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This is a list of all episodes of Wishbone, which aired on PBS Kids from October 9, 1995 to March 13, 1998.


Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
First aired Last aired
1 40 October 9, 1995 (1995-10-09) December 1, 1995 (1995-12-01)
2 10 October 15, 1997 (1997-10-15) December 4, 1997 (1997-12-04)
Movie 1 March 13, 1998 (1998-03-13) March 13, 1998 (1998-03-13)

Episode list[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Number Title Release date Featured work Wishbone's teleplay role VHS/DVD release
1 A Tail in Twain, part 1 October 9, 1995 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer VHS (w/ part 2, April 29, 1997)
Plot: Series premiere. In part 1, Wishbone and the kids explore Jackson Park, where they discover a man digging up the "No Name Grave."
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #11: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
2 A Tail in Twain, part 2 October 9, 1995 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer VHS (w/ part 1, April 29, 1997)
Plot: In part 2, Wishbone and the kids continue to search in Jackson Park for the man digging up the "No Name Grave."
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #11: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
3 Twisted Tail October 10, 1995 Oliver Twist Oliver Twist VHS (February 27, 1996)
Plot: A crime wave hits Oakdale and juvenile offenders are suspected. Joe can't believe that his new friend Max is responsible, but Max is also friends with a rowdy older boy named Zack.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #5: Oliver Twist.
4 Rosie, Oh! Rosie, Oh! October 11, 1995 Romeo and Juliet Romeo Montague YouTube
Plot: Found without his collar, Wishbone is taken to the pound, where he falls in love with a female dog named Rosie. After being rescued, he conspires to lose his collar again so that he can get back to his love. Meanwhile, Sam also falls for Rosie and seeks to adopt her.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #3: Romeo and Juliet.
5 Homer Sweet Homer October 12, 1995 The Odyssey Odysseus VHS (February 27, 1996)
Plot: The kids try to save Jackson Park from developers who want to build a shopping center there, destroying a historical oak tree in the process. First appearance of Mr. King and the Suitor Development Corporation.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #2: The Odyssey, The Adventures of Wishbone #13: Homer Sweet Homer.
6 Bark that Bark October 16, 1995 African American folktales (Anansi the Spider and The People Could Fly) Anansi and Wana YouTube
Plot: The kids help put on a traditional story-telling show to raise money. David's maternal uncle, Homer Vincent (Akin Babatunde) is the storyteller throughout the episode, narrating verbal African folk tales (with Wishbone introducing the first before Mr. Vincent takes over). Meanwhile, David overloads on responsibilities and refuses to ask for help, which causes them to literally blow up in his face.
Note: This was first episode to feature a story involving ethnic folklore.
Book tie-ins: N/A
7 Cyranose October 17, 1995 Cyrano de Bergerac Cyrano de Bergerac YouTube
Plot: The kids struggle over a challenging poetry assignment they have to do for English class. David is especially perplexed by it, but Wanda helps him out in secret.
Book tie-ins: N/A
8 The Slobbery Hound October 18, 1995 The Hound of the Baskervilles Sherlock Holmes (first time) VHS (The Slobbery Hound, February 27, 1996; Wishbone in The Hound of the Baskervilles, date unknown)
Plot: When Wishbone is blamed for neighborhood messes, he, Joe, David, and Sam must find the dog who is the real culprit. This episode marks the first of two occasions when Wishbone imagines himself into a Sherlock Holmes story.
Book tie-ins: N/A
9 Digging Up the Past October 19, 1995 Rip Van Winkle Rip Van Winkle YouTube
Plot: Wishbone and the kids meet Dr. Thelma Brown, an elderly woman who lived in Joe's house as a child, and help dig up a time capsule she once buried.
Book tie-ins: The Adventures of Wishbone #6: Digging Up the Past.
10 Bone of Arc October 20, 1995 Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc Louis de Conte VHS (August 20, 1996)
Plot: Samantha joins the boys' soccer team.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #4: Joan of Arc.
11 The Impawssible Dream October 23, 1995 Don Quixote Sancho Panza DVD (December 30, 2005)
Plot: Joe aspires to make it into the Encyclopedia of World Records for making the most free throws ever recorded, but his rival Damont Jones sets himself against Joe, intending to beat the record himself.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #1: Don Quixote.
12 Fleabitten Bargain October 24, 1995 Faust Johann Georg Faust YouTube
Plot: A salesman offers Joe a virtual-reality machine, but only in exchange for Wishbone.
Book tie-ins: N/A
13 Sniffing the Gauntlet October 25, 1995 Ivanhoe Ivanhoe YouTube
Plot: After an allergic reaction prevents Sam from going to school on the day of a big spelling bee, David must step up to win it for their team.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #12: Ivanhoe, The Adventures of Wishbone #20: Ivanhound.
14 The Hunchdog of Notre Dame October 26, 1995 The Hunchback of Notre-Dame Quasimodo DVD (November 25, 2008)
Plot: The boys become jealous when Samantha befriends and helps an awkward boy named Nathaniel Bobelesky.
Book tie-ins: The Adventures of Wishbone #5: The Hunchdog of Notre Dame.
Note: Like in Disney's animated musical film, Quasimodo (Wishbone) and Esmeralda remain alive at the end of the story.
15 Golden Retrieved October 27, 1995 Silas Marner Silas Marner YouTube
Plot: Joe only realizes how much Wishbone means to him when the dog goes missing. Meanwhile, Wishbone is adopted by a kind older man who names him "Spot."
Book tie-ins: N/A
16 A Tail of Two Sitters October 30, 1995 A Tale of Two Cities Charles Darnay YouTube
Plot: Joe and David refuse to properly babysit David's little sister Emily and her friend Tina since it would interfere with their plans. Instead, the girls are left alone, where they wreak havoc on the Talbots' home.
Book tie-ins: The Adventures of Wishbone #9: A Tail of Two Sitters.
17 Frankenbone October 31, 1995 Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein VHS (Frankenbone, August 20, 1996; Wishbone in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, September 1, 1998)
Plot: David's science project causes unending trouble when it comes to life.
Note: This episode remains true to Mary Shelley's original novel.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #7: Frankenstein
18 Hot Diggity Dawg November 1, 1995 Journey to the Center of the Earth Professor Otto Lidenbrock DVD (June 29, 2004)
Plot: While helping Wanda plant a new tree in her yard, the kids and Wishbone discover half of a very old medal, and set out to find the other half, as well as where it came from.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #9: A Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Adventures of Wishbone #17: Digging to the Center of the Earth.
19 One Thousand and One Tails November 2, 1995 One Thousand and One Nights (Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves) Ali Baba/Sinbad the Sailor (cameo)/Aladdin (cameo) YouTube
Plot: When David has a run-in with cyber-criminals on the Internet, the FBI is accidentally sent to the Barnes' home. This causes Wishbone to think the cops are after Emily, who has stolen Wanda's forgotten purse.
Book tie-ins: N/A
20 Mixed Breeds November 3, 1995 Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Gabriel John Utterson YouTube
Plot: Wanda falls for an Elvis impersonator named Lou Dublin, jeopardizing her relationship with Mr. Pruitt.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #8: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Adventures of Wishbone #14: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Dog.
21 The Canine Cure November 6, 1995 The Imaginary Invalid Molière YouTube
Plot: Nathaniel Bobelesky, who is allergic to almost everything, including dogs, spends the night at Joe's house. Wishbone thinks Nathaniel might not be as frail as he thinks he is and tries to prove it.
Book tie-ins: N/A
22 The Pawloined Paper November 7, 1995 The Purloined Letter C. Auguste Dupin YouTube
Plot: Joe tries to get back an embarrassing word puzzle he made before anyone sees it, especially Curtis, who intends to use it to humiliate him.
Book tie-ins: The Adventures of Wishbone #11: The Pawloined Paper.
23 Bark to the Future November 8, 1995 The Time Machine The Time Traveler YouTube
Plot: While struggling with math, Joe tries to use a calculator instead of his own intellect, only for it to cause more trouble with the subject.
Book tie-ins: N/A
24 Paw Prints of Thieves November 9, 1995 The Adventures of Robin Hood Robin Hood DVD (June 29, 2004)
Plot: Joe and a cafeteria worker take perfectly good food headed for the dumpster so that it can go to the local food bank, despite the objections of a strict cafeteria manager.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #6: The Adventures of Robin Hood.
25 Furst Impressions November 10, 1995 Pride and Prejudice Mr. Darcy YouTube
Plot: The kids agonize over finding dates for the Oakdale school beach party social, and a fight between Sam and David doesn't help matters.
Book tie-ins: N/A
26 The Prince and the Pooch November 13, 1995 The Prince and the Pauper Tom Canty/Edward VI of England VHS (The Prince and the Pooch, February 27, 1996; Wishbone in The Prince and the Pauper, date unknown)
Plot: Believing he'd be just as good at coaching as he is at playing, Joe tries to coach a tee-ball team that includes Emily and Tina.
Book tie-ins: The Adventures of Wishbone #3: The Prince and the Pooch.
27 The Count's Account November 14, 1995 The Count of Monte Cristo Edmond Dantès YouTube
Plot: After one of David's inventions is used by Damont to ruin Wanda's garden and make Wanda blame David, he thinks of a clever way to get revenge against Damont. Unfortunately, an innocent party is caught in the crossfire.
Book tie-ins: N/A
28 Salty Dog November 15, 1995 Treasure Island Jim Hawkins VHS (May 21, 1996)
Plot: Samantha convinces the boys to help her look for "Blackbeard's Horseshoe" inside a condemned barn.
Book tie-ins: The Adventures of Wishbone #2: Salty Dog.
29 Little Big Dog November 16, 1995 David and Goliath David YouTube
Plot: Wishbone temporarily stays in David's house when Ellen and Joe go on a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. After he and Samantha break a side-view mirror off his parents' new car, David tries to hide the damage. When the mirror breaks off and Mr. Barnes prepares to sue the manufacturer, Emily convinces her brother to come clean.
Book tie-ins: N/A
30 A Dogged Exposé November 17, 1995 A Scandal in Bohemia Sherlock Holmes (second appearance) YouTube
Plot: Samantha tries to find out who is distributing embarrassing pictures of her, and others.
Book tie-ins: N/A
31 A Terrified Terrier November 20, 1995 The Red Badge of Courage Henry Fleming VHS (May 21, 1996)
Plot: Neglecting David, Sam, and Wishbone, Joe decides to hang out with more popular kids and starts to imitate their behavior, but soon realizes it could cost him his best friends.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Classics #10: The Red Badge of Courage.
32 Shakespaw November 21, 1995 The Tempest Ariel YouTube
Plot: The kids attempt to put on their own production of William Shakespeare's The Tempest, but the rehearsal proves challenging.
Book tie-ins: N/A
33 Muttketeer November 22, 1995 The Three Musketeers Charles de Batz de Castelmore d'Artagnan YouTube
Plot: Wishbone tries to join the kids at school.
Book tie-ins: The Adventures of Wishbone #8: Muttketeer!.
34 Hercules Unleashed November 23, 1995 Hercules and the Golden Apples Hercules VHS (April 29, 1997)
Plot: Samantha tries to find a perfect gift for her father's 40th birthday.
Book tie-ins: N/A
35 ¡Viva Wishbone! November 24, 1995 Our Lady of Guadalupe Juan Diego YouTube
Plot: Ellen befriends a young man who has recently lost his own mother which causes Joe to struggle with his jealousy. To help him, Señora Julia (Sylvia Caplan Rawley), an old friend who is similar to a second mother to him, tells him the story "Our Lady of Guadalupe" (which Wishbone introduces before Julia begins narrating it) after a store's policy does not allow Joe to return a broken music box which was intended for his mother's gift for Mother's Day.
Book tie-ins: N/A
36 The Entrepawneur November 27, 1995 Metamorphoses King Midas YouTube
Plot: Joe becomes overbearing toward Sam and David when he tries to run a grocery delivery business.
Book tie-ins: Wishbone Adventures #1: Curse of Gold.
37 Pantin' at the Opera November 28, 1995 The Phantom of the Opera Viscount Raoul de Chagny YouTube
Plot: Books start disappearing from the local library, and one of the former librarians is reported dead. Things are definitely not as they seem, however, and Ellen, Joe, Wishbone, Wanda and their friends jump on the case.
Book tie-ins: N/A
38 Dances with Dogs November 29, 1995 The Story of the Deathless Voice A young brave YouTube
Plot: Wanda and Ellen are planning their fifth annual Lee Natonabah (Apache-Mexican American actor Adan Sanchez) event at the library, in which a Native-American friend of Joe's speaks about Navajo culture, family, and story-telling. While Joe and David volunteer to tell their own family stories as well at a story-telling performance, which leads to Joe feeling inadequate in his father's shadow, Lee, rather than Wishbone, narrates a story from a Dakota tribe that once lived in Minnesota.
Book tie-ins: N/A
39 Rushin' to the Bone November 30, 1995 The Inspector General Osip YouTube
Plot: Wishbone gets the chance to be a star in a dog food commercial, but is it really meant to be his big break?
Book tie-ins: N/A
40 Picks of the Litter December 1, 1995 Various Various YouTube
Plot: In the first season finale, Wishbone tells some of his favorite stories (with clips from A Tail in Twain, Bark That Bark, The Impawssible Dream, Furst Impressions, Homer Sweet Homer, Sniffing the Gauntlet, Frankenbone, Bone of Arc, and Twisted Tail) to a visiting female dog named Penny, who shocks Wishbone by revealing she has something in common with him at the very end: she, too, can speak!
Book tie-ins: N/A

Season 2[edit]

Number Title Release date Featured work Wishbone's teleplay role VHS/DVD release
41 Halloween Hound: The Legend of Creepy Collars, part 1 October 15, 1997 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane VHS (w/ part 2, Wishbone in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, September 1, 1998)
Plot: In the season 2 premiere, Joe accidentally throws a ball near the old Murphy house while playing with Wishbone. Wishbone meets a black cat for the first time, but Joe warns him to leave the site due to its unpleasant appearance. Joe meets Oakdale's Sports and Games store owner, Travis Del Rio (Julio Cedillo) who develops a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt. He also meets Mr. Del Rio's niece, Melina Finch (Mikaila Enriquez) and nephew, Marcus Finch (Paul English, Jr.). Joe later participates in the scavenger hunt with his two friends after Travis gives the instructions to every scavenger hunt group. Damont and his cousin, Jimmy (Jarrad Kritzstein) are ahead of the group led by Sam. Joe and David are along with her. The hunt begins with these three friends playing a carnival game that involves shooting simulated wild animals (either a tiger or an African lion) behind Wanda's house. Next, they go to the Dart animal clinic where Sam plays in the simulated horse-racing arcade game. After that, the friends along with Wishbone go over to Jackson Park where David drops a coin into the orange slot in order to begin the contraption. It ends with an invitation to a Halloween "tea party" at 13 Thunder Road.
Book tie-ins: Super Adventures Of Wishbone #2: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
42 Halloween Hound: The Legend of Creepy Collars, part 2 October 15, 1997 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane VHS (w/ part 1, Wishbone in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, September 1, 1998)
Plot: Oakdale's first annual Halloween-themed scavenger hunt ends with Joe, David, and Sam at Thunder Road in front of the old Murphy house along with Jimmy who tells them that Damont went inside the haunted house before their arrival. Wishbone pursues a black cat, which leads Joe and his two friends directly into the Murphy house, but Jimmy stays outside. It is the same house where Joe saw an eerie-eyed disembodied spirit while he was trick-or-treating with David several years earlier. Damont sneakily closes various doors on Joe, Sam, and David. Wishbone closes a door on Damont and the black cat. The hunt ends with Joe finding the gift certificate under a floor downstairs and Damont quickly exits the Murphy house after Joe opens the door that shuttered Damont, but Joe encounters the eerie eyes which turn out to be the black cat. The disembodied spirit's eerie eyes turn up when Sam's group leaves the Murphy house. After exiting the Murphy house, Travis congratulates Sam's team for finishing the scavenger hunt. He announces a Halloween party at his Sports and Games store afterwards. Travis also tells Joe that the scavenger hunt on Halloween was his fortunate day after all. The black cat disappears on Wishbone for the final time.
Book tie-ins: Super Adventures Of Wishbone #2: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
43 The Prince of Wags October 16, 1997 Henry IV, Part 1 Prince Henry (Hal) YouTube
Plot: Joe is elected captain of his basketball team, and learns what it means to be a leader.
Book tie-ins: N/A
44 A Bone of Contention October 23, 1997 The Courtship of Miles Standish John Alden YouTube
Plot: Joe and David compete for the affections of the same girl named Sarah Johnson (Melissa Archer), whom they each want to take to a school dance.
Book tie-ins: N/A
45 Groomed for Greatness October 30, 1997 Great Expectations Pip YouTube
Plot: Wanda's cousin, Renee Lassiter (Shelley Duvall) arrives in Oakdale to create a sculpture for Jackson Park.
Book tie-ins: N/A
46 War of the Noses November 6, 1997 The Black Arrow Richard Shelton YouTube
Plot: Wishbone tries to get out of an appointment with the vet, while also attempting to rescue his red chair.
Book tie-ins: N/A
47 Moonbone November 13, 1997 The Moonstone Franklin Blake YouTube
Plot: When football star Daryl "Moose" Johnston comes to town and his Super Bowl ring goes missing, Wishbone is suspected because of his digging habit.
Book tie-ins: N/A
48 Barking at Buddha November 20, 1997 Monkey (Journey to the West) Monkey YouTube
Plot: Jimmy and Marcus want to impress Joe and his friends, but their attempts to be more mature and helpful have unintended consequences. Afterwards, Travis has a serious talk with his nephew. He tells Marcus to apologize to Joe, his friends, and Sam's father for being irresponsible for the preparation of Oakdale's athletic competition banquet at Pepper Pete's by burning the pizzas as well as damaging the banquet's setup. The next day, Marcus and Jimmy go to Pepper Pete's to clean up their very big mess from the previous day.
Book tie-ins: N/A
49 Pup Fiction November 27, 1997 Northanger Abbey Henry Tilney YouTube
Plot: Wanda receives four mysterious anonymous notes in the mail, but the mystery about all of those notes turn out to be a birthday surprise for her from all of her friends in Oakdale.
Book tie-ins: N/A
50 The Roamin' Nose December 4, 1997 Aeneid Aeneas YouTube
Plot: In the series finale, a gas leak in the neighborhood forces the neighbors from their homes. At the same time, Joe, Sam, and Damont are feeling nervous about their upcoming high school years while Wishbone recalls a story about destiny and history.
Book tie-ins: N/A
Film Wishbone's Dog Days of the West March 13, 1998 Heart of the West (A Call Loan, The Reformation of Calliope, Cupid a la Carte) Long Bill Longley VHS (June 9, 1998)
Plot: After saving a little girl from a falling beam and being treated like a hero, Wanda has to deal with a sneaky TV reporter who tries to make people view her as a tyrant.
Book tie-ins: Super Adventures Of Wishbone #1: Wishbone's Dog Days of the West.: