List of Wildlife Species at Risk (Canada)

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The Government of Canada maintains a list of all plant and animal species, or designatable units (DUs) thereof, federally recognized as special concern, threatened, endangered, extirpated, and extinct in Canada under Schedule I of the Species at Risk Act (SARA). This is known as the List of Wildlife Species at Risk.

Species listed on SARA Schedule I receive federal legal protections under the Act, including the protection of individuals, populations, and their habitat from harm. Listing on Schedule I of the act also mandates the formation of a species recovery team and strategy. The addition of species or DUs to Schedule I is done annually by the Minister of the Environment, based on formal assessment recommendations by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), an independent committee of wildlife experts and scientists. COSEWIC assessments and IUCN designations by themselves are not to be confused with actual Schedule I listings as both of the former have no formal legal status in Canada.

The List of Wildlife Species At Risk in Canada is available online at the Species at Risk Registry website. In case of a discrepancy between this article and the website, the Species at Risk Registry is the final authority.


Extirpated mammals[edit]

Endangered mammals[edit]

Threatened mammals[edit]

Mammals of special concern[edit]


Extirpated birds[edit]

Endangered birds[edit]

Threatened birds[edit]

Birds of special concern[edit]


Extirpated reptiles[edit]

Endangered reptiles[edit]

Threatened reptiles[edit]

Reptiles of special concern[edit]


Extirpated amphibians[edit]

Endangered amphibians[edit]

Threatened amphibians[edit]

Amphibians of special concern[edit]


Extirpated fish[edit]

Endangered fish[edit]

Threatened fish[edit]

Fish of special concern[edit]


Extirpated arthropods[edit]

Endangered arthropods[edit]

Threatened arthropods[edit]

Arthropods of special concern[edit]


Extirpated molluscs[edit]

Endangered molluscs[edit]

Threatened molluscs[edit]

Molluscs of special concern[edit]

Vascular plants[edit]

Extirpated vascular plants[edit]

Endangered vascular plants[edit]

Threatened vascular plants[edit]

Vascular plants of special concern[edit]


Extirpated mosses[edit]

Endangered mosses[edit]

Threatened mosses[edit]

Mosses of special concern[edit]


Endangered lichens[edit]

Threatened lichens[edit]

Lichens of special concern[edit]


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