story. Chris is romancing Weebl's Mum.
174 Mission July 6 The ongoing story of Weebl and Bob continues in a sequential fashion.
175 Showdown September 14 Weebl and Bob continue on their epic adventure to steal Donkey from the Parallel Universe.
176 Limbo November 25, 2013 Weebl and Bob are dead.
177 Sneaky November 25 Weebl and Bob continue their mission to get Donkey.
178 Invitation November 25 Bob gets an invite.
179 Team Laser Explosion 6 November 25 TO THE SKIES!
180 Melons November 25 Bob is visited by foods past.
181 Destroy Every Pie You Touch (Re-release) October 3, 2014 The long lost episode of Weebl and Bob.

MTV and exclusive episodes[edit]

# Title Release Date Description
1 trailer 2002 (MTV episode) "What is the Pietrix?" – The Internet Archive has archived the episode from this thread on Weebl's Stuff forums.
2 hostage 2002 (MTV episode) Chris saves the day when the Jams take Weebl and Bob hostage
3 sex 1 2003 (MTV episode) Weebl and Bob discuss sex: this week - spanking
4 sex 2 2003 (MTV episode) More sex tips from Weebl and Bob: this week - porn
5 sex 3 2003 (MTV episode) More from Weebl and Bob's guide to sexing: this week - wooing
6 pipe 2004 (DVD episode) Yet another first episode spoof; this time, a look at the Victorian age
7 thirty May 17, 2005 A Kill Bill-style 30th birthday treat for Jonti

Advent calendar 2004 cartoons[edit]

Day Description
1 Christmas time's a coming, says Weebl
5 Weebl's hoping for some pie this Christmas
16 Weebl and Bob go mince pie-stealing, and Donkey "gives birth"

Official games[edit]

Title Release Date Description
bobber man 2004 (DVD extra) A game in Bomberman style, starring bob
ultimate pie theft September 21, 2006 A game in Pac-Man style, starring Wee Bull


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