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This is a list of episodes for the series Wild Kratts. Some episodes focus on an environmental problem, while other episodes have a villain.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Original air date
First aired Last aired
1 40 January 3, 2011 (2011-01-03) October 25, 2012 (2012-10-25)
2 26 October 15, 2012 (2012-10-15) January 31, 2014 (2014-01-31)
3 26 April 7, 2014 (2014-04-07) July 22, 2015 (2015-07-22)
4 26 July 29, 2015 (2015-07-29) April 14, 2017 (2017-04-14)
5 20 July 24, 2017 (2017-07-24) TBA (TBA)


Season 1: 2011–12[edit]

Episode number Title Director Writer Country/region Animals Original air date
1 "Mom of a Croc" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Nile River (Uganda) Nile crocodile, marabou stork, hippopotamus, Nile monitor, African softshell turtle, honey badger, red-veined darter January 3, 2011 (2011-01-03) N/A

At the Nile River, zoologists Chris and Martin Kratt (voiced by their real-world selves) are on a mission to show one of their fellow Wild Kratts team members-brilliant young inventor Aviva Corcovado (Athena Karkanis)-that there's more to crocodiles than just violence and snapping jaws. After shrinking themselves down to a few inches tall by using Aviva's Miniaturizer invention, the Kratt brothers disguise themselves as crocodile eggs and sneak into a mother crocodile's new nest. In the Wild Kratts team's turtle-shaped aircraft and headquarters-the Tortuga, one of Aviva's greatest inventions-the Wild Kratts tech team, consisting of Aviva, communications expert and mechanic Koki (Heather Bambrick), and skilled pilot Jimmy Z (Jonathan Malen) monitor Chris and Martin and watch as the mother crocodile faithfully guards her nest against predators for months without even eating anything. Eventually, as the crocodile eggs hatch and the crocodile mom uses her mouth to carry several of her newly-hatched babies to the river, Aviva changes her mind about crocodiles and decides that these reptiles are in fact caring and dedicated mothers. But when the mother crocodile leaves the river to go get more hatchlings from her nest, predators threaten the first batch of baby crocodiles. The Kratt brothers must use the incredible Creature Power Suits-two of Aviva's inventions-to gain the abilities of crocodiles and protect the vulnerable crocodile hatchlings.

Villain: None

Animal names: Crocodilla, Chompella (formerly Chomp), Crunchina (formerly Crunch), Jawsana (formerly Jaws), Munchette (formerly Munch), Snappifer (formerly Snapper), Frederica (formerly Fred)
2 "Whale of a Squid" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Southern Ocean Sperm whale, giant squid, colossal squid, New Zealand arrow squid, amphipod January 4, 2011 (2011-01-04) N/A

The Kratt brothers use Aviva's newly invented amphipod-inspired submersible, the Amphisub, to dive into the deep waters of the Southern Ocean. There, they witness a never-before-seen wildlife moment: a battle between a sperm whale and a giant squid. However, the water pressure at the extreme depths where the battle is taking place badly damages and partially crushes the Amphisub, forcing Aviva to use her new ExtendoArm invention to pull the submersible back to the Tortuga. To allow Chris and Martin to return to the site of the whale-versus-squid battle, Aviva programs two new Creature Power Suits-Sperm Whale Power for Chris, and Squid Power for Martin. The Kratt brothers use their new Creature Powers to dive back into the deep sea, where the sperm whale and the giant squid are still locked in combat. Suddenly, the sperm whale becomes entangled in a discarded fishing net-a ghost net-and begins sinking toward an area full of underwater volcanoes. To make matters worse, a colossal squid attacks the sperm whale's calf. Chris and Martin must put their Creature Powers of both sperm whale and squid to good use to rescue the mother sperm whale and her calf.

Villain: None

Animal names: Bumper, Squiddo, Squidtacular, Squidsicle, Beaks (formerly Fangs)
3 "Aardvark Town" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Botswana Aardvark, spotted hyena, common warthog, Southern African lion, South African shelduck, African rock python, Cape porcupine, termite, aardwolf January 5, 2011 (2011-01-05) N/A

The Wild Kratts crew travels to Mozambique's Savanna to create a geological map of all the local aardvark dens, hoping to study the secrets of the rarely seen aardvark. But after a young aardvark accidentally becomes a stowaway in Chris' backpack, the team set off on a door-to-door search to return him to his home burrow, and find his mother. Along the way, they discover how aardvarks manipulate earth materials to alter landscapes and learn the incredible (and valuable) service this amazing animal provides to all burrow-living creatures of Africa. But after searching hole after hole, the Kratt brothers discover that the aardvark's mother and the other burrowing animals have been kidnapped by the evil inventor, Zach Varmitech (Zachary Bennett), who plans to use the aardvark to dig his pool for him. They manage to stop Zach and return the mama aardvark to "Slurpy" while Zach has a run-in with an angry warthog.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal name: Slurpy
4 "Flight of the Draco" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Indonesia Draco lizard, sulphur-crested cockatoo, Bornean orangutan January 6, 2011 (2011-01-06) N/A

While studying the mysterious Draco lizards of Sumatra – one of the few gliding lizards in the world – Chris falls out of a tree and develops a severe fear of heights, forcing Martin to study the lizards alone. But while Chris tries to conquer his fear, evil fashion designer Donita Donata (Eva Almos) and her minion Dabio (Cory Doran) kidnap all the Draco lizards of the rainforest – and Martin – in a plot to create a new fall line of living lizard jewelry, with Martin as their new top male model. To save his brainwashed brother, and all the Draco lizards in the forest, Chris is forced to overcome his fear and don the powers of the gliding lizard.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata, Dabio, Zach Varmitech

Animal name: Zippy
5 "Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy" Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt New York Earthworm, American bullfrog, blue jay, robin, brown thrasher, star nosed mole, largemouth bass, common raccoon January 7, 2011 (2011-01-07) N/A

Aviva builds the Kratt brothers a new machine, a miniaturizer, allowing them to shrink down to virtually microscopic levels. After a rainstorm, the brothers decide to use it solve the mystery of why earthworms come up to surface after a rainstorm. They decide to stage the experiment in NYC's Central Park. They then spend the day with an earthworm named Pinky, tunneling underground, and observing the everyday life of a worm, and their struggle to survive. But after their new worm friend is carried off by a bird and left on the sidewalk to die, Chris and Martin race to save the worm before the sun dehydrates her. Will Chris and Martin save Pinky and solve the mystery?

Note: The Kratt Bros don't get to activate creature power

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Pinky
6 "Platypus Cafe" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Tributary of the Murray River Platypus, crayfish January 10, 2011 (2011-01-10) N/A

While kayaking in a Tributary of Australia's Murray River, Chris and Martin find a mother platypus and her eggs, and shrink down to watch them hatch. But when the evil endangered species chef Gourmand (Zachary Bennett) floods the platypus's den and steals the platypus eggs, and kidnaps Chris as a side dish, Martin and Aviva work around the clock to solve the mystery of the platypus' sixth sense with the Kratts new platypus friend. Meanwhile, as Chris tries to stall Gourmand, fellow villains, Zach Varmitech and Donita Donata, arrive for the main course – poached platypus eggs, with a side of Kratt brother. Martin activates his platypus powers with the sixth sense to rescue Chris and the eggs.

Villains of the week: Chef Gourmand, Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata

Animal names: Plato, Platty, Platter
7 "Polar Bears Don't Dance" Lus Chamberland Eva Almos Baffin Island Polar bear, walrus January 12, 2011 (2011-01-12) N/A

While snowboarding across the Canadian tundra, the Kratt brothers discover a mother polar bear and her young cub, and Martin is almost attacked by the protective mother. After a narrow escape, Chris and Martin learn about the intense rivalry between the Arctic polar bear, and another protective mother, the Arctic walrus. But after Zach Varmitech kidnaps the cub and the calf of both animals everything goes wrong, the Kratt bros activate their creature power suits. Chris manages to activate his creature power suit immediately, but Martin finds it impossible to touch the mother bear without being mauled by her. The brothers manage to save the babies, but Zach kidnaps the moms to start a show in an ice arena and leaves the Kratts to survive in a thick Blizzard storm. Martin even activates his creature power suit with a polar bear cub friend and they both survive as they head to save the moms with Aviva. Can Chris and Martin stop Zach from making the moms fight each other in the ice arena?

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal name: Pobie
8 "Build It Beaver" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Maine North American beaver, bullfrog, common raccoon, eastern timber wolf, star nosed mole, North American river otter, moose, wood duck, smallmouth bass January 13, 2011 (2011-01-13) N/A

After testing Aviva's new invention, a parachute canoe, the Kratt brothers meet a young boy named Aidan (Aidan Kratt), who lives near a beaver pond. But before they can leave, Chris discovers a family of beavers has integrated his favourite paddle into their beaver dam. Chris removes it, causing the whole dam to fall apart, leaving the beavers and numerous other animals without a home. Feeling guilty, Chris and Martin volunteer to help rebuild the dam as the rest of the crew bring the pond creatures into the Tortuga. But they soon discover that a flash flood is on the horizon, one that could possibly doom every creature in the pond if they do not finish the dam in time. And if breaking the dam over and over again was not enough, they also have to deal with beaver predators, and they must solve the issue by the use of the abilities of the beaver.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Sticker, Timber, Buddy, Twig
9 "Voyage of the Butterflier XT" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Trans-North America Monarch butterfly, Monarch caterpillar, eastern tiger swallowtail caterpillar, Canada lynx, Gila monster, tree swallow, common house spider, peregrine falcon, walrus, nubian giraffe January 17, 2011 (2011-01-17) N/A

After being challenged by Aviva, Chris, and Martin shrink down to the size of a monarch butterfly, and travel with a butterfly named Maxilla on her annual migration to Mexico, flying over 3,000 miles of land and sea. But the plan is complicated when Donita plans on stealing all the butterflies so she can launch a new line of butterfly barrettes. After she gets away with most of the butterflies while Chris and Martin are hibernating, the brothers activate their creature power suits to stop her, only to discover a shocking secret about the monarch butterflies, a secret that will change their entire worldview.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata, Dabio

Animal names: Maxilla, Maxilla Jr.
10 "Honey Seekers" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Kalahari Honey badger, brown-backed honey guide, african honey bee, kalahari lion, Impala, blue wildebeest January 19, 2011 (2011-01-19) N/A

While camping in the African Kalahari, searching for Africa's roughest, toughest predator, Chris and Martin learn that Chef Gaston Gourmand is planning on serving a mystery animal at his next buffet, with Zach Varmitech as his guest of honor. Now the Kratt brothers must race to save the mystery animal and learn about the toughest creature which Martin thinks it is the lion but Chris thinks it is the African honey bee after being stung by in the nose. While at the same time discovering it is the African honey badger, learning about the symbiotic relationship between it and the honeyguide until Gourmand captures the mystery animal which reveals to be the honey badger. The bros activate their honey guide and honey badger powers but Chris gets trapped along with Aviva. And which Martin discovers a key to stopping Gourmand, he activates his honey guide power suit to lure all the honey badgers in the Kalahari to Gourmand to defeat him.

Villains of the week: Chef Gourmand, Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Sweet Tweet, Tough-O
11 "Bass Class" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Wisconsin Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crayfish, redbreast sunfish, earthworm, striped bass January 20, 2011 (2011-01-20) N/A

While studying small and largemouth bass in America's Great Lakes, Chris and Martin meet a young boy named Gavin (Gavin Kratt), who shows them his third-place fishing trophy. But after Zach tries to steal Gavin's trophy and fails to do so, he challenges the brothers to a winner-take-all contest – whoever catches the biggest bass gets to win and keep Gavin's trophy, At the same time learning the secrets of fishing and the bass. But the brothers soon learn that Zach is cheating, and are faced with the dilemma of how to win the contest fairly, torn between their own sense of morality, and the need to help Gavin.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Gulpa, Big Daddy Bass
12 "Fireflies" Martin Kratt Chris Roy Georgia Firefly, glowworm, Photuris, american toad January 24, 2011 (2011-01-24) N/A

The Wild Kratts crew spends the night in a North American forest, studying the secrets of fireflies' bioluminescence. But when Donita Donata kidnaps all the forest's fireflies, Martin rushes off to save them, despite Chris's warnings and is captured by Donita again, leaving it up to Chris to save both him and the fireflies.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata, Dabio

Animal name: Blinker
13 "Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus" Chris Kratt Eva Almos Bering Sea Walrus, giant Pacific octopus, clam January 27, 2011 (2011-01-27) N/A

While deep-sea diving in the Bering Sea to solve a mystery of why walruses are so weird looking with Aviva's newly rebuilt manta riders, the Kratt brothers discover that Zach Varmitech has stolen a rare and priceless pearl. They soon learn that Zach plans to trade it to Donita Donata, in return for her partnership with him in his next evil plot, until Zach loses the pearl in the sea. The Kratts are then forced to search for the pearl while trying to save the walruses with walrus power to stop Zach which has captured them to be his robotic slaves to find the rare pearl.

Villains of the week: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata

Animal name: Blobby
14 "Tazzy Chris" Chris Kratt Eva Almos Tasmania, Zach's mansion Tasmanian devil, black fly, american bullfrog, bulldog January 31, 2011 (2011-01-31) N/A

Chris, Martin, and the Wild Kratts crew volunteer to fly to the island of Tasmania, to tag the endangered Tasmanian devil, hoping to save the species from extinction. Along the way, they find that Tasmanian devils are not the vicious carnivores that most humans believe they are, but instead gentle scavengers. But after a T-devil bites Chris's suit, it malfunctions, turning him into an out of control Tasmanian devil/human hybrid. As Chris begins to slow down the mission, so Chris the T-Devil gets to eat rotten meat and carcasses. Martin notices the malfunction and worries that his brother might never be the same again. Meanwhile, Zach devises to plan to keep the neighborhood children off his lawn, by turning T-devils into Tasmanian devil robots. After discovering Zach's plan, Chris must learn to control his new wild side to help the neighborhood kids and stop Zach's plot before he causes the Tasmanian devils to become extinct, forever.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal name: T-Bone, Roofus
15 "Octopus Wildkratticus" Chris Kratt Eva Almos Pacific Ocean Giant Pacific octopus, octopus fossil, great white shark, walrus, bowhead whale, Atka mackerel February 3, 2011 (2011-02-03) N/A

While playing with Aviva's new invention, ace manta riders, Martin accidentally causes the creature power suits to fall into an Arctic trench, onto an octopus named Seven (due to his missing tentacle). In a desperate attempt to get the suits back, Chris, Martin, and Aviva dive into the depths of the ocean with a new invention called the Octopod, only to discover the suits have activated while they were still on Seven. Which Turn him into a horrific sea monster that looks like a creature out of a horror film or an early depiction of the Kraken from Norse mythology. Now the Kratt brothers and Aviva must risk their lives to retrieve the suits and save Seven.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Seven, Eight, Octopus Wildkratticus or Octopus Martinkratticus, Octo-walrus-shark or Octo-shark, Octo-whale
16 "Walk on the Wetside" Martin Kratt Eva Almos Costa Rica Plumed basilisk, harpy eagle, green iguana, red-tailed boa February 21, 2011 (2011-02-21) N/A

The Wild Kratts fly to Costa Rica to study another rare lizard, the basilisk lizard, capable of walking on water. But unknown to the Wild Kratts, Donita and Dabio have been secretly hacking their communications, and Donita soon kidnaps their new lizard friend, Splash Claw, hoping to use him as a hat to win a contest in Paris. The brothers must then decode the mystery of water walking to save Splash Claw before it is too late.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata, Dabio

Animal name: Splash-Claw
17 "Elephant in the Room" Chris Kratt Eva Almos Serengeti African bush elephant, spotted hyena February 22, 2011 (2011-02-22) N/A

While driving their jeep (the Createrra) across the African Savanna, Chris and Martin find a baby elephant separated from his mother. Martin names him Thornsley, and bring him back to the Tortuga HQ, only to discover the power of a baby African elephant, and the work necessary to take care of one. While the team is sleeping, Thornsley takes control of the Tortuga, causing Aviva, Koki and Jimmy Z to crash land in the desert, leaving the Kratt brothers stranded in the Savanna. Jimmy Z gets mad when the elephant eats his sandwich, the gang got into miniature size by the shrink machine and got trapped in a shoe. The bros manage to find the Tortuga, finding it a wreck by the young mischief elephant, and bring the crew back to size. Chris and Martin then find his herd and his mom, who's trapped in mud, and must use elephant strength and power to save her They do so and Thornsley is reunited with his mother.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Thornsley
18 "Let the Rhinos Roll!" Martin Kratt Eva Almos Serengeti Black rhinoceros, yellow-billed oxpecker, East African lion, african chameleon, giant African land snail March 28, 2011 (2011-03-28) N/A

After black rhinos begin disappearing on the African Serengeti, the Wild Kratts crew fly there to investigate. After a suspicious rhino stampede, Chris and Martin find a baby rhino that they name Nubs. Martin takes Nubs back to the Tortuga HQ, while Chris continues to investigate the stampede, wondering if there is connection between it and the disappearances, and if there is something sinister at work. But to Chris' horror, he discovers that Zach Varmitech is behind the whole plot, and is transforming rhinos into his own personal bulldozers. After kidnapping Chris onboard his jet, Zach reveals to him that finding Nubs was a trap so that he could trace the location of the team's headquarters – the Tortuga – and have the rhinos destroy it, with Martin and the Wild Kratts still inside. Faced with their impending doom, the Wild Kratts quickly use the strengths and weaknesses of the black rhino to save themselves, rescue Chris, and both foil Zach's plot.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal name: Nubs
19 "Kickin' It With the Roos" Chris Kratt Eva Almos Outback Red kangaroo, dingo, wedge-tailed eagle, laughing kookaburra April 21, 2011 (2011-04-21) N/A

While cruising in the Australian Outback, a young joey named Hopster steals the keys to the Createrra VX, stranding Chris and Martin in the outback until they can find the keys. In an effort to retrieve their only remaining set of car keys, Chris and Martin activate their creature power suits and disguise themselves as red kangaroos, hoping to blend in with the mob and find Hopster. But after being challenged to a kick-boxing match by the pack's alpha male, The roo boss, Chris is forced to fight him so Martin can get the keys from Hopster. But as predators begin to descend upon the pack, the Kratt brothers struggle simply to survive in the ruthless Australian Outback.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Hopster, Roo Boss, Mr. Wedgie
20 "The Blue and the Gray" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt eastern North America Eastern gray squirrel, blue jay, northern goshawk, American black bear, wild turkey, common raccoon, bobcat, white-tailed deer, North American beaver, coyote April 22, 2011 (2011-04-22) N/A

The Wild Kratts Crew fly to a North American oak tree forest to study the unique relationship between gray squirrels, and the oak trees that they create. But after getting lost in the forest, Chris and Martin challenge each other to a creature contest, to see which is the better oak tree planter, the grey squirrels or the blue jays. But after the contest goes too far, Martin's creature power suit malfunctions, transforming him into an oak tree. Unable to move his branches to deactivate his suit, and with Chris stuck as a grey squirrel, the Kratt brothers soon realize that they are trapped in the forest, and are surrounded by predators. Due to the Kratt brothers' communicators also being broken, Koki is unable to track their location, leaving it up to a pair of Wild Kratts kids to find and rescue them.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Old Needle Claws
21 "Falcon City" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt New York City Peregrine falcon, rock pigeon May 23, 2011 (2011-05-23) N/A

After flying to the nearest city to learn about the peregrine falcon, the world's fastest bird (and world's fastest animal) – capable of diving up to 240 miles per hour – The Kratt brothers are disappointed to find only a flock of ordinary pigeons. But after accidentally activating his creature power suit, Chris transforms into a homing pigeon and finds himself lost in the big city. While trying to find his way home, Chris discovers that pigeons are not so ordinary and boring after all. Meanwhile, Zach decides to rid his skyscraper of all birds, including the family of peregrines that are nested on the side of the building, leaving it up to the Wild Kratts to harness the powers of both falcon and pigeon to save them.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal name: Fluff
22 "Koala Balloon" Martin Kratt Eva Almos Outback Koala bear, thorny devil, dingo July 11, 2011 (2011-07-11) N/A

The Kratt brothers devise a new creature challenge, to try to survive 24 hours in the wild Australian Outback, without any kind of technology whatsoever—including their creature power suits. Both are wanting to learn more about Australia's rare desert creatures, the old-fashioned way. Ignoring Aviva's concerns about their safety, they pack their bags with survival gear, and skydive into the desert, hoping to find excitement and adventure. Meanwhile, Zach Varmitech and his Zach-bots also fly to Australia to find eucalyptus leaves for Zach's eucalyptus tea, hoping to use it as a cure to his common cold. But after finding a stow-away koala bear in the eucalyptus leaves, Zach ejects him from his jet, attached to dozens of balloons. The Kratt brothers watch as he falls from the sky, rescue him, and name him "Koala Balloon". They volunteer to watch him and keep him safe until they arrive at the designated eucalyptus forest where the other Wild Kratts are waiting for them. Meanwhile, Aviva worries that the brothers might not survive the night, but Koki and Jimmy re-assure her that Chris and Martin know what they are doing. But the koala bear makes Martin and Chris's survival in the desert even harder when he accidentally destroys their precious food and water, endangering all their lives. The two then spend their night protecting the koala from a pack of hungry dingoes, instead of getting their much-needed sleep. Eventually, Martin reveals that he packed the creature power suits anyway, just in case they needed them and use thorny devil powers with a thorny devil friend. The brothers are then forced to lose their bet with Aviva, activating their creature power suits so they could survive long enough to make it the eucalyptus forest. After finally meeting with the rest of the team, they set the koala free, and admit defeat, learning that even some of the greatest explorers and zoologists in his history sometimes needed help from modern day technology.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Koala Balloon, Spinster
23 "Cheetah Racer" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Tanzania Tanzanian cheetah, Thomson's gazelle gazelle skull, peregrine falcon, black rhinoceros September 2, 2011 (2011-09-02) N/A

While Chris and Martin are playing with their new cheetah friend, Blur, Aviva designs a new invention, Cheetah Sneaks, hoping that it will be able to outrun a cheetah. However, the invention fails, and the Kratt brothers announce that no land animal can run faster than the cheetah – capable of running speeds up to 75 miles per hour. Aviva takes on the challenge and tries to design an invention that she hopes will outrun the cheetah, though Chris and Martin doubt she will succeed. Learning of Aviva's plan, Zach tries to prove that he is better inventor than her, and joins in, turning the friendly competition into a high-speed race. With the contest now complicated by Zach's cheating, Chris and Martin are forced to use their creature power suits. However, when Martin finds that Blur is missing, he discovers that Zach has kidnapped her, and uses his Falcon suit ("Falcon City") once again to stop Zach.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal name: Blur
24 "Kerhonk" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Borneo Proboscis monkey, bornean clouded leopard, false gharial, crested serpent eagle, reticulated python July 29, 2011 (2011-07-29) DVD: March 20, 2012 N/A

When Chris and Martin's Creature Power Suits get jammed in proboscis monkey mode, they find themselves joining the troop to help them stay out of reach of the top predators of the Indonesian rainforest.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Schnozzle, Nosey
25 "Mimic" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Tanzania Tanzanian cheetah, honey badger, black mamba, grant's zebra, black rhinoceros, East African lion, Thomson's gazelle, spotted hyena, nubian giraffe, African honey Bee, African hoverfly October 18, 2011 (2011-10-18) N/A

While exploring why some animals mimic the looks of others, Martin and Chris encounter their old cheetah friend Blur, who is now a mom – she has given birth to a cheetah cub. But before they know it, evil fashion designer Donita Donata 'cat-naps' the startled mom right in front of their eyes. The Wild Kratts team springs into action on a rescue mission before Donita adds the momma cheetah to her new fall line. Martin discovers that the cheetah cub has unexpected powers of mimicry, and its ability to mimic the ferocious honey badger is the key to foiling Donita and protecting the cheetah.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata, Dabio, Zach Varmitech (Cameo Appearance)

Animal names: Blur (from "Cheetah Racer"), Spot Swat
26 "Caracal-Minton" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Namibia Caracal, helmeted guinea fowl, South African cheetah, common warthog, spotted hyena, spotted eagle owl, Nile crocodile April 2, 2012 (2012-04-02) N/A

The Wild Kratts Crew has a badminton tournament. While Chris and Martin are playing, a caracal steals Aviva's birdie, causing her to break down in tears. And this is no ordinary birdie – it is Aviva's precious family heirloom. Chris and Martin reassure her that they will find it, and try to find the caracal. When they do, Chris encourages Aviva to build a guinea fowl flapper, because guinea fowls are what the caracal likes to eat. She gets the inspiration to build one. On the way, Chris and Martin get captured by the same caracal that took their birdie, which they name Hang Time. When they get there, they face two caracal kittens who want to eat them. They get their birdie back but when a caracal kitten named Pouncemore gets dropped in the middle of the Namibian savanna, The Kratt brothers must use caracal creature powers and take him back to his home before hyenas find him.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Hang Time, Pouncemore
27 "Zig-Zagged" Chris Kratt Eva Almos Angola Grant's zebra, stallion, spotted hyena, nubian giraffe, common hippopotamus, Nile crocodile, North American beaver, Tasmanian devil May 14, 2012 (2012-05-14) N/A

Chris and Martin get caught in the middle of a zebra stampede, and when the dust clears, a lone baby Zebra is left behind. The Wild Kratts must find the young zebra's herd and return him to his mom. Along the way, they learn the secrets of patterns in the creature world and how the zebra's stripes are critical to a special defence called "confusion camouflage".

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Maze, Mr. Croc, T-Bone (from "Tazzy Chris")
28 "A Huge Orange Problem" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Borneo Bornean orangutan, proboscis monkey, false gharial, African bush elephant, Crested porcupine, black rhino, Common warthog, spotted hyena, aardvark, Draco lizard, platypus June 4, 2012 (2012-06-04) N/A

While Chris and Martin are off searching for the endangered orangutan in the deep forests of Borneo, back at the Tortuga HQ Aviva, Koki and Jimmy get carried away swinging on vines and their muscles get so incredibly sore that they cannot do anything. The bros attempt to rush back with the first aid kit but a huge orangutan keeps tossing them back into the forest. Here they learn that orangutans use a special leaf and chew it into a lotion to ease muscle soreness, and return with this orangutan medicine to help their friends. But Zach has sent his Zachbots to cut the trees of the orangutan forest, and Martin and Chris activate the orangutan powers of the Creature Power Suit to rid the forest of saw-armed Zachbots and save the orangutans' rainforest home.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Huge-O, Schnozzle (from "Kerhonk") Thornsley ("from Elephant in the Room") Plato ("from Platypus Cafe") Slurpy (from "Aardvark Town")
29 "Seasquatch" Martin Kratt Chris Roy Pacific Ocean Yeti crab, phytoplankton, zooplankton, New Zealand arrow squid, Atka mackerel, giant squid, sperm whale, tube worm, caridean shrimp, double angler October 22, 2012 (2012-10-22) N/A

When Martin accidentally knocks Jimmy's controller into the ocean, The Kratt brothers volunteer to go into the deep to find it, encountering an anglerfish and other deep sea creatures. But then the submarine loses power while they are exploring the strange landscape of the ocean depths and they are trapped on the ocean floor of the deep sea. Aviva must figure out how to harness the energy from the deep sea's hydrothermal vents in order to save the brothers and return them to the surface. The Wild Kratts team learns all about the amazing process of chemosynthesis and how deep sea creatures transform toxic chemicals into energy. With a little help from the Yeti crab, Martin and Chris are able to capture this energy and use it to restart the Amphi-sub and return to the surface.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Sasquatch, Bumper (from "Whale of a Squid")
30 "The Food Chain Game" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Tanzania Harvester termite, helmeted guinea fowl, locust, Thompson's gazelle, bat-eared fox, martial eagle, Tanzanian cheetah, African bush elephant, East African lion, African rock python, grant's zebra, nubian giraffe, common warthog, caracal, black rhino, African honey bee, grass January 16, 2012 (2012-01-16) N/A

Aviva wants to build a food web for the African savannah, so she devises a game and Martin and Chris accept her challenge. They will each start as a blade of grass and climb to the top of the food web in a game of "Power Suit Creature Tag" so Aviva can track the table during the game progress. As they play, the brothers boost their knowledge of the complex relationships between predators and prey as well as the differences between herbivores and carnivores.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Blur (from "Cheetah Racer"), Thornsley (from "Elephant in the Room"), Nubs (from "Let the Rhinos Roll!")
31 "Masked Bandits" Chris Kratt Chris Roy North America common Raccoon, gray wolf, crayfish October 25, 2011 (2011-10-25) N/A

As they prepare for a creature costume party, the Wild Kratts team begins to notice all sorts of strange things happening in the Tortuga HQ. Jimmy is sure there is a ghost or monster living with them, but the Kratt brothers are convinced it is some kind of creature. When the gang sets out to discover who is causing all the trouble, they discover a raccoon family has sneaked into the Tortuga and that certain animals gravitate towards human habitation because it provides food and protection from predators. They must put the raccoons back to their home before the entire Tortuga HQ gets wrecked up and avoid wolves during the process.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Mama Raccoon
32 "Flight of the Pollinators" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Central America European honey bee, golden crab spider, fig wasp, green-breasted mango, eyelash viper, kinkajou March 30, 2012 (2012-03-30) N/A

When a miniaturized Chris gets covered with pollen and ends up sticking to a bee, he is off into the remarkable world of the pollinators. Martin, Aviva, and the rest of the creature explorers must find Chris in an adventure that uncovers the amazing delivery system of plants and their animal partners. They learn that plants use animals to help them make their seeds through a process called pollination. So Martin, Aviva and the rest of the gang use that method to save Chris.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Beast, Flash, Figgy
33 "The Gecko Effect" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Indonesia Tokay gecko, moon rat, conehead katydid October 23, 2012 (2012-10-23) N/A

There's a mystery to be solved, as the Wild Kratts team wonders how a gecko lizard climbs up smooth surfaces and can even climb upside down. The gang uses their Miniaturizer to shrink down and discover it's all about physics: all objects have electrical charges that attract one another and the gecko's marvelous toe pad structure charges so much that they can walk on surfaces as smooth as glass. But in the meantime, Zach has stolen their Miniaturizer and now imprisons them in a glass terrarium. Martin and Chris activate the new gecko powers of their Creature Power Suits that Aviva has made in the Creature Power Disc Creator (also known as the M.I.K.--Mobile Invention Kit) so the Kratt brothers must get the crew out of the glass terrarium and must retrieve the Miniaturizer before Zach shrinks all the animals in the creature world.

Villains of the week: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata (Cameo Appearance), Dabio (Cameo Appearance), Chef Gourmand (Cameo Appearance)

Animal names: Okay the Tokay or Electro-Toes
34 "Little Howler" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Canada Northwestern wolf, cougar, common raven, moose Tanzanian cheetah October 19, 2011 (2011-10-19) N/A

Chris and Martin find a wolf pup in Martin's bag after a chaotic morning involving a wolf pack and Chris's Creature Power Suit set in moose mode.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Little Howler, Blur (from Cheetah Racer)
35 "Quillber's Birthday Present" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Botswana Crested porcupine, Southern African lion, grant's zebra, common warthog, African bush elephant, nubian giraffe October 25, 2012 (2012-10-25) N/A

It's Aviva's birthday, and Chris and Martin decide to collect shed porcupine quills to make a beautiful necklace as a gift. As they tag along with an African crested porcupine, they discover that animals have different ways and even some highly specialized features to defend themselves from predators. For example, porcupine quills are modified hairs, designed by nature into a deadly defense. However, Zach tied balloons to many animals that then floated to his jet. The Kratt brothers must use the porcupine's amazing defense from their Creature Power Suits to protect the porcupines from Zach's latest animal collection scheme and to rescue the animals Zach had captured. Also, the Kratt brothers rescue the captured animals and give the necklace to Aviva.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Quillber, Maze, (from "Zig-Zagged"), Thornsley (from "Elephant in the Room"), Mama Porcupine
36 "A Bat in the Brownies" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt North America Little brown bat, mosquito, eastern screech owl, largemouth bass, Peregrine falcon, common raccoon October 24, 2011 (2011-10-24) N/A

When a little brown bat crashlands into a plate of Jimmy Z's famous brownies, Martin and Chris out set out to convince Aviva, and, Koki, and Jimmy Z, and that bats are nothing to be afraid of. With bat activated Creature Power Suits, the bros follow join their new friend on a nocturnal fly about, and the entire crew must come to the rescue when bat colony's roost is destroyed by a lightning bolt. In the end, the Wild Kratts crew "goes batty," as they gain a new appreciation for bat ecology, predators and insects, and echolocation, and learn to love bats.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Bite-Size
37 "Stuck on Sharks" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Indian Ocean Great white shark, common remora, orca, bluestreak cleaner wrasse, giant oceanic manta ray October 17, 2011 (2011-10-17) N/A

Martin and Chris are on a mission to uncover the secret life of the mysterious great white shark. They use Aviva's incredible Remora Rocketsub to "stick with" a female shark and soon learn that the giant predator of the sea actually has lots of challenges to contend with and that she could help them discover something that no one has ever seen before – the birth of great white shark pups. But when Gourmand sniffs around looking for ingredients for his shark fin soup recipe, the Wild Kratts team must help rescue their new friend.

Villain of the week: Chef Gourmand

Animal names: Sucker-Head, Razor-Mouth
38 "Birds of A Feather" Chris Kratt Eva Almos New Guinea Raggiana bird-of-paradise, superb bird-of-paradise, Lawes's parotia, black fly September 7, 2012 (2012-09-07) N/A

When Aviva reveals that dancing is just not her thing, Chris and Martin set out in the New Guinea forest to inspire her to give dancing a try by uncovering some of the greatest dancers in the creature world – the birds-of-paradise. They soon find that the male birds use their showy bright feathers and extraordinary dances to display to potential female mates that they are healthy and strong. But when the gang gets caught up in Donita's plan to capture these fashionable birds for her latest clothing line, Aviva must put her dancing skills on the line to save them and stop Donita.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata, Dabio

Animal names: Hip-Hop, Smiley
39 "Googly-Eye: The Night Guru" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Indonesia Philippine Tarsier, brown tree snake, proboscis monkey, conehead katydid October 24, 2012 (2012-10-24) N/A

The Kratt brothers secretly "borrow" Aviva's half finished night vision goggles to go in search of a mysterious nocturnal creature. But when the unstable goggles stop working, the brothers find themselves taken in by the nocturnal society of the tarsier. As they investigate, the Wild Kratts team discovers that nocturnal creatures only come out at night and learn that eyes help a creature see by collecting the light that comes from objects all around. But when the tarsier troop is in danger of losing one of their own, Chris and Martin must tap into their newfound understanding of nocturnal living and help the troubled tarsier family.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Googly-Eye, Googly-Junior
40 "Raptor Round-Up" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Tanzania Secretary bird, pale chanting goshawk, martial eagle, spotted eagle owl, peregrine falcon, bald eagle, white-headed vulture, turkey vulture, king vulture, common barn owl, wedge-tailed eagle, harpy eagle, eastern screech owl, crested serpent eagle, East African lion, common warthog, black mamba October 20, 2011 (2011-10-20) N/A

Martin and Chris challenge themselves to ID as many hawks, eagles, owls, falcons, and vultures as they can. But the evil endangered species chef, Gaston Gourmand has his own plan for the raptors and has been capturing them all in his quest to find the tastiest bird wing. Will the Wild Kratts team succeed in rescuing the raptors before they become Gourmand's next gourmet delicacy? They'll have to use everything they know about classification and birds of prey – to round up the raptors and return them to where they belong – living free and in the wild.

Villain of the week: Chef Gourmand

Animal name: Stomp

Season 2: 2012–14[edit]

This is the first season to begin with a view of the Earth before the Kratt brothers were shown introducing the audience.

Episode number Title Director Writer Country/region Animals Original air date
1 (41) "Bad Hair Day" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt East Africa Eastern African lion, African crested porcupine, common hippopotamus, Nile crocodile, East African cheetah, African rock python October 15, 2012 (2012-10-15)

Martin and Chris Kratt and the crew are sitting around in the Createrra watching lions basking in the morning sun. A lion cub then wakes up, jumps around then wakes up his dad, the leader of the pride. Koki thinks he will be in the rage that he has been woken up but Martin assures her that lion dads are one of the best dads in the world. He proves her wrong when he starts playing with him, he shakes his mane, starting a chat about what animal has the biggest hairdo. They are interrupted when the dad roars and some fog comes out of his mouth, leading to Martin's decision to name him 'He Who Breathes Fire'. He then goes on a territory patrol. The Wild Kratts follow him while the crew stay with the pride. They experience social organization and how it helps lions. But when two twin lions try to take over the pride, the crew take the lion cubs to the Tortuga until He Who Breathes Fire gets back. The Kratt brothers are repeatedly delayed by various creatures and soon learn that being one of the top predators on the African savanna is not as easy as it looks.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: He Who Breathes Fire, Lil' Cubby, El Cutisimo, Screen Saver, Cat Burglar, Martin, Chris
2 (42) "Race for the Hippo Disc" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt East Africa Common hippopotamus, peregrine falcon, Nubian giraffe, grant's zebra, Nile crocodile, Eastern African lion October 16, 2012 (2012-10-16)

When the brothers accidentally lose the Hippo Power Disc which gets stuck in the mud at the bottom of the river. while trading disks in the Tortuga above the Ugandan Savannah, the Wild Kratts team goes into crisis mode. They must find the disc before Zach does or he'll steal the secrets to Aviva's precious Creature Power technology. There's a mystery to be solved too: Why are hippos so territorial?

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Tusker, Hipster, Momma Opotamus
3 (43) "Creature Power Challenge" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt East Africa Giraffe, Black rhinoceros, African bush elephant, Nile crocodile, East African cheetah, common hippopotamus, peregrine falcon, white-headed vulture, plumed basilisk, acorn, largemouth bass, walrus, monarch butterfly, Philippine tarsier October 17, 2012 (2012-10-17)

Martin and Chris hold a contest to see whether rhinos or elephants are stronger, cheetahs or peregrine falcons faster, hippos or crocs better swimmers. However, Zach brings the Disrupt-O-Bots to malfunction the Creature Power Suits and the Tortuga HQ. As the suits continue to act up, the Kratt brothers realize that the powers that nature has given the animals to survive will only work in the appropriate habitats. They must get rid of Zach's Disrupt-O-Bots and solve the Creature Power challenge.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Crunchina, Snappifer, and Frederica (from "Mom of a Croc")
4 (44) "Termites Versus Tongues" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt East Africa Macrotermes termite, harvester termite, common warthog, aardwolf, bat-eared fox, honey badger, aardvark October 18, 2012 (2012-10-18)

Aviva and Koki accidentally miniaturize themselves and get carried away by termites. The Kratt brothers must catch up to the termites and rescue them and face their predators that collects and eats termites as well as experiencing a predator-prey relationship: aardwolves, bat-eared foxes, honey badgers and aardvarks all targeting the same Prey, termites. However, termites use their jaws and chemical defences to ward off these predators. After getting back to normal size, the crew discusses smell's importance to both termites and termite eaters.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Slurpy and Slurpy's mom (from "Aardvark Town"), Big Momma T
5 (45) "Happy Turkey Day" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Kentucky Wild turkey, coyote, northern goshawk, crow, American black bear, bobcat, common raccoon, American toad November 19, 2012 (2012-11-19)

The Kratts are on a mission to stop Gourmand who is hunting for the largest turkey in the forest. As they work out how to stop him, they also help the Crew to learn to differentiate wild turkeys from domesticated turkeys and learn about their amazing abilities. With the help of Wild Kratts kids Ronan (Ronan Kratt), Gavin and Aidan, the Kratt brothers must protect the turkey habitat from Gourmand before he captures a turkey as one of the most important ingredients for his meal.

Villain of the week: Chef Gourmand

Animal name: Lightning
6 (46) "Neck and Neck" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt East Africa Nubian Giraffe, grant's zebra, Eastern African lion, Thomson's gazelle, Impala, greater kudu January 18, 2013 (2013-01-18)

Aviva and Koki develop a small rivalry over why giraffes have long necks: so they can eat leaves that other animals cannot reach, or is it because they use it for a unique fighting style called necking- slamming each other's giraffe's neck into the opponent's neck? The Kratts do not like this argument, so they try to find out why giraffes have long necks. They explore how giraffes use their long necks to prevent competition for food and resources and how they neck fight. But a giraffe secretly takes Creature Power Suit parts and supplies from the Tortuga, including Martin's deactivation Mogual and Chris' whole Creature Power Suits. Now he is stuck in a giraffe creature power suit, unable to deactivate it. The Kratt brothers must catch up with the giraffe, take back the materials, get Chris' Creature Power Suit, and save Martin.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Neck Tie, Necklace, Maze (from "Zig-Zagged")
7 (47) "Bugs Or Monkeys?" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Central America Geoffroy's spider monkey, North American jaguar, plumed basilisk, harpy eagle, peanut bug, long-nosed weevil April 1, 2013 (2013-04-01)

A miniaturized Martin wants to check out insects in the rainforest, but Chris wants to investigate the world of the spider monkey. Chris wins when he puts mini Martin in his backpack and heads off through the treetops. When Martin gets kidnapped by a mischievous baby spider monkey, both brothers experience spider monkey anatomy and monkey locomotion. But just as the rescued Martin starts heading back to the Tortuga on Chris in his new spider monkey power suit, a jaguar emerges from the jungle shadows with its eyes on the baby spider monkey. The Kratts must save the baby monkey and reunite it with its family again.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Grabsy
8 (48) "Secrets of the Spider's Web" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Costa Rica Golden silk orb-weaver, common house spider, european honey bee, Central American banana gecko October 31, 2012 (2012-10-31) DVD: February 25, 2014 (2014-02-25)

The Kratt brothers are testing out Aviva's new "super strength" rope. Unfortunately, it breaks, and Chris falls to the ground. Just when it seems that they are about to give up on creating super strong rope, a golden orb weaver spider (dubbed "Orbit" by Martin) gently parachutes down on to Chris's face on a golden thread of spider silk. This inspires Aviva to try to replicate spider silk. Two miniaturized Kratts explore the world of the spider and how it creates its web, finding clues along the way that indicate what spider silk is made of that will help Aviva to replicate it. They also explore the world of biotechnology, the science of nature-inspired inventions. But Donita has the intention of capturing all the orb spiders to make a dress made out of golden silk. The Kratt brothers must prevent her from doing so by using the strength and toughness of spider silk.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata, Dabio

Animal name: Orbit
9 (49) "Shadow: The Black Jaguar" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Central America Black North American jaguar, smooth-fronted caiman, geoffroy's spider monkey PBS: April 2, 2013 (2013-04-02) DVD: April 9, 2013 (2013-04-09)

The Wild Kratts team found a distress call in Central America to find out that Zach is taking a rare black jaguar in his scheme and use her to create his new Spybots that could wipe out the environment. The Kratt brothers meet Nina (Maya Lowe), a Wild Kratts kid, and along with her and Aviva go to learn about orange and black jaguars. Then they go to the orange spotted jaguar den which the jaguar reveals to be a mother and has given birth to a black jaguar cub which Martin names 'Shadow' and Zach's Zachbots capture it. In which The Kratt brothers taps into the jaguar in their Creature Power Suits to get back Shadow before Zach leaves the rainforest.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Error: In this episode as well as his other season 2 appearances he is a Costa Rican jaguar, however in his season 4 appearances such as "Liturgusa Krattorum" and "This Orca Likes Sharks" he is shown in The Amazon Rainforest.

Animal names: Shadow, Grabsy (from "Bugs Or Monkeys?")
10 (50) "To Touch a Hummingbird" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Central America Green-breasted mango hummingbird, North American jaguar, brown-throated three-toed sloth, harpy eagle, geoffroy's spider monkey, eyelash viper July 5, 2013 (2013-07-05)

Martin and Chris are getting cocky about all the Creature Powers they've collected, and Koki cautions them not to get too full of themselves because when they do, Nature always teaches them a lesson. The brothers dismiss her advice, then a hummingbird appears. Amazed by its flight capabilities, Aviva creates a hummingbird power disc while the brothers set out trying to touch the friendly little bird, which is more difficult then they think! Gourmand, meanwhile, decides to create chocolate-covered hummingbird egg snacks, prompting the brothers to utilize hummingbird powers to save the eggs before Gourmand can cook them!

Villain of the week: Chef Gourmand

Animal names: Spaceship, Grabsy (from "Bugs Or Monkeys?"), Shadow (from "Shadow: The Black Jaguar"), Chillax (from "Rainforest Stew")
11 (51) "Rainforest Stew" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Central America Brown-throated three-toed sloth, sloth moth (insect), harpy eagle, North American jaguar, geoffroy's spider monkey, sloth beetle PBS: April 3, 2013 (2013-04-03) DVD: April 9, 2013 (2013-04-09)

The Wild Kratts learn about the sloth and sloth moth habitat in the South American rainforest. Gourmand is creating a rainforest stew that includes several rainforest species such as spider monkeys, jaguar, sloth and harpy eagle eggs. Chris enjoys being a sloth but he ended up to be close to his demise while he noticed the recipe. Martin activates his harpy eagle suit and detects Gourmand leaving. The Kratt brothers must rescue all of the animals before Gourmand leaves.

Villain of the week: Chef Gourmand

Animal names: Chillax, Grabsy (from "Bugs Or Monkeys?")
12 (52) "Seahorse Rodeo" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Caribbean Sea Yellow seahorse, six-banded parrotfish, northern red snapper, horse (from: Martin and Chris) December 23, 2013 (2013-12-23)

Chris and Martin are riding horses on the beach of Costa Rica one day when they suddenly go flying into the water and discover a seahorse. Martin wants to "ride" the seahorse with Chris, and together make a string of lies, Chris telling Aviva that they want to use the Miniaturizer to explore how this seahorse interacts with other inhabitants of the coral reef system." Of course, Aviva does not fall for it and instead plays a strict mother, telling the Kratts she's going to keep an eye on them. But while the Kratts are at play, Donita Donata is busy scheming up her next big plan: seahorse earrings. To do that she calls the Kratts, and eventually they give in accidentally. The Kratt brothers must collect all seahorses with creature powers and trick Donita to get her away and free the seahorses.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata, Dabio

Animal names: Ocean Pony, Golf Ball
13 (53) "Speaking Dolphinese" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Caribbean Sea Common bottlenose dolphin, great white shark, sea sponge, sea mullet PBS: (Original Airing): February 5, 2013 (2013-02-05); Lost At Sea Special: January 21, 2013 (2013-01-21) DVD: January 22, 2013 (2013-01-22)

The Kratt brothers learns Dolphinese from dolphins, the smartest creature in the world. Chris and Martin learn about their habitat and communication With two 4-year-old dolphins named Whistle and Click and join in with their new dolphin powers. However, a hungry shark is trying to capture Whistle when he wandered away to a shipwreck and he's trapped and scared! Martin goes and tries to find him, and does but gets trapped with Whistle with his suit deactivated. Aviva and Koki find and try to help them, but do not succeed either. Can Chris be able to master the dolphin language to warn the pod and save them all?

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Click, Whistle
14 (54) "Aqua Frog" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Michigan American bullfrog, tadpole, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, spiny softshell turtle, North American beaver December 26, 2013 (2013-12-26)

Martin and Chris are researching frogs at Frogwater Pond. The bros meet one big bullfrog in the best spot in the pond, where they witness the beginning of the frog's life cycle. That sends Aviva into the panic because she realizes that due to the transformation that happens within the frogs own life cycle, this particular Creature Power Suit may be her most challenging yet! To help get the Power suit done, they shrink down and see the frog's life cycle. Unbeknownst to them, Zach has instructed his bots to clean up his ship and dump his garbage into a stream. When Zach's waste enters the pond, Koki, Jimmy Z, Aviva, and some local Wild Kratt kids go into rescue mode to stop the ooze from reaching the eggs and developing tadpoles. The Kratt bros, meanwhile, swim upstream to stop Zach with their frog powers. Then, the rest of them used a filter that Aviva made to get rid of the ooze at last.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal name: Tuba
15 (55) "Tortuga Tune-up" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Caribbean Sea Hawksbill sea turtle, green breasted mango hummingbird, plumed basilisk, tiger shark, red king crab August 21, 2013 (2013-08-21)

Aviva is troubled – by the Tortuga. She realizes that she's never programmed one of her favourite inventions with the ability to swim underwater. Searching for inspiration, the Kratt bros go underwater to explore a coral reef where they find a hawksbill sea turtle. While gathering information for Aviva, the bros learn all about sea turtle shield defence, as their new animal friend fends off a hungry tiger shark. Just when everything seems okay and the Tortuga is ready to test its new abilities, the master key is lost and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. The bros must then use sea turtle powers to fend off the circling shark and recover the key.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Shield, Blimpy (from "Blowfish Blowout"), Ocean Pony (from "Seahorse Rodeo")
16 (56) "Blowfish Blowout" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Caribbean Sea Slender-spines porcupine pufferfish, Plankton, red king crab, malabar grouper, yellow sea horse, hawksbill sea turtle PBS: (Original Airing): February 7, 2013 (2013-02-07); Lost At Sea Special: January 21, 2013 (2013-01-21) DVD: January 22, 2013 (2013-01-22)

The Kratt brothers miniaturize themselves in an attempt to learn more about the plankton near a coral reef. Unfortunately, they get swept out to sea by a strong current losing access to the miniaturizer. The brothers come across a pufferfish and learn about its habitat and defence. Meanwhile, Donita hatches a scheme to use a sea crown to make herself the best fashion queen. Aviva and Koki search for the Kratt brothers using pufferfish power.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata, Dabio

Animal names: Blimpy, Puffy
17 (57) "Road Runner" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Sonoran Desert Greater roadrunner, common collared lizard, American grasshopper, western diamondback rattlesnake, coyote, Gila monster August 22, 2013 (2013-08-22)

Martin and Chris are trying to catch an elusive lizard while Koki, having just completed an inventory, declares that they have to go to a town to get supplies. But Martin and Chris still have not seen so many of the reptiles that live in the Sonoran desert. The bros beg for some time to investigate a particular lizard, which gets snatched up by a roadrunner. The bros secretly beg Aviva to come and make a roadrunner disc to use before Koki is ready to leave. Aviva is only able to make one roadrunner disc, so the brothers take turns with road runner powers, ultimately using road runners powers to discover the identity of the mystery lizard. Martin got caught by a Gila monster before he activated his suit so he cannot speak once Koki and Jimmy wrapped Martin for first aid, thinking he was poisoned. Chris and Aviva help out to find the identity once Koki locked the Tortuga and they leave the Sonoran Desert but discover the identity of the mystery lizard before leaving.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Speed limit
18 (58) "Rocket Jaw: Rescuer of the Reef" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Caribbean Sea Longlure frogfish, longfin tuna, hawksbill sea turtle, northern red snapper, green moray eel, six-banded parrotfish, sea mullet, malabar grouper, coral polyp December 27, 2013 (2013-12-27)

While checking out how coral reefs are formed, the gang notices some very strange types of parrotfish taking whole branches of coral and swimming off with them. After further investigation, the Wild Kratts crew realizes that Zach and Donita have sent robotic fish to collect coral for mass production of coral jewellery. The gang must use the power of the greatest hunters of the reef – the frogfish – who also happens to be the fastest creature alive, to capture the reef–wrecking robots before it's too late.

Villains of the week: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata

Animal name: Rocket Jaw
19 (59) "Snow Runners" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Canada Snowshoe hare, hispid hare, Canada lynx, northern goshawk, white-tail deer, plumed basilisk February 18, 2013 (2013-02-18)

On their way to return some hispid hares whom they rescued from a forest fire to Nepal, the Wild Kratts crew stops to pick up Martin and Chris who accidentally drive the rocket-powered adventure sled into the Tortuga, nearly causing it to slide down the hill it was parked on and the hispid hare cage to slide out the open door. Martin and Chris must use the winter adaptations of the snowshoe hare and the lynx to find the hares and to bring them back to Asia before it is too late. However, Chris is in his basilisk suit and the lynx is giving Martin a hard time that slows down the rescue of the hispid hares. Sooner or later, the lost becomes the hunted as one hispid is about to be hunted by the lynx. With the brothers' help and lynx power, the hunted become the rescued.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Avalanche
20 (60) "Attack of the Tree Eating Aliens" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt North America Pileated woodpecker, Asian longhorn beetle, American pine marten, eastern gray squirrel, common raccoon June 7, 2013 (2013-06-07); DVD: February 25, 2014 (2014-02-25)

The Wild Kratts learned that two kids' forest clubhouse is dying. They must investigate and solve the tree-killing mystery. At first, Aviva and Koki thought that woodpeckers did it but Martin got trapped in a tree while he's miniaturized and saw a longhorn beetle, a species from China transferred by ships, munching on trees and invading habitats to fight. The Kratt brothers must save the forest trees with woodpecker powers before the longhorn beetles get rid of all of them. Will they get rid of the longhorn beetles and return them in time?

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Headbanger
21 (61) "Rattlesnake Crystal" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Sonoran Desert Western diamondback rattlesnake, California ground squirrel, western spotted skunk, Gila monster, common house spider, elf owl, greater roadrunner, coyote, common collared lizard, horse (from: Martin and Chris) August 19, 2013 (2013-08-19)

While cruising through the clouds trying to decide where to adventure to next, the Tortuga is forced to make an emergency crash landing in the Sonoran Desert. The Kratt bros are excited to explore this new habitat, but Koki has bad news: the Tortuga will go permanently offline and die forever unless they can find a fresh stock of rare tellurium crystals. The bros go off searching for the rare mineral, but find the search difficult until they stumble upon a western diamondback rattlesnake and learn about its heat vision power, as it hunts a ground squirrel. Utilizing the rattlesnake's unique sensory abilities and creature powers, the bros race against the clock to find some tellurium and save the Tortuga.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: None
22 (62) "Skunked!" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Sonoran Desert Western spotted skunk, cougar, western diamondback rattlesnake, giant hairy scorpion, common collared lizard, dung beetle, greater roadrunner, coyote October 25, 2013 (2013-10-25)

When the Tortuga gets taken over by spotted skunks who decide to den up, the Wild Kratts team must try to reclaim their headquarters. In what turns out to be a very stinky situation, the Wild Kratts team gets sprayed one by one and are forced to try ever more elaborate plans to take back their HQ, while simultaneously searching for an effective skunk stink antidote. Meanwhile, Zach sneaks into the Tortuga to take it and all of Aviva's inventions data, and even kidnaps the skunks with his new invention. The crew learned about their defences and how they release their stench. The Kratt brothers must use their skunk creature powers to stink up Zach to flee him away from the Sonoran Desert and free the skunks from the Tortuga. The Wild Kratts team then have to use Aviva's antidote to freshen them again.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Mr P.U. Skunk, Lil' Stinker
23 (63) "Gila Monster Under My House" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Sonoran Desert Gila monster, bobcat, cricket August 20, 2013 (2013-08-20)

Wild Kratts kid Javier (Charles Vandervaart) finds a Gila monster under his porch in the Sonoran Desert and quickly calls the Wild Kratts. Trying to calm Javier down, the bros introduce him to the misunderstood lizard and its many creature powers – including its incredible jaw strength. Unbeknownst to them, Zach overhears and decides to kidnap Gila monster to be part of his new line of animal wrenches. The bros must use Gila monster creature powers in order to stop Zach and return the captive lizards to the wild.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal name: Lockjaw
24 (64) "Desert Elves" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Sonoran Desert Burrowing owl, elf owl, Cydia deshaisiana, Mexican jumping bean, dung beetle, common collared lizard, western diamondback rattlesnake, California ground squirrel, giant hairy scorpion, coyote November 18, 2013 (2013-11-18)

When Koki and Jimmy get stranded in the desert, Aviva and the Kratt Brothers must rely on the serendipitous trail of Jimmy's lost seed collection to lead them to their friends. But when the Mexican jumping bean trail becomes broken by some unsuspecting creatures inside them, the gang must rely on the eyes, ears and powers of the "desert elves", the owl, to find their friends in the harsh desert habitat. They realized it is an elf owl underground and an elf owl that lives inside a cactus.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Elvis
25 (65) "Groundhog Wakeup Call" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Appalachian Mountains Groundhog, American robin, coyote January 31, 2014 (2014-01-31)

Down in the southern Appalachians, the crew decides to take a rest day. Aviva goes out for a nap in a field and a little newborn groundhog nibbles on her nose. She calls him Dandelion and decides to make a new Creature Power Suit. The bros wonder if the groundhog has abilities to make a Creature Power Suit, but Aviva says she's sure these cute little groundhogs have some hidden superpowers and she decides to test this suit out herself. It turns out that one of the hidden powers of the groundhog is their ability to hibernate, and the bros have to figure out what causes groundhogs to emerge from their burrows as they try to rescue Aviva from a deep winter sleep that her groundhog Power Suit has put her into.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Dandelion
26 (66) "Journey to the Subnivean Zone" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt North America, Subnivean zone Meadow vole, ermine, red fox, peregrine falcon, moose, wild turkey, snowshoe hare January 30, 2014 (2014-01-30)

When a mission to discover the birth of a snowflake goes awry, the Kratt brothers discover a strange and unlikely colony of snow creatures living in the mysterious Subnivean Zone. But when Aviva's quest for an engineered "beach vacation" inadvertently alters the fragile northern landscape, the gang must work together to restore the life-giving blanket of snow that is so critical to creature survival.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Rolo, Torpedo

Season 3: 2014–15[edit]

This is the second season, to begin with a view of the Earth before the Kratt brothers were shown introducing the audience.

Episode number Title Director Writer Country/region Animals Original air date
1 (67) "The Hermit Crab Shell Exchange" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Caribbean Sea Caribbean hermit crab, Dardanus calidus, red starfish, laughing gull, tiger shark, malabar grouper, green moray eel, queen conch April 7, 2014 (2014-04-07)

Martin and Chris discover a hermit crab on the beaches of the Caribbean sea and try to avoid Gourmand who plans on boiling all of the hermit crabs on the beach.

Villain of the week: Chef Gourmand

Animal name: Picky
2 (68) "When Fish Fly" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Caribbean Sea Sailfin flying fish, laughing gull, common bottlenose dolphin April 10, 2014 (2014-04-10)

Martin and Chris switch jobs as Creature Adventurers with Inventors Aviva and Koki to see who has the most challenging job. The two girls come across a school of flying fish and the gang learns about how flying fish can glide across the water why trying to save Koki, who got separated riding on "Fishy".

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Fishy, Click and Whistle (from "Speaking Dolphinese")
3 (69) "Slider: The Otter" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Everglades, Northern Woodlands North American river otter, American alligator, alligator gar, largemouth bass, bluegill, osprey July 22, 2014 (2014-07-22)

Martin and Chris found a baby river otter cub looking for his family. The Kratt brothers help their otter friend Slider search for his otter pack, all while teaching him how to survive in the Cypress Swamp. However when they find a close family of otters believing it to be sliders family, however, it is not and the Kratts and slider get chased out of their territory. They are then shocked to learn from DNA evidence that slider is actually an otter from the northeastern United States that accidentally got brought to Florida after being trapped on a ship. They have to fly him home using Osprey powers as due to the ship incident that brought him to Florida he is scared of heavy machinery and thus did not want to go inside the Tortuga nor buzz bike.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Slider, Splash
4 (70) "Mosquito Dragon" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Everglades Mosquito, variegated meadowhawk, American alligator, common raccoon, American black bear, white-tailed deer July 21, 2014 (2014-07-21)

While exploring the swamps of Florida the team gets attacked and swarmed by mosquitos. The team tries to figure out why mosquitoes suck other creatures' blood. They discover the mosquito life cycle and learn that blood is rich with protein that mosquitos need for their eggs and is this the reason why mosquitos drink blood, meanwhile Zach designs "mosquito-bots" to steal data from the Tortuga's computers. When Zach releases the swarm of mosquito-bots, the Kratt brothers need dragonfly powers to save the Tortuga. Since real mosquitos sense warm air from the breadth of people and animals Zach has designed his mosquito bots to sense gases and air coming from the tortuga, however, this backfires on him as Zach's ship has way hotter and easier to detect gas and air than the Tortuga and the bots start coming to Zachs ship.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal name: Swamp Dragon
5 (71) "Under Frozen Pond" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Maine North American river otter, North American beaver, Canada goose, American bullfrog, rainbow trout January 19, 2015 (2015-01-19)

The gang and some Wild Kratts kids head to a frozen pond to see what the water animals there do during winter. However, Zach, Donita, and Gourmand want to have a secret meeting in that area. The gang meets Zach, Donita, Dabio, and Gourmand, who all play a hockey game to see who stays and who goes.

Villains of the week: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, Dabio, and Chef Gourmand

Animal names: Slider (from "Slider: The Otter"), Sticker, Timber, Buddy and Twig (from "Build it Beaver")
6 (72) "Search for the Florida Panther" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Everglades Florida panther, American alligator, great emerald pondhawk, blue dasher, mosquito, white-tailed deer, common raccoon July 23, 2014 (2014-07-23)

When the Wild Kratts team notice a endangered and injured Florida Panther, the team has to help it heal. To make matters worse the panther is a mother and has cubs, so it's up to Martin and Chris to use Florida Panther powers to cub-sit the baby panthers. However this job is easier said than done as the cubs are so hungry to the point where they attempt to eat Martin and Chris's communication devices, so they have to hunt food themselves using stealth like a real big cat. They also have to deal with dangerous alligators who steal their food and attempts to eat the cubs, however the mother panther heals from its injuries and springs to the rescue and makes the alligator back down.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Mama Panther, Swat, Crunch
7 (73) "Osprey" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Everglades Osprey, smallmouth bass, variegated meadowhawk, green breasted mango hummingbird, largemouth bass April 11, 2014 (2014-04-11)

Jimmy drops the Tortuga key into the ocean, so Chris, Martin, and Aviva are on a race to develop osprey powers in order to find the lost keys to the Tortuga. Zach is also in this race to retrieve the key and steal all the Wild Kratts tech. The Wild Kratts are on the clock to get enough information to develop osprey power before Zach can steal the Tortuga keys.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Slip Grip and Fluffy Flier
8 (74) "Opossum in My Pocket" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Everglades Virginia opossum, American alligator, North American river otter, burrowing owl, American bullfrog, mosquito, variegated meadowhawk, common pill-bug, coyote, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, black slug July 24, 2014 (2014-07-24)

While on a mission to find Chris' lost backpack in the Cypress Swamp, the brothers discover an opossum looking for one of its babies. Gourmand is also on the hunt with the backpack and a lost baby opossum, with the idea of making an opossum pizza pocket. They witness an opossum play dead instinctively when a coyote attempts to make a meal out of it. Chris and Martin use opossum powers to help them navigate the swamp, however since the suit has all the opossums powers this means playing possum is included which is shown when Gourmand scares Martin and causes him to go in tonic immobility mode, which gives Gourmand time to get to his kitchen. Eventually the kratt bros and Avila confront Gourmand, which they find another bag, Gourmand evilly warns them not to open it but Aviva pulls the string and realize Gourmand set this bag up as a trap for them and the contents of this bag were highly venomous eastern diamondback rattlesnakes which now the team is trapped in a field of deadly rattlesnakes, The opossum ends up receiving 2 venomous bites from the snakes and the team ponders why nothing is happening to the opossum, then they realize that opossums have immunity to snake venom, which since Martin and Chris are in opossum suits they also have rattlesnake venom immunity, so they are able to save the baby opossum and get themselves and Avila out of the snake field, and while Gourmand is angry about his defeat the snakes start to turn on him and he angrily leaves. Meanwhile, the opossum family is reunited.

Villain of the week: Chef Gourmand

Animal names: Jill, Joey, Lil' Jack, Jojo, Jillybean
9 (75) "Bandito: The Black-Footed Ferret" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Great Plains Black-footed ferret, black-tailed prairie dog, peregrine falcon April 9, 2014 (2014-04-09)

Martin crash lands Aviva's new Stone Digger and encounters a lost colony of black footed ferrets. Zach soon discovers the ability of these sneaky creatures and uses them for his new robber bots. Can the Wild Kratts create black-footed ferret powers before Zach can use his robber bots?

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal name: Bandito the Black-Footed Ferret
10 (76) "Where the Bison Roam" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Great Plains American bison, common raccoon, black-tailed prairie dog, peregrine falcon, pronghorn antelope, eastern elk, coyote, burrowing owl, black-footed ferret, european honey bee, grass, nubian giraffe, Red kangaroo April 8, 2014 (2014-04-08)

The team explores the spot where Lewis and Clark first saw the American prairie. While cleaning the teleporter's activation ring, Jimmy Z accidentally rolls it onto the horn of the lead bull in the herd. The Kratts have to find a way to get the ring back without getting charged and discover that bison and prairies are harder to find then they were back then.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Raging Bull, Muncher, Mr. Roo Boss (from "Kicking It With the Roos"), Necktie (from "Neck and Neck")
11 (77) "Crocogator Contest" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Everglades American alligator, American crocodile, common raccoon, white-tailed deer, American bullfrog, largemouth bass, spiny softshell turtle, tiger shark, mosquito July 21, 2014 (2014-07-21)

The Wild Kratts go on a Crocogator Challenge to figure out what the differences between crocodiles and alligators are, and why the creature needs those differences.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: none
12 (78) "The Amazing Creature Race" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Great Plains Pronghorn antelope, black-tailed prairie dog, American bison, burrowing owl, black-footed ferret July 8, 2014 (2014-07-08)

The Wild Kratts hold a competition to determine who the best runners are in the animal world. Chris races as a pronghorn antelope, Martin races as a gray wolf, Aviva races as a Thomson's gazelle, and Koki races as a cheetah. Meanwhile, Zach waits to capture the winning animal for use as a "runner-bot".

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Pacer, Raging Bull (from "Where the Bison Roam")
13 (79) "Prairie Who?" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Great Plains Lesser prairie chicken, coyote, prairie rattlesnake, black-tailed prairie dog, prairie falcon, prairie kingsnake, American bison July 9, 2014 (2014-07-09)

While the crew try to find a prairie animal to adventure within the great plains, the Tortuga gets caught by a tornado, and they get separated in the prairie. Chris told the crew to find a prairie rattlesnake at a sunning spot where this cool creature could be warming. The Wild Kratts team tries to find each other, discovering many prairie animals along the way, because they got a bad message.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Tracker
14 (80) "Mystery on the Prairie" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Great Plains Brown-headed cowbird, loggerhead shrike, American bison, prairie kingsnake, American robin, grasshopper July 10, 2014 (2014-07-10)

When Martin and Chris find an unusual thorn bush with "spiked" grasshoppers and beetles, they set out to uncover the identity of the mystery culprit, a loggerhead shrike. Martin also comes across a shrike nest with a cowbird hatchling and is captured by the shrike. Now the Wild Kratts have to figure out a way to rescue both Martin and the cowbird without startling the local bison herd.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Spike, Mama Shrike, Moo, Thorn, Spear, Spike Jr
15 (81) "Chameleons on Target" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Madagascar, cloud forest Parson's chameleon, Nose-horned chameleon, brookesia chameleon, malagasy hoverfly, golden bamboo lemur, Milne-Edwards' sifaka, diademed sifaka, aye-aye April 20, 2015 (2015-04-20)

Aviva loses her new malfunction-removing ring chip to a skinny finger mystery lemur. Chris and Martin decided to use the powers of the local chameleons to see if they can find the lemur and get the ring chip back. They also need to work with their chameleon tongues since every time they open their mouthes, their tongues fly out.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Target
16 (82) "Fossa-Palooza" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Madagascar, cloud forest Fossa, diademed sifaka, Madagascar hissing cockroach, Parson's chameleon, lowland streaked tenrec July 22, 2015 (2015-07-22)

Chris is bummed that the crew has to leave Madagascar for Mother's Day. They have not met the fossa (a predatorial mongoose of madagascar, very cat-like). Suddenly, Martin opens the garage door in midflight and Chris falls in Madagascar to find a fossa mom and baby.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata and Dabio

Animal name: None
17 (83) "Mini Madagascar" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Madagascar, cloud forest Madagascar hissing cockroach, pygmy mouse lemur, diademed sifaka, Brookesia chameleon, forest leeches, streaked tenrec, hoverfly, snowshoe hare, northern goshawk, hawksbill sea turtle, seahorse, blowfish, tiger shark July 22, 2015 (2015-07-22)

Chris and Martin go minisized and explore the small world of Madagascar. They think that Madagascar is safe without any big predators around. They soon see that Madagascar is filled with small monsters.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Lemaire, Brookesia, Monster Lemur, Avalanche (from "Snow Runners"), Shield (from "Tortuga Tune-up"), Blimpy (from "Blowfish Blowout"), Ocean Pony (from ("Seahorse Rodeo")
18 (84) "Aye Aye" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Madagascar Aye-aye, sperm whale, pygmy mouse lemur, pileated woodpecker July 8, 2015 (2015-07-08)

The Kratts pretend that they're pirates and soon met up with a strange castaway. They soon find that their guest is a baby aye aye and the bros go find his parents. Soon, the little aye aye causes real trouble when he almost ends up dead in the Tortuga air vents.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Goblin, Goblin's Mom, Bumper (from "Whale of a Squid"), Headbanger (from "Attack of the Tree Eating Aliens")
19 (85) "Lemur Legs" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Madagascar, spiny desert Verreaux's sifaka, radiated tortoise, lesser hedgehog tenrec, spiny chameleon July 15, 2015 (2015-07-15)

The Wild Kratts are in Madagascar for the first time and meet a sifaka lemur family in the spiny desert. Meanwhile, Gourmand is planning on stealing the sifaka family of lemurs and serving them like frog legs. So the Wild Kratts must use lemur powers in order to save the lemurs themselves.

Villains of the week: Chef Gourmand, Zach Varmitech and Donita Donata (cameo)

Animal names: Bob, Mrs. President, Fuzztop, Lounger
20 (86) "Lemur Stink Fight" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Madagascar, spiny desert Ring-tailed lemur, spiny chameleon, southern green stink bug April 21, 2015 (2015-04-21)

The Wild Kratts crew wake up to the screechy and eerie sound of what is a war for peace between two groups of ring-tailed lemurs. They soon learn how they stay out of each other's fur by leaving smells. Soon, Donita Donata and Dabio are collecting the scents of the ring-tailed lemurs for perfume causing The Ringtailed War to starting again.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata and Dabio

Animal names: Cling-On, Stink-flicker
21 (87) "Golden Bamboo Lemur" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Madagascar Golden bamboo lemur, Parson's chameleon, fossa, aye-aye, diademed sifaka, pygmy mouse lemur, Geoffroy's spider monkey, proboscis monkey, james's flamingo July 15, 2015 (2015-07-15)

On their last day in Madagascar, The Wild Kratts crew get a call from a Madagascan Wild Kratts kid that a new baby golden bamboo lemur is born. They soon meet the little golden lemur and soon meet Donita Donata who is collecting the lemur for a new golden dress. And to keep the Kratts busy, she releases a pair of spider monkeys and proboscis monkeys to cause madness in Madagascar.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata and Dabio

Animal name: Goldpuff
22 (88) "Tenrec Treasure Hunt" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Madagascar, cloud forest Lesser hedgehog tenrec, lesser long-tailed shrew tenrec, mole-like rice tenrec, lowland streaked tenrec, web-footed tenrec, ring-tailed mongoose, aye-aye, diademed sifaka, madagascar hissing cockroach, earthworm, slug, golden bamboo lemur, parson's chameleon July 8, 2015 (2015-07-08)

Chris makes a treasure hunt for the crew on the Malagascian insectivore: the tenrecs. It soon gets hard when their last clue leads a mini-Martin lost in Madagascar. They crew uses all they know on tenrecs to find Martin plus a baby tenrec named Pokey and finish the treasure hunt at the same time.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Pokey, Momma T, Spikeball, Ping-Pong, Goblin (from "Aye Aye")
23 (89) "Praying Mantis" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Suburb European mantis, tokay gecko, eastern milk snake, peppered moth August 12, 2014 (2014-08-12)

One summer morning, Wild Kratts kids Gavin and Ronan wake up to find praying mantis hatchlings all over their room, so they decided to call the Wild Kratts for help in getting them out of bed without hurting the mantises. The Kratt Brothers suit up with gecko power and the Tortuga arrive to get the two kids out while not trampling over any hatchlings. Meanwhile, Zach Varmitech develops an increasing grudge against the Wild Kratts by using robotic mantis arms with a captured mantis inside. Zach uses the extending arms to seize the Miniaturizer. He then kidnaps the two Wild Kratts members and confines them in his ship. Now the Wild Kratts have to save the day.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Swivelhead, Green Alien, Druid
24 (90) "Capture the Fishmobile" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Atlantic ocean Brown pelican, common bottlenose dolphin, sperm whale, longlure frogfish, osprey, laughing gull, gulf menhaden April 22, 2015 (2015-04-22)

Martin and Chris challenge the crew to a hunting game with Aviva's new sea veichles: The Fishmobiles. The gang accepts and the winner would be the leaders of the team. The crew join a school of menhaden and the bros use some of the best fishing creatures in the world.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Gular, Bumper and Bumper's mom (from "Whale of a Squid"), Rocket Jaw (from "Rocket Jaw: Rescuer of the Reef"), Fishy Flier (formerly Fluffy Flier) (from "Osprey"), Click and Whistle (from "Speaking Dolphinese")
25 (91) "Back in Creature Time, Part 1: Day of the Dodo" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Mauritius (1600s), Philippines Dodo, Philippine tarsier, Philippine eagle, dragonfly July 7, 2014 (2014-07-07)

After a quick scan on the Philippines eagle eggs and learning the animals going to extinction, which the Kratt Brothers will never adventure with creatures gone forever until Aviva reveals a Trampoline like a time machine which the Kratt Brothers are used to jump back in time up to 500 years in the past. First, they decided to see a dodo bird and Koki, Chris, and Martin jump back on Mauritius Island in the early 1600s when the dodos became extinct. Gourmand's ancestor, Great Great Granddaddy Gourmand (Zachary Bennett) plans to use the dodos for his lunch. The Wild Kratts have to rescue the dodos before they become extinct and travel back to present day before the remote runs low on power.

Villains of the week: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Granddaddy Gourmand Guy, Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Rocko, Brainio
26 (92) "Back in Creature Time, Part 2: Tasmanian Tiger" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Tasmania (1880s), Philippines Tasmanian tiger, Tasmanian devil, tiger quoll, red kangaroo, Philippine eagle, sheep July 7, 2014 (2014-07-07)

Aviva invented a "time trampoline" that allows the Kratt brothers to travel back in creature time. The animal they go to visit this time is the Tasmanian tiger, who they try to teach how to survive as the humans start to cultivate the land. They meet Donita Donata and Dabio's ancestors, Shonita Donata (Eva Almos) and Shabio (Cory Doran), as some shepherds who contributed to the extinction of the Tasmanian tiger. Zach uses this opportunity to try to trap the Kratt brothers back in creature time.

Villains of the week: Zach Varmitech, Shonita Donata, Shabio

Animal names: Taz Dad, Taz Mom, Little X

Season 4: 2015–17[edit]

Episode number Title Director Writer Country/region Animals Original air date
1 (93) "Liturgusa Krattorum" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Peru Liturgusa krattorum, Peruvian jaguar, Black-headed spider monkey, european honey bee, eastern bluebird, turnip-tailed gecko, purple tree tarantula, green-backed trogon January 16, 2017 (2017-01-16)

The Kratt brothers find out that a scientist has discovered a new species of mantis in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru and named it Liturgusa krattorum, after them. They decide to creature adventure with this unique insect. Meanwhile, villains Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, and Chef Gourmand are upset that the mantis was named after the Kratt brothers instead of after them, so they decide to capture all of the Liturgusa krattorum. The Wild Kratts must rescue the mantises and get them back to "living free and in the wild".

Villains of the week: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata and Dabio, Chef Gourmand

Error: Shadow is shown in this episode as a jaguar from the Peruvian Amazon, yet in his season 2 appearences such as "To Touch a Hummingbird" and his debut "Shadow: The black Jaguar" he is a Costa Rican Jaguar.

Animal name: Shadow (from "Shadow: The Black Jaguar")
2 (94) "Panda Power Up!" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt China Giant panda July 19, 2016 (2016-07-19)

The Wild Kratts travel to China to conduct a population survey of one of Aviva's favorite animals: the giant panda. However, Zach Varmitech has plans to capture the pandas and make them into robotic stuffed toys. When Zach discovers that the Wild Kratts have arrived in China, he has his Zachbots drain the power from the team's technology, leaving the Wild Kratts stranded in the bamboo forest. To make matters worse, Zach captures Martin, who is testing the new Giant Panda Creature Power Suit, along with the real pandas. The Wild Kratts will need to use the bamboo-digesting secrets of the giant panda to convert bamboo into energy, "panda power up" their technology, and rescue Martin and the pandas from Zach.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal name: Stuffo
3 (95) "Snowy Owl Invasion" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Martin Kratt China, Arctic, North America Snowy owl, giant panda, polar bear, northern collared lemming, walrus, snowshoe hare, Canada goose, American alligator, meadow vole January 17, 2017 (2017-01-17)

The Wild Kratts hear about snowy owls being sighted in areas far south of their usual Arctic habitat. The team decides to investigate, but trouble starts when Donita Donata decides to make hats out of the snowy owls. They then learn that the reason for this phenomenon is when prey is scarce in the arctic during the winter which leads to the snowy owls flying south to find more prey.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata and Dabio

Animal names: Frosty the Snow Owl, Gold Nugget, Scoop, Stuffo (from "Panda Power Up!")
4 (96) "Pangolin Rescue" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt Africa, China Ground pangolin, Chinese pangolin, grant's zebra, termite, black rhinoceros, African crested porcupine, impala, martial eagle, lion, ant, clouded leopard, malabar grouper, bluestreak cleaner wrasse July 20, 2016 (2016-07-20)

While on the African savanna, the Wild Kratts discover a ground pangolin. This animal, like other pangolin species, has one of the most incredible defenses in the creature world: overlapping keratin scales that make pangolins resemble artichokes on legs. However, the Wild Kratts soon get an alert from Chinese Wild Kratts Kids Yi (Emilia McCarthy) and Duyi (Parker Lauzon) that someone has set traps to catch Chinese pangolins. The team travels to China to help protect these critically endangered creatures. The Wild Kratts soon find out who has set the pangolin traps: Chef Gourmand, who is trapping both ground and Chinese pangolins and plans to make "medicinal" smoothies out of their scales. The Kratt brothers must use Pangolin Powers to free all of the pangolins that Gourmand has captured.

Villain of the week: Chef Gourmand

Animal names: T. Rex, Artichoke, Nubs (from "Let the Rhinos Roll!"), Quillber (from "Quillber's Birthday Present")
5 (97) "A Creature Christmas-Part 1" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Martin Kratt Northwest Territories, Madagascar, South Dakota, Peru Snowy owl, northwestern wolf, American red squirrel, muskox, boreal woodland caribou, American marten, blue jay, red panda, giant panda, golden snub-nosed monkey, Grant's zebra, cheetah, common hippopotamus, eastern black rhinoceros, African bush elephant, aardvark, golden bamboo lemur, peregrine falcon, wild turkey, Florida panther, Plains bison, North American beaver, groundhog, North American river otter, platypus, koala, proboscis monkey, red kangaroo, Tasmanian devil, Bornean orangutan, ring-tailed lemur, diademed sifaka, aye-aye, black-footed ferret, ornate spider monkey, jaguar (mentioned: Horsfield's tarsier, polar bear, Masai lion) November 25, 2015 (2015-11-25)

It's Christmastime, and the Wild Kratts are taking a break from creature adventuring to throw a Christmas party. However, before they can open their presents, the Wild Kratts receive alerts from Wild Kratts Kids that Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, and Chef Gourmand are capturing baby animals from around the world. The Wild Kratts cut their holiday celebration short and set off to rescue their creature friends from the villains, but the team's first rescue attempt fails miserably. Can the Wild Kratts still manage to save their animal friends, or will Zach, Donita, and Gourmand succeed in whatever plan they've concocted?

Villains: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata and Dabio, Chef Gourmand

Animal names: Slurpy (from Aardvark Town), Platty and Platter (from Platypus Cafe), Buddy and Twig (from Build It Beaver), T-Bone (from Tazzy Chris), Thornsley (from Elephant in the Room), Nubs (from Let the Rhinos Roll!), Hopster (from Kickin' It With the Roos), Fluff (from Falcon City), Koala Balloon (from Koala Balloon), Nosey (from Kerhonk), Spotswat (from Mimic), Maze (from Zig-Zagged), Little Howler (from Little Howler), Hipster (from Race for the Hippo Disc), Lightning (from Happy Turkey Day), Grabsy (from Bugs or Monkeys?), Shadow (from Shadow: The Black Jaguar), Dandelion (from Groundhog Wakeup Call), Slider (from Slider: The Otter), Swat and Crunch (from Search for the Florida Panther), Bandito (from Bandito: The Black-Footed Ferret), Muncher (from Where the Bison Roam), Goblin (from Aye Aye), Cling-On (from Lemur Stink Fight), Goldpuff (from Golden Bamboo Lemur), Stuffo (from Panda Power Up!), Frosty (from Snowy Owl Invasion), Blue Goggle (from Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man), Lost-and-Found (from Red Panda Rescue) (mentioned: Pobie [from Polar Bears Don't Dance], Googly Eye and Googly Jr. [from Googly Eye the Night Guru], Lil Cubby, El Cutisimo, Screensaver, Cat Burglar, Martin, and Chris [from Bad Hair Day])
6 (98) "A Creature Christmas-Part 2" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Martin Kratt North America Groundhog, African bush elephant, giant panda, Atlantic puffin, North American river otter, Parson's chameleon, cheetah, common hippopotamus, aardvark, North American beaver, ornate spider monkey, red panda, spirit bear, common flying dragon, koala, brown-headed cowbird, aye-aye, snowy owl, red kangaroo, Arctic wolf, jaguar, Tasmanian devil, golden bamboo lemur, black-footed ferret, Masai lion, muskox, orca, narwhal November 25, 2015 (2015-11-25)

After their failed first rescue attempt, the Wild Kratts are again trying to pull off a creature rescue and save their baby animal friends from Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, and Chef Gourmand. The team finds out that the three villains have gathered in North America. The Wild Kratts travel to where the villains have met up and finally discover their enemies' horrible scheme: the animals captured by the villains have been turned into Christmas ornaments by Donita, and the creatures are now hanging on Zach's robotic Christmas tree. The Wild Kratts manage to free the animals, but the villains use traps disguised as Christmas presents to capture the team. Zach, Donita, and Gourmand then take all of the Wild Kratts' technology and leave the team marooned in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. Will the Kratt brothers somehow be able to get their Creature Power Suits back, use them to defeat the villains, and keep Christmas from being ruined for both the Wild Kratts and their animal friends?

Villains: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata and Dabio, Chef Gourmand

Animal names: Slurpy (from Aardvark Town), Buddy and Twig (from Build It Beaver), T-Bone (from Tazzy Chris), Thornsley (from Elephant in the Room), Hopster (from Kickin' It With the Roos), Koala Balloon (from Koala Balloon), Spotswat (from Mimic), Martin (from Bad Hair Day), Hipster (from Race for the Hippo Disc), Grabsy (from Bugs or Monkeys?), Shadow (from Shadow: The Black Jaguar), Dandelion (from Groundhog Wakeup Call), Slider (from Slider: The Otter), Bandito (from Bandito: The Black-Footed Ferret), Moo (from Mystery on the Prairie), Target (from Chameleons on Target), Goblin (from Aye Aye), Goldpuff (from Golden Bamboo Lemur), Stuffo (from Panda Power Up!), Scoop (from Snowy Owl Invasion), Puff (from Puffin Rescue), Lost-and-Found (from Red Panda Rescue), Bellyful (from Spirit Bear), Baby Tooth & Kid Musky (from Baby Tooth & Kid Musky), Zippy (from Flight of the Draco) Swirly (from This Orca Likes Sharks), Two Tusker (from The Mystery of the Two Horned Narwhal)
7 (99) "Puffin Rescue" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Atlantic Ocean Atlantic puffin, hawksbill sea turtle, common bottlenose dolphin, great white shark, geoffroy's spider monkey January 18, 2017 (2017-01-18)

A rogue wave hits the Tortuga, separating the members of the Wild Kratts team from each other. When Martin is stranded on a remote island, he finds several puffins, giving him the idea to use Puffin Power to find and rescue the other Wild Kratts.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech (In Aviva's imagination)

Animal names: Puffo, Puff, the Finnster, Mama Puffin, (mentioned: Grabsy [from "Bugs or Monkeys?"])
8 (100) "Stars of the Tides" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Atlantic Ocean Common starfish, caribbean hermit crab, poli's Stellate barnacle, common limpet, zooplankton, amphipod, sea anemone, red sea urchin, laughing gull, common mussel, dog whelk, American lobster, sunflower starfish July 29, 2015 (2015-07-29)

When the Kratt brothers argue over which of them gets to keep a beautiful seashell, Aviva organizes a contest to settle the matter. Chris and Martin will need to survive and race to the finish line in one of the harshest habitats on Earth: the intertidal zone. To do so, they must use the Creature Powers of animals that live in this constantly changing environment.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: None
9 (101) "The Last Largest Lobster" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt Massachusetts American lobster, laughing gull, Atlantic cod, gulf menhaden, zooplankton, Caribbean hermit crab, european sardine, great white shark July 29, 2015 (2015-07-29)

A seagull drops one of Martin's Creature Power Discs into the ocean, and when the Kratt brothers dive in after the disc, they encounter an enormous lobster. Aviva programs Lobster Powers for Chris and Martin, but when the Kratt brothers try them out, only Chris's Creature Power Suit activates as an adult lobster. Martin's Power Suit malfunctions, turning Martin into a microscopic lobster larva. The Wild Kratts Kids begin a search for Martin, but Chris must protect "the last largest lobster" from Chef Gourmand.

Villain of the week: Chef Gourmand

Animal name: Red Crush, Triple L
10 (102) "Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Daba Mountains Golden snub-nosed monkey, clouded leopard July 21, 2016 (2016-07-21)

The Wild Kratts travel to China looking for snub-nosed monkeys: primates capable of surviving in snowy mountains. However, the team soon must search for Martin, who not only gets lost in the mountains along with a baby snub-nosed monkey, but is transformed into a Yeti-like creature when his Snub-Nosed Monkey Creature Power Suit malfunctions. The other Wild Kratts are not the only ones looking for Martin, either-Zach Varmitech plans to capture the Yeti and show it to people in exchange for money. Unfortunately for Martin, he is the closest thing to a Yeti in the mountains.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Blue Goggle, Golden Ice
11 (103) "The Other Martins" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Martin Kratt Maine Purple martin, American pine marten, American red squirrel, American bullfrog, spiny softshell turtle, black fly, variegated meadowhawk, march brown mayfly April 26, 2016 (2016-04-26)

When a bird called a purple martin keeps dive-bombing Chris, Chris complains to Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy Z about it. At first, the team is confused, thinking Chris is talking about his brother, Martin. When they discover Chris is talking about a bird, the Wild Kratts decide to creature adventure with both the purple martin and a member of the weasel family called the pine marten. Martin is delighted to hang out with animals that share his name, but Chris is unhappy due to a series of unfortunate events that happen to him, one of which is a squirrel stealing his Creature Power vest. Martin must save the day by using Pine Marten Power to get Chris's Creature Power vest back from the squirrel.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Martin Jr., Li'l Marty
12 (104) "Eel-lectric!" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Amazon rainforest Electric eel, harpy eagle, Spectacled caiman, jaguar, red-bellied piranha January 19, 2017 (2017-01-19)

When the Tortuga crashes in the Amazon rainforest, the ship loses power when its electrical systems are damaged. However, Chris and Martin are happy to be in one of the most biologically rich habitats on Earth, and they set out into the rainforest to creature adventure. The Kratt brothers soon find a creature that may be able to solve the Tortuga's electricity problem: the electric eel. They learn about how the electric eel uses its electric powers to catch prey and defend itself from predators like caiman crocodiles. However they have to use their electric eel powers and fast when jaguars and crocodiles invade the tortuga and terrorize Koki and Jimmy which the kratts use eel defense power to scare them away, however the tortuga starts to sink into the amazon river and the kratts need to use their eel powers to power up the tortuga.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Voltage, Chomper
13 (105) "The Mystery of the Two Horned Narwhal" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Martin Kratt Arctic Ocean Narwhal, orca, American bison, (mentioned: moose) January 20, 2017 (2017-01-20)

Chris and Martin are arguing with each other about which is better, horns or antlers, when they get a call from Wild Kratts Kid Nua about a whale with a unique horn-like tusk: the narwhal. The Wild Kratts travel to the Arctic to investigate the structure and purpose of the narwhal's tusk. But when the Kratt brothers find an Inuit carving depicting a narwhal with two tusks, the Wild Kratts decide to find out whether the two-tusked narwhal is real or just a myth.

Villain of the week: None

Animal name: Two-Tusker (formerly Little Tusker)
14 (106) "Sea Otter Swim" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Pacific Ocean Sea otter, red sea urchin, clam, bald eagle, Steller sea lion, common bottlenose dolphin, brown pelican, sperm whale, loggerhead turtle, green moray eel, kelp perch, starfish April 27, 2016 (2016-04-27)

Jimmy reveals to the other Wild Kratts that he's not a very good swimmer. To help Jimmy learn to swim better, the Kratt brothers take Jimmy to meet a friend of theirs-a sea otter named Coach. While Jimmy practices swimming and diving, the Wild Kratts learn about the features that make sea otters such good swimmers.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Coach, Cork, Click and Whistle (from "Speaking Dolphinese"), Gular (from "Capture the Fishmobile"), Bumper (from "Whale of a Squid")
15 (107) "Red Panda Rescue" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Martin Kratt China Red panda, golden snub-nosed monkey, giant panda July 22, 2016 (2016-07-22)

Chris finds a lost red panda cub in the bamboo forest of China. The Wild Kratts wonder what taxonomic family this cute creature belongs to-Koki thinks the red panda is a bear, Jimmy Z thinks it's a canine and a type of fox, Aviva thinks it's a member of the weasel family, and Chris thinks it's related to raccoons. However, Martin reveals that the red panda is actually in a family of its own-Ailuridae. The Wild Kratts team plans to return the red panda cub to her mother, but Zach Varmitech arrives, traps Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy in an energy net, and steals the red panda cub, planning to give her to Donita Donata as a present for the fashion designer's birthday. Chris and Martin must use their Creature Powers of two Chinese animals-the snub-nosed monkey and the giant panda-to rescue the red panda cub from Zach and get her back to her mother.

Villains of the week: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata (cameo)

Animal name: Lost-and-Found
16 (108) "Spirit Bear" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Chichagof Island (Southeast Alaska) Spirit bear, American black bear, orca, worm, slug, beetle, ant, sockeye salmon April 29, 2016 (2016-04-29)

Chris, Martin, and Aviva kayak to an island to look for black bears. When they get there, Aviva catches a glimpse of a white bear; however, the Kratt brothers do not believe Aviva and tell her that there are no polar bears on the island. But when the white bear reappears, Chris and Martin realize that the bear is no polar bear-it's a spirit bear, a variety of black bear that sometimes has white fur. Meanwhile, a new villain, Paisley Paver (Julie Lemieux) and her new villain assistant, Rex (Cory Doran), arrives on the island, planning to pave it and build a mega storage facility. To stop this new enemy from destroying the bears' home, the Kratt brothers will need to use the incredible Creature Powers of the black bear.

Villains of the week: Paisley Paver and Rex

Animal names: Bellyful, Paw Flip, Spirit, Spirit Jr.
17 (109) "The Colors of China" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Martin Kratt China Golden pheasant, red panda, giant panda, golden snub-nosed monkey, lichtenfelder's gecko, Chinese moon moth July 25, 2016 (2016-07-25)

While Chris and Martin are looking for cool creatures in the bamboo forest of China, they encounter golden pheasants. The vivid colours of the male pheasant cause the Kratt brothers to wonder why golden pheasants-and all the other amazing animals of China-are coloured the way they are. But when Donita Donata captures several different species of Chinese animals and fades their colours, planning to use the now-grey animals as statues in a fashion show, the Wild Kratts must rescue the creatures and restore the animals' unique colours and patterns. Along the way, the team discovers the important roles that colour plays in the lives of animals everywhere.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata and Dabio

Animal names: Stuffo (from "Panda Power Up!"), Lost-and-Found (from "Red Panda Rescue"), Blue Goggle and Golden Ice (from "Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man")
18 (110) "Box Turtled In!" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Vermont Eastern box turtle, european honey bee, coyote, bald eagle, variegated meadowhawk, common raccoon, peregrine falcon, fire ant April 25, 2016 (2016-04-25)

When Jimmy Z accidentally lands the Tortuga on the Miniaturizer, the ship and the Wild Kratts crew are Miniaturized. A coyote then carries the box turtle-sized Tortuga away from the Miniaturizer, and the Wild Kratts must return to the Miniaturizer and get back to normal size. However, predators and cars pose a threat to the Tortuga, just like they do to real turtles.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Caja, Bandito the Raccoon, Mr. Coyote
19 (111) "Animals Who Live to be 100 Years Old" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Martin Kratt South America, Galapagos Islands, Dinaric Alps, Arctic, Sea of Japan Common fruit fly, scarlet macaw, Galapagos tortoise, human fish, bowhead whale, immortal jellyfish, european sardine April 28, 2016 (2016-04-28)

Martin introduces the rest of the Wild Kratts team to his pet fruit fly, Juice. However, since fruit flies only live for a few weeks, Juice soon dies, saddening the Wild Kratts. The gang begins to wonder about animal lifespans and if any animals can live for 100 years or more, so they decide to travel the world in search of the longest-lived creatures. But someone else is also looking for the world's oldest animals-Zach Varmitech, who wants to discover the secrets to long life so that he can live forever. The Wild Kratts must protect the oldest creatures on Earth from Zach's scheme.

Villains of the week: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata (cameo)

Animal names: Juice, Juice II, Grandpa
20 (112) "Archerfish School" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Asia Banded archerfish, mudskipper, Bornean clouded leopard, Draco lizard, Philippine tarsier, pangolin, Bornean orangutan, Pinacate beetle Python (Picture) April 10, 2017 (2017-04-10)

One day, while the Wild Kratts are in an Asian mangrove swamp, Chris is practicing archery. However, since his aim is not very good, he and Martin decide to check out the greatest archer in the creature world: the archerfish. The Kratt brothers learn about the archerfish's creature powers that allow it to hit small prey with jets of water. Aviva programs Archerfish Powers for Chris and Martin, and just in time too-Donita Donata is capturing animals for her new line of fashion, and the Kratt brothers will need to use the Creature Powers of the archerfish to stop the evil fashion designer.

Villain of the week: Donita Donata and Dabio

Animal names: Arrow
21 (113) "This Orca Likes Sharks" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Martin Kratt South America Orca, Jaguar, plumed basilisk, brown-throated three-toed sloth, geoffroy's spider monkey, scarlet macaw, bull shark, brown pelican, tuna, giant squid, great white shark April 11, 2017 (2017-04-11)

After a run-in with a dangerous bull shark in a South American river, the Kratt brothers find a bottle with an old map inside. The map shows the travels of a legendary orca that supposedly specializes in eating large sharks. To find out if the story of the shark-eating orca is true or not, Chris and Martin join a pod of orcas and use the newly upgraded Dolphin Decoder to communicate with them. The Wild Kratts soon discover that orcas are powerful, intelligent predators that can prey on almost any other animal in the sea. But when a great white shark threatens an orca calf, the shark is eaten by none other than Old Sharktooth, the legendary shark-hunting orca!

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Swirly, Shadow (from "Shadow: The Black Jaguar"), Old Sharktooth
22 (114) "Baby Tooth & Kid Musky" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Arctic Arctic wolf, muskox (mentioned: tokay gecko, harpy eagle, white-tailed deer, western diamondback rattlesnake) April 12, 2017 (2017-04-12)

The Wild Kratts travel to the Arctic tundra, where two very different but interconnected creatures live: the thick-haired, sharp-horned muskox and its main predator, the pack-hunting Arctic wolf. Chris wants Aviva to make an Arctic Wolf Creature Power Suit, but Martin wants a Muskox Power Suit. Both Kratt brothers set out across the tundra to find their preferred animal, each trying to convince Aviva to program their chosen Creature Power Suit. However, when a pack of Arctic wolves threatens a muskox calf, Chris and Martin try to choose sides in the conflict, but realize that there really are no bad guys in a predator-prey relationship-the prey are trying to defend themselves, but the predators must kill or die of starvation. They then defeat the wolves.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Kid Musky, Baby Tooth
23 (115) "Cheetah Adopted" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Martin Kratt Africa African cheetah[disambiguation needed], grant's zebra, Thomson's gazelle, aardvark, nubian giraffe, martial eagle, African bush elephant, lion, common warthog, termite April 13, 2017 (2017-04-13)

The Wild Kratts need to resupply the Tortuga, but Chris and Martin want to creature adventure on the African savanna. Before travelling to a nearby town to buy supplies, the rest of the team drops the Kratt brothers-who promise not to call for help or ask Aviva for new Creature Powers-off on the savanna. But when Chris and Martin find Spot Swat the cheetah cub living with a family of warthogs, they must use their Creature Powers of African animals to get Spot Swat back to his mother, Blur, without having to contact Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy Z. Eventually, a lion threatens the cub so Martin and Chris use cheetah powers to save blur but the 3 end up falling in a ditch which they eventually have to use aardvark powers to get out and reunite Spot swat with blur.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Spot Swat (from "Mimic"), Blur (from "Cheetah Racer"), Slurpy (from "Aardvark Town"), Necktie (from "Neck and Neck"), Mama Warthog
24 (116) "Musk Ox Mania" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Africa, Arctic Muskox, Arctic Wolf, black rhinoceros, Thomson's gazelle, (mentioned: harpy eagle) April 14, 2017 (2017-04-14)

While the Kratt brothers are being charged by an angry rhino on the African savanna, they decide to use a harpy eagle feather from Chris's creature souvenir collection to activate Harpy Eagle Powers and fly out of harm's way. However, Chris forgot his souvenir collection on the Arctic tundra during the events of "Baby Tooth and Kid Musky". To find the valuable collection, the Wild Kratts travel to the Arctic and search for the collection using the Creature Powers of the muskox. However, the team will have to hurry, because Zach Varmitech is also after the creature souvenirs.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Baby Tooth and Kid Musky (from "Baby Tooth & Kid Musky"), Headbasher
25 (117) "Creatures of the Deep Sea-Part 1" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Atlantic Ocean Giant oceanic manta ray, barreleye, Atlantic sea nettle, Hyperia macrocephala (amphipod), goblin shark, black dragonfish, water flea, caridean shrimp, Melanocetus eustalus (anglerfish), colossal squid November 23, 2016 (2016-11-23)

The entire Wild Kratts team uses their new submarine to explore the deep sea in search of undiscovered species. However, Chef Gourmand, planning to invent new seafood dishes, is using a Varmitech Industries submarine to capture deep-sea animals.

Villains of the week: Chef Gourmand, Zach Varmitech (cameo in a flashback, but has no dialogue)

Animal names: Crazy Eyes, Snapjaw, Dragon Glow
26 (118) "Creatures of the Deep Sea-Part 2" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Atlantic Ocean black dragonfish, Melanocetus eustalus, giant tube worm, vent shrimp, giant isopod, caridean shrimp, Dumbo octopus, barreleye, goblin shark, sperm whale, colossal squid, sea nettle, (mentioned: yeti crab) November 23, 2016 (2016-11-23)

The Wild Kratts continue their exploration of the deep sea. Now, they have a new mission: to rescue the deep-sea fauna from Chef Gourmand's plot to make seafood out of them. A battle with Gourmand ensues, but soon everyone must quickly escape from the area when the villainous chef causes a chain of underwater volcanoes to erupt.

Villain of the week: Chef Gourmand

Animal names: Crazy Eyes, Dragon Glow, Snapjaw, Pulpo, Heat Seeker, (mentioned: Seasquatch [from "Seasquatch"])

Season 5: 2017-18[edit]

Episode number Title Director Writer Country/region Animals Original air date
1 (119) "Mystery of the North Pole Penguins?" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Martin Kratt Antarctica, Arctic Emperor penguin, leopard seal, Arctic wolf, Polar bear, Orca, Antarctic silverfish, Antarctic petrel, sardine July 25, 2017 (2017-07-25) N/A

The Wild Kratts hear from Wild Kratts Kid Nua that there are penguins in the Arctic, where the birds are not supposed to be. The team must investigate this mystery and get the "lost" penguins back to where they belong. They learn that the reason penguins do not live in the Arctic is that they are not built to deal with land predators there like arctic wolves and polar bears. Eventually, they learn that Donita is the one that put the penguins there and demands she gives them the exact location where they came from.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata and Dabio

Animal name: Spinner
2 (120) "Temple of Tigers" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt India Bengal tiger, southern plains gray langur, Sambar deer, common raccoon, Snowshoe hare July 27, 2017 (2017-07-27) N/A

Aviva manages to sneak up and surprise the kratts. The kratts then worry that they lost their signature "creature sense". To prove that they have not lost their signature "creature sense", the Kratt brothers head off in search of the stealthy and powerful Bengal tiger in India's jungles. They witness the tiger kill a sambar deer. However, Donita is trying to make fashion accessories out of tigers so the Kratts have to use tiger powers to save the Bengal tigers from Donita.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata and Dabio

Animal names: Camo, Queen Stealth, Baby Blue, Tackle
3 (121) "The Dhole Duplicator" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt & Chris Roy India Ussuri dhole, Bengal tiger, Southern plains gray langur, Sambar deer, Indian leopard, Indian peafowl, Sloth bear November 6, 2017 (2017-11-06) N/A

In India, the Kratt brothers learn of a dog like animal called a dhole which is said to chase away tigers. To see how true this is they contact the Wild Kratts kid Mala (Diya Kittur) and venture into the jungle. They then find a mother dhole with a pup; however, an Indian leopard threatens the dhole, wondering how a small dhole can defeat a huge big cat they learn they use power in numbers and use their pack of Dholes to outnumber the leopard. They then activate dhole powers but lose the pack which proves dangerous when they encounter a large Bengal tiger who tries to eat them and since Martin and Chris are not enough to chase away the tiger the tiger pursues them. Aviva makes a duplicator machine which works for a few seconds but fails. Martin then makes a call which summons the pack to come who chase away the hungry tiger.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Little Red, Mama Dhole
4 (122) "The Cobra King" Chris Kratt Chris Kratt & Chris Roy India Indian cobra, king cobra, indian mongoose, Indirana semipalmata, ussuri dhole, bengal tiger November 7, 2017 (2017-11-07) N/A

While the Kratt brothers are in India, searching for Martin's lost Creaturepod, they encounter a spectacled cobra. Martin names the cobra Hoodie and the bros learn about the cobra's creature powers. They learn about how this snake can flatten its ribs into a hood, and learn about venom when it hunts a frog. Meanwhile a Indian gray mongoose shows up. Then Hoodie the cobra fights the mongoose and they learn about the mongooses immunity to snake venom. Due to the mongooses immmunity despite being bitten by Hoodie, he is unharmed by the snakes venom (however it's partial immunity, too much venom can be dangerous), and manages to kill Hoodie (and presumably eat him).They then get spectacled cobra powers and find The lost miniaturizer, however there is a bengal tiger sleeping next to it, they try to scare it away using venomous snake powers but the tiger goes on the miniaturizer. Meanwhile Aviva and Koki stumble upon a large female king cobra the largest venomous snake in the world, and it has a nest, which is unusual among snakes. Aviva names the snake Queenie. This inspires Aviva to modify the Indian cobra powers to king cobra power. However there is also a hungry male king cobra around which is bad for the bros as they are in spectacled cobra powers and king cobras love eating other snakes. Eventually Chris gets caught by the king cobra and Martin has to activate king cobra powers to rescue Chris before his immunity meter gets high, and Martin ends up engaging in a fight with the male king cobra, which the snake is clearly bigger than Martin. Chris rescues Martin by activating king cobra powers and trying to look bigger than the king cobra. They then get their miniaturizer back from the tiger. The kratts and the rest of the team go back to Queenies nest and watch as baby king cobras hatch. Jimmy gets scared and flies away without them.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Hoodie, Queenie, Princess
5 (123) "Fire Salamander" Martin Kratt Martin Kratt & Chris Roy Black Forest, Germany Fire salamander, Slug, Spider, Worm, European hedgehog, Red squirrel, Eurasian lynx, Red fox, Red deer, Peregrine falcon November 8, 2017 (2017-11-08) N/A

After seeing a salamander crawling out of a fire in the Black Forest, the Kratt brothers set off to solve the mystery of the fire salamander's life cycle. They also have to stop Donita and Dabio from capturing 1,000 them for her bodysuit plan, and even save Chris.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata and Dabio

Animal names: Flame and Sparker
6 (124) "Cheeks the Hamster" TBA TBA Germany European hamster, Red Fox, Golden hamster, European polecat, April 23, 2018 (2018-04-23) N/A

When the Wild Kratts lose several Micro XT power chips in Germany, they decide to follow hamsters to see if the rodents find any of the chips.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Cheeks, Hamsteen
7 (125) "Wild Ponies" Martin Kratt and Chris Roy Martin Kratt Assateague Island Wild pony, Diamondback terrapin, Dragonfly, Blue crab, Horsefly, Delmarva fox squirrel April 24, 2018 (2018-04-24) N/A

When the Kratt brothers find a herd of wild horses on a beach, Aviva and Koki are eager to see them. However, the Wild Kratts are forced to retreat into the Tortuga when a storm hits. After the storm, the team finds a wild horse foal who was separated from the herd by a wave. Chris and Martin set off to reunite the foal with his mother.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Spooky
8 (126) "Elephant Brains!" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy TBA India Asian elephant, African Elephant, Indian crested porcupine, Pareronia hippia, Aardvark, Black fly, American crocodile (in Flashback), American alligator (in Flashback), April 25, 2018 (2018-04-25) N/A

The Wild Kratts travel to Asia to meet the Asian elephant and investigate the differences between it and African elephants.

Villains of the week: Paisley Paver & Rex

Animal names: Fingertip, Thornsley (from Elephant in the Room), Slurpy (from Aardvark Town), Mr. Elephant Brains, Porcy
9 (127) "Sloth Bear Suction" Martin Kratt & Chris Roy TBA India Sloth bear, Bengal Tiger, Gray Langur, Termite, Peregrine falcon April 26, 2018 (2018-04-26) N/A

While the Wild Kratts are in India, Wild Kratts Kid Mala tells them about an Indian animal in danger: the sloth bear. Since the team does not know much about this unusual bear species, they decide to study it-but at the same time, they must rescue a sloth bear from Donita They then learn about how sloth bears use Suction power.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata and Dabio

Animal names: Shaggo, Shaggette, Shaggy Vacuum
10 (128) "City Hoppers![1]" TBA TBA North America Grasshopper, American Kestrel, Rock dove June 19, 2018 (2018-06-19) TBD

While the Kratt brothers investigate the creature powers of grasshoppers, Aviva and Koki help Wild Kratts Kids Nolan and Sani build a catapult. Meanwhile, Donita Donata, Gourmand, and Paisley Paver visit Zach Varmitech's headquarters.

Villains of the week: Donita Donata, Paisley Paver, Zach Varmitech, Gaston Gourmand

Animal name: Catapult
11 (129) "Blue Heron[2]" TBA TBA Americas Great blue heron , Smallmouth bass, Blue crab, Green heron June 20, 2018 (2018-06-20) TBD

While exploring marshes, the Kratt brothers find a heron, and the Wild Kratts team begins studying herons in order to make the creation of a Heron Creature Power Disc possible. However, Zach Varmitech, hoping for an opportunity to steal the Wild Kratts' technology, Miniaturizes the Tortuga.

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech

Animal names: Blue Beaky
12 (130) "Choose Your Swordfish[3]" TBA TBA Ocean Swordfish, marlin, sailfish, Mako Shark June 22, 2018 (2018-06-22) TBD

The Wild Kratts study the similarities and differences between the three types of billfish: swordfish, marlin, and sailfish. They must also stop Zach Varmitech from capturing and selling all the fish in the world.

Villain: Zach Varmitech

Animal names:
13 (131) "Komodo Dragon[4]" TBA TBA Komodo, Florida Komodo dragon, Green Anole, Brown Anole, Wild water buffalo June 25, 2018 (2018-06-25) TBD

Koki was in the Tortuga Doing her Daily villain monitor and found out that gourmand was going to Komodo Island. Meanwhile the kratts are in Florida hanging out with brown and green anoles. The Wild Kratts travel to the island of Komodo to stop Chef Gourmand from cooking Komodo dragon eggs. To succeed, the team will need to use Komodo Dragon Powers.

Villain: Chef Gourmand, Zach Varmitech

Note Episode was released in different language on YouTube.

Animal names: None
14 (132) "Hero's Journey - Part 1" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Alaska Sockeye salmon, Salmon shark, killer whale, Grizzly bear, Bald eagle, Atka mackerel, Sea otter, Steller sea lion, American black bear July 24, 2017 (2017-07-24) N/A

When Aviva's new Time Thruster invention gets attached to a migrating salmon, the Wild Kratts must follow the salmon run through the Alaskan wilderness to recover the Time Thruster.

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Hero, Little G, Mama Grizz, Swirly (from "This Orca Likes Sharks")
15 (133) "Hero's Journey - Part 2" Chris Kratt & Chris Roy Chris Kratt Alaska Sockeye salmon, Grizzly bear, Bald eagle, Northwestern wolf, American pine marten, North American river otter, American black bear, Laughing gull, Moose, Nymph July 24, 2017 (2017-07-24) N/A

The Wild Kratts still didn't get the Time Thruster, there was a dam along the way, and now the salmon are dying! It's up to Chris, Martin, Aviva, and Koki to save them and fast!

Villain of the week: None

Animal names: Hero, Little Howler (From "Little Howler"), Little G, Mama Grizz, Hero Jr.
16 (134) "Creepy Creatures! - Part 1[5]" TBA TBA South America Goliath birdeater, Vampire Bat, South American cow[6], Spotted hyena, Bat-eared fox, Thorny devil, black dragonfish, Goblin shark, Black jaguar, Geoffroy's spider monkey TBA TBD

Villain of the week: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, Chef Gourmand, Paisley Paver

Animal names:
17 (135) "Creepy Creatures! - Part 2[5]" TBA TBA Americas Vampire bat[7] Goliath Birdeater, Gray Wolf, Komodo Dragon, Gila Monster, American milk snake, Aye-Aye TBA TBD

The villains are stealing animals for a Halloween party.

Villain of the week Zach Varmitech, Gaston Gourmand, Donita Donata, Paisley Paver

Animal names:
18 (136) "The Fourth Bald Eagle" TBA TBA Alaska Bald eagle, American black bear, Bufflehead, Coastal cutthroat trout, Osprey TBA TBD

The kratts are adventuring with bald eagles in Alaska, meanwhile Gourmand is trying to cook bald eagle eggs.

Villain: Chef Gourmand

Animal names:
19 (137) "The Erminator" TBA TBA North america Stoat, Chickadee[6] TBA TBD

Villain of the week:

Animal names:
20 (138) "Hercules: The Giant Beetle" TBA TBA South America Hercules beetle, Geoffroy's spider monkey, Three-horned rhinoceros beetle TBA TBD

Villain: None

Animal names: Hercules


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