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This is a list of World Heritage Sites in Belarus with properties of cultural and natural heritage in Belarus. Currently, four properties in Belarus are inscribed on the World Heritage List.[1] Three properties are cultural and one is natural.[1] The tentative list of Belarus contains eleven properties.[1]

Properties on the World Heritage List[edit]

  * Trans-border site
# Site Image Location Type (criteria) Area
Year Ref.
1 Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park (Białowieża Forest)
Brest Province and Grodno Province
(shared with  Poland)
52°30′N 23°35′E / 52.500°N 23.583°E / 52.500; 23.583 (Belovezhskaya Pushcha / Białowieża Forest))
Natural (vii) 92,669 1979, 1992 33bis
2 Mir Castle Complex
Мир (замок).jpg
Mir, Grodno Province
53°27′4″N 26°28′22″E / 53.45111°N 26.47278°E / 53.45111; 26.47278 (Mir Castle Complex)
Cultural (ii, iv) 2000 625
3 Struve Geodetic Arc (five station points)
Struve Geodetic Arc point Tchekutsk in Belarus.jpg
Brest Province and Grodno Province
(shared with  Estonia,  Finland,  Latvia,  Lithuania,  Moldova,  Norway,  Russia,  Sweden and  Ukraine)

52°09′38″N 25°34′17″E / 52.160556°N 25.571389°E / 52.160556; 25.571389 (Struve Geodetic Arc (Leskovichi station point in Belarus))
52°12′55″N 25°33′12″E / 52.215278°N 25.553333°E / 52.215278; 25.553333 (Struve Geodetic Arc (Chekutsk station point in Belarus))
52°17′21″N 25°38′58″E / 52.289167°N 25.649444°E / 52.289167; 25.649444 (Struve Geodetic Arc (Ossovnitsa station point in Belarus))
53°33′37″N 24°52′11″E / 53.560278°N 24.869722°E / 53.560278; 24.869722 (Struve Geodetic Arc (Lopaty station point in Belarus))
54°17′29″N 26°02′43″E / 54.291389°N 26.045278°E / 54.291389; 26.045278 (Struve Geodetic Arc (Tupishki station point in Belarus))

Cultural (ii, iii, vi) 2005 1187
4 Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family at Nesvizh
Замак-палац у Нясьвіжы знутры.jpg
Nesvizh, Minsk Province
53°13′22″N 26°41′29″E / 53.22278°N 26.69139°E / 53.22278; 26.69139 (Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family at Nesvizh)
Cultural (ii, iv, vi) 2005 1196

Properties on the tentative list[edit]

  * Trans-border site
# Site Image Location Type (criteria) Area
Year Ref.
1 Augustow Canal
Kanal augustowski 3.jpg
Grodno Province
(shared with  Poland)
53°51′46.3″N 23°37′24.95″E / 53.862861°N 23.6235972°E / 53.862861; 23.6235972 (Augustów Canal. Dąbrówka Lock)
Cultural (i, ii) 2004 1892
2 Saviour Transfiguration Church and St. Sophia Cathedral in the town of Polatsk
Polatsk-St. Euphrosine1.JPG
Belarus-Polatsk-Cathedral of Sophia-3.jpg
Polotsk, Vitebsk Province
55°30′14.57″N 28°46′49.90″E / 55.5040472°N 28.7805278°E / 55.5040472; 28.7805278 (Saviour Transfiguration Church in Polatsk)
55°29′10.17″N 28°45′30.29″E / 55.4861583°N 28.7584139°E / 55.4861583; 28.7584139 (St. Sophia Cathedral in Polatsk)
Cultural (i, ii) 2004 1893
3 Kamyanets Tower
Kamyanyets, Brest Province
52°24′17.09″N 23°49′10.31″E / 52.4047472°N 23.8195306°E / 52.4047472; 23.8195306 (Kamyanets Tower)
Cultural (i, ii, iii) 2004 1894
4 SS. Boris and Gleb (Kalozha) Church in the city of Hrodna Grodno kaloza.jpg Hrodna
53°40′42.01″N 23°49′6.73″E / 53.6783361°N 23.8185361°E / 53.6783361; 23.8185361 (SS. Boris and Gleb (Kalozha) Church in Hrodna)
Cultural (i, ii) 2004 1895
5 St. Nicholas Monastery Complex in the city of Mahilioŭ
Sviato-Nikolskij monastir v Mogileve. Obshij vid.jpg
53°53′37.83″N 30°20′45.04″E / 53.8938417°N 30.3458444°E / 53.8938417; 30.3458444 (St. Nicholas monastery in Mahilyou)
Cultural (i) 2004 1896
6 Brest Fortress
52°4′59.60″N 23°39′33.99″E / 52.0832222°N 23.6594417°E / 52.0832222; 23.6594417 (Brest Fortress)
Cultural (i, ii, iii) 2004 1897
7 Palace and Park Ensemble in the city of Homel Палацава-паркавы комплекс ў Гомелі. Фасад палаца.jpg Gomel
52°25′19.45″N 31°0′59.75″E / 52.4220694°N 31.0165972°E / 52.4220694; 31.0165972 (Palace and park in Homel)
Cultural (i, ii) 2004 1898
8 Edifices for Worship of Fortress Type in Belarus, Poland and Lithuania (the churches in Synkavichy, Muravanka, and Kamai)
Synkavichy StMichaelChurch.jpg
Brest Province and Minsk Province
53°7′23.08″N 25°9′25.62″E / 53.1230778°N 25.1571167°E / 53.1230778; 25.1571167 (Church of St. Michael, Synkavichy)
53°41′51.76″N 24°59′59.73″E / 53.6977111°N 24.9999250°E / 53.6977111; 24.9999250 (Church of the Birth of the Virgin, Muravanka)
55°3′37.17″N 26°36′19.33″E / 55.0603250°N 26.6053694°E / 55.0603250; 26.6053694 (Church of St. John the Baptist, Kamai)
Cultural (i) 2004 1899
9 Architectural ensemble of Francysk Scaryna avenue in Minsk (1940s–1950s) Minsk Prospekt Nezalezhnosti 05.jpg Minsk
53°53′47″N 27°33′04″E / 53.8965°N 27.551°E / 53.8965; 27.551 (Niezaliezhnastsi avenue in Minsk)
Cultural (i) 2004 1900
10 Worship wooden architecture (17th–18th centuries) in Polesye
External image
Church of St. Nicetas in Zdzitava
Brest Province and Gomel Province
52°11′47.71″N 24°3′32.04″E / 52.1965861°N 24.0589000°E / 52.1965861; 24.0589000 (Church of St. Nicetas in Zdzitava, Brest Province)
Cultural (i, ii, iii) 2004 1901
11 National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" (Modification to the boundaries of the Belarusian part of the site, addition new criteria) BelarusBNP03.JPG Brest Province and Grodno Province
52°29′26″N 23°35′26″E / 52.49056°N 23.59056°E / 52.49056; 23.59056 (National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha") –
52°56′19″N 24°22′19″E / 52.93861°N 24.37194°E / 52.93861; 24.37194 (National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha")
Natural (ix, x) 75,958
(Belarusian part)
2011 5592

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