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The following is a list of the episodes for the ABC Family drama Wildfire. Episode summaries are from Genevieve Cortese

Season 1: 2005[edit]

# Title Summary Airdate
1 Wildfire (Pilot) Kris is a young girl with a troubled past who gets a second chance luckily when she goes to work at a horse farm, but being an outsider in a high-stakes world is not easy. June 20, 2005
2 The Rescue Her only friend is a horse named Wildfire, and when he is threatened she makes a decision that will affect both their lives forever. She gets put back in Oakly prison for 90 days. June 20, 2005
3 Trust Kris returns to the Ritter ranch after being released from juvenile detention a second time; Dani gets jealous when Matt pursues Kris. June 27, 2005
4 Mothers Kris's substance-abusing mom, Barb, shows up unexpectedly at Raintree with suspicious intentions; Jean reluctantly admits that the farm is in financial distress. July 11, 2005
5 Guilty Tension mounts when Wildfire's training times have yet to improve; Kris resorts to taking on a full-time job to help out with Raintree's finances; Matt dabbles with a dangerous hobby for his personal benefit. July 18, 2005
6 The Claiming Race In order to give Wildfire a fighting chance in a race, Kris agrees to do something she promised she never would; Matt delves deeper into a shady world; Dani pushes a friendship to the limit. July 25, 2005
7 Lost & Found Wildfire and another horse are missing, causing Kris, Junior, Dani, and Matt to head into the mountains to look for them; Jean dares to open her heart until a blast from the past threatens to break it. August 1, 2005
8 The Track Foul play puts Wildfire in danger; Matt's troubles go from bad to worse when a gambling debt makes him part with his prized possession; Dani gets unexpected support from Junior when she needs it most. August 8, 2005
9 The Party Matt and Junior throw a party while Jean is away; Dani sets her eyes on a handsome stranger; Bobby turns up the pressure on Matt to settle a score. while Junior tries to win Kris August 15, 2005
10 Identity Kris neglects her GED studies to train with a famous female jockey; Dani investigates her mother's identity; Matt confronts Kris about her feelings for Junior. and Junior and Kris become a couple August 22, 2005
11 Tina Sharp Superstar jockey Tina Sharp returns to help Kris overcome her injury, but ends up creating more trouble than she solves; Dani's curiosity about her past begins to catch up with her. August 29, 2005
12 Impressions Raintree enters the limelight when Tina Sharp invites a TV crew to film her training for the important Sandpiper Classic, a race that could help Raintree out of its financial woes. September 5, 2005
13 Loyalty Kris and Junior arrive at a crossroads; Dani learns the unsettling truth about her mother; Wildfire races in the Sandpiper Classic against his arch rival, Avatar. September 12, 2005

Season 2: 2006[edit]

# Title Summary Airdate
14 Try It Without The Porsche Kris becomes a celebrity following her exciting ride in the Sandpiper Classic; Junior moves away from home; Pablo begins a relationship with a reporter. January 2, 2006
15 Opportunity Knocks Kris stars in a television commercial with encouragement from her new agent, Kerry; Junior and Pete become partners in a new club; Dani starts her own stable. January 9, 2006
16 A Good Convict Is Hard To Find Kris experiences old temptation while helping out at a charity event; Matt and Junior open the club without Pete; Dani learns that Isabelle lied to her. January 16, 2006
17 Dangerous Liaisons Kris is left alone at Raintree and must call Junior for help; Jean and Charlie go on a romantic getaway; Matt is in over his head when he tries to purchase a horse for Dani. January 23, 2006
18 Family Matters Matt trains both Kris and Dani for an upcoming race; Charlie helps Todd establish his independence from Jean; Isabelle reveals her true colors. January 30, 2006
19 Nothing Takes The Past Away Like The Future Pablo's past ties to a crime syndicate catch up with him; Ken Davis threatens to reveal the truth about Isabelle's finances; Matt agrees to work for Dani as a full-time trainer. February 6, 2006
20 Taking Off Kris clashes with a legendary trainer, and starts questioning everything she knows; Rebecca moves into Junior's apartment; Charlie proposes to Jean. February 27, 2006
21 Fear Kris turns to Junior for help when a mob enforcer demands that she throw a race; Matt learns that Pete sabotaged his former clubs for insurance money. March 6, 2006
22 Break Down Kris loses confidence in her riding abilities following a racing accident; Junior puts his club on the line in a wager with Bobby. March 13, 2006
23 51/49 Ken Davis is arrested and indicted for fraud; .Kris, Dani, Matt and Junior find themselves stranded at Davis Farm during a storm. March 20, 2006
24 Who Are You Kris must convince an heiress to give Wildfire an invitation to the prestigious Breeders' Invitational race; Dani plots to ruin Kris's plans. March 27, 2006
25 For Love Or Money Wildfire competes with Dani's horse for a Breeders' Invitational slot; Belladonna goes in to labor with Baby Wildfire(Flame); Kerry rekindles his romance with Gillian. April 3, 2006
26 Close Shave Kris must decide between staying at Raintree or traveling to Europe with Kerry to further her career; Wildfire races in the Breeders' Invitational Stakes. April 10, 2006

Season 3: 2007[edit]

# Title Summary Airdate
27 Fairy Tale Endings The Ritters are shaken by Kerry's disappearance and a family member's death; Dani takes control of the Davis farm; Ken Davis looks to rid himself of his fraud charges. January 1, 2007
28 The Feud Kris overworks herself trying to repay the Ritter family for her financial blunder; Matt and Dani compete for a new client. Kris and Junior become closer. January 8, 2007
29 Moving On After learning that Wildfire is sterile, Kris pushes to get him back on the track; Ken Davis Sr. tricks Gillian into selling her shares of Davis Farm to him. January 15, 2007
30 Close To Home After Kris's trailer burns down, her sense of independence is tested when she has to move in with the Ritter family. January 22, 2007
31 Love vs. Work Kris and the Ritter family struggle to come to terms how to deal with having their biggest opponent train at Raintree; Junior leaves to follow his rodeo dreams. January 29, 2007
32 Kiss, Kiss Kris is overcome by emotion when she helps Matt and Junior try to save Flame from being sold by Ken Davis; Dani takes a surprising step in her relationship with R.J. February 5, 2007
33 Push Me, Pull You Kris worries about her status at Raintree after Gillian moves in with Matt; a Davis family health scare brings Junior back to the ranch, much to Dani's dismay. February 12, 2007
34 The Goodbye With Raintree in dire financial straits, Jean and Matt's willingness to consider a buyer's offer draws criticism from Pablo and Kris; Junior and Gillian find common ground in their family histories. February 19, 2007
35 Heartless Gillian's romance with Matt is doomed; a tragic incident at the rodeo hits too close to home for Dani; Pablo considers a new career opportunity; Junior rethinks his working relationship with his father. February 26, 2007
36 Diplomacy As Kris and Matt's relationship heats up, they struggle with how to tell Junior about it; Dani tries to fight giving into the grief of losing R.J.; Jean visits Davis Farm for the first time since losing Pablo to them. March 5, 2007
37 You Can't Count On Me Kris's endeavors to get accustomed to her new surroundings are interrupted by a surprise visit from her half-brother, Jace, but she's suspicious of his sudden arrival. March 12, 2007
38 Picking Sides Matt and Junior's personal and professional rivalry heats up with the arrival of the Bristol Stakes; Kris aches to bring the two old friends back together but her attempts are aggravated by Gillian. March 19, 2007
39 So Long, Pardner Sheik Omar, Kris, Junior and Gillian enter into a deal for an illegal match race between Wildfire and Avatar that will test everyone's limits and leave the future hanging in uncertainty. March 26, 2007

Season 4: 2008[edit]

# Title Summary Airdate
40 The More Things Change: Part I The fourth season begins six months after Kris was forced out of Raintree, which has undergone significant operational changes that leave Matt pining for the past. Meanwhile, Dani is hard at work on a new business venture, and Junior mulls an important personal decision. January 21, 2008
41 The More Things Change: Part II After Kris unexpectedly returns for a glimpse of Wildfire's next race, she gains an unlikely ally and a place to stay. Meanwhile, Matt tries to cope with Raintree's new mission, and Junior ponders his decision to take the next step with Laura. January 28, 2008
42 Calm Jean and Pablo are adamant that Kris leave town instead of sticking around and helping to care for Wildfire; Junior reconnects with an old high-school classmate who could be the key to a financial windfall for the Davis ranch; Matt remains at odds with his mother about Raintree's dude-ranch transformation. February 4, 2008
43 Flames Kris and Junior help Matt with his improbable plan to get Raintree back in the horse-racing business, which involves finding Wildfire's offspring, Flame. Meanwhile, Wildfire's condition continues to improve at Dani's clinic. February 11, 2008
44 The Friend Junior's preoccupation with his and Calvin's business proposition takes time away from his wedding plans, but Laura suspects his loss of focus may have something to do with Kris. Meanwhile, Jean objects to Matt's plans for Raintree's adopted racehorses. February 18, 2008
45 Friendship/Passion The pressure is on Junior to decide whether or not to go through with his wedding to Laura after he and Kris share a moment of passion. Meanwhile, Dani considers pursuing a relationship with Noah, and Pablo mulls telling Jean how he feels about her. February 25, 2008
46 Commitment Issues When it appears that Flame is ready for his first race, Kris decides to fight to get her jockey's license reinstated. Meanwhile, an important professional decision for Pablo is clouded by an intensely personal matter. March 3, 2008
47 Life's Too Short Kris hopes that Flame's success in the DuPont Stakes might help Jean change her mind about Raintree's future, but Kris isn't so sure about what part, if any, she'll play in it. Meanwhile, Dani and Pablo urge Junior to fight for what he believes in. March 10, 2008
48 Vows Kris and Junior hastily decide to get married, but they're forced to postpone their plans when Jean is injured by one of the horses rescued by Matt, who is unnerved by Kris and Junior's impending wedding. Meanwhile, Dani's interest in racing is reignited after her father buys her a thoroughbred. April 28, 2008
49 The Comeback With Jean still out of commission, Kris and Matt do their best to run the dude ranch at Raintree while also preparing for the next race, which features Dani's new horse in the field. Later, Junior and Matt come to blows during a search for a pair of dude-ranch guests who got lost. May 5, 2008
50 Being Mrs. Junior Universal disapproval of Kris and Junior's wedding plans has everyone on edge, and even Kris wonders if she has what it takes to be part of the Davis family. Meanwhile, Dani's return to racing continues to be plagued by her father's interference. May 12, 2008
51 The Ties That Bind: Part I Before Kris gets one last race on Wildfire in the Tucker Stakes, she and Junior consider a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relocate to Alaska for a year to work on a geothermal project. May 19, 2008
52 The Ties That Bind: Part II In the series finale, Junior's schedule goes haywire when an urgent matter in Alaska that requires his attention coincides with Kris' ride on Wildfire in the Tucker Stakes and their wedding, but then a sudden surprise happens for Kris Furillo after the race. May 26, 2008

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